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City tech needs to improve their way of doing things and speed up the process of getting things done for their students the faculty is terrible they treat us like dirty and they're doing us a diligence
City College of Technology is a great school for anyone who wants to persue their dreams and get a good a education with out paying alot of money. My experience in city tech has been great so far. The architecture department is great when it comes to engaging student with each other, it has a huge workshop space where students could get together and work on their projects. The best aspect of the school is that is has alot of teacher assistances, which makes it easier for students to the help they need. The only disadvantage of City tech is that they unfortunately don’t have enough computer labs for students. I belive every building should at least have 2 computer labs for students to gey their work done.
My experience so far in City Tech College has been good so far besides Biology class being difficult for me because there’s so much to remember, which makes me have to study hard even though I’m not use to doing that. The professors are very helpful, they make sure you get all the work done to keep your grades high. To be honest I don’t really know what I think needs to be changed. The only thing I have a problem with is my Biology professor, when he gives us notes to study for to take our quizzes and exams, he goes too fast and rushes with the information on the board. Otherwise I feel like everything else is going great.
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New York City College of Technology is a good college for those going for nursing, architecture, or engineering.
City Tech is a good school academically. The professors are good, and there not being an actual campus is good because it gives you a chance to focus. However, getting things done there is hard. Lines are always long for anything you do. As in you might be waiting an hour long to speak to an advisor for about something, or waiting 35 minutes for to speak to the Bursar office.
The atmosphere of the school is overall nice. The area is safe and fulton mall is close-by. Food in the area can be kinda expensive as well as the school food. Most of the professors i've had are friendly and helpful. Just wish the COMD department had more classes geared towards animation and illustration. There is also a good variety of clubs to join.
New York City College of Technology has given me the opportunity to further my education. I've spent my entire summer wondering what school will I be attending this fall 2017. I am pleased to say, I've made the right decision. Since I've attended this school, I've learned some skills about myself that I didn't know I was capable of having. I am able to ask questions as well as speak to my fellow classmates without feeling shy or hesitant. Through out my entire life, I was scared to ask my classmates for help because I thought he/she would make fun of me. Here at New York City College of Technology everyone was welcoming, confident, willing to listen/share ideas and determined to satisfy one another needs.
I liked that City Tech is a technical school where you can persue many Programs such as A.S. A.A. Or B.A or B.S. I liked how when I went to city tech they helped me with a lot and joining programs.
City College Of Technology is excellent for those who seek to major in the sciences, however it is no place for a business major or psychology major. There courses scarcely satisfies those major and they offer a very limited course menu for those who aren't interested in science.
My experience of visiting CUNY New York City College of Technology was great. I like they have elevators for everyone to make it easy for us. I like the lunch area and the workers are kind. I also like the area the school and where it's located. I liked how in the elevators they have floors to show where to go for classes, rooms etc so you don't get lost. I'm looking forward to attending this college in two weeks.
City tech is one of the best college of engineering. I like the way they teach us. I like everything about this college. Their environment is really good.
Very interesting and diverse environment. City Tech has a lot of cool teachers that can help you in so many way's... connection to jobs, help with course they do not even teach. Also great stepping stone to make friends and make important decisions about the future!
Good school with great teachers. However a lot can be done to make the school better. Some things include having sport teams, such as a football team, basketball team etc. Also the school needs an auditorium and the school should change the time in which clubs meet to accommodate those students that want to be apart of a club but can't due to classes being the time clubs meet.
Recently transferring from Bmcc, going to city tech was completely different in terms of campus wise I felt like the campus was a down grade compared to Bmcc. The classroom is a disaster it wasn't very clean even the bathroom. i also feel like bmcc was more involved in the student's life in helping them to achieve certain goals were i felt like city tech isnt.
I like the diversity of the school. What they need to improve on is the staff's attitude towards teaching students
I'm my first year of college here I was not informed that I needed to take atleast 5 classes to graduate on time. This is one reason why I did not graduate in a timely manner.
Good technology and design courses. To get good professor, sign up early. Classes, athletics is almost non-existent, but they're working on something. The college has many areas to relax if you're waitng for your other classes. The food might not be to everyone taste, but since the college is in downtown brooklyn you can go to a food joint to get something quick to eat
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City Tech has very intellectual and helpful professors. I've had a great experience at City Tech. The schedule of classes are very convenient for students with jobs and families as they offer classes at night and day. My girlfriend has had a bad experience at Brooklyn college because she has to work and the classes she needs to graduate are only offered during the day. I helped her enroll into City Tech and have her credits transferred. She will now graduate next year. I love the convenience, the professors, and the classes offered.
Is great experience if you going towards what your dream is. So far since I transfer it had good experience.
The college has a lot to offer in terms of programs and majors. I am currently in the dental hygiene program and the professors are helpful and knowledgeable in their field. In addition, the college hosts many events during the semester. In the fall, they have a haunted house attraction and in the spring, there's the Wellness Fair which students have the opportunity to participate in. However, there's a few things that the college can improve on. Such as installing escalators because sometimes students get tired from climbing stairs and the elevators are very crowded at times. Also, they such expand the library since many students can not find space to study during midterms or finals. The lunch room can also be expanded as well.
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