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I would like to see a change in some of the professors and staff as well as maintenance members. Some are happy to be here and some are not. This College has potential to be more modernized and advanced. Some changes should be sought out more efficiently.
I like the classes and the professors, however the security at the school needs to improve because people are getting robbed in broad daylight
The college overall to me is average. In order to get involve you do have to be proactive. there are no dorms or housing of any sort which I feel takes away from the college experience for some. The Campus is pretty, and I like that its actually a campus and not buildings spread all over.
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You are on your own. Take hard classes before you take your easy classes. Find other sources for your education
I would like for Faculties to show that they care about their students and not just push them away for example Financial aid office they're barely willing to help they always push students to go to online and have an attitude.
What needs to change is the opportunities that are given to students. I think the Career Services can do a much better job connecting students with internship/job opportunities. We have such a diverse campus that we should be thriving when it comes to opportunities after college
My experience at York College is enriching. The college is a family oriented school and the Professors are involved in each student's success.
There's not much to like about York college. I would like to see a change in food, security and most importantly, class sizes.
I love the atmosphere. Though the campus is small, you get to interact with many people of many cultures. Professors are great and are super helpful. You know you will get a great education with the help of the good friends you make and the work you put in.
As a freshman at York, I believe that my college experience seems pretty normal for a CUNY campus, for me someone who is not as social it's been pretty hard to find friends and a social group, but for me personally I'm ok with that.
This is an amazing college, the school rented the movie to give 100 students a private screening of Black Panthers
I love the diversity at York College because everyday I am blessed to encounter people from different backgrounds.
I like that at York college is very diverse towards students of cultural background and the class size are not to big with a lot of students.
Cuny York is a reasonable school if you know what you're going for and are focused on your goals.
If you're not it's easy to get side tracked. There are many organizations on campus that are there to prevent that and keep students on a successful path to graduation.
Make use of those and stay focused and you'll do good at York.
I like that this is the only college in New York City that offers Aviation Management as a degree. This allowed me to study a field that I am passionate about and have a chance to live in New York City.
York college is logically located accessible by public transportation LIRR E,F,J,Z Trains and various nyc buses. They offered flexible schedules day and night classes. Campus is not too large which makes it relatively easy to get around.
The staff at York College makes you feel welcome, they take the time out to ensure the students are on track for graduation. The school is very diverse so you'll find kids with different ethnic groups and they are so warm and welcoming.
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I attended York College for 4 years and I can only say positive things about this college. It is culturally impacted , with people of all races attending the school. The professors work very hard and long hours ensuring that students understand all course work.
York college has been great, professors are willing to help if you seek for help. Freshman year I felt safe and had professors who would help me adjust to college life. The campus is filled with a diversity of people from different ethnicities. This college has a variety of clubs to offer and various athletic teams. I was suppose to join the soccer team but refused, to focus on my education and stay on track. Overall, york college has been great and I have been attending to school for 2 years so far as an undergraduate.
so far in CUNY York College am experience has been awesome. the cultural diversity is superb. I love the professors, the way they take their time to explain things to student and the fact that you can walk up to them when faced with any academic challenges. Also i love the academic environment especially the idea of putting into consideration challenged or disabled students in the arrangement of the school environment not excluding the dinning area and the library.
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