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very good professors. they help you a lot. campus is clean and up to date. the books are somewhat high.
Great campus. Good environment to learn. Lots of help available from tutors and teachers. The fitness center is my favorite area in the school, it's filled with great exercise equipment and tvs to watch while you workout.
I love Cuyahoga Community College it's a great school going hear has helped me grow as a man. It taught me the value of a dollar sure I could have gone to a big university, but I would have been forced to pay big university money for the same classes. I figured that the smartest thing to do was to go to community college and take my prerequisites first. It's only a community college: its small so it's not a lot of people, and I feel as if its time for me to go out and spread my wings and make new connection.
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Cuyahoga Community College is the best that happens in my life. It gives me a chance to get a good education. It has a good opportunities to get your degree. The campus is the best quite place to study at. They have a great tutoring to help you with the subject that you have problem in. It is where your future begin.
Cuyahoga Community College (Tri-C) was my great beginning. I did not have to worry about my tuition during my time at this college because the education was very affordable and my federal financial aid was kind enough to cover my tuition and textbooks. At Tri-C, I enjoyed the courses, and my credits got transferred to university fully. After three years studied at Tri-C, I earned my first associate degree in science and two other short-term certificates. I was happy to be able to work right after I graduated Cuyahoga Community College. My job has helped me secure my finance as I moved on to university to pursue my bachelor degree. Besides, I had an opportunity to work with different people in the organization in which I took part. It gave me incredible college experience and improved my leadership skills. Not only the meaningful learning, but the team was also the bridge to my scholarships. It was three wonderful years at Cuyahoga Community College.
My experience as a student at Cuyahoga Community College was good. The instructors have always been helpful and most of then put a lot of effort into teaching.
Something I like about Cuyahoga Community College is that they really are on your side whoever you need them if you was stuck on the subject they have free resources & tutoing for free
It's a great academic center. The teachers are superb and committed. Great clean environment. Happy students and good programs with job prospects.
Overall great school. Very cheap compared to a 4 year school. It good just to go and get your classes done for the day. People here aren't very social. I find tri-c easier than high-school
I like the professors and it is a very easy commute for me and they are always good about answering any questions I have about going towards my degree.
Everybody is helpful and kind, makes me want to work there! Great layout of the school. Like all other colleges, that want you to enroll, tell you classes are 2 years at a cost of $10,000. It's actually what they Don't tell you that can turn you off though. In all reality, if you work and have a family, depending on how much time you have for class and homework, it will take you more like 4-5 years. Cost of $10,000. not bad right? Oh but for one class you need this code for $300., a program to load onto your computer-$300., plus any other equipment possibly...$50. Mind you the class alone is $300. So if you need about $1000. a class that $10,000 can easily double or triple. Wish they would just be upfront and honest about everything. Again, it's not just Tri-C that does this, All colleges do this.
Tri-C is a great place to take prerequisite classes as I am currently doing for nursing school, which I will be attending in the spring. The staff overall is great and they want to see you succeed.
This school has many tutoring opportunities and many teachers who will always meet with you outside of class to give you extra help. I have gotten amazing grades here and learned so much more than I ever did in high school. I enjoy my learning experiences here.
I love the fact that the professors are willing to help the students in any way possible. There are resources upon resources that help students with funding, housing, finances, you name it. Although financial aid could definitely use a tune up. Some of the people there are truly rude.
I received two degrees from Tri-C, and it is a mistake I wish I could redo. Everything about this school screams "unprofessional." From counselors and advisors that really don't care, the campus that looks more like a prison than a college and the almost complete lack of student life, I would advise incoming freshmen to go elsewhere. The one redeeming quality is the price, and if you're trying to save a few bucks, transfer as soon as makes sense for you.
In tri-c there are Very good proffesors, however, the advising staff is not great. In addition there is inexpensive tuition😀.
My advisor was great. She really gave sound advice that helped me achieve my goal of getting my Associates of Art during a trying time of my life.
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The opportunity to take classes at Cuyahoga Community College that would transfer to a 4-year college made college more affordable for me. Tri-C offers a multitude of resources for students in every aspect of higher education.
If [by some strange chance] you're looking to attend an affordable college and are unsure of your desired major, do not stress it! Cuyahoga Community College (better know as Tri-C) does offer a wide variety of courses and majors to choose from, but with the extraordinary guidance from counselors and financial aid advisors you will soon be on the fast track to the career of your dreams.
Cuyahoga community college is s nice school to attend. I don't have anything bad to say about it. But to all students you must apply yourself. These programs can be difficult and challenging. Find a study group and meet up at least two times out the week. It'll help to better understand the material and to share your knowledge on the topics at hand.
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