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CUNY Queens College Reviews

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Queens college is very easy on the financial standpoint. It is hard on the public transportation standpoint and the social standpoint. It’s a very diverse community of students and there are many interesting options for classes
There are lots of students so It is so hard to study there. but there is some good teacher. The library is so busy and there is not enough computer. the office is so busy to get an appointment.
Parking sucks, registering for classes inspected outdated and their wifi is terrible. They give you like 3 different username and passwords for different portals which gets confusing/frustrating not knowing which to use. Professors are hit or miss, but mostly pretty good. Actually campus is nice, a lot of greenery in an urban setting. Great price for ny residents.
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Ever since I stepped foot at Queens College, I knew I made the right decision to be attending this wonderful school. Professors for the most part are helpful but occasionally you have the one professor who hates teaching and only wants to focus on their research. Food was surprisingly really good. Overall, love this school.
It’s a great commuter school, there are lots of clubs and activities to get involved in to keep busy. Not really much to offer when it comes to the dorming experience, there’s only the Summit.
I really love the campus and the variety of majors offered at Queens College. I transfer from a community college and this is my first semester at Queens College but I loved it, the staff at Queens College are really helpfull to the students.
CUNY Queens College is a big school with a variety of things to do also it has a lot of help for students that needed. I like that is a very flexible school with a variety of cultures
Nice campus, the library is great to relax and work/even sleep haha. Thats all that i've really noticed so far, although the wifi is very lacking, its not a big problem.
I go to college now classes there and they offer many benefits to the student such as a shuttle, metro cards,discounted food and amazing professors.
The music program at Queens College is excellent, with professors that take time to make sure you understand the material and help with opportunities outside of the classroom. Classes are pretty small, the ratio of professors to students is good. The library and research resources are very helpful.
I am a computer science student that is totally unsatisfied with the professors here. Old professor who are nitpicking every matters, unqualified teachers filled the higher level classes and the department head does not do anything about it because he wants profit for college only.
Academics are more than B+, they are A+. Your Professors are all going to have Phd's from Columbia, Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Carnegie Mellon... etc. From top universities, all of them.

After that though, it all sucks. You must go with a "I am just going to study and not get a lot of loans" mentality. I study computer science and applied mathematics. Service in the school is broken. 80% of the time you won't find emails you need to use to contact an office, because the webpage is really bad and outdated. Student life? Forget about it. Even if you have money to dorm, just forget about it. The library is not open for a lot of time, do not plan on going in with your toothbrush hoping to crack down some topics before a river of quizzes. You will not feel any spirit on campus. Do not expect fliers, do not expect people using Queens College hoodies, do not expect to see "the knight" walking around campus, do not expect students talking trash about other colleges in a competitive manner.
I absolutely love this school. This school has helped me feel at home. The teachers and staff are amazing. There are so many clubs and activities at this school. I also love how diverse the school really is.
I finish my bachelor's of psych there, it's an extremely focused school with a beautiful campus. It's 77 acres of beauty , the environment is absolutely amazing and spacious. There's lots of places to hang out, study, work, and eat on campus. Theres many resoures provided by the school to help you succeed. The population and environment is very motivating because everyone attending is striving for success.
It is the worst college that i have been to. I only went there for one semester because their professors have really thick accent which makes it extremely hard for the students to understand them. Moreover the students have to self teach themselves. The professors just write stuff on the board and tells the test is next week.
CUNYfirst interface needs to be revamped and solidified. The campus itself needs better food options. Avenue C section in Queens Hall leaves much to be desired. Also, I'm disappointed that the diner in Student Union was switched to an Avenue C. Other than the following, getting to the campus is pretty convenient. Midknight breakfast hosted by SFC is a welcomed activity for the student body.
The teachers are great the students are diverse , but the administration is a nightmare. The Bursar, Financial Aid, and CUNY First offices are counterproductive at best.
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The campus provides a diverse group of students that represents New York City and an abundance of other countries.
I had some very great professors, but I also had many professors that simply didn't know what they were doing. You will just have to pick and choose wisely. Overall the campus is great, it's not a campus that alot of other cuny schools have the space to have. The host alot of events and if you get involved you get alot of benefits in terms of experience, volunteer, connections and more
This campus is big so some may get lost but it is very nice. The campus includes an open quad allowing students to play sports or even eat outside. The professors are very kind and willing to help.