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I like the cuny York College because it is centrally located in queens, people who work there are always working as a community and if I am having problems to solve something that I cannot do it, someone, quietly help me with my problem also the teachers care if someone doesn't understand the topic, the professor doesn't care if she has to repeat the same many times and also I love this school because people feel connected and also it is a place that is most of the time cleaned. Also, I like the activities that this college does for students to encourage them to keep going and never give up.
CUNY York College academically is a great college to go to. The professors and staff here are great and very helpful. It is a commuter school, so housing is not an option.

If you are here to learn, this is a great spot and worth the tuition. If you are here to party in college, this is not the college for you.
I have been attending York for a few years now and I can say that the environment is terrific. Everyone wants you to get engaged in every activity possible and push you to learn. However, the staff has such attitudes and aren't very helpful with some situations some times. You basically have to figure some things out for yourself which is a downside for me ever since I applied there. I am working towards the Nursing major and the science teachers could honestly do a lot better and stop making the subject less difficult than it really is. Other than that, other majors have it easy. Most of the professors are understandable.
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CUNY York College is a great school. Just like any other school it does have its up and downs when it comes to the need of providing for its students. The diversity life of the school itself makes it impossible to feel isolated or alone for there’s always someone of whom you can relate to. The students are friendly and everyone is willing to help you if the need arises. However when it comes down to be being on top of your academics it better for yourself to be both the organizer and also the “proof checker”. The items that you may be working with may be misinterpreted if you only rely on others opinions or even your own personal counselor. It’s fairly easy for things to get overlooked sometimes which can later cause problems in the long run. York College is here to help you, but you must also help yourself.
My experience here is great so far, professors are outgoing and always give time to help you. Staff is very helpful. The school has many resources for students and they offer a lot to make sure were on track
York College is a very warming environment for students to attend classes and focus on their studies. My overall experience at York College for the past 3 years has been wonderful because of the close community. The professors are always willing to help and many professors try to create an environment for their students to be comfortable and at ease not only with them but with the other students in the class. It has been easy for me to approach my professors with any questions I have had after class. The professors help the students during their office hours as well. I have had some difficulties when it comes to signing up for classes as there aren't many options of selecting times that are good for one. I would recommend one to attend York College if they know what they want to do career wise. Overall, my experience with York College has been a warm one with some difficulties here and there when it comes to scheduling classes.
My experience at York College is great. It is allowing me to reach my full potential and molding me into reaching a state of mental discipline. York College is a school of astonishing prestige and I only hope to gain much more from here.
I haven't witnessed or heard about campus crime, personal safety is pretty good you can feel comfortable leaving your bag in a classroom during class to go to the bathroom.
The school and the programs they offer are okay, they could be better. I like that the majors are general so that you have a chance to get into every aspect of the different levels to the major as opposed to the specific one you want to do. The staff could be a little friendlier. The school is very diverse which is nice and it's in a nice area with a lot of shopping centers and different options for food.
There are career fairs regularly inside campus.
Many professors are caring and encourage students while most professors are rude and unclear.
The atmosphere and neighborhood in general is uneasy and unsafe at times.
Very dirty all over campus.
There aren't any sororities on campus.
There aren't a lot of team spirit in the campus.
York college is a diverse school with many helpful professors that encourage all the students, however there are also professors who don't engage with the students and are not as encouraging as most. The schools enviornment is infested with rats and there are insects everywhere. Overall the performance of the school is rather below average considering the well being of the students and the facility.
The courses are challenging and interesting. It makes you want to be in class to actually learn what the professor is teaching. Science classes are moderately big but other classes like philosophy are relatively small.
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They help you find internships and jobs. They send you emails of offered internships and jobs to see if we are interested.
There are security guards at exits and entrances of the school. Plus they walk around sometimes to make us safe,
Many of the teams try to get people to audition and get you to join their teams. They show great teamwork
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