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My experince in Medger Ever College was very terrible it was most diffcult issue for me as my first experince as Freshman I didn't know what to go when log in and 5 month right now doing Medger Ever online didn't even know who is my freshman guidene counselor still. If was so tried I have to called the first desk in Medger Ever 37 time for each month inculding my brother. but they just get me turn to who call and who to email so annoying .Medger Ever have poor customer service and when I called Reigster one out them speak to me unprofessional with annoying and anger tone.
Medger Ever College some if the professor didn't zoom on blackbord don't come sence me personal. You going to have professor differnt major didn't care about failing your class. I will didnt understand some of the assigmnet from professor email them everyday.
Since covid its like some of the professor dont have an live session when trying to contact a professor through email it will take days weeks for a response sometimes no dont know or understand the work and there is no communication from the professor so it up to you to figure out the work and do it on you own
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The college lack of communication....they college makes you take unnecessary class that you dont need to graduated instead of you finish ur bachelor's in 4 years it mostly like 41/2 to 5 some of the staff unprofessional not all classes you need are available...some classes are only in fall or in spring not both so if you need to graduated an need of a class you will have to wait till another semester just to do one class
My overall college experience at Medgar Evers hasn't been the best, but that may be because I am in a major that does not make me happy. There are only a few professors that are nice and actually care about the students that they are teaching, while the rest could care less. Everything is very backwards at that cuny and no one seems to answer emails. And now I am here writing this review because the school just told me I owe $2,089.73 cents and I'm a broke college student (first in my family to go) that's from a low-income family and I quite literally have no idea where I am getting that money from. But Medgar Evers wouldn't care.
Online school is terrible. None of the professors actually know what they're doing. And the site they put their work on (Blackboard) is all over the place and never organized. It always breaks down and is in need of maintenance. Because of this, my grades are so poor. At first, I thought since I am home, it would be easier, especially since I wouldn't have to travel two hours to get to the campus. But this whole terrible experience proved me wrong.
Medgar Evers College is one of the worst schools you could possibly attend, and a travesty of an educational institution. Medgar Evers indifference to their students is only matched by the Hypocrisy of their mission statement. The students who desire self-improvement are put through the ringer. They usually falll into what is affectionately known by alum as the Medgar trap. A bureaucratic mess of disorganization that leads to the extortion of funds beyond what is necessary from attainment of degree pursued. This is done through self-gratifying advisors who thrive on miscommunication, and strive for their own ego. The department heads who are unusually hard and unforgiving, and most likely connected to the overall corruption. Lastly we have the shady administration who's only goal seems to be to cover up the varying misdeeds and contradictions of those in the institution's employ.
Being online only serves to highlight the faults of incompetent abilities that refuse to be rectified. There is no way to maintain contact with the staff, and they are fully aware. Transferring you to every other department than the one that actually pertains to your inquiry. The added effects of ensuring that you will have spent more than you're worth by the time you find any answer. The dismissiveness has increased tenfold, now that professors, and advisors can merely mute or disconnect contact at will. The disconnect between the educators and the student body has increased in similar proportions now that students can't expound upon a point, nor argue their stance without risk of it being skimmed or skipped entirely.
Due to the pandemic all my classes were online, so far the teacher are helpful. And there's resources if needed
So far it's a great school. The teacher are very helpful. And the teacher are really friendly but there some thing that they need to fix
The online learning experience for me is very good. Because I can stay at home to learn, my two kids I can take care of. Meanwhile, This gives me much more time to read the textbooks and lease my anxiety in front of many people.
I think I will continue my online learning this fall, and learn more courses to let me graduate from college earlier.
The school is near the Brooklyn botanic garden and the Brooklyn Museum, and fast restaurant nearby, though the school also has food to supply, so it's so convenient living and studying here. The school has day classes(from 7 am. to 3), night classes( from 4 am. to 10 pm), and weekend, so students here can have kinds of choices. I like this college!
My experience in this college has been an ever-changing transition. At first, it gives a vibe of professionalism and modernism with the college structure itself. One thing that calls the most is its library and how they display their books, showcasing these amazing characters contributors to black history; its organization is both inviting and efficient of the student's needs to study. Even though the college has a security entrance system, the security team is always paying attention and answering student's questions if any concern arises. As well as the faculty and professors make sure that the students are learning, completing, and meeting their goals successfully. These aspects make it more cultivating and engaging to me as I progressed in this past academic year.
My online learning experience was something new. It was engaging. We had to use either collaborative ultra or zoom, and the professor took great advantage of the tools to meet. Sometimes Blackboard collaborative would not work, and the school would try to fix it as soon as they could. The professors took significant advantages of other tools to talk to the students and have office hours available for us to talk about the classes and how we could better ourselves. At first, it was a difficult transition because we were trying to adapt, but the school and the professors made sure that we readjust to this system. We would upload our work through blackboard, and they would post the deadlines for our projects, making sure that the students were on the loop.
Working online with the Hybrid course was a breeze. The professor is no nonsense and professional, easy to get along with and fair. I would recommend this any day.
At medgar evers the campus is refreshing and easy to maneuver, many professors work with you until you get it right, seeking your success. The psychology department is open to everyone and the tutors are eager for your success, as long as you have the time and dedication. And their liaison with Transition academy shows the deep concern for each students overall welfare. I think what should change is the introduction of signs and building labels, and a willingness for faculty heads to be aware of the challenges facing students along the way.
My professors were willing to learn and kept in contact via blackboard announcements. The professors where knowledgable in how to navigate the site.
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First semster at Mec and it's good not great. the hospitality is not visible with staff. Some students are not really friendly. The food provided is good.
opportunity to talk to professor about course work. Continued excellence accepted through out Professors. Always felt safe on campus. security friendly and always helpful. Counseling provided for student with personal issues or just for reassurance. Students nice friendly
opportunity to talk to professor about course work. Continued excellence accepted through out Professors. Always felt safe on campus. security friendly and always helpful. Counseling provided for student with personal issues or just for reassurance. Students nice friendly
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