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Best facilities and teachers that care about their work. The art department is showcased on their website and their portfolio is what allowed me to decide in registering for their school.
Cypress College is a great school. It has great facilities, faculty, and opportunities for extracurricular work in and outside of the school. There are lots of clubs and many majors and programs to take. Cypress offers great counseling advice for students who know what they want to do. Food on campus is ok and stays at relatively the same price point as other local restaurants. Cypress Baseball is quite competitive and has seen several students enter major leagues, which is cool to know. Cypress is a great campus that will prepare you for the future and beyond.
Can't say how the academics are on a wide scale (I'm majoring in film). Their film program isn't too comprehensive as there is no linear progression of classes based on skill level. Some professors were invested in their teaching and student progress and some weren't.

Their campus has a weird parking layout with a circle road surrounding most of the lots. Can't say I'm a fan. I find myself having to crane my neck further than is comfortable on some of the diagonal merges. The school itself isn't too picturesque. There are modern buildings juxtaposed with older buildings. There's a large pond which in my opinion serves no purpose other than as a perpetual roadblock and an uninvited shower of fountain water on even just slightly windy days. The local area is okay (5 minute drive to Knott's and a few shopping centers), though it's very flat without much scenery.

I'd say the experience here felt a bit dry, although there were benefits. However if I had to look again I'd look elsewhere.
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I’ve been going to cypress college for 3 years now. The professors are amazing. I haven’t had a terrible one. I think the board is very gernpus as well. They always take us into consideration when they plan something. The students are always involved in something. This school has brought me close to a lot of friends. I have learned a lot and experienced a lot. I think the only thing I would change is the remodeling of the school. Santa Ana college seems to be ahead of us and we have to stay number one in everyone’s eyes !
As a current student at Cypress College I have yet to find a single bad thing about the school. The campus alone is an inspiration. The campus is spaced out enough for a student to be able to maneuver around easily. There is a beautiful pond with a water fountain in the middle of school and around it students can sit at any of the multiple benches to do homework, or study. The library, which is right in front of the pond, has an awesome selection of books to choose from. The school has top notch professors and staff, and all are genuine about what they do and show great interest in the students’ progresses and extra-curricular events that happen around campus. Cypress College has a plethora of classes, activities and programs to choose from, a student is guaranteed to be inspired to pursue something.
The Cypress College campus has a really beautiful landscape with a fountain and green grass/trees. The students there are also genuinely friendly. I would recommend this community college, especially because it tends to be the most popular choice for a community college.
I really enjoyed the professors I had at Cypress College. There were a few that went the extra mile for their students and made it a point to be available by email or phone if you ever needed help. Even when I was having a rough time, by communicating with them I was able to succeed. Cypress could be improved if the Learning Resource Center was open longer.
Cypress college is a very small, navigable campus with a great STEM program. The overall environment is good, but I would like to see more than one class/professor available per semester for my major classes. It is easy to make equally driven aquaintences via the STEM program, and there are a lot of opportunies for research introduced through this program. This is a great community college for aspiring STEM majors.
Cypress has amazing programs and help for there students. One of the programs they offer is Puente which has changed my aspects of college. There is help out there and people wanting to help you, you just have to go find the help.
Very Comfortable with great professors. I am very satisfied about the school and gets me ready for UCs and CSUs. I am learning a lot, not only academically but also as aspect in social skills and communication.
Cypress is a great college. I've never been so enthusiastic about school until I graduated high school. I absolutely love the energy and the people I am surrounded with. I never thought I wanted to go to a Community, but now that I have been here for 3 semesters I can proudly say that I love Cypress College. The teachers, programs, and students really make the difference.
I very much enjoyed both the Study Abroad and S.T.E.M programs offered by the college. The professors are knowledgeable and insightful instructors, who have provided me with a great baseboard with which to move on to university.
Cypress Has all available sources and anyone can access. Another thing is that Cypress is like a Small community most people know each other and its always been friendly
I would like to see the prices in food go down, it is ridiculous to spend so much money on food on campus. However, the professors are superb and really seem to be invested in their students and their success.
I like the teachers at Cypress College, and the different classes that are there for everyone. I would like to change the transfer plans they have because sometimes it is hard for students to get clear directions.
I am a high school senior but I have already had some good experiences with Cypress College. I like that they offer Dual Enrollment classes to Cypress High School's students because it benefits students in the long run. I also like how they plan college day events such as when the Seniors got to attend a field trip to Cypress College for a day recently.
The campus environment is great. The professors I had so far are great at what they do and are open-minded in helping student getting to where they need to go. However, when I went to go meet with a representative of the school I do not feel welcome and unsatisfied. For example, when I met with a counselor or called the school for information I feel rush by the representative. The tone of their voice made me feel unwelcome and it was obvious they were irritated at me for calling them. If the representative acted more professional it would have made my school experience more memorable. I do not feel confident going to the counselors for help because of the way I was treated (more than one occasion).
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Attending Cypress College is the right choice for me. They have all the resources that I need for my classes, and my counselor walked me through to my journey in this college. It opened more opportunities, and definitely helped me get to where I am today. I am very grateful.
I love this school and so happy that I decided to go here. I have met so many amazing students and professors and made some unforgettable memories here! They are currently working on upgrading the school so I am sad I will already have graduated by the time it is done, but what has been completed so far is amazing! Cypress also has this magical pond that draws people into this school and once you are there it makes you feel like you aren't at school while sitting in the shade on the grass starring into the pond. The professors really care about their students and teaching them all they know and learning from us students.
It is great place for student from different background. You will find best place for the study. Most professor and other staff members are really helping for everyone. Just keep in mind if you have any concern do not delay to get suggestion from them.
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