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CUNY Stella & Charles Guttman Community College Reviews

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My overall experience at Guttman gave me an idea of the college life and how plan ahead and decision-making is so critical. You get to see how you're not alone in this and there are others just like you in wanting something better for themselves. The more you know, the more choices you'll eventually make and these choices will either reflect you or inspire you to make better ones next time. I saw this through the type of classes I took and the professors I had and met. I wanted to stay there longer but before I noticed I had obtained the total number of credits needed to graduate and I did.
Guttman is a small college located in the heart of NYC. The advantage is that you're surrounded by a lot of restaurants and entertainment. The college treats you like a member of the community. They actually care about your well-being. The college is also really diverse, you'll find people from different countries. The disadvantages are that there's not many sports here which makes sense because it's fairly new, the professors are hard (some can be a bit abrasive), the first year is almost pointless in my opinion, you don't really do anything focused on your major and some classes are unnecessary. Overall,I think this school is decent.
there are clubs you can join to get involved on campus but for basketball, you have to go the park to play it. I would like for that to change, there are no dorms or housing either. student safety is great, the food is good, the professors are excellent. nevertheless, it's a really good community college.
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GCC was a awesome place to start my college career. The community, the professors, and the staff all created an environment that really helped us do our absolute best in completing our degree work and also created a bond between students that I have never ever seen on a college campus since leaving. There were some issues with the size of our location (The school is in desperate need of a location change) but over all, its a great place to learn, a great place to build friendships, and a great place to figure out exactly who you want to do with your life.
My experience at Stella and Charles Guttman Community College has been, overall, very poor. While there are many resources available to the students and peers and staff are very kind on an academic level, many professors can be unprofessional and are often hired on the merit of their fieldwork rather than classroom work. Additionally, classes are non-flexible for the first year and the odd semester set-up means that you are attending classes for twelve months out of the year.
I was able to make my personal & school life work in harmony.
I love the school so far its more then I expected.
They want to assist me in doing what I dream to be.
They are different from other colleges and aren't trying to fit in with them
They are opening my eyes to things I didn't know nor thought of.
I like my school it is a small setting school. Which means everyone gets more of a one on one experience. Everyone that works there are there for you. You can speak to them about anything and feel safe and comfortable talking to them about it.
This school is a remedial school.
No resources to help you.
Half of your credits won't transfer. Do not come here.
This is a remedial school.
Do not come here. Half of your credits won't transfer to a senior college. You have to take the same classes at a senior college. This school is a remedial school for students. They want you to stay here for 3 to 5 years and not graduate. It's better for you to go to BMCC.
I haven't applied to senior colleges yet
Review CUNY Stella & Charles Guttman Community College
Very good when it comes to class sizes so the professor can attend to everyone
Different resources in the school
Learn new things about the things around you
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