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I have been going to Cuyamaca for two years so far and I really like it. Everyone on campus is very friendly and the professors are too.
The teacher I have had at this school are all really helpful and knowledgeable. Parking is pretty easy to find without having a permit. The only thing I wish this school had was a better cafeteria.
Teachers there are really great. Councilors want you to stay there so its hard asking them for advise and transferring quickly.
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The benefits of the online classes are of course being able to keep up the coursework at the hour of your convenience. The tricky part is of time management. There isn't a teacher right in front of you, but are available online to help. A big advantage is being able to take advantage of the tutors in the open lab for personal help.
I am impressed with how this school will bus students to tour a 4 year campus. I also appreciate how the career center works with students in being knowledgeable about jobs on campus as well as what companies are hiring nearby.
  • 6 months ago
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In my experience, the professors are well educated, easy to talk to about anything, even if it's a subject outside of the class, and in general have a very professional yet casual positive demeanor.
Cuyamaca College offers up to an Associate's Degree along with a wide variety of certificates. The career center should be utilized as the friendly staff go out of their way to educate and help students towards employment. And the services such as resume writing are free.
  • 6 months ago
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I've enjoyed every semester that I've been here at Cuyamaca College. Not only do they have impressive professors who truely go out of their way to help the students exceed, they also have a large tutoring department which is free. The campus is very beautiful and provides places for study both inside and outside for studying. I keep returning to this school for the extra services like EOPS, the Health and Wellness Center, workshops on a wide variety of subjects. These extra bits and services make each day coming to school more enjoyable.
The best community college in San Diego.
It was very difficult to organize my classes and move them around according to my schedule.
The professors are great; they are very helpful. I love the small class sizes.
The only degree you can get from this school is an associates degree, and I want much more than that. I will be transferring to a 4-year university.
  • 8 months ago
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I will be majoring in biology. It is my favorite subject, and there are great teachers at this school to help me.
This school is great because everyone is so helpful. If you ever have a question about anything, you can go to the counseling office and ask questions. There are both counselors and students there to help.
I love my experience at this school. The campus is absolutely beautiful. It is also very peaceful and everyone is so friendly.
Online classes are kind of hard. It is difficult to ask for help when you need it.
The teaches really do care about you personally. The classes aren't usually that big but not having a big class is better because the teachers can focus most on their individual students.
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This school will definitely help me reach my career dream of business management.
The flexibility of classes are great. The breaks in between classes without the hassles of running across campus.
Classes are available online if need be. To complete the degree, after completing general stuff, I learned I only needed 27 units left to get my degree. They have internships available to help get the foot in the door and see what it is like in the legal field.
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