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nice quiet scenic campus with much to do. transport is ok. parking not so much. wish they would get rid of the no parking signs right in front of the school.
The academic support and advisers is very good. They also have a lot of adult students studying for a career change there. The area is safe, but the parking is really tight. The facilities seems to be clean and the campus is beautiful. They have day and night classes available even on the weekends. I am an adult student returning back to college and need all the available resources to help me succeed successfully. This is my ideal choice because of the knowledge I acquired from the staff so far.
QCC (Queensborough Community College) is a warm campus and a true melting pot. The diversity of the campus is so profound that going there is like being sampled bits and pieces of the entire world. There's this great sense of tolerance that a lot of the students and faculty share. Additionally, there's a lot of student support here, and I am not hesitant to say I'm well taken care of at QCC. For instance, there's a who are members of it graduate on time. I've gotten to soak in relevant lectures that I both respect and learn from. However, I do have some qualms. Those that are more general include the physical campus itself. Parking is intensely annoying and difficult. The spots are two dollars a day. If one doesn't feel like putting up with that, than one must practically hunt for a spot all over the surrounding neighborhood, as countless "No Parking" signs abound around the school. Also, there's a littering problem. Otherwise, QCC is a safe place to be and I thank it.
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It is my second semester here at QCC. This school has small classes which gives you the perfect opportunity to bond with professors. If you need extra help they have have office hours and there is even a tutoring center and writing center to help you in any class. This school offers many great programs for your future career. I would definitely recommend applying for the ASAP program. It provides free tuition and a unlimited metro card each semester to help you achieve the career you want. ASAP is there to help students graduate on time and support students throughout their college experience. Students are very friendly at Queensborough Community College and everyone gets along pretty well. We help each other and study together. Great school to start out with if you are unsure about what you want to major in yet.
I like CUNY QCC because all my friends go here, and I also meet old friends. Meeting advisors and solving issues are fairly simple.
Queens borough Community College is by far the best school I have attended. Professors as well as faculty are all very helpful with anything you might need they truly have your best interest in mind. I am so grateful to be a part of this school, not to mention the campus is also gorgeous !
It is a really good school if your looking for a transitional school, a school that will most likely accept you and prepare you for which ever major your looking to get a 4 year degree in. The professors are great and aren't afraid to be themselves. If your are looking for a calm start to college, QCC is for you.
I really did like the Campus of Queens Borough community college, it was fun for the time I was their. I was there in the summer for a Introduction to Robotics class in the summer of 2017. I learned and reviewed some math I learned in the years and I was able to program EV3 Lego storm robots as well as Vex robots. I enjoyed the Vex robots because of their sturdiness. I even got to take a math placement exam in the end. The food was also adequate , from the French Fries to the fruits, but the hamburger meat was never cooked well done, which is my preference. This school gave me a great experience and would like to attend it in the future.
I am currently a freshmen there so I can’t say much but from the months that I have been there it’s been a okay experience the campus is beautiful when the weather is nice outside they are working on remodels and adding more things to make the college better. They have some really nice professors you just gota know how to look for them
Decided to go back to school after many years. I was hesistant and self conscious, not thinking I would fit in with all these youngsters. Being here now makes me realize that I was worried for nothing. It's only my first two months here and I'm loving every minute of it. The atmosphere, my professors and students. Great place to stimulate your mind and earn a quality education. Best move I've made, hands down.
Queens Community College is a really good community college, the professors that I’ve had really try their best just to see us achieve our goals. The campus also gives free tutoring, and if that’s not enough the professor have office hours, or even to go as far as trying to help us out through email. I think that QCC is a really good Community College to start out at.
I am a Junior majoring in Business Administration. Overall my experience at QCC was very positive. Most professors are highly motivating and they encourage you to work hard when they see you may have some issues with the assignments.
My experience at queensborough was great as I completed my math and science associates degree. The professors were very attentive and my ASAP advisor guided me to complete my degree within 2 years. There are also a lot of great research opportunities to help build a great resume. The only thing I didn’t like was that this campus is located next to a high school so around 2:30 the bus stops would be very crowded.
Im a freshman so i havent really had the full experience of the school yet. But so far everyone there seem very helpful and everything is made easy to use
The profffesors are very helpful , schools surrounds are decent and definitely affordable. I personally thought my prospects of going to college were pretty understanding. It was just a matter of how to get there. Most of my fellow High School students were not thinking about college nor were we being encouraged because the early college system had not become a district-wide effort yet.
I think it is a really good community college the only thing is that it is expensive when it comes to getting food in school.
I love going to this college, because the learning experience is incredible. I truly enjoy being at school for the first time in my life and sitting in a classroom and being lectured by the professor. This college is also very safe and there are lots of food courts.
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The Staff is amazing, very helpful. Some of the staff went over and beyond for me and I'm very grateful. The professors are good and most of them work with you. The campus itself is clean and safe. All building are close so easy movement between classes. This is a great starter college to find out where you want to move next.
I really enjoy the professors honestly. They’re on point with willing to help students when emailed.
The help and tutoring they offer you is greatly appreciated. The professor's are awful in my opinion. I've only had two professors that I felt knew what they were talking about. It's a small campus and easy to get around. Campus police is always making sure everyone's safe. The food is awful but if you walk up to Springfield Blvd there are better opinions. For example; Subway, deli's, Red Mango, pizzerias, Chinese restaurants, Starbucks, and Dunkin Doughnuts. It's a quick ten minute walk. The academics are okay. It's a very affordable school and there are multiple ways you could get financial help if you need it. It's a good school if you're just looking for a liberal arts degree and don't have a major yet. I feel as for all the other majors you could find a better school that has better programs.
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