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717 reviews
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Here's a list of things terribly wrong with NYCCT:
1. Multiple basic technological aspects of the school need desperate improvements.
2. The lack of efficiency and simple communication from one office to the other. Students go back and forth in an attempt to resolve any issues or concerns they might have, the extra stress could be avoided.
3. The school is in desperate need of an upgrade in technology.
4. The lack of interest from most of the professors to make learning enjoyable is another long topic I will not even begin to explain.

The one extra star was given only due to my luck in sitting with, so far, 4 extraordinary professors: one for Micro, one for A&P, and two for Nursing.
NYCCT is a great school for those who enjoy the diverse cultures that come here for a quality education . What I like about city tech is that staff and students you may not even know look out for you when needed (just ask and you shall recieve young grass hopper). Being that I'm in my sophomore year I've come to enjoy not only the eduacation, but the people you meet and make great friends with.
Professors care about how well you understand the material, but there are always those that have teaching styles that are bad and that means you need to do your research on them when it is time to chose your classes. For some classes people depend on its CUNY Blackboard system to get some class assignments, although its sometimes unreliable or doesn't work properly. There are several offices that you can always go to if you have problems or questions you need answered like for academic advisement or financial aid.Besides that there doesn't seem to be much else to do in CityTech.
The area surrounding CUNY New York City College of Technology has many restaurants and stores. There are a few good professors who allow students to push themselves and there are also professors who don't really teach that well.
I am currently a freshman at New York City College of Technology. When I was in high school and I applied to City Tech as my first choice because the amount of majors they had in order to satisfy everyone's interest. What I like about City Tech is the staff, the professors are always willing to help you in anyway they can as along as they see that you are trying to help yourself as well. Another thing I love about City Tech is the numerous freshman and associate degree programs they have in order to ensure that you have all the help you need in order to make your college experience the best it can possibly be.
I'm not entirely sure how to feel about this school yet but it does have a great social life. I think there some professors that are really great and some that are not befitting for me.
City tech is a good school for the fist two years after that it gets boring. But I gotta say they been trying to improve.
Most People in Finiancial Aid are friendly, but they won't keep you updated you'll have check yourself. Professor work hard and keep you work too; Most professor love their job and keep you update in internship.
I joined city tech in the fall semester of 2016, even before the start of the semester ,the admission department of the school made my admission procedures easy, with constant check ups and following up on my progress. before the first day of the semester we had an orientation, which was very interesting, informative and interactive to me, and was ran by fellow city tech students which was great . During the semester the professors were very welcoming, and ready to lend a listening ear and hand for every class I was in, till the end of the semester, just like all other college experiences, it was stressful but with the professors and school student activities , it made my first semester there fun and successful education wise. What I hope the school improves on is for the student help center to have more active call services, cause my call has been kept on hold almost every time, and also improvements on the bathrooms would be nice, but over all city tech is awesome!
Tried to study to become a mechanical engineer. Never got the proper help on applying for classes nor proper tutoring. Had to leave college after the first year since applying for classes made me part time, thought I was full time. Now I have to work to pay off the debt to return in a few months to years. May transfer on what happens when I come back.
The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star is because things a kinda difficult to know where they can be done.eg photocopies
Great Hospitality Management Program ! The professors are all still working the the industry , allowing us the opportunity to be in the know.
I really like my college, I fell like it's improving.. Especially the new building looks awesome, so I'm sure my college will make it to the top 100 colleges! And I really hope so.. I'm upset that a lot of people rate badly.. I mean, compared to the very well known colleges, it might not be that great, but it's also not that bad.. I love my college and I hope it get better and better!
When I went there I was introduced to a whole new way of life. I was showed how students learn and engage in technology driven topics. The labs and learning facilities were very helpful to students. My favorite which is computer engineering looked very interesting to get into. The students were very engaged and the learning environment was comfortable. Diversity was not a problem because it was mostly African Americans that I could see there.
Overall it's a great college. It is very diverse and affordable. The professors are good. The only thing I don't love is the gym, because it is so small. However, the new science building will probably have a bigger one, once the construction is done.
My experience at nycct has been great thus far. Everyone is very nice, you can always ask someone for directions if lost. The professors make getting the classwork easy in case you were absent. The learning community classes are great that way you have a group of people you know instead of being alone in every class. Like every college there is a line for everything but everything is done moderatley fast so the wait is not too long. The professsors that ive had all have great personalities and the students are all pretty mature!
Registering for classes is a pain in the ass. CUNYFirst is horrible. The offices are of no help.
Online courses are the worst. An in class lecture is far easier for just about any course
People are bloody idiots. A blind squirrel is more effective than these muppets. STAY AWAY FROM CUNY
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In the CET department, classes do not exceed 22 students. The professor actually knows you by name which is nice. However, in the other departments, the professors can be pricks. Some of the courses need improvement but overall the professors and the classes are kind of meh.
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