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Online classes have been well, there were some technical difficulties here and there but that's normal. It never stopped my professors from getting there lecture across. My professors reply back to emails most of the time, might have to email twice. They also have office hours if you need one on one time with them.
Many resources to help with any problem. Professors I had been great teachers and engage with students while assisting them in any way possible. The gym is nice enough to the point where you can get a great workout in. There are many food places on campus! And, there has also been renevating going on recently updating the campus and it looks great !
Tri-c has been a wonderful experience for me. I will be earning my Associate of Science with them in Spring 2021. I enjoyed Cuyahoga Community College for the professors and the resources they provided for me. All of my professors were excellent. They explained the material well, and I passed all of my classes. The professors were glad to help whenever I had questions, and they were understanding of any challenges I faced in the material. One resource that I used a lot at the college was the Writing Center. When I was in my English classes I went to the Writing Center occasionally to help better my papers.
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I took all of my classes online in the Fall of 2020, and I will be taking all of my classes online in Spring 2021. I found that many of my professors communicated well during the fall semester. They made sure that the entire class knew what was happening, the syllabi were very detailed. There of course were a few hiccups at the beginning of the semester, but I do not blame the professors nor the college. For many of the professors, they were used to only teaching in-person, but because of the pandemic, they had to learn a new way. I believe they handled adapting to online learning well. I never had a significant problem with due dates, class times, or communicating with my professors during my online courses. Overall I believe that my online courses were successful at teaching the material of the class, and I passed all of my courses that were online.
Overall they do a great job giving students their materials and lessons to learn through Blackboard. The only problem I have is some teachers relied more on programs rather than teaching themselves, but that was only one of my teachers that I took that semester.
I've only been at this community college for only a semester and overall I believe that this place is a great spot to earn an associates degree at. I did all of my classes online, but from what I remember before the quarantine happening the college was one of the most diverse spots I've ever been to. People were social, the many variety of clubs that were offered were good, and many high school teens could come here and get a head start on their futures.
I have only taken online courses so I can only speak of the learning experience. So far the school has provided good teachers that got the job done. Nothing seemed rushed and communication was relatively quick.
I have only taken online courses so I can only speak of the learning experience. So far the school has provided good teachers that got the job done. Nothing seemed rushed and communication was relatively quick.
Professors are using programs such as Webex and Proctor-U in order to provide us with an online education. I’m a nursing student in my last year and most of our coursework is online besides clinical rotations which are in person as well as HPS activities in lab. This type of learning requires us to teach ourselves most of the material. It is our job to log in and listen to the lectures each day. It gives us the freedom to learn at our leisure, but it also requires proper time management and discipline! So far, it’s going really well!
I like the staff at Cuyahoga Community College. The professors are helpful and really want you to succeed. The things that I dislike have to do with COVID-19, so there isn’t a whole lot that could be done differently. Using Proctor-U for exams creates added anxiety, especially if you are already a nervous test-taker!
I was nervous when I first attended Cuyahoga Community College. I just moved to Cleveland and wanted to continue my pursuit of a college degree and I found Cuyahoga Community College and I found so many wonderful friends and professors who changed my life and made me appreciate life.
My experience at Cuyahoga Community College is wonderful and I am thankful for the experience. If you want to learn and have people encourage you to be the best person you can be then this is the place for you.
I just wish the people there helped the students out a little more than they do. You find your good ones who communicate with you, and you also come across some that aren't much of a helping hand.
Its okay for the most part. So far i'm only taking online classes because of covid, and most of the professors are pretty understanding that we are in a pandemic. However, communication can be off and it's also a little harder for me for the simple fact that i'm a highschool student (dual enrollment).
I have not done online classes but I was told they are not much different than being in class. During this difficult time many student have turned to getting an education online which I am grateful for. The program I want to apply to is remote
I was enrolled at Cuyahoga community a few years ago but did not finish because of family obligations. However I am ready to return and continue my education because I loved my time at college.
I started this college when I was junior in high school. I have graduated from high school and plan on obtaining my associates in May 2021. It is very affordable and the course work is challenging in the classroom and online. Would like to see that professors answer emails quicker and that they could be more accessible to reach.
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I have taken several online classes. Most were good but a few were poor. The professors did not keep to the syllabus and when emailed about problems with the assignments said you should have taken it in person. Couldn't take in person when COVID 19 occurred.
Our online learning is called Blackboard. It's honestly the most easiest way to access my grades and my work and to do my online work. Plus it's a easy and accessible way to instantly contact your professor. Your Blackboard would be connected through your Tri-C website, so it's easy to get access.
The number one thing about Tri-C is that their prices are VERY affordable. It's a easy access for transferring students too, easily can transfer from 2 year to a 4 year college. The academic counselors here are amazing and genuinely care about their students academic well being and personal well being. The professors there actually take time to work with you, and tutoring is easily accessible for your academic purposes. They also have semesters all year round, the summer semesters are great. The classes aren't too crowded, which makes it easier to learn. They have many majors to choose from. Just a all around great school.
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