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It was a good experience. What would be good to change is the food that is provided on the campus. I think there should be more food options.
The atmosphere at this school is wonderful. Not only is Queens College a diverse school, it cares about all of the students. The campus is beautiful and everyone is very friendly. Professors work diligently with their students to equip them with the best possible knowledge and understanding of their crafts.
Queens College is one of the best CUNY schools, though some do not give it as much credit as they should. QC offers may opportunities for students concerning many majors without being concerned about age, race, gender, or any other form of identification. Though we may all wish the E or F trains stopped by QC, there are many ways to get around and to QC. QC offers a convenient shuttle bus that picks up in Jamaica, Queens, NY. The shuttle bus ventures to QC and even picks up and drops off at the off-campus building, Queens Hall. My only complaint about QC is about Queens Hall. It is very hard to sign up for classes and still have time to make it to those located in Queens Hall. It's impossible to leave a 9:15-10:30AM class on campus and make it to a 10:45AM class in Queens Hall. I try to avoid that building at all costs due to this. But it also holds me back from taking many of the classes I need.
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good school. many great clubs that you can join. largely diverse student body. many easily accessible resources. I absolutely love the counseling center they have helped me so much. most teachers know what they are talking about. only bad thing is i wish they graded finals faster, have me waitng in anticipation for weeks!!!
Queens College is a great school. I like how all the professors are really caring about their students. Each individual tries their best to help students in any possible way they can. I don't think I would change a thing
I very much enjoy queens college. The education is fabulous. My only problem is that there are a great deal of terrible professors. They should question the students and review the professors annually, however many continue to "teach" even though they should not be allowed to.
Queens college is simply amazing. It's very affordable and has best campus. The campus is beautiful and the people are very friendly and helpful. The professors are very friendly and yet serious at the same time. They puts a lot of efforts to make learnin very enjoyable. There are many clubs that anyone can fit in the campus. Also, they provide transportation which saves a lot of money.
I like Queens College because it helps me to finish my BS & BA degree, to meet more people, to know how to manage my time during business. College is not only a place to gain a degree, it helps to achieve much much more. Go, and find out by yourself!
Things I like about Queens College are beautiful campus, some nice staff--not all of them,
Things that could be improved are the food on campus, transportation from Student Union to Queens Hall, there should be more of a variety of professors, and student life, also I believe not having a bookstore was a mistake.
My experience at qc was great .the advisers were available at anytime , the services was great, the professors were professional and very helpful, the students were very nice . The only thing I would like to see happen at queens College is tgem getting proper security system on campus , not only at the front gate when anyone can walk in but a security system in every si glue building on campus.
I recently transferred to Cuny Queens College and it has been wonderful. The first thing that really drew me to Queens was the campus. The campus is beautiful, with really nice buildings and a beautiful view of the city. The students have been very nice and helpful in my classes, there is a sense of unity among peers as well as professors and faculty. I feel safe on campus and have not had any negative experiences with any other students. The only thing I would point out that is a negative would be the organization of academic advisors. When I was applying to attend classes at Queens I had to jump through hoops to get into the degree major I wanted and they did not make it easy for me, I was given a lot of mixed advice from different offices. Overall I would say Queens College is a great school and has been worth my investment so far.
I like the academics. The classes are pretty great and you have the opportunity to learn a lot. Also, the tuition is really affordable; it's a great way to save money on an undergraduate degree when you plan on going to graduate school, which can get really pricey. It can feel isolating at times because its mainly a commuter school so making good friends is tough, unless you're really outgoing. Overall, its pretty great.
I really like this website. There are a lot of programs we can apply for. If one is not possible we can go for another one.
As a sophomore at Queens College and a transfer student I can say that I made the right decision. Queens College has a beautiful campus which gives you a feel that you're away at school. It also has dorms so that's a plus. There are always a lot of activities that are fun and also informational two students. I wish that there were more selections of classes.
Queens Collegee is a great college.It has a good environment and lovely guys.The dining hall is large enough to accommodate many students.The Gym is well equipped and students can keep fit and bulid their muscles inside,plus a perfect swimming pool.The library is really a good place.There are so many materials for you to refer to.The professors are so responsible and professional that they can help you with any problem that you have.However,the only problem is that the school is so big that you are easy to get lost on campus.And you may be late for class for focusing on the cute squirrels along the way.Believe me,it will be a wonderful experience if you come to the Cuny Queens College.
My experience in Queens College has been great so far. The professors are very helpful and the student are very nice.
Queens College does a great job welcoming students. The academic advisors and professors are extremely helpful and always available. The school clubs are extremely fun and a great way of making friends and networking. Queens college is a great community.
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The professors at this college are very friendly, yet serious at the same time. You have a desire to actually show up to class because the professors at Queens College make learning very enjoyable. Professors at Queens College also allow students to be responsible for themselves, e.g. Handing in your work on time, without constantly pressuring you to do the assignment. It definitely is a great step after high school and in preparing for adulthood! Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
Queens is a great college its my home away from home not far for my day to day life. Professors, required courses and electives are perfect for majors and for leisure. The campus is beautiful and makes you feel like your not in NYC. I would recommend queens to any one in the are looking to find that home away from home education.
Great school for political science and sociology majors. The school wifi is not the best and you won't have service in many places. There is however, a large variety of extracurricular activities and clubs to join.
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