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845 reviews
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I really enjoy attending Cuyahoga Community College's Western Campus in Parma, Ohio. The professors are amazing and will do whatever it takes to make sure their students understand and are comfortable with the material. The rooms are clean and there is plenty of space to study. Multiple courtyards and fountains offer a soothing place for students to relax when the weather is pleasant. Furthermore, there are students of every age, religion, sexual orientation, and cultural background. It is certainly an enriching experience!
I like that Cuyahoga Community College offers a program for students that are still in high school. This is very helpful in getting a heads start to a career. The professors are all very nice and provide good instructions when assigning work.
I am usually very nervous about starting new things but starting school at Cuyahoga Community College was so easy for me and I was very comfortable. The environment there is very welcoming and whenever I am there I feel happy and good. The counselor's are so nice and helpful and really want to help you, they care. The teachers that I have had the pleasure to be with have been so caring to all of the students. I can always go to them for help with anything. The teachers make their classroom's feel open to everyone. I always am very comfortable at Tri-C. I was having trouble getting into the math class that I needed. One of the math tutor's there came and found me and he gave me some packets and showed me the websites that I should work on to help me get into the math class that I needed. I met with him a few times for some help and was able to get into the math class. I am so thankful for him because if he did not come and find me I would still not be in the math class I need.
I am currently paying out of pocket for my college tuition, and Cuyahoga community college has made this very easy for me because it is an affordable school. The professors that I have had in the past were very helpful, and showed that they care about their students education, which makes college easier. However, I have had some bad expieriences with this college. As in, the parking lot is almost always full, (can't really do anything about that, which is understandable). And also, some of the staff are not very helpful in regards to which classes a student has to complete in order to be able to get their degree/certificate.
As far as academics, I have found it to be a bit more difficult then I first thought but there are FREE tutoring services offered by the school. For example, a group of peers and I have gone to the Writing Center for help on papers and they are all more than eager to help us. I go to Metro Campus on East 30th and they are very friendly. It's also a very diverse campus.
I feel that the cost for my education at Cuyahoga Community is very affordable. The classes were easy to schedule and the campus is close to home. Cuyahoga Community College offers the classes that I need to prepare for Nursing School.
I'm going into my second semester of Tri-C and although I truly enjoyed last semester there was some flaws. There should be more student activities or even clubs for the students. The professors are pretty good but some lack structure.
Great school its a good start if you want to transfer to a four year school later. Also the teachers are very good.
I started college after staying home for several years raising two beautiful children. I was nervous and worried but the professors and staff at Tri-C guided me throughout so I could ease back into college life.
I am now in the nursing program and would highly recommend Tri-C to everybody.
My experience here at Cuyahoga Community College was great and it still is. It is a very good College to start off your career that you want or to begin college. I really liked the food here it is not too high or low and the food is very healthy. I also like how the buildings need are close together and easy to get to. The teachers are nice and also the workers here. The heat and air conditioning is wonderful too. I would not want to see anything change actually, it is a very good place.
Community College is a great college to start off with if you are working on your associates. I do feel that they should offer more help on allowing students to continue there education if they have been through some trials and tribulations and have messed up on there grades. The counselors need to stop telling students that they have plenty of time to continue their education when there is an deadline on credit hours.
The college is a great starting point for those who are trying to decide what to do, transfer to a four year, or obtain an associate degree in relation to their field. Cuyahoga Community College offers a great online education, and the classes I took on campus really helped me prepare for my four year University.
When I first started going to school there in 2007 it's very nice and you'll always have help with the staff and teachers to point you in the right direction. I decided to go back to Tri-C and finish and it's still the same atmosphere nice, diverse and people there to assist you student or staff.
I love the diverse community that make up the student body on campus! There are so many people from different towns, states, and even countries! On top of this, each person sports a myriad of interests, classes, and work experience. Students are very ambitious at this campus, which allows you to surround yourself with people who strive to be the very best at whatever they apply themselves to. Ultimately this pushes you to challenge what you know, defend what you believe in, and in the end, make you a better person. What I'd like to see change is the limited time students have to do academics on campus because tutoring labs, and testing centers always have weird hours.
It's a great environment. Close to home, professors are amazing and the food is fantastic. The other students all get along well, the class sizes are amazing and I have never had a "bad day" so far. The only down-fall is parking, there's only a few times I was not able to find parking in any of the four parking lots.
I love cuyahoga community college it has a really good environment for not only students but teachers too. It's an environment where most everyone is a hard worker and looking to go somewhere in life. It has many opportunities for you to become successful and it has non stop help with tutors.
I do not really know because I just started there. So far it is an okay college. I have a lot of work to do.
I really loved CCC. It definitely did have its ups and downs though. Everyone there was so helpful and kind. There were several different opportunities and services available to students of the college free of charge. They helped me create my resume, get an internship, transfer to a 4-year college, and find scholarships to make college affordable. The counselors at the college were next to my side every step of the way. There were there to help, guide, and inform.
I definitely enjoy my experiences at Tri-C. I was worried I wouldn't get the university experience while attending a community college, but that wasn't the case here. The professors make you feel like you can achieve any goal you set and they truly don't want you to fail. I just they had even more clubs and intramural activities.
The flexibility due to the number of class offerings have been very great! I have been able to hold several jobs and go to school simultaneously.
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