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I loved Cypress. The campus is modern and has great facilities to study in. The areas around it also have cool places to eat and grab a coffee. The professors I've had have been great and very diverse. They usually varied in the teaching strategies and value judgements. As long as you check your professors beforehand (ratemyprofessor), have a good work ethic, and have an open mind, you will flourish in any course. There is a lot of valuable knowledge at Cypress for those willing to look.
I am having a great experience with Cypress College. Everyone, including professors are very helpful. They really want you to succeed. I have been battling cancer and I can not express enough gratitude on how Cypress has been helping me out to accomplish my nursing degree. Plus, they have so many clubs and programs to help you throughout your stay at Cypress College. I have been to other colleges but Cypress is by far the BEST!!
I've attended Cypress College for the past three years and its been the best college ever. I have attended other colleges in the past, but cypress has some of the best professors and staff. Many counselors are amazing and help guide you in the path you want to take with resources that can help in the future. Overall, great community college!
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It is a great investment in getting an Associate Degree and finish General Education. It offers most majors and can be taken at sister campus, Fullerton as well. Campus life can improve. Local community is ok.
It's been awesome here. Although people are usually not involved, the more serious students are engaging and friendly. They tend to help others as much as they can, and the clubs and programs at Cypress are all extremely beneficial to a student's success. I'm grateful to Cypress College for what it's done for me and how it's prepared me for transfer. The food is expensive though. Some adjunct faculty are also not that great. But all in all, aside from these small downsides, it's an overall great school.
Most of the classes were pretty good and and the teachers outstanding. The school environment was welcoming and so glad i went there.
I like that this college, because the staff is very helpful! Usually at colleges it seems like the staff is rude or doesn't really care about the students. But here about 95% of the staff cares about the progression of the students. It a nice campus, the reason why it gets 4 stars instead of 5 is because it has limited parking in my opinion.
Cypress College is a wonderful campus. It's clean, easy to navigate, and it's in a wonderful neighborhood with lots of places to eat and study around the school. The professors are there to help the students succeed and hopefully transfer if that is their desired goal. In the two years that I've been there I have not come into contact with a professor who is harsh just for the sake of being harsh. Students are not deterred from voicing their thoughts, ideas, and opinions inside the classroom. Cypress College also has a ton of great resources for students including a library full of computers, places to sit and study in every building, reasonably priced food and school supplies, online tutoring, and a student health center. The campus is very easy to navigate and the setup is brilliant. There is almost always going to be parking somewhere near your class.
Cypress College is amazing school due to my experience. At the first joining this school, I did not know if this is a good school. But now, with more than two year experience, I would say this school has a very good system that includes many programs to support many major, such as Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Program (STEM2 Program), or Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS). Each program has many opportunities for students to have changes to challenge themselves and has many counselors who give very helpful advises. I am very happy to be a member of this school.
I attend Cypress College and I absolutely love it. Teachers have a great way of making difficult content easy to understand and are attentive and resourceful as well. The staff is always very helpful as well. I have always been given an answer to questions I have had regarding any financial aid or registration. It is also a beautiful campus. There's a nice small lake where you can sit under a tree to study for an exam or even taka a nap between classes. Overall, I think attending Cypress College has been a great benefit to my life.
I attend this school and I see it's a good school for the non-native speaker like me because teachers are very helpful and patient with students. The school has many activities for students to join and communicate with the other students during school year. Besides that, there has some programs that help biology, chemistry, or engineering major's students to succeed before they transfer to the university with high regimes. Students should apply to this school for 4 years communicate college.
This being my first year, it was easy to get comfortable with the campus and was easy to make connections with new people.
This is my first year as a student in Cypress college. There are countless student services that enable me to be successful. Such as the Student Activity Center (SAC), which provides me a quiet place to study in between classes as well as a resource for printing. The campus here is absolutely beautiful, when I'm feeling stressed out I just take a stroll by the pond and linger around the ducks for a bit; while I soak up some sun.
it has been convenient for me since I am enrolled in a program that allows me to access registration easily.
In my opinion the online experience has been great. I am currently enrolled in an online course and it provides flexibility to my schedule, it's manageable and easy to access. The registration process was easy, although getting adjusted to the online work environment was a bit difficult, soon after I got the hang of things it was easy. Moreover, the peer interaction was great, many students engage in discussion boards and share thoughts, which I think is beneficial feature.
There is a wide array of teaching skills instructors use during classes, For example, my math teacher used a very strict well organized discipline for students attending her class. Her methods were very punctual so to say, using time methods to enforce students to be punctual. On the other hand, some teachers can be a little more lenient like my anthropology lab teacher. She used a more laid back approach, although still enforcing conduct. The college has a good variety of instructors to guide you during your academic experience.
The school provides a good career services if one looks for them. The career opportunity services is most useful for students because there they can engage in networks that allow them to research what filed they want to actually go in. Furthermore, it also allows for students to ask questions and get helpful tips from counselers.
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What's good about my specific major is that the school provides useful information that allows students to take advantage of regarding job opportunities or internships.
The school I'm enrolled is great because it has a wide array of support groups that can help achieve your academic goals. My school in specific, has a program that specifically helps counsel students into choosing the right classes.
Cypress College is a beautiful campus to be in. The environment and people in the campus are very welcoming and friendly.
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