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Medgar evers College is the best school for me i love the commute ,the professors are very nice and i received a lot of knowledge since i started school .I love the campus the people are really ready to help the students in every area.
So far, even though I have only been in Medgar Evers for two months, the experience feels like I have been to this college for years due the family like environment it possess.
Medgar Evers is an amazing school with diversity and lots of college memories. Between the teachers and students there’s a sense of trust . I do recommend this school to everyone who’s look for a diverse school and a unbrakeable bond between students and teacher
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I enjoy the school and the professors .As a majority the professors care about their students,The advisors are amazing ,and the faculty is understanding for the most part.The school can change the food and they could offer more quiet rooms and computers .
I love the Campus, clean & energized staff members. There're many different options when it comes to food ,down from the local deli to everyone's favorite fast food restaurants such as Wendy's, McDonald's, Popeyes, Checkers etc.(There are healthy choices around as well).The staff here is very understanding and want all their students to aim for success outside and inside of the classroom. So far so good
This is my first year in Medgar Evers college and let's just say that the college is very nice and very big. There are 4 building and you can get lost very easily. The students there are very nice and the professors and very good. I can't wait for college to begin!
I like that this school is in the heart of Brooklyn. Its a community college but is a 4 year institution with many Majors. The Faculty I've had thus far have all been well versed in their disciplines and have them made themselves available out of class if needed.
Good for certain Majors like arts however if you want a campus and full college scene college not for you
Returning undergrad. I'm ready to get my socks blown off! When I left the school was undergoing major construction, all for the better in my opinion. It was rather on the small side but seems larger now with plenty up to date renovations from what i saw upon registering. Staff and faculty still the same and from what i can remember they are all helpful for the most part but as expected there are a few rotten teachers who simply just don't give a rats ass for you or anyone else. This is just life! Overall it is a good 4 year community college and i would recommend it to anyone living in the Brooklyn.
It's easy to get into and it has a nice computer science program. Also you can learn business of your into that as well
Medgar Evers College is an excellent school, because it gives back to the people. You have a chance to make something of yourself here guaranteed.
I had quite the experience at CUNY MEC. There were many different resource centers. There was also a writing lab to help you improve on your writing skills. My favorite thing about this school the library, it's a wonderful place to read over your materials from your classes and a great study hall.
I transferred to Medgar Evers and was immediately offered paid internship programs within my major. I appreciate the fact that there are leaders within science classes who help to tutor students and help with homework. Professors care about the success of their students. It has been a wonderful experience thus far.
Medgar Evers College provides an excellent academic environment. The professors are highly qualified, committed to the success of their students and always have time to assist. Many great programs and support resources are available. MEC is an important part of the Central Brooklyn community and is near to transit, cultural institutions and many other destinations.
I'm planning to go to Medgar Evers College and as an International Student they are giving me the help I need to make this an easier and better experience.
Great Professor and staff. Everyone is welcoming and respectful. There are many resource here, for all types of people. Whenever you need help you can receive here at Medgar. Im grateful for every thing this College have offered me.
I liked that most professors tried to help in any way they could and push their students.The environment was friendly and no one judged one another. I also seen a lot of familiar faces,even ones I went to elementary school with.They could improve on some of the staff attitude towards students.
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Staff has been very helpful so far with any issues I've had. I have only attended for one semester but so far it's been good.
My experience as a freshman at Medgar Evers College is good....I love the different centers like math at the campus they have extra tutoring for free and that has help me a lot to be stronger student in my class....I also love my school library for being a very source of info and the hours are good even if you are a working person....My professors are good and understands the student needs none of my professor put me on a back burner when I needed help and that is a plus for me...I love the campus for all the information they share with students ....SGA cares about us and help us balance our life as a college student
Medgar Evers College was smooth as a freshman (isn't it for everybody?) but as I transitioned into a sophomore, there were less and less resources provided for me apart from my ASAP Program advisor. The professors became less helpful and more harsh.
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