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What I like about Cypress is that their academic program is really good. They have a lot of opportunities for you to succeed. For example, they have English and math center at the library. If English and math is not one of your strongest subject, then there are a lot of student tutors as well as some of the professors from the department that can help you out. They also have STEM program, that is if you struggle with any math or any kind of science this is the program you should go to. It's also a good opportunity to be a part of the STEM program because you get to meet a lot of cool people that can help you out and connect you with other people that might help you to succeed in the future. Over all, Cypress is a really good college compared to other 2 years community colleges both academically and financially. It really prepares you for a 4 year university.
I don't really have anything negative to say about Cypress college. All the professors I have had so far have been excellent. The campus is very nice and the people are friendly. I enjoy going to school there.
cypress college is a wonderful college that helps with transferring or just getting your AA its highly diverse and has a lot of pride which is something to be proud of
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Cypress College is a great school for students to basically worry only about their academics. All of the professors are non-judgmental as well as helpful and available. At Cypress, professors and students are in a win-win situation as students successfully transfer to the school of their dreams. Plus, instructors get positive reviews from students which causes others to want to get into their class because they are guaranteed success.
Almost every professor that I had was amazing. Most of them helped me feel confident in their specific subject after leaving the class. I would continue going to this school if I didn't want to transfer!
I love the campus itself, the location, and I love the atmosphere at the campus. The staff and the students are friendly.
Cypress College is a diverse campus with faculty that truly cares for their students' success. The campus is diverse and tries to be inclusive for all students in terms of student activities, clubs and safety. The counselors go above and beyond to help you pave your way for success. One of the best schools I have ever had the pleasure of attending.
Cypress college is a great school especially for students pursuing degrees in fields of science. The Professors are always keen on making the classes competitive just like at a university. The science department faculty was great but the science and math building does need renovations as it feels very old compared to the rest of the campus.
This is a really great school. The atmosphere and environment is really relaxing. Teachers there are really caring, friendly, and teach very well. Students are really nice and easy to talk to and it is a really nice school. Parts of the campus is under construction, but overall the school is very beautiful with a nice island of water in the middle that makes it a relaxing place to sit and study or just hang out.
Cypress College is great. The location is near 405, 5, 91 freeway with restaurants around and closes by Knott Berry Farm. There are many trees and a central lake at the pond, so students enjoy the green and clean environment. The procedures for Financial Aid and Admissions are simple and easy; do not waste money for notary certificates or high school degrees. Professors/faculties are so nice and helpful whenever students have troubles or need advice. LRC, English and Math computer lab are included on ground level with internet access and online workshop. There are many transferring programs that are equivalent to the first two years at CSU, UC, and other private university. Moreover, over one hundred career-certificate programs that can be completed in one semester or two years.
Attending Cypress was a great experience both the students and professors were great. I highly recommend this college.
I loved Cypress. The campus is modern and has great facilities to study in. The areas around it also have cool places to eat and grab a coffee. The professors I've had have been great and very diverse. They usually varied in the teaching strategies and value judgements. As long as you check your professors beforehand (ratemyprofessor), have a good work ethic, and have an open mind, you will flourish in any course. There is a lot of valuable knowledge at Cypress for those willing to look.
I am having a great experience with Cypress College. Everyone, including professors are very helpful. They really want you to succeed. I have been battling cancer and I can not express enough gratitude on how Cypress has been helping me out to accomplish my nursing degree. Plus, they have so many clubs and programs to help you throughout your stay at Cypress College. I have been to other colleges but Cypress is by far the BEST!!
I've attended Cypress College for the past three years and its been the best college ever. I have attended other colleges in the past, but cypress has some of the best professors and staff. Many counselors are amazing and help guide you in the path you want to take with resources that can help in the future. Overall, great community college!
It is a great investment in getting an Associate Degree and finish General Education. It offers most majors and can be taken at sister campus, Fullerton as well. Campus life can improve. Local community is ok.
It's been awesome here. Although people are usually not involved, the more serious students are engaging and friendly. They tend to help others as much as they can, and the clubs and programs at Cypress are all extremely beneficial to a student's success. I'm grateful to Cypress College for what it's done for me and how it's prepared me for transfer. The food is expensive though. Some adjunct faculty are also not that great. But all in all, aside from these small downsides, it's an overall great school.
Most of the classes were pretty good and and the teachers outstanding. The school environment was welcoming and so glad i went there.
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I like that this college, because the staff is very helpful! Usually at colleges it seems like the staff is rude or doesn't really care about the students. But here about 95% of the staff cares about the progression of the students. It a nice campus, the reason why it gets 4 stars instead of 5 is because it has limited parking in my opinion.
Cypress College is a wonderful campus. It's clean, easy to navigate, and it's in a wonderful neighborhood with lots of places to eat and study around the school. The professors are there to help the students succeed and hopefully transfer if that is their desired goal. In the two years that I've been there I have not come into contact with a professor who is harsh just for the sake of being harsh. Students are not deterred from voicing their thoughts, ideas, and opinions inside the classroom. Cypress College also has a ton of great resources for students including a library full of computers, places to sit and study in every building, reasonably priced food and school supplies, online tutoring, and a student health center. The campus is very easy to navigate and the setup is brilliant. There is almost always going to be parking somewhere near your class.
Cypress College is amazing school due to my experience. At the first joining this school, I did not know if this is a good school. But now, with more than two year experience, I would say this school has a very good system that includes many programs to support many major, such as Sciences, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Program (STEM2 Program), or Extended Opportunity Programs and Services (EOPS). Each program has many opportunities for students to have changes to challenge themselves and has many counselors who give very helpful advises. I am very happy to be a member of this school.
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