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After my first year attending this college I can say that I have enjoyed my time there, however from my experience I wouldn't say I'm crazy about it.
Queens college loves to help students and give very useful and helpful feedback to help you on your college journey. There are so many resources on campus to use and no one will reject to help you. The campus is huge and easy to navigate through.
QC is a really good college if you know how to take advantage of it. The staffs I came across with are really friendly and helpful. You can tell they really want to help. There are festivals help occasionally. Food is really good. Computer labs are also available. There are also a lot of tutor who help the students.
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With the help of the SEEK program,Queens College has so far been a great experience. The professors are very knowledgeable and care about the students. The college itself has a great atmosphere and does its best to make the campus welcoming by holding fun events.
I enjoyed attending Queens College for the great education I received, while paying an affordable tuition in the process. Additionally, I enjoyed the atmosphere at Queens College, since the campus was beautiful and the professors were great. As for student life, I am a member of a fraternity called Alpha Chi Rho, which has helped tremendously in my development and has allowed me to cultivate important skills, such as being a leader in my community. However, one of my only complaints about Queens College is that it should provide more awareness to student life, since unfortunately, many students view Queens College as a commuter school, and as such, they are either unaware that there are clubs and organizations to join, or they choose not to join, since they are only interested in graduating. Overall, I enjoyed my experience at Queens College, and I would recommend it to any students who want a valuable and affordable college education.
queens college is a great school. the campus is beautiful. the people are great. there are a lot of school clubs to join. most professors are nice.
It’s a college at Queens at New York City.Most of the student commute to school and have a part time job to support themselves.
It is an awesome school. First of all CUNY is affordable. Queens College also has many clubs and teams that allow students to be active. There's also many events from the student association. I would like to see more food trucks. Maybe some kosher food.
Avoid if possible. There are only a handful of professors who know how to teach and want students to learn. Rest just don’t care.
Overall, I enjoyed my experience at CUNY Queens College. All of my professors we kind and willing to go out of their way to ensure I understood the topics being covered in class.
The campus is beautiful. It is a place full of diversity. Once you enter the campus you forget that you are still in New York since the campus is enormous. The library is a wonderful place to study in. With all six of its floors you have more than enough stuff to find a place to study. The anual fairs that are held on the quad annually make the student life more enjoyable. The college brings rides that students can go on. I am happy that my college experience took place on this campus.
I like how diverse it is. The professors seem cool. The advisors are informative. The campus itself is smaller than others, but it is beautiful. Lots of places to work on assignments. The student association seems like the epitome of unity.
Queens College has a very diverse campus. You'll meet people from all over the world! This makes it a great place to study because you'll find people that share similar interests as you, and you can become more engaged in the college life. The academic aspect is amazing as well. There are over 700 majors to choose from. Many of these programs are world renowned, and they're engaged in helping students attend higher levels of education. Another highlight of Queens College is the resources it offers to its students. There are tutoring centers, Counseling services, athletic opportunities, and so much more. It's definitely a college to look out for when applying.
Queens College has a beautiful campus and very good resources and facilities.
There are guidance counselors to help when needed. The professors are very good. This school is an excellent return on investment.
Queens College is pretty good for its business/accounting courses. It has a pretty robust math department. There is quite some diversity and there are lots of clubs.
Wonderful professors whose pedagogy does implement their hard work and effort! I am glad I transfered to this school because I learned so much even my first semester here!
CUNY Queens College shaped you into a very independent student and adult. Unlike private schools, they gave you all the opportunities to make decisions for yourself, including making your own schedule, applying to clubs, etc. The college was very close to my home, so it made commuting very easy. The only downside to a predominantly commuting school is there is less of that "college life" that you see in movies.
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I am currently a freshman in queens college, and I'm really loving the atmosphere. Everyone is super friendly and diverse! The outdoor campus makes it a very stress free environment for everyone. We have festivals and art show cases every now and then where students can express themselves. Some professors even allow class outfit for some relaxation. Overall the campus and student life is amazing. I recommend completely.
I transferred to queens college from LaGuardia community college and it’s a big change. From a two to a four year school, the environment, the professors, as well as the staff they’re all lovey and helpful. I absolutely love the open setting of the campus and where it’s located. Students have access to public transportation and free shuttle buses that the school provides. Food on the other hand can be a hassle to find but the cafes in school always have something you can snack on.
It's a peaceful Campus. They do their best to help you with any issues you have, and most professors I've taken are good. I'm a psych major and anthropology major.