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I like that they have flexible schedules in order for me to take my classes. The faculty are very nice and supportive. Also the campus is tobacco free, meaning we have fresh air. The classrooms and halls always seem to be very clean, never see dirt or bugs. The professors are extremely helpful and are patient when it comes to teaching.
Overall my experience would be excellent. Not only is the college convenient for me from work and home but the helpful people they within their facilities is amazing. I find myself always happy and eager to attend school everyday just so i know I’m going to be getting the correct knowledge i need to push me forward in my career.
Very diverse campus
Nice professors
More classes should be offered towards majors
Experience is good
Great education experience
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This place is full of opportunity and help. Of course, like anything, it's what you make it. I personally and fully loved 95% of my professors. The only problem is that you won't really be challenged much unless you make it that way or join certain academic programs, etc. The Mandel Scholars Academy has the potential to turn this place into another level. Honestly. The problem is that some people are so focused on helping "struggling" students, that many who work hard or are still struggling but seem to do better lose out a bit. It's like some people don't want you to grow. Of course, I think it's usually out of safety and being realistic... so I think they mean well. There could be more responsibility put on students. They need longer/later hours for study and food options/etc. They're all about non-traditional students and flexibility... so shouldn't that be part of it? Mostly, they try their best. It was better than I expected for certain! It will always be my roots.
I really like that staff that work there they really try to understand and help you to be successful.
Academics suck and so does the staff. Financial aid office takes forever and don’t offer good customer service.
My Thoughts about Cuyahoga Community College are they are a Great School with teachers who Will help you. They don't lock the doors if you are running late they can help you catch up when you are behind and more. The staff including Tutors, Academic staff and others do a Great Job in helping Students succeed.
It's a great place to start your academic journey. Stay focused on turning in your assignments on time, and creating a healthy study habit. Beware of academic counselors, who think you will be dropping out by the next semester. Not all counselors practice that mindset, but I've ran into a few who did. It's pretty much like high school, except you can't slack and the work load is heavier and harder. It's not advertised as much, but there are clubs you can join. Although, I don't know how great they are. The only group I can vouch for is honors club, which I enjoyed. Also, almost all your classes transfer to surrounding 4 year universities.
I love the environment, all the staff is there ready to help you with whatever you need. I would like it if there was more emphasis on moving on to a university after completing two years here.
I like all the options they have for such an affordable price. It really gives anyone a chance to further their education.
Tri-C is a great place to earn a degree and get a head start on what college would be like. The college has many connections to the community and offers its students many resources for jobs and furthering their education beyond Tri-C. The school has a diverse group of friendly security who make sure to build personal relationships with the students, which helps keep crime to a minimum. Students attending Cuyahoga Community College are of many different backgrounds and heading many different places in their lives. Professors here make sure you are challenged and best prepared for your next steps. The campuses are very nice and some parts of them are currently being renovated.
I will rate Tri-C as 4/5 stars because the College is truly great, but I did have issues. My professors were truly amazing, caring, professional, and smart! But the current director of the Police Academy at Tri-C was awful. She had posted misleading information about the program and then refused to allow me to apply providing contradicting information to what was on the website. So overall my experience so far was excellent aside from that.
I received my ADN from CCC, and I was very pleased. The curriculum was challenging, the professors were knowledgeable and were there to ensure our success. I now work at one of the top medical institutions in the country and it is in part due to my education received at CCC.
I mostly like how close and convenient the campuses are. They are in areas that helps me have a flexible schedule.
Cuyahoga Community College is an excellent budget school. Things are a bit run down and dated, but most of the teachers are very knowledgable in their field and care about the education of their students.
The experience is great the professors are very helpful and very specific in all areas.I enjoy the campus and all the individuals and as well the professors.the campus fooe is very good its really hard not to buy there food because the food is very pricey but other than that the food is great. Also the work that we have we can take it to the tutors and they will break everything down to us as simple as possible so when it is time for finals we know what to do wih is excellent.
I appreciate everything the willing and experienced staff of Cuyahoga Community College has done for me and they truly succeed at making sure every student is successful which is amazing.
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I am the epitome of a non-traditional student. As a 50 year old single mother, I have found Cuyahoga Community College to be very accommodating. I have only had to change my work schedule twice in order to attend my classes. All of my professors have been extremely helpful, even helping me choose a different class when I struggled too hard in theirs. The guidance counselor helped me choose my major. I will be transferring to a four year school in about a year. I never would have been able to achieve my goals without starting at Tri-C. I have to work to support my family.
I love how nice and efficient everyone is I would change the counseling office they are kind of rude at times
Professors show thorough understanding of their subjects and willingness to assists student who fall behind. (Eastern) Campus is very compact and easy to navigate. Financial aide is relatively fair.
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