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I love how it's such a small campus that you are able to find such amazing friends and professors. Every single professor that I have taken has gone above and beyond so that I may be able to finish school and transfer as fast as I can.
Overall I've had a good experience at Cypress College. My only negatives about the school are the professor's way of teaching the cirriculum and the availability of classes during certain semesters. The majority of professors I've had set up their courses so that your grade is solely based on your ability to take tests. This means that one bad test could be the difference between an A or C. Certain academic courses become impacted immediately and are only offered either during the fall or spring semester which sometimes makes it difficult to get the classes you need.
The Cypress College campus is very clean and full of friendly staff. No new students will ever get lost here. There are several maps all around the campus. As a new student in 2014 I feared getting lost on campus. At Cypress College, this did not occur. The campus also has many security officers roaming around so it makes me feel safe.
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I love this college so amazing. Highly recommend for focus driven students.
This college has helped me in so many ways to achieve my goals. The teachers are great and very helpful. I have attended other colleges but this by far is the best one.
It's a great two-year college, especially if you're looking toward a future transfer to a 4 year university. Counselors and activities are great, with a lot of activities to become involved in outside of lectures.
Cypress is a well-rounded school with a variety of courses, programs, and activities. As well as great resources such as the Math/English learning center and library textbook checkouts.
Campus is unique and very modern. The best building on the campus is perhaps its library, it is large and gorgeous. Furthermore, the professors here are always willing to help you succeed. Every student here is respectful and kind making student life enjoyable. Campus safety is spot on and have responded to any emergency situation well as far as I've seen. Most importantly, this campus has enough parking, although it may be a walk anyone can find a parking spot if you look though the parking lots well enough.
Cypress college is a beautiful college with an incredibly diverse student body. The facilities are modern and provide a welcoming, relaxed environment to study or hang with friends. Situated in the middle of campus is a lovely pond where families of ducks can be seen all year round. The professors are very knowledgable and friendly and will go out of their way to assist any student in need. Great school overall and would definitely recommend to anyone.
All the staff is amazingly helpful. The students are very kind and are very active with each other. The environment of Cypress College is peaceful and beautiful.
The teachers are my favorite part of this campus. The campus itself is a little outdated. Especially the SEM building. The teachers however makeup for it. They are well educated and well prepared. I've made a lot of close friendships there.
College is pretty cool. This is a really good experience I got to endure after high school. They have a really good pre-engineering program that I’m currently in. It has a bunch of nice professor and students who can give you motivation to keep trying.
So far so good. My professors are great. They are super helpful and caring. Great programs to help students get to there goals.
What I love most about Cypress College is the environment ad atmosphere , great support system. Amazing tutor and Math professors. Easy Access, and great and safe location.
Cypress College is a great community college stepping stone to save money. However, it's very easy to get sucked into it's longevity. I have met people that have been here for over 6 years. I feel it's easy to lose their goal but at the same time, I feel the counselors should be doing a better job at guiding their students but they aren't that helpful. Some of the professors genuinely care about their students, while some really don't. It's been an okay experience; average. At this point, I am simply glad that I was able to save money and grow and learn from my experience here. It's not bad, I do love the STEM community I was able to build here.
The campus is set up quite well and the professors are great! The health office is helpful and attentive. The administration is helpful and they make the application process very streamline.
The teachers are very nice. Around campus, there are a bunch of things to look at. My favorite is the fountain that is behind the Student Center. It is a good place to relax and do homework.
I really like the professors! They are straightforward with the students and they give us an opportunity to shine
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Cypress College is a quality 2-year institution. Plenty of parking is available so you never have to worry about finding a spot and the campus is big but not overwhelming. Cypress College provides lots of resources so that their students reach success; the math learning center, the language center, free tutoring, supplemental instruction, just to name a few. I have been fortunate to have more great professors than bad ones at Cypress too.
I like the professors from Cypress college. Every class I have taken, has been taught by a very well organized and helpful professor.
This is my second year at Cypress College and I'm enjoying it a lot! I'm in the Honors Program which is a great resource for anyone looking to transfer to a UC school. All of the professors I've had both honors and non-honors are very interactive and want you to succeed. The one thing that I do wish was different was the promotion of clubs and groups. It can be somewhat hard unless you look yourself or peep the fliers along the wall by Humanities. Go Chargers!
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