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I loved going to school here. They try very hard to keep communication and a one on one relationship with students.
The campus is beautiful and big, a lot of great student services and personal. A broad educational plan for every major that goes easier with counselors.
So far out of the three and a half years that I have gone here, almost all my teachers were great. I only had one that I wasn't too crazy about. The campus is beautiful and has a lot of peaceful places to sit and study. I also love that there is a plant nursery and a water conservation garden.
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I like that Cuyamaca has a more laid-back style of academics. The campus is nice and the area surrounding it is full of different stores and food stops. They teach you what you need to know and let you make your own academic choices, within reason of course. I would say that they could improve on their counseling department, because they are always busy and students have to wait for an open time to discuss school, but other than that I am very happy with Cuyamaca so far.
Every teacher that I have had at this college is amazing and caring. They have a great tutoring program for STEM students. The only problems are that the places to study are crowded/loud and the on-campus food is overpriced and bad quality.
For a community college it's a very nice campus. The professors I've had up to this point have all been really good. They respectful and are genuine good people. It's been a nice first year in college and Im liking it a lot.
I am currently going to Cuyamaca for Computer Engineering major. Cuyamaca's campus is small; yet it is very diverse. We have different clubs, great professors, and very friendly tutors. It is a great learning environment, where staff members and students work together to make the most out of the educational goal.
I've had a good learning experience at this community college. The classes, professors, and the campus make for a great learning experience. The faculty is really willing to work with you in order to make you successful.
Cuyamaca College was so much more than I expected. The classes were fun, teachers amazing, and campus is beautiful.
Professors at Cuyamaca care and want to see their students move forward and towards their degree and career. The College holds events that can help students. There are amazing clubs that deserve more recognition!
It's a surprisingly fantastic school. Teachers are all experienced and generally effective educators. There are significant free tools to help you learn and study, including tech help and a free, easily accessible tutoring center. Some of the students are highly motivated, some aren't. The ones who aren't motivated will drop. I've been quite impressed with the whole experience.
Cuyamaca College is a great community college with professors who care about your success. The campus is new and improved but there are older classrooms that need work. Overall this is a great community college to get you ready for a four year university, or to keep you sharp on the job.
Cuyamaca college is a beautiful campus filled with teachers who want you to succeed. The majority of students who attend Cuyamaca college are driven and focused on finishing their education. There's a nice amount of parking and the food options they have are delicious. If there was one thing that might improve the campus I can't really name one thing, I'm extremely happy with my experience.
I like Cuyamaca college! There is a very down to earth vibe here. They partner with their sister school Grossmont college to provide a wide array of classes and majors. The grounds are beautiful! I do wish they had more online classes or even fast track courses, but over all, it's a great deal and I'm happy.
I have been going to Cuyamaca for two years so far and I really like it. Everyone on campus is very friendly and the professors are too.
The teacher I have had at this school are all really helpful and knowledgeable. Parking is pretty easy to find without having a permit. The only thing I wish this school had was a better cafeteria.
Teachers there are really great. Councilors want you to stay there so its hard asking them for advise and transferring quickly.
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The benefits of the online classes are of course being able to keep up the coursework at the hour of your convenience. The tricky part is of time management. There isn't a teacher right in front of you, but are available online to help. A big advantage is being able to take advantage of the tutors in the open lab for personal help.
I am impressed with how this school will bus students to tour a 4 year campus. I also appreciate how the career center works with students in being knowledgeable about jobs on campus as well as what companies are hiring nearby.
In my experience, the professors are well educated, easy to talk to about anything, even if it's a subject outside of the class, and in general have a very professional yet casual positive demeanor.
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