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Cuyahoga Community College has been such a great school. I’ve learned a significant amount in all of my classes and the best thing is they are affordable! I transferred from starkstate and I’ve never been happier.
I just graduated from Cuyahoga Community College with an associates. I went to the campus in Parma. It is a beautiful campus and has all the recourses a student needs. The campus has many computers and quite study areas. The campus offers a great selection of food and even has a coffee shop.
My experience so far has been a great one. I feel at home on campus and its usually a friendly experience all around. The only thing that disappoints me is the ladies at the front desk are sometimes not so nice and show that they don't want to help sometimes. But the student help desk is amazing and always there to guide me, and my teachers are wonderful.
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What I liked about Cuyahoga Community College is that it is a school that wants to see all of their student, walk across that stage with their cap and gown. No matter how much you are struggling, they will do everything in their power to get you back on track. Students from all over the world is enrolled into Cuyahoga Community College which can help students connect with different nationalities. This is my first time being a college student and I will recommend people to start here first for two years then transfer to a four year university.
I have been affiliated with the college through various summer programs that I participated in as a high school student. I have only taken one course about 15 years ago. The campus is conveniently located.
I took college classes here in high school and got an amazing jumpstart to my college career. I got a taste of how a college course works before attending a 4 year college.
My experience was overall good. The staff is very helpful my professors and clinical staff are great, they help you until you understand the material.
I like that the professors will actually spend one on one time with students to make sure they understand the material. The campus staff has been extremely helpful with problems and if the problem can be fixed they will get it fixed in a timely matter.
I have been attending Cuyahoga Community College ever since I was a junior in High School. In all of my three years at Tri-C I have never had a professor who I would not recommend to a fellow student. All professors are aware of the life we live outside of school, such as spending time with family and working. Although Tri-C is a great college to attend, I would recommend more clubs and extra curricular activities to be open to the students.
So far, so good! The professors here really understand that you have a life outside of the classroom. And they really want students to learn and be successful.
Overall I'd say that Tri-C delivers where it counts. You get decent education from a wide variety of mediocre to professional professors, where professionals are stretched a little too thin. I feel that education should be the forefront of any college, and they at least try their best. It's what matters.
I attend the plant science program! The faculty are amazing and will give you hands on expirence and in class knowledge. The way way the program is designed will set up the students to be ready for the workplace.
I enjoyed the quality education of Cuyahoga Community College. They have excellent faculty and learning resources that's available for all students. I wouldn't change anything about Cuyahoga Community College.
It is a great Community College for a smaller, cultural scene. It is great for reaching out to it's attending students for many things that are available to our smaller home town resources. It could use more lecture classes, but my experience thus far has been overall very pleasant. It gives a very positive energy vibe for those that appreciate a less stressing learning experience!
I like that they have flexible schedules in order for me to take my classes. The faculty are very nice and supportive. Also the campus is tobacco free, meaning we have fresh air. The classrooms and halls always seem to be very clean, never see dirt or bugs. The professors are extremely helpful and are patient when it comes to teaching.
Overall my experience would be excellent. Not only is the college convenient for me from work and home but the helpful people they within their facilities is amazing. I find myself always happy and eager to attend school everyday just so i know I’m going to be getting the correct knowledge i need to push me forward in my career.
Very diverse campus
Nice professors
More classes should be offered towards majors
Experience is good
Great education experience
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This place is full of opportunity and help. Of course, like anything, it's what you make it. I personally and fully loved 95% of my professors. The only problem is that you won't really be challenged much unless you make it that way or join certain academic programs, etc. The Mandel Scholars Academy has the potential to turn this place into another level. Honestly. The problem is that some people are so focused on helping "struggling" students, that many who work hard or are still struggling but seem to do better lose out a bit. It's like some people don't want you to grow. Of course, I think it's usually out of safety and being realistic... so I think they mean well. There could be more responsibility put on students. They need longer/later hours for study and food options/etc. They're all about non-traditional students and flexibility... so shouldn't that be part of it? Mostly, they try their best. It was better than I expected for certain! It will always be my roots.
I really like that staff that work there they really try to understand and help you to be successful.
Academics suck and so does the staff. Financial aid office takes forever and don’t offer good customer service.
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