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my experience at the proclaimed number one 2 year college in California is an average student. its a fairly quiet campus with plenty of green and the students don't cause you to feel welcome which is like being outside in the workplace everyone is constantly distracted by texting and listening to music, you can't really socialize with anyone these days. which is important
I have a major problem with the smokers on campus it's suppose to be smoking free campus
I have really enjoyed my experience at Cypress. The Science program at Cypress is incredible. The only downside to Cypress is their choice of an Organic Chemistry Professor- they would have gotten 5 stars if they didn't have such a terrible OChem professor. The counselors are friendly and I've never felt confused or alone.
I am attending Cypress College, and have found their resources to be very helpful. My professors are decent, and I am able to ask them questions during their office hours. Academically, the education that I am receiving here is good quality. However, I do not like the food. The french fries and pizza are fine, but I don't like the rest of it. There is a good student body here, and there are activities each semester. Overall, the college is very reasonable for everyone. I would recommend this community college to anyone.
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I loved the availability of classes, but I do wish they were slightly smaller in the number of students per professor.
What I like about Cypress College is that I feel at home when I am on campus. The library and LRC are great resources for students seeking a quiet place to get work done and receive assistance for free. Overall the campus is nice, safe, but like no one talks to each other. It is so depressing.
After only being here for a full semester and a half, I have noticed many things about Cypress College. The diversity around the college is definitely notable. I walk around on a busy weekday morning and see the difference in culture all around me. After taking several classes, I have noted that the teachers here, or from what I have experienced, are thorough in their work and explain well to their students. I, personally, am retaking a class with a different teacher and I could tell the difference between the two through their teachings, but both still teach fairly well. Different types of teachers and classes are taught here, but I know other colleges that offer more in-depth classes like Golden West College or Fullerton College, but needless to say, there is still a lot to offer here at Cypress College.
There a lot of maps on campus to guide you where you need to go so you are not wondering around looking for your class. The only downfall is that there is not much security so if you have a night class make sure to walk with a buddy.
I like Cypress College. It is very convenient for me, especially the small campus makes it easy to get around. Every teacher I have had so far is very nice or challenging, but nobody has been a jerk. I love the environment, especially the honors course which are seminar and more intimate in nature.
If you live in the southern area of California and youre planning on attending community college. I highly recommend going to Cypress college. From the moment you walk into their offices there's someone to help you. If you have any concerns, there's someone to help and they always have a nice attitude towards students. There's a lot of academic help for many subjects and is for free. It can get a bit hard to get classes towards the beginning of a semester but if you apply with time, there shouldn't be any problem. Once again I do recommend people attending Cypress college.
Cypress college has been a great experience so far. The staff on campus really seems to want to help you succeed and the teachers are amazing!
Cypress College is excels in academics, campus cleanliness, and support services. For example, the free tutoring in the learning resource center (library) is really helpful for the more rigorous courses. Cypress College is a nice, open campus. My overall experience at Cypress College has been excellent.
It’s a very nice looking school with great staff and academics. When I first started attending I couldn’t find my way around the school then some students and staff helped me to get familiar with the school and gave me a tour of where my classes would be.
loving the campus, the school has a lot of programs. the staff are so helpful and cheerful. they dont mind helping you, plus the process is very fast. the financial aid office is very helpful and are on top of you when it comes to paperwork or deadlines and scholarships. they have a lot of student discounts and perks, the diversity of students is great. the professors are great they care about your academics and the lectures are very helpful.
I love how it's such a small campus that you are able to find such amazing friends and professors. Every single professor that I have taken has gone above and beyond so that I may be able to finish school and transfer as fast as I can.
Overall I've had a good experience at Cypress College. My only negatives about the school are the professor's way of teaching the cirriculum and the availability of classes during certain semesters. The majority of professors I've had set up their courses so that your grade is solely based on your ability to take tests. This means that one bad test could be the difference between an A or C. Certain academic courses become impacted immediately and are only offered either during the fall or spring semester which sometimes makes it difficult to get the classes you need.
The Cypress College campus is very clean and full of friendly staff. No new students will ever get lost here. There are several maps all around the campus. As a new student in 2014 I feared getting lost on campus. At Cypress College, this did not occur. The campus also has many security officers roaming around so it makes me feel safe.
I love this college so amazing. Highly recommend for focus driven students.
This college has helped me in so many ways to achieve my goals. The teachers are great and very helpful. I have attended other colleges but this by far is the best one.
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It's a great two-year college, especially if you're looking toward a future transfer to a 4 year university. Counselors and activities are great, with a lot of activities to become involved in outside of lectures.
Cypress is a well-rounded school with a variety of courses, programs, and activities. As well as great resources such as the Math/English learning center and library textbook checkouts.
Campus is unique and very modern. The best building on the campus is perhaps its library, it is large and gorgeous. Furthermore, the professors here are always willing to help you succeed. Every student here is respectful and kind making student life enjoyable. Campus safety is spot on and have responded to any emergency situation well as far as I've seen. Most importantly, this campus has enough parking, although it may be a walk anyone can find a parking spot if you look though the parking lots well enough.
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