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CUNY Queensborough Community College Reviews

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A very diverse school with a great location. Advisors work with you to achieve your goals, very involved.
I attended this college; graduated, and I’d have to say overall it was a decent experience. It’s a 2 year commuter school so student life suffers. Besides a spring club fair, and spontaneous events that happen throughout the semester, not much happens. The academic side of the college is pretty good. Most professors really want to see you succeed and move on to a 4 year school or graduate. They set you up for success. Btw don’t expect to study in the library. It’s pretty much used as a student lounge
The campus is great, most professors are friendly, and many friends can be recognized here and learn a lot.
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When you are a freshman and you have no clue what you should do first how to register for classes, you will need all the help you can get from the college people. I had greay experience with the advisors and college administrators. Professors are great and knows what they are teaching.
This is currently my first year at Queensborough and so far I love it! My plan is to get my associate's in Nursing and then transfer out to a four year college. I am still doing my pre-requisites, but I am almost done and will be applying to the nursing program soon. My professors have all been extremely informative and dedicated to making sure we pass all of our classes. I would say that my experience at QCC has been great so far!
This campus, this school had a very comforting and open vibe in contrast to other community colleges. The faculty and staff are always open to students and the school always explains the best opportunities to students, for students for the future.
Very big, spacey campus. Quite to do your studies. Big cafeteria. Nice staff. Last time i went classes look promising and educative.
I enjoy attending classes at Queensborough community college. I have great professors and resources that allows me to achieve the grade i need. I am also able to learn to the best of my ability through the various help and tutoring that is provided throughout the campus.
I love the atmosphere of the school campus. they have available a lot of resources for tutoring and extra help for classes. the teachers are very open-minded and helpful. the only downside is that I live very far so my commute is 2 hours long but the school is worth the commute.
I love how the faculties work with you. The staff there actually check up on you to see how are things going. Communication is great via email, or in person, not so much per phone calls. Overall I am satifised with the level of support I've been receiving at Queensborough Community College.
I would say it is one of the most conveniently sized campus in the city of New York. Most campuses do not feel as if you are in school, though this one is spacious without feeling like anything is too far apart.
This school is a great place to start for those that didn't do so well in Highschool but are looking to further their education. They provide excellent advisors that have all the intentions of helping their students succeed. The professors I've seen so far are kind and willing to help their students through any situation.
Great experience with many majors to choose from at this two year college. This school also has an amazing Continued Education Program fro adults seeking a jumpstart to a better career for a more secure lifestyle.
I really like the small campus that QCC has. You don't get lost, and you do not have to run from one class to another. It is very convenient. There is a Starbucks on the ground floor of the library, so no one has to leave the campus to get coffee/tea. Since QCC is a community college, the professors help you get ready for the future. They tell you what to expect when transferring. They're great mentors who get to know each of their students individually.
My transition into college was made much easier, and with the support of the faculty and advisors I was able to accomplish more than I ever imagined.
nice quiet scenic campus with much to do. transport is ok. parking not so much. wish they would get rid of the no parking signs right in front of the school.
The academic support and advisers is very good. They also have a lot of adult students studying for a career change there. The area is safe, but the parking is really tight. The facilities seems to be clean and the campus is beautiful. They have day and night classes available even on the weekends. I am an adult student returning back to college and need all the available resources to help me succeed successfully. This is my ideal choice because of the knowledge I acquired from the staff so far.
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QCC (Queensborough Community College) is a warm campus and a true melting pot. The diversity of the campus is so profound that going there is like being sampled bits and pieces of the entire world. There's this great sense of tolerance that a lot of the students and faculty share. Additionally, there's a lot of student support here, and I am not hesitant to say I'm well taken care of at QCC. For instance, there's a who are members of it graduate on time. I've gotten to soak in relevant lectures that I both respect and learn from. However, I do have some qualms. Those that are more general include the physical campus itself. Parking is intensely annoying and difficult. The spots are two dollars a day. If one doesn't feel like putting up with that, than one must practically hunt for a spot all over the surrounding neighborhood, as countless "No Parking" signs abound around the school. Also, there's a littering problem. Otherwise, QCC is a safe place to be and I thank it.
It is my second semester here at QCC. This school has small classes which gives you the perfect opportunity to bond with professors. If you need extra help they have have office hours and there is even a tutoring center and writing center to help you in any class. This school offers many great programs for your future career. I would definitely recommend applying for the ASAP program. It provides free tuition and a unlimited metro card each semester to help you achieve the career you want. ASAP is there to help students graduate on time and support students throughout their college experience. Students are very friendly at Queensborough Community College and everyone gets along pretty well. We help each other and study together. Great school to start out with if you are unsure about what you want to major in yet.
I like CUNY QCC because all my friends go here, and I also meet old friends. Meeting advisors and solving issues are fairly simple.
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