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CUNY Queensborough Community College Reviews

445 reviews
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The campus is not your typical college campus, the buildings are all very close and there isn't much greeneir. Along with this most if not all the students keep to themselves so if your looking to make great long term college friendships I would say this isn't the school for you. Lastly the profosser are good they don't give much work and they give many oportunities to improve your great and get extra credit throughout the course.
overall queensborough community college has been the greates experience of my life, apart from having my baby ofcourse. i was 17 years old when i started attending this college, i was very shy and terrified that i was going to be more independent. my first 3 senesters i didnt know how to express myself or present myself infront of class when i had presentations; but now i have matured and learn to open myself to others and speak eloquently. I am thankful to all the professors and faculties for helping me grow day by day and still am. This hasnt been easy for me, i have failed so many times because of life issues but queensborough have never doubted me and now this is going to be my last semester here even though i just gave birth. I believe i am stronger, smarter, and more independent than ever. The campus is lovely, the environment is beautiful, and its a confortable place to call "Home". Thank you Queensborough community College.
this will be my first year here after being a transfer student from a billing and coding technical school I look forward to my new home and all the in tells. I am currently enrolled in the business academy to study Office administration and technology. This university has been very helpful and informative with class schedules, and tuition, and advisement is wonderful. I'm very optimistic about my two years with this university. I am single mom working full time and now becoming a full time college student its going to be challenging but with support determination and time management I believe its a worth it. education is the key to success you just have to believe in yourself .
It got me to like community college. Also, since my major is Music Production, it launched me into a world of music theory, recording equiptment, and much more.
A great community college with good faculty and staff. The level of education is good too. Best way to save money by transferring out after 2 years as most of the credits trasfer too.
I enjoyed how the campus is very easily spotted, so as one goes onto the ground of it, it is the only school within the major amount of acres.I would like to add on that, the campus has a wide range of opportunities flooding around the area. I believe there needs to be more food sites around the area for the sake of college students.
Queens Community College is right across from the high school that I attended so I was easy for me to go anytime I wanted to because the security wasn't very tight. I would go on campus to visit the library and see the facilities. Queens Community College would be looked down on a lot because it's a community college, but it has everything a normal college should have.
I am not too familiar with the post-grad information but referring back to the joint program, if someone is enrolling at this school for nursing... You are eligible to apply to different universities in the state of New York that are well-known for nursing competition, right after you graduate from Queensborough.
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  • 5 months ago
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The class sizes at this college is very, very comfortable. The largest class I've been in so far had 34 students. There are many classes offered and a numerous amount of each class-sections in order for there to be space for the thousands of students on campus to be enrolled in the classes they need for the specific major. This can be very convenient for students who are trying to graduate as soon as possible.
Graduating from this college is a huge perk for many reasons but the main one is that they have a joint program. This means that after I complete my years at this college, I can qualify to transfer to a four year university in order to pursue a BSN. Another reason is that when I am finished with the nursing program, my resume will stand out a little more than other job applicants at hospitals or nursing homes because this school is so competitive.
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  • 5 months ago
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The major that I am pursuing at this college is Nursing, which is very competitive at this school. The workload for the prerequisite classes are not much but there is a lot of reading to be done which is standard for this major. The internship opportunities are endless, as I have subscribed for them to be sent to my email as soon as they become available. In regards to the nursing program, they are many resources in the science building involving the information on how to get accepted into the department as well as what classes you need to pass in order to qualify for an application.
I have attended a college with professors that were much more concerned with the amount of information that students take in, daily. It is important for them to know that how they teach, is understanding for everyone.
It's the best because there are a lot classes available during the weekend and in evenings. Although I would suggest to register early because classes fill out quickly.
The classes are not very big and the professors are available via email and helps a student if they need help.
They will help you with your financial problems not as in pay for you but they will figure out a way for you to pay or take up loans or FAFSA
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  • 6 months ago
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There are a lot of internship opportunities and they kind pick which major is best for you or you would be great in :)
It's been great because the teachers are really understanding and helpful.
The school has everything all u need to know is how to manage your time and always ask questions.
It has been easy, flexible depending on your schedule.
I've never had online classes, but I've had to submit assignments in Black board which is a site where you can check your grade, the assignments you have completed, etc. I've only interacted with students and professors in real life.
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