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The diversity in Lehman college is what i specifically like about it and the professors are the very best
I am a college freshman and I thought it was going to be hard and fit in and it was easy. I made friends quickly and was used to the new college life. The only thing that changed was that I pay out of pocket and I live with a single mother that tries every day and gave my brother and myslef everything.
The professors are good and willing to help you. The staff are friendly and they give direct answers.
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My experience has been great so far. I met so many people including new friends, advisors, and professors. It took me about an half-hour by taking the train to get to school and vice versa. As a transfer student, I transferred here from Bronx Community college because it's closer and has the same traveling path from where I live.
I love the diversity of students, staff, and professors. It is a beautiful campus however food court is not open on the weekends until 11am and the food is horrible.
A local 4 tear CV college with plenty of majors to offer that are relevant to today's business environment.
I had a wonderful experience at Lehman college. The faculty at Lehman college were always available when needed. What made my experience a unique one was the diversity the school had to offer.
I really like the campus, the professors and the student's life. I would like the classrooms to be more comfortable and the bathrooms to be cleaner. The location is also very convenient and the diversity is great. They should have a bigger library with access to more computers because some times is hard to access to one. Overall I enjoy the campus and the fitness center.
I love the fact that the faculty is very supportive and diverse. Though I do feel like they need renovate the library. They've been saying they were going to renovate the 1st floor since my 1st semester in 2016, it is now 2018. I do enjoy the school features such as the campus and it is easy to get around the school. Sometimes I wish I didn't work so I can enjoy the student life on campus. The students are also cool to, but anywhere you go is what you make of it.
nursing classes are horrible The live classes are designed like online classes you’ll be writing papers to the end of time the lectures in class are absolute useless . and there really isn’t a lot of technical support im computer savvy and it was so difficult just to get your username and login password
I like Lehman College, its campus takes you away from the hectic speed of the city, the tunnel helps you during tough weather, more than enough parking options for everyone, their programs are great and their professors (with a few as an exception) are amazing. But I feel like they are not made for the working adult, their system is guided around full-time "I have nothing else to do but go home" students. I dislike the fact that they never answer their phones, that they make me go in for even the slightest reason, wait even hours for assistance and end up having to run around the college for paperwork that could have simply been emailed to the department. Fix those minor issues and this school is the epitome of perfection for NYC colleges.
Its a very supportive group staff and students , the staff make sure they do their best for students to be well prepared and is quite knowledgeable
the very divers and willing to help all there student to success. ehman College recently won recognition for its teacher education and coordinated freshmen programs. Lehman faculty members are highly credentialed and include world-renowned scientists, an Oscar-winning composer and the 2001-2003 U.S. Poet Laureate. Class size is small (13 on average), and undergraduate and graduate programs, already numbering 90, continue to grow (such as a new Bachelor in Business Administration degree and program in Computer Graphics and Imaging, and a new Social Work program). Lehmans 37-acre campus is safe and beautiful. Students pay the areas lowest tuition, but receive real value for their investmen
Current Sophomore just transferred into Lehman College from a SUNY. Enjoying my experience here at Lehman. The academics are superb, letting me learn to my fullest potential. Food is pretty good and priced relatively well.
I love that Lehman is a campus, so there’s no need to go outside of it. All your classes are on campus. They keep the campus very clean and beautiful. The inside however needs a little updating to match the outside, but overall good. There are very dedicated professors, just like there are some you should look out for. Overall good college with lots of tools and resources.
friendly professors very knowledgeable. easy registration and scheduling. have offices for disabilities. always keeping students abreast of what's going on. campus is safe and well preserved. IT lab is state of the art. opportunities to study abroad. conveniently located next to mass transit and massive amount of street parking as well as two hugeparking lots. cafeteria food offers many healthy is delicious and always fresh and hot. cafeteria is huge and a great meeting place. they have a gym that's free for students and pool. they also have day care on campus. nights and weekend classes
The campus was very open and diverse and is a great option for anyone who is looking for a good school. The professors, students and overall community is excellent as well as welcoming.
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The best college in my area, from transcript evaluations, registration, enrollment process, finantial aid, all the college staff is really helpful and friendly. I highly recommend lehman college to everyone.
As a non traditional student, Lehman College has made my transition back into school very smooth. The ADP department, as well as, the professors are there to support you and make you feel welcome. I love the school and the opportunities it has provided for me.
Lehman College is alright. It doesn't stand out as a CUNY school and it isn't as great as you'd expect it to be. Offices don't contact you back all the time, they expect you to know certain information even if they haven't given it to you, and some of the faculty could stand to be a little less cruel. TL;DR 4/10
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