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Curry College is a f---ing nightmare. The teachers there are as unintelligent as the students, and the campus is equivalent to a maximum security prison. I go to sleep crying every night, and honestly would rather just end it all than stay here. Its a very depressing school. DO NOT go here, it will be a huge mistake.
Im going to be as honest as I can. I went as a freshman this fall. It started perfect. Everyone was nice and excited. That changed fast. The school started to become unenjoyable. I began asking the upperclassmen if it ever got better. They said no, and to get out while I can. Curry College is a glorified extension to high school. You may be getting a degree, but students bring drama pettiness and disregard for others. One of the dorms on campus, Mayflower set the fire alarm off over 7 times the first month.The fire trucks came wasting time. In most cases it was due to students smoking. Along with this, there were also over three people that had been expelled within first term, one the first weekend. Nobody wants to be there, but had either no other option, or no better option. I withdrew late October. I made it through 2 months, I had seen enough. I know what you're thinking; I just quit. Seems like I did, but trust me, now I am getting a better education and don’t hate my life.
I am only a freshman but so far I like the college. I started out with a stressful roommate situation but it was resolved. I like my classes and all the help that is available if needed. I have met new friends and am on the baseball team. The campus is great. All in all so far so good.
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My overall experience so far has been overwhelming. Freshman year was excellent. I met new people and I liked the classes I took. Then sophomore year came around and it started to become high school. Drama had taken over and it no longer felt like college over, maybe because the school was so small. I think college is different for everyone but I think i am met for a bigger school that still allows me to excell in classes.
Curry College is a small college which offers students many ways to get involved and grow as an student. The professors are great-they are always willing to help students that are struggling. I think one way that the college could improve would be to expand the college.
Overall an okay experience, food is terrible, limited choices with under cooked or unprepared foods. Prison food is probably better. No partying unless you know some upperclassmen or part of a sports team but always gets busted anyways. Gotta hide like Anne Frank if you want to party. No school spirit at all. Some teachers care and some are just in it for the money. Didn’t even try in academics, and never studied for anything, no pressure at all depends on your major. Small selection for selection of course you wana take so your basically forced to take boring, waste of time classes.Friendly people but just another misserable, small, quiet high school. The gym is like a planet fitness. Really got screwed when I apllyed to transfer out because all my credits got declined because I was a specific major. Just a good school to be independent but a bad school for fun.
Curry College offers a lot of extra help to the students within the institution. They get to know the students on another level to ensure they do well within the course or the school in general.
Curry is nothing but a headache, food is undercooked, portions are a disgrace, and you can’t get as much as you want. Not diverse at all. If you aren’t white your an outcast, if you don’t have money you are too. People aren’t friendly and very judgmental. The dorms are terrible only a few nice ones, updates are needed to all but new buildings. Campus is boring nothing go on because everyone goes home, can’t party or make a sound at night without consequences, anything to do with fun or partying gets shut down. Camp curry should be the name not curry college bc everyone treats you like children and not adults, education is alright but nothing transfers so your stuck here
I really enjoy Curry College. I find that the classes are very interesting and small, which helps me to network better and learn easily. I feel like the campus is quite small so there isn't a ton to do. They have shuttles to Boston though, which is cool. Overall, I like it for someone who is looking for a small liberal arts school that accommodates everyone's needs.
Curry is a nice small, private school. The only trouble I have had at this school was being able to pick classes. The teachers are very devoted to you. The schedules are nice. I even work here on campus. It is a very friendly environment. The food is not so great, but you will have that on any campus. I feel very safe here at Curry. I have my own room and I love it. The buildings are very nice and feel very homey.
As a continuing education student pursuing a Bachelors in Nursing, it is a wonderful environment. The professors are well versed in their fields, the workload is tough though not unbearable. The interaction with staff and students to ensure success is excellent. love Curry College. I feel included, challenged, and like I am at the perfect school for me. Professors have relationships with their students and care about how you are doing both in and outside of the classroom. There is a very strong sense of community. There is always something to do. It's in a great location, being so close to Boston.
Curry College provides many activities outside of the classroom. On the weekend they have a shuttle to take you to places off campus. Curry College wants you to succeed. They have the Writing Center, and Student Life to help students.
This college is a quaint little community located just a few yards from the city line of Boston. The college's faculty is dedicated to their teachings, yes, but the tuition cost is rather absurd for the quality of the experience. The amount of resources wasted on is upsetting, for example; numerous occasions during your typical rain shower, the sprinklers would remain on through the evening and night. The restrictions on food and food, is outrageous. The president doesn't make many appearances on campus, which isn't necessarily a bad thing but it would brighten the mood of campus life a bit to see him involved in what we are involved in/are doing. The safety of campus is something to be disappointed at unfortunately. There have been some incidents of strangers on campus and student-on-student incidents and the on campus officers don't exactly emanate a "safety" vibe.
I love Curry College, and I wouldn't want to be anywhere else! My experience has been wonderful here.
Curry is a good school, but they could do more to report on incidents. There are tons of academic resources that are free yo be used and deffinitly should be!
Curry was a very small college and was very local to my hometown. Although it was local, I still lived on campus for four years. I was a nursing major and felt the professors had a strong interest to see be succeed and pass. My academic adviser privately tutored me on her own time, when I was having trouble with finding how to study appropriately for exams.
My experience at Curry College is mostly positive. It may be a bit pricey, yet it is worth the resources you are provided with. We have excellent services such as health, disability, ect. There are also many programs such as our PAL services.
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In my first year they have made me feel like I'm at home. The teachers are extremely nice and great to work with. My younger sister is even thinking of coming here...everything has been great here
I am a Freshmen at Curry College. I love the school and all it has to offer. The school has great academics. I am always learning something new in a way that helps me learn. Most students live on campus their freshmen year but tend to commute after that. Some students are from out of state for the PAL Program, while a lot are from in state since it is on a nice campus.
Very happy at Curry. Supported hugely by the PAL program and have made so many friends. It is small, but just right for me. Wish that the school would listen to the students more and not be so secretive about funds and such. If you aren't in the top few majors your department is really ignored. Especially the art department.
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