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As a student in the Biotechnology major, the professors are extremely knowledgable and helpful. The new science/nursing building is amazing.
I love the location, its not to far from where i live and nearby my job. I wish that there was more people to look up to and to guide me through this college process.
What I liked about City Tech was the amount of lunch areas compared to Kingsborough. There are multiple cafeterias that serve food. Also unique is how the college is structured. Most of the buildings are separate instead of connecting.
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Firstly, would like to ask you all why we all have to choose our preferred school from varieties? Isn't it because you want a college of preference, where, you could at least stand out by making a difference, right. Well if you still want that perfect fit school then NYCCT is a great choice. Well groomed professors, they work with you if you are ready to make impact and also ready to learn. Quiet and spacious environment, you could easily communicate with colleagues, conference to attend, workshops, extra curricular activities like clubs - games - and more so. So far so good, no needs - to - done changes as occurred to me in NYCCT. We students just needs more focus, we should make our professors teachings worthwhile by showing our commitment to studies, we all should know what we are in college for, and make sure we achieve that goal and fulfill that dream to make a difference. Students, just keep moving forward academically. Education is the best LEGACY!
City Tech has given me many great opportunities within my program. Others who are not in a program or don't know what they want to do have a lot of trouble figuring it out because, of the lack of academic advising and student counseling at this school.
So I rated a few of the topics but I don't have any experience such as return on investment. There's isn't any dorms because it's a commuter school. The campus has multiple buildings but the elevators in the Namm building are terribe, there's long lines, and sometimes people get stuck in them. The student life is okay, there could be more events but there isn't a lot of funding.
Sometimes it is tricky applying for classes, and once you do they will at times drop them for various reasons without notifying you. I think the college needs to be more communicative in that regard.
The professors are nice and understanding. They try to help you out in passing the courses. The library has various computer stations to allow students to get schoolwork done. The college is in a good location in downtown Brooklyn. There are a lot of places to hang up during class breaks, such as the park that is only 2 blocks away. Dumbo is about a 20-minute walk, and City Point, which is a food court is about 10 minute. It is definitely worth the walk to get some food all the food there is amazing.
I would like the financial office be more efficient in giving the correct info. Lack of knowledge and having students going too many times to fix problems that can be fixed first time of approach
When I went to the school, Everything seems nice. I had a good time and I managed to graduate, the cafeteria was awful though.
Experience is ok. Haven't met any new people yet. What this school should change is their clubs. None of their clubs have something interesting.
Overall it's a pretty affordable school with many programs and clubs. The staff here are great and can help you with almost anything. Just ask questions
My experience at City Tech has been pretty good so far, most of the people there are friendly and will help you out in any way. The professors teach good and will meet with you if you are having trouble in the course. Everyone there just wants to see you succeed.
So far I have had a great time in this College the professors are straight forward and they are easy to understand.
Great caring advisors and staff
food is diverse each day
people is diverse
professors are understanding
environment makes me feel safe
I feel really comfortable there and the energy level is great so many great events happening and the people are cool. There are good professors who really care and helpful overall good vibes. I had options but i chose to go here because it was a good fit for me and I know it will be a food fit for more to come
I would like to see the same professional assistance offer in the daytime be made available and offer to evening enrolled academic students.
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I wish they had more elevators in the old building and a cleaner cafeteria. Sometimes I have to wait 10 mins to get on a elevator and my classes would be on the 10th floor. But over all, the professors are great.
I like how students were able to get to know each other very well during the first two weeks. Classes were more interesting due to the teachers actually giving us their experiences and telling us what they face growing up
I love the fact that for my major which is human services , my professors give me assistance in planning for the future and giving their life stories to motivate us and make us think of the future because This may be us in a few years that will be assisting a client to find peace with whatever they are dealing with
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