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It's mostly a commuter school so you cant really expect much from this school. There really is no campus, everyone leaves the school to eat because the area is nice. Students don't really care about their education in my opinion.
City tech is an okay school, not much goes on which sucks but if you trying to learn you can at least get that from City tech.
City Tech was like a home away from home in Brooklyn. Every office was always welcoming and made sure you had everything together. I have recently request my transcript and the staff member remembered me and made me feel so special. thank you ...
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The New York City College of Technology provides students with a diverse culture of students and professors. This culture helps other students understand more about students with different backgrounds and can develop a strong relationship with one another. Furthermore, this college provides students with easy access to multiple rooms where students can study, write papers, and do group projects without any distractions. Although the college is near downtown Brooklyn where plenty of traffic takes place it provides the students to get use to a fast life style while attending a college in New York City. The surroundings of the college can also help students obtain internships at many company's that have a strong relationship with the New York City College of Technology. Things that this college can improve is providing more space where the students would not have to counter congestion during the morning and afternoon commute.
It's been grate so far, all professors are really good at what they teach and help with anything one need to succeed in class and in real life. Very friendly positive environment.
My overall experience at New York City College of Technology is good, and I am glad to be a part of the college. The professors are very thoughtful and are always willing to help when students are having trouble with the course material. I would recommand this college to any student.
Since I attended City Tech in January of 2015, I planned on graduating with an Associate's degree. By Spring 2017 I was 3 classes away from finishing my major. Within the 2 years I was studying Fashion Marketing, City Tech came to realize a lot of students wanted to study Fashion. During the Spring 2017 semester they announce a new Bachelor's program that will welcome students starting Fall 2017. I am excited to know that I started with the intent of getting an Associate's degree but will be finishing with a Bachelor's degree.
City tech is a fairly ok college the college is close to my house and it’s easy to compute but it’s always about how they teach is not very professional
City tech is a good school in an ideal location. There is lots of things to do before or after class and the academics so far have been worth the investment. I’ve learnt a lot in all of my courses and the professors take time to help you and make sure you are on track and know what is going on in class.
I've only been to one year of college, so I don't have much experience, but I will say that overall it's really awesome. You definitely learn and grow a lot within just a year of college, not just academic wise, but life wise. It's really amazing how much changes goes on during such a short period of time. I met a lot of great friends. The one important thing is to know your own wants and needs, and don't get swayed by what other people do or say.
I visit City tech college for an open house; and i just love the environment and the people there. I could see my self going to this college in the future.
I'm a junior at City Tech studying architecture and my experience has been great. Since the classes are small about 20-30 students it gives the professor the opportunity for one on one help. The professors were very helpful and my fellow classmates were helpful as well. Meet a lot of students that are willing to hel each other to succeed.
Admission process is very disorganized. I was redirected multiple times to other departments because no one knew the proper process or applicable rules. Disorganization level is worse than the DMV
CityTech became the school that got me back on track to the pursuit of my dream, and so far I'm very content with everything I learnt through the classes I took. The professors, the diversity of background in students, the campus, I'm really appreciative of everything. If the other buildings get completed on time, it will be even more awesome.
The college life as far as academics is concerned is good but as far as looking for assistance for classes or financial aid, their help is beyond poor
The college that I attend has a great return on investment. The school gives great opportunities for students to work part time on a job they help you achieve.

The professors are very skilled and accessible whenever you have a question. They are very informative in the lessons and quick to help in whatever you don't understand. There is diversity in the college and basically everyone gets along pretty well. The school is safe and the officers are very respectful. I can say I am at the right place in order to achieve my goals.
I have had an overall good experience at city tech. However I would like too see things change. I would like there to be more athletic activities for students to perform and partake in. It is proven that sports can increase student involvement, and help students develop a better relationship with the school.
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City tech needs to improve their way of doing things and speed up the process of getting things done for their students the faculty is terrible they treat us like dirty and they're doing us a diligence
City College of Technology is a great school for anyone who wants to persue their dreams and get a good a education with out paying alot of money. My experience in city tech has been great so far. The architecture department is great when it comes to engaging student with each other, it has a huge workshop space where students could get together and work on their projects. The best aspect of the school is that is has alot of teacher assistances, which makes it easier for students to the help they need. The only disadvantage of City tech is that they unfortunately don’t have enough computer labs for students. I belive every building should at least have 2 computer labs for students to gey their work done.
My experience so far in City Tech College has been good so far besides Biology class being difficult for me because there’s so much to remember, which makes me have to study hard even though I’m not use to doing that. The professors are very helpful, they make sure you get all the work done to keep your grades high. To be honest I don’t really know what I think needs to be changed. The only thing I have a problem with is my Biology professor, when he gives us notes to study for to take our quizzes and exams, he goes too fast and rushes with the information on the board. Otherwise I feel like everything else is going great.
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