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Queens Community College is a really good community college, the professors that I’ve had really try their best just to see us achieve our goals. The campus also gives free tutoring, and if that’s not enough the professor have office hours, or even to go as far as trying to help us out through email. I think that QCC is a really good Community College to start out at.
I am a Junior majoring in Business Administration. Overall my experience at QCC was very positive. Most professors are highly motivating and they encourage you to work hard when they see you may have some issues with the assignments.
My experience at queensborough was great as I completed my math and science associates degree. The professors were very attentive and my ASAP advisor guided me to complete my degree within 2 years. There are also a lot of great research opportunities to help build a great resume. The only thing I didn’t like was that this campus is located next to a high school so around 2:30 the bus stops would be very crowded.
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Im a freshman so i havent really had the full experience of the school yet. But so far everyone there seem very helpful and everything is made easy to use
The profffesors are very helpful , schools surrounds are decent and definitely affordable. I personally thought my prospects of going to college were pretty understanding. It was just a matter of how to get there. Most of my fellow High School students were not thinking about college nor were we being encouraged because the early college system had not become a district-wide effort yet.
I think it is a really good community college the only thing is that it is expensive when it comes to getting food in school.
I love going to this college, because the learning experience is incredible. I truly enjoy being at school for the first time in my life and sitting in a classroom and being lectured by the professor. This college is also very safe and there are lots of food courts.
The Staff is amazing, very helpful. Some of the staff went over and beyond for me and I'm very grateful. The professors are good and most of them work with you. The campus itself is clean and safe. All building are close so easy movement between classes. This is a great starter college to find out where you want to move next.
I really enjoy the professors honestly. They’re on point with willing to help students when emailed.
The help and tutoring they offer you is greatly appreciated. The professor's are awful in my opinion. I've only had two professors that I felt knew what they were talking about. It's a small campus and easy to get around. Campus police is always making sure everyone's safe. The food is awful but if you walk up to Springfield Blvd there are better opinions. For example; Subway, deli's, Red Mango, pizzerias, Chinese restaurants, Starbucks, and Dunkin Doughnuts. It's a quick ten minute walk. The academics are okay. It's a very affordable school and there are multiple ways you could get financial help if you need it. It's a good school if you're just looking for a liberal arts degree and don't have a major yet. I feel as for all the other majors you could find a better school that has better programs.
QCC is an easy option to transition between high school and college. The teachers also strive to actually help their students learn.
Very unorganized, every year there is something new that they lose in regards to paperwork and financial aid.
this school proves to be extremely interactive with the students and the staff tries their best to try and help the students get ahead. although something they could work on is more on campus jobs it would promote the students to be more involved on campus
Queensborough Community College (QCC) is a great college to go to. If you want to have an affordable education, please just go to QCC. If anyone tells you not to go to QCC , or any other community college you would like to go, do not listen to them. College is expensive, you don't wanna spend a lot of money. If you plan on getting a bachelors degree, go to QCC, get your associates degree, and transfer to a 4 year college. This will be one of the best choices you will make in your life if you take this opportunity. The professors are great, the campus is nice, there's fun events, and there are clubs to participate. There is always something to do. Just go there.
Most professors are so nice and helpful! I learnt a lot. If you are motivated student, they will try their best to help you. I got my cumulative GPA 3.96. It help me transfer to 4 year college so much!
I did like the campus and the local area. i would like to that school to change academically based on the professors and so on.
My experience was rewarding, a stepping stone in my life. The school is very small so it almost feels like I was back in high school. Some of the teachers were amazing. One thing I would change would be create more areas for students to study with a quiet environment because every spot it invaded my noise and hang out spots.
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QCC is an amazing college. The professors are very caring and really want to help you succeed and the campus is very nice as well. QCC also gives you a lot of research opportunities which was great for my career path. The one complaint I have is that their food is pretty expensive. Other than that, I am glad I chose QCC.
Queenbourough Community College is an excellent school. It has all the resources needed to help you through your college journey. It's all up to you to take advantage of the great opportunites.
My first time at queens borough community college I was excited, just to be their the place is amazing and full of student that ready to take on any obstacles that's stand in their way including mine. The reason why I attend to this college because the college offer an program ( cuny start )that help your to excel in college. So far this college is excellent and my teacher is great.I believe their hope for everyone that want to start college, with Queens Borough Community College their is a way. As for me I just need more guidance like Financial help. This is the only way any one would go above and beyond. I say this because I need help with paying for class. Because I am not qualify for government loan. I have to manage my way through college. Even though I am working I continue seeking ways to better myself and to be a proud individual, with Queens borough help anything is possible.
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