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Cuyahoga Community College has been such an amazing experience so far. The amount of majors they offer and the price is amazing. The professors are excellent and I haven't met a single one that doesn't hope their students succeed. I am so very grateful that Tri-C exists because without it I wouldn't have been able to start my college experience.
Great professors, very affordable and in a very easy location to access. All the advisors are very helpful and give great advice to help you succeed.
I went to metro and the eastern campus and the professors were all awesome! The eastern campus building is fairly new and it looks very nice. There are many scholarships and internships to apply for. I was in the internship for two summers working with computers(photoshop and creating flyers) I really enjoyed it because I learned a lot of new things that I can use later on in life. I was also paid so that was good too. I really recommend it for people of all ages to attend!!
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It was the best decision I made going back to college for my degree. Cuyahoga Community College was the best choice because of the Hospitality Program.
I thought going to a CC that the courses would be dumbed down, but that hasn't been my experience. The courses have been really advanced and professional. Ive liked most of my professors and the work has been manageable.
Tri-C is the biggest scam. I took an online stats class over the summer, was provided little to no information, worked hard, and the teacher ended up failing nearly all of her students. I went in to meet with her and she was very rude and the staff barely offered any help. It was as if they were there to help you realize that you lost a lot of money and that you couldn't get it back. I would NOT recommend Tri-C to anyone. Still haven't gotten my refund... and I am not the first person I've heard of who had issues with them. Save your money and go somewhere else.
I love the affordability of the school. The different campus options are also a plus. You get all that you need without the cost of expensive universities. I have attended one of them already and now I can partially afford my college education without a lot of assistance, but it is there if needed.
Tri-C has a lot of programs to help students get on the right track for their careers. They also have a transfer center for students who need a little help learning the steps for transferring, the only problem is that the counseling center is a little off. I’ve heard from many friends and experienced a counselor telling me one thing, but then another counselor telling something completely different which can be very frustrating.
Most of the professors are very caring and flexible because they know the struggle of being an adult going to college whether it's their first year or a student is coming to change careers. classes are small so its easier to build a relationship with the professors. the only thing I wish was different would be the advisors would be more caring and build a more personal relationship with students, I'd advise that they would be assigned student specifically for their majors.
I have been a student at the Cuyahoga Community College for some time now and both of my experiences have been amazing. The instructors truly care about their students and want nothing more than to see them succeed!
Cuyahoga Community College is the most affordable college in my area. They offer a wide range of courses, degrees, programs, and short term certificates. They have small class sizes which are helpful for learning and interacting with instructors.
The staff is excellent. They are always willing to assist you with whatever you need. The teachers are helpful and understanding. They are easy to reach if you need to contact them about an assignment. I haven't had any problems so far.
I love Tri-C. I feel like the professors care and actually want to see you succeed. I have only attended the western campus and it has been nothing but good to me. Most of the staff is nice and are willing to help you at any moment.
I really enjoy attending online classes with Tri-C. The staff is easy to work with and I enjoy my virtual interaction with my diverse class. I find it very convienient to be able to take classes online while working.
The college is wonderful. The professors are knowledgeable and helpful. Tutoring readily accessible.
However, the process of initial enrollment (to any college) is insane. So many forms and so much confusion.
Great school. My teachers had my back. My math teacher would not allow me to fail. He pushed me to the limits. Business teacher was great as well.
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I have not been to class since high school, twenty years ago, and was fearful of returning. Cuyahoga Community College helped me feel at ease with the process of signing up, deciding on a major, and asking for help along the way. When we feel comfortable and at ease, the road to success is not looked upon with dread, it is looked upon with hope.
the courses were informative. the instructors generally work in their field, and their real-world experience are an invaluable resource. from an educational standpoint, it is awesome. the student life staff and advisors need to be reassigned, there is too much drama between staff and students.
This college is small depending on which campus you attend but I like the small classes because the professor can really help you one on one if you need it and you can make a appointment to meet with your professor.
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