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Attending Cypress College is the right choice for me. They have all the resources that I need for my classes, and my counselor walked me through to my journey in this college. It opened more opportunities, and definitely helped me get to where I am today. I am very grateful.
I love this school and so happy that I decided to go here. I have met so many amazing students and professors and made some unforgettable memories here! They are currently working on upgrading the school so I am sad I will already have graduated by the time it is done, but what has been completed so far is amazing! Cypress also has this magical pond that draws people into this school and once you are there it makes you feel like you aren't at school while sitting in the shade on the grass starring into the pond. The professors really care about their students and teaching them all they know and learning from us students.
It is great place for student from different background. You will find best place for the study. Most professor and other staff members are really helping for everyone. Just keep in mind if you have any concern do not delay to get suggestion from them.
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Cypress College campus is very clean, spacious, and modern. The years I attended I met great teachers all semesters there. Professors are very engaged on what they teach. Other departments in Cypress College are always willing to help a student when visiting that department. I recommend Cypress College to other future students because they offer a variety of programs and classes.
Cypress college has an amazing staff with the attitude to help everyone reach their goals and move forward to the next step!
I was a student who transferred to Cypress College from Orange Coast College. I was very happy with my decision, as the staff members are super friendly and resourceful. The campus is large, and offers a diverse variety of courses with opportunities for distance learning. The admission process is fast, and the parking pass system has recently been upgraded to digital, reducing your hassles that much less! I highly recommend the allied health programs at Cypress, as they help you immensely with job placement & with state exam preparation! Terrific school, terrific students.
My experience attending Cypress College has been amazing! Besides their open-minded and friendly students and staff, they provide great resources for students to succeed. Personally , I have to thank the wonderful counselors that are guiding me to obtain my degree. Professors are great there because they care for their students.
It offers a great avenue for something further, but it and of itself is lacking. The variety in coursework enables you to pursue/finish your degree elsewhere. They also offer a variety of certificates and Associates degree that could be helpful for those not seeking a BA.
Excellent classes and professors. The atmosphere on campus is welcoming and motivating! Counselors have been very helpful in helping me plan my future, and professors have been just as awesome. The diversity at this campus has also been great, and the clubs available make the school fun.
I feel like most of the professor really care about the students. They challenge us, but at the same time support us to further our academic goals. The campus has a nice lake in the middle, which makes it feel like you are at the park. Also, the buildings are modernized and clean. Overall, it is a nice school to start to further you dream or transfer.
I have attended Cypress College for 2 semesters now and have absolutely loved it. My professors really took the time to explain things and made me enjoy the overall experience of learning. Parking has seem to be an issue at other colleges, but I have never ran into a parking problem at Cypress. If I could change anything it would be to keep the small snack stations open all day for when students have night class and need something to eat or drink.
The school has a nice environment and lovely professors. The counselors are really helpful, but you need to use them in order for them to help you. The transfer center is also a great resource for those looking to continue their education.
Great school to attend for acamdemic reasons. They have many great on campus support programs that help you succeed at Cypress College.
Cypress College provides a great environment for learning, while providing great student support programs.
What I like about Cypress College is that they offer many resources that helps with study. For example, the library has most of the books that are required for the classes I'm taking. Cypress College also has a student learning center where they help students with their homework or anything they don't understand. They also offer free tutoring which is very helpful. Overall, I think that Cypress College is a great community college.
I love Cypress College because it has all the resources a student needs to graduate. They have amazing staff and professors. They have great programs to enter such as puente program, EOPS, and much more.
A very helpful school with many amenities available to its students. Incredible professors who are very helpful and caring.
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Cypress college is a great waystation towards higher education. Most of the professors truly care about their students and the classrooms aren't too big. There are free tutoring services in the library for most classes and a free health center. There are a lot of clubs and the student body is pretty active as well. There's always some sort of event happening which is pretty cool because they give free food at them.
I love taking classes at Cypress college. The students are all very kind and motivated people. There are many resources for students to go to and get lots of help. The professors are all extremely helpful and intelligent and I've definitely learned a lot going here.
To me it is the best community college. All of the councilors help you to achieve your goals. I was struggling mentally for a semester, but the councilors helped me get back on track. The staff is very involved with your work. Classes are always available
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