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wonderful school to attend. I am interested in the nursing program. I am super excited to attend school this august. The best part about attending nursing school is the different clinical sites you get to intern at.
This school is a very good school! Acedimically I think they could be a little more structured so that their lectures apply to the test! The teachers and staff are very caring of your success. The worst part of the school is the fail the final fail the program it's very discouraging how they handle that part but overall it was a very nice place!
I absolutely love how their classes are run by the teacher I had for Digital Design in my 11th and 12th grade years of high school along with all the friends I made.
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computer based uses tutorial rather than hands on class room which can be reinforced via the professional who can provide different examples, techniques and hands-on demonstration answer question make corrections for the class where the class participates.
The LPN program is approved by Ohio Board of Nursing. The college credits can be transferred to To affiliated Cuyahoga Community College; where most of the certificate degrees can be used to get jobs in the community via short term training programs or apply toward an associates degree.
The program is slower paced than college or university the LPN program is more hands-on rather than computer based learning/tutorials; teaching is explained and reinforced rather than self educating and online video tutorials. The approach is hands-on training the class moves/advances together, labs are accessible and provide up-to-date equipment, supplies, techniques and professional supervision in pursing comprehension with difficult concepts and or skills. The atmosphere is well lit via natural light reflecting the landscape is earthy green and pleasant, parking is close and convenient. The student body is diverse and age ranges vary. These unique aspect of the school and program have appealed to me as an older and more settled student (40+).
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