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Curry is a good school, but they could do more to report on incidents. There are tons of academic resources that are free yo be used and deffinitly should be!
Curry was a very small college and was very local to my hometown. Although it was local, I still lived on campus for four years. I was a nursing major and felt the professors had a strong interest to see be succeed and pass. My academic adviser privately tutored me on her own time, when I was having trouble with finding how to study appropriately for exams.
My experience at Curry College is mostly positive. It may be a bit pricey, yet it is worth the resources you are provided with. We have excellent services such as health, disability, ect. There are also many programs such as our PAL services.
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In my first year they have made me feel like I'm at home. The teachers are extremely nice and great to work with. My younger sister is even thinking of coming here...everything has been great here
I am a Freshmen at Curry College. I love the school and all it has to offer. The school has great academics. I am always learning something new in a way that helps me learn. Most students live on campus their freshmen year but tend to commute after that. Some students are from out of state for the PAL Program, while a lot are from in state since it is on a nice campus.
Very happy at Curry. Supported hugely by the PAL program and have made so many friends. It is small, but just right for me. Wish that the school would listen to the students more and not be so secretive about funds and such. If you aren't in the top few majors your department is really ignored. Especially the art department.
Great college learning a lot in my degree with plenty of knowledgeable professors in the study. It is accredited in my degree of Business Management. Have many concentration I am currently duel concentration in Finance and Human Resources but has a lot more than those two.
School isn't too great, it seems better than it really is. I already know numerous amounts of people already transferring because of how boring the school is. It's in the nice town of Milton and there is more stuff to do off campus but only involves spending more of your money. Unless you plan on playing a sport here of you're in the nursing program, the school is impractical.
Curry College is the school that offers a welcoming environment, excellent academics, a variety of clubs and extracurriculars activities for students to participate in, and offers a residence life that most students love.
Curry is a very welcoming school. My professors have been really professional and easy to talk with about course material. It's a wonderful college and I feel very lucky to be apart of it!
love curry college made tons of friends have great professors and always have fun on the weekends! The weekend life is either at the stu or any non freshman dorm.
Lots of people try to get involved but little to no fan support for any sports
Never anything to do and the people are cliquey
So far its been an welcoming experience
So far it's been okay but I believe it will be better by the end of my next year.
There are a good amount of health and safety resources for students.
Spending on where your classes are some buildings are better than others.
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We don't have Greek life.
As far as I know it's ojay. I am not in the athletics scene much
So far it's been okay but I'm sure by the end of the next year it will be great.
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