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I always appreciate all the resources that are given to us students . As a student i take pleasure in ensuring my success with setting myself up with tutors , group studies , and staying connected . I would love to see more offices being built . What i mean instead of waiting on a line maybe there can be a place to sit considering there are many books to carry . Thanks for your time .
After transferring colleges, I find that everyone at this college are friendly and are willing to help others. The one thing I would change would be the amount of students in one class since I feel a one-on-one with the professor allow students to understand topics better.
Most professors don't know how to speak english using proper sentence structures.
Outdated lab equipment.
Have to take unnecessary general education courses.
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Most of the classes and professors are nice. They can be pretty understanding but they will not put up with constant excuses. You also might find some hardship if you're transferring in. You might get your things sent to the wrong office and evaluation can take a while. Dealing with the offices in the school can be difficult because it seems like no one really cares. They constantly seem to move things around and change things on you seemingly randomly. You have to repeatedly go back to get things put in order and they can often move at a snails pace.
As a potential incoming freshman, I had a TERRIBLE experience. The staff that work in admissions, the registrar's office, or in financial aid need to get switched out in my opinion. If you are looking for advisors that will motivate you to finish strong or help guide you as a student DO NOT go to City Tech. Their attitude is completely disgusting and they are so unorganized.
I love the professors and the education itself. There hasn't been one class I've taken that I have learned and retained knowledge in. I would only detract a star from the overall rating because the administration in regards to financial aid and the classes towards my major held me back about 4 years. I've been fighting to take classes but when I do its one of the best experiences I could have. I work with some engineers and when I tell them about my metal fabrication class, field surveying class and heavy construction practices they are jealous because they didn't get this kind of education.
First of that all, the school seems to be in bad condition, which i guess is par for the course when it comes to public schools. The school cafteria food is absolutely disgusting, which again is par for the course when it comes to public schools.

The academic standards seem very low. I don't study that much and I am not that intelligent but I still get straight A's.
Excellent teachers and faculty is 2nd to none. Courses are tough but fair. Student population is diverse and fun.
Location is at the foot of the Brooklyn bridge, a perfect location to head into Manhattan for fun, relaxation, site seeing or whatever you want to do.
My overall experience attending New York City College of Technology has given me the ability to sharpen my communication skills and interactive skills.
I loved this school and the price is unbeatable. The program is great and I learned so much. The advisor and teacher for the Fashion Marketing program, Mr. John Dixon is amazing and so knowledgeable. Definitely have to take him.
My major is the hospitality management in the New York City College of Technology. This university gives students with a various culture atmosphere. All kinds of people feel welcome. The professors are great, they are strict however very caring, welcoming and ready to listen to their students and help them. The college provides students with different ways to study, either in groups or by yourself. I'm in the hospitality field is it been amazing, I had the chance to work in the kitchen which I learned a lots about cooking and baking, serving fine dining style and I love learned to be more forceful and disciplined, by gaining these skills I believe it would be helpful for me in the working field. The school needs improvement in the lunch room, bathrooms. Some classrooms may need a little renovation.
College is a joke,professors dont have time to help,students dont take anything seriously.This college is basically a highschool v2
JUST DO NOT GO HERE! APPLY SOMEWHERE ELSE! Antiquated schedules and courses. Most major department professor figureheads are arrogant. The registrar's office is a mess making them the claim to shame, email or phone calls are rarely done to help a student with an issue but they claim to be a technical college. Kitchen and dining areas are a mess, the food sold is unbearable and overpriced. Lab equipment is outdated to match the courses. Too many nonsense gen-eds and issues with registering every semester.
My experience in City Tech is both good and bad due to horrible professors. City Tech may be aging although people are currently trying to gain awareness to help revitalize and improve areas described as in poor conditions.
staff isn't nice or respectful. I hope staff can nice student and solve their problems. The classroom isn't clean.
There are many things that kept me weighted down in my pursuit of happiness. The constant whirlwind of money downs me faster than any bullet. While this college tried to pull me down with financial misconceptions and lack of financial support, I was lifted up by the numerous student and teacher faculty that hold their jobs with pride. They are the real benefits of City,and I will always be thankful for that.
On paper this is a really good college, however in reality it is not so. The 3 main buildings are very outdated and look run down. For a school refereed to as City tech, the technology isn't anywhere near state of the art. I do have a bit of hope for the newly constructed building that it will be better and start a change in City Tech
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I feel as if the Human Services Department at City tech helped make me a better, more focused student. I learned a lot from the teachers and they helped me to understand the person I hope to become.
Overall the experience was good. The College life was a bit tough. Made some good friends, learned a lot of good stuff. The Campus itself was not well built, to be honest, not really a campus. However, the open environment makes a good scenery. The professors are super helpful, they take out time from their busy schedule to hang out with students learning about their students. The one thing I really enjoyed were the club programs. Every week they had different programs for regular students like me to attend. This allowed me and many others like me to gain a lot of knowledge.
New York City College of Technology is a commuter college. Students come from all different boroughs. College is downtown next to the Brooklyn Bridge so there is many things to do & eat. The gym is under construction, so no sports currently but there are courts nearby. Classrooms are decent size, no auditorium settings but can use a little update. Elevators are always packed. Most professors english is there second languages & can be hard to understand. Library is huge but not enough computers. Finanical aid, register, and admission have long lines & most of the time you leave with unanswered questions.
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