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QCC is an easy option to transition between high school and college. The teachers also strive to actually help their students learn.
Very unorganized, every year there is something new that they lose in regards to paperwork and financial aid.
this school proves to be extremely interactive with the students and the staff tries their best to try and help the students get ahead. although something they could work on is more on campus jobs it would promote the students to be more involved on campus
Review CUNY Queensborough Community College
Queensborough Community College (QCC) is a great college to go to. If you want to have an affordable education, please just go to QCC. If anyone tells you not to go to QCC , or any other community college you would like to go, do not listen to them. College is expensive, you don't wanna spend a lot of money. If you plan on getting a bachelors degree, go to QCC, get your associates degree, and transfer to a 4 year college. This will be one of the best choices you will make in your life if you take this opportunity. The professors are great, the campus is nice, there's fun events, and there are clubs to participate. There is always something to do. Just go there.
Most professors are so nice and helpful! I learnt a lot. If you are motivated student, they will try their best to help you. I got my cumulative GPA 3.96. It help me transfer to 4 year college so much!
I did like the campus and the local area. i would like to that school to change academically based on the professors and so on.
My experience was rewarding, a stepping stone in my life. The school is very small so it almost feels like I was back in high school. Some of the teachers were amazing. One thing I would change would be create more areas for students to study with a quiet environment because every spot it invaded my noise and hang out spots.
QCC is an amazing college. The professors are very caring and really want to help you succeed and the campus is very nice as well. QCC also gives you a lot of research opportunities which was great for my career path. The one complaint I have is that their food is pretty expensive. Other than that, I am glad I chose QCC.
Queenbourough Community College is an excellent school. It has all the resources needed to help you through your college journey. It's all up to you to take advantage of the great opportunites.
My first time at queens borough community college I was excited, just to be their the place is amazing and full of student that ready to take on any obstacles that's stand in their way including mine. The reason why I attend to this college because the college offer an program ( cuny start )that help your to excel in college. So far this college is excellent and my teacher is great.I believe their hope for everyone that want to start college, with Queens Borough Community College their is a way. As for me I just need more guidance like Financial help. This is the only way any one would go above and beyond. I say this because I need help with paying for class. Because I am not qualify for government loan. I have to manage my way through college. Even though I am working I continue seeking ways to better myself and to be a proud individual, with Queens borough help anything is possible.
A good place to start out, but not a place to get your diploma. What I mean is that, do your prerequisites here but go to a four year. This school purposely keeps you back on purpose for the money. This school makes you feel like you're back in high school. All the students here are rowdy and immature, the food isn't great either. Parking is just awful, just pathetic. The professors however are very nice. During my time there I never had a problem with any of them.It's very cheap too which is the only thing I miss. Although transportation by bus is nice because it stops right in front of campus. I came here to get my associates in Nursing and they are racist beyond belief. Go to a four year to do things that are involved in the medical field. It'll all be worth it in the end.
It was not the best experience. There was always some issue going on that would require me to see the bursar or counselor. Either they kept saying my payment did not go through and I would have to pay again. Which was ridiculous because I showed them my bank statement that showed the money came out of my account. Then when I had to see the counselor regarding registration, the counselors where very rude telling me I needed to make an appointment (which I had). Then they would start talking to you like you were an idiot. The professors however, were great! They tried to break everything down so it was easier to understand. They definitely tried to make sure each student passed.
I love the professors at Qcc. All of the professors i've had were great. They held me understood the material and made the class enjoyable.
I feel that the staff should help a bit more with the students they don't take their job seriously. Also they always have a lot of attitude .
Being a freshmen at QCC was a dream come true. the application process was not stressful and the administrators were knowledgable on their work. I chose my classes carefully including my professors because i wanted to ensure that my college experience is one that i create and not one that i am forced to accept. The professors were easy going and delivered their lessons where every student may comprehend, and if you dont understand, they are willing to help.the college also provides free on campus tutoring for all its students, one that i took great advantage of. i would recommend this school to anyone because it is not expensive, the diversity in cultures are there, the do not discriminate against race nor culture and they welcome immigrants with open arms.
I appreciate all Queensborough Community College has done to help me achieve the degree that I would like to posses. I appreciate how the professors are very involved with the students and want nothing more than to see them succeed in life, even going as far as to keep in touch with them post semester.
Wonderful college. The classes are small and intimate although there was little place to go for additional help. Since I graduated though there has been some improvement in that area. The tuition is quite reasonable and your credits are transferable to any CUNY and SUNY schools in New York. The food is not bad but the options are limited as the campus is not a live-in campus. The Transportation is pretty good as there is a bus stop directly in front of the school, though it can become overcrowded at times. There are various athletics and clubs in which a student can get involved with things beyond the classroom. The school has actually been winning various championships in both the male and female divisions throughout the CUNY athletics competitions. I absolutely loved my two years at this college.
Review CUNY Queensborough Community College
Enrolled in Electronics Engineering. College offers modern equipment that are easy to operate, but inconsistent as one room doesn't have the same equipment model as another. Making it difficult at times. Professors are sympathetic enough to allow late lab assignments and allow pages of notes to use on exams. Though some of them are hard to understand, either because of their handwriting and/or the way they speak. One scenario had an entire class fail a test because of the aforementioned issue (YIKES!).

Also offers robotics, machining, chemical, architecture, and many more.

However, the real downside is the guarantee of safety. A grand larceny 4 (Article 155.30 under NY law) had occurred to me, yet Public Safety didn't do a damn thing about it. So I sent a complaint letter to the director, but not even a response nor any sort of apology to this day. I'd say all their job is to give false hope to victims and leech off the campus budget.
My experience at Queensborough Community College was amazing. As an immature teen graduating from Highschool in 2012, I was rejected by all four years colleges in New York because of my academic standings. Queensborough Community were 1 of 3 community colleges who accepted me. Therefore, I decided to go there. Further, I changed a lot throughout my 3 1/2 years attending Queensborough Community College. I became an adult and better student. I was able to maintain a consistent gpa each semesters. As a result, my final semester I was able to make the Dean's List and graduate with an Associates Degree in Fine Arts. Also I was accepted by my dream college which is Hunter College. Currently, I'm a Hunter undergraduate and working on my Bachelor Degree in Emerging
Media. Moreover, Queensborough Community College staffs, professors and others helped me become the person I am today as a student and man.
I had so many prosperous and opportunities at QCC. I was lucky enough to have some of the good Professors that cared about teaching. Some had come from other 4 year schools just to teach there because they believe people at the time who could not afford to go to a four year school deserved just as much as an education. I will never forget all the people I met there. From the faculty to the students, we all worked as a team. Although never forget it is college, competition is inevitable. Always be kind and you will receive the positive energy you put out into the universe.
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