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I'm planning to go to Medgar Evers College and as an International Student they are giving me the help I need to make this an easier and better experience.
Great Professor and staff. Everyone is welcoming and respectful. There are many resource here, for all types of people. Whenever you need help you can receive here at Medgar. Im grateful for every thing this College have offered me.
I liked that most professors tried to help in any way they could and push their students.The environment was friendly and no one judged one another. I also seen a lot of familiar faces,even ones I went to elementary school with.They could improve on some of the staff attitude towards students.
Review CUNY Medgar Evers College
Staff has been very helpful so far with any issues I've had. I have only attended for one semester but so far it's been good.
My experience as a freshman at Medgar Evers College is good....I love the different centers like math at the campus they have extra tutoring for free and that has help me a lot to be stronger student in my class....I also love my school library for being a very source of info and the hours are good even if you are a working person....My professors are good and understands the student needs none of my professor put me on a back burner when I needed help and that is a plus for me...I love the campus for all the information they share with students ....SGA cares about us and help us balance our life as a college student
Medgar Evers College was smooth as a freshman (isn't it for everybody?) but as I transitioned into a sophomore, there were less and less resources provided for me apart from my ASAP Program advisor. The professors became less helpful and more harsh.
Medgar Evers College has an amazing Cuny Start program that helped me pass my placement test and help me prepare for future college classes. They also have many tutoring assistance for students to pass their classes.
So far Medgar Evers College is a decent college. There you will find a diverse group of students who come from multiple backgrounds. The area is also diverse. The professors as a whole are good and I love the fact that Medgar offers multiple programs for their students to become successful.
I really love how every building is close to each other. This helps out with getting to your destination quickly and keeps the schools intimate. I didn't like how most professors don't really care about the students and never stay after class to help or give extra credit, etc. I would like to see more involvement with clubs and events going on campus. This will keep the college environment live.
Overall my time at this college has been good maybe better than other because of the people I have gain to know and the activates that I participated in
Medgar Evers College is really big on academics. They offer various courses and classes for different majors. The professors take great interest in the students and make sure that they understand what is being taught during the semester.
The library at the college is an all time favorite for many students because it holds many outlets; from the learning/writing center, group study and even individual study. The library has it all.
Overall, this is a good college.
Excellent Public Administration program. The professors are all experienced professionals who have served in upper level management and administrative cabinet positions in government, therefore you learn from first hand experience. The professors want you to learn; they push you to learn; they bend and mold you sufficiently but never break you.
I recommend the Public Administration program highly!
Medgar Evers College is a college that makes everyone feel welcome. The setting of the college is community base and everyone looks out for each other which includes the students and facility.
The experience of going to school here has had its ups and downs but in general I have felt that the faculty and staff do their best to help and accommodate students and their needs. The classes vary in quality, some are definitely less challenging than others.
Medgar Evers College is a really great college. From my experience so far the professors teach us well and we get lots of opportunities to get our GPA high. Theres lots of different things offered at this school that can make us successful , like the career center, student life. E.T.C
Medgar Evers college is all about black power and togetherness. The college is named after Medgar Wiley Evers, an African American civil rights leader; later assassinated in 1963. The college honors this great hero. Medgar Evers college offers a lot of programs to get people to establishing a great future for themselves.
Medgar Evers is a great school but the staff and the overall customer service is not very good. There needs to be more accountability for staff and professors to care about the students and the school's bottom line. The school also needs more degree programs and more classes for the evening and weekend students. We need more of these options so that more students will want to attend this school. This school has a lot of potential to be better in terms of the area, location, and the diversity of people that we serve. Medgar Evers College with some small improvements to faculty, staff, etc can be well received. We can be the best college in Brooklyn, if we apply a few tweaks here and there.
Review CUNY Medgar Evers College
As an English major, there truly isn't as varied a courseload as I hoped I would be able to take.
There is a career center at the school, however they do not advertise their presence very well so it is difficult at first to find them.
The online courses are a great attempt but they do not always work effectively. For example, if the professor does not know how to use this online format well, this can backfire on the students and make a less than exemplary class experience.
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