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I like how diversity in both students and teachers. I do feel like the safety could improve. Anyone can go into campus.
I like how it has a campus vibe and how the classes for the most part are small and thw professor gets to know you and help you.
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This college is really big and beautiful. The people are nice and helpful. Different programs or club dare always hosting many get togethers and help raise awareness for multiple things. People are outgoing.
Lehman is an extremely diverse campus. It is extremely easy to find yourself as part of the community. The staff are very helpful and always encourage you to achieve more than you think you can.
Lehman was my first college choice ever since I graduated high school. It has a great, comfy campus, helpful staff and teachers, lots of resources for students, and a wide selection of programs.
Well I just transferred to Lehman College and it’s been good so far. All the professors I have are so passionate in their work and it motivates me to do better and engage in my classes.
It's extremely diverse. Parking is absolutely awful but the stage is really understanding and they care about your future.
My experience was great at Lehman college, teachers offer the help you need. Also resources are offered whenever.
Depending on your major you will have access to excellent professors who care about you. However, be careful with Fin Aid Office, they sometimes give false info regarding your account and will send you to multiple offices when you don't have to.
What i like most about Lehman is that there are always great opportunities to move ahead in academics. There are always professors, general staff and faculty that advertise and support the struggling student. These supports are not limited to academics, but extends all the way to financial struggles as well. Lehman is a great campus, however, there are always improvements to be made. One of the improvements I wish to see in Cuny Lehman is the extension of campus space. There is so much diversity on campus and more buildings that gear toward integrating this diversity would be fantastic!
School is great, great atmosphere but it does lack a little social life as other 4 year colleges but overall the education is great , their science department is fantastic.
Lehman is a great school when you want to get a degree while saving a lot of money. The school itself is extremely diverse with people of all different backgrounds. The class sizes are average but the teachers are excellent at what they do.
Lehman College has become my home and there is nothing I will change about it. The campus food is part of the great experience of this campus and it is proof of the diversity within the college.
What I like about the campus is that everybody is very friendly and willing to help you at any time. Also, the academics are great here, you will truly learn something if you decide to attend this college.
I like that Lehman College is diverse and welcoming. There is a lot to do on campus such as clubs and sports. There are plenty of wonderful staff that will help you if you ever need help with anything. The food on campus isn't very good, but there are a lot of deli's and food options around the area.
Lehman has a wonderful African-American Studies & Political Science Department. The campus is spacious & scenic and their are plenty of resources available to take advantage of. The administration is nice generally speaking but can be very problematic in certain areas of study like Speech.
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I can honestly say Lehman College is such a great college. It has so many wonderful professors and staff, it makes the environment very comfortable and easy to work in. Most people complain about the disorganization that the administrations tend to have, but I believe that is with any college you attend.
I love the look of the campus, it's a little vintage and super peaceful to do work. It's not in a busy area so you forget you're in the Bronx. The school is very diverse and everyone is friendly and welcoming, you will feel at home. The professors are also friendly and easy to deal with. Most of the buildings are old and old fashioned, but the school overall is in the processor remodeling. I feel safe in the school, I never fear that something bad will happen to me, I feel like everyone looks out for each other.
Lehman is a great school, with great professors. However, I came from a school that was very clean and organized. Lehman is not one of them. I try to understand where does all the money go into this school. I never want to study at the library because it's disgusting. The carpet is torn and students throw garbage on the floor. Other than that is Lehman can fix the library so I can study comfortably that will be great.
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