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CUNY Lehman College Reviews

768 reviews
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As a transfer student, who has been attending Lehman for four semesters I must say this is a great school. I will be graduating Fall of this year. Most professors are helpful and are willing to help you if you do not understand the content presented. I believe the best department is Career Services because they are helpful in guiding you to internships that can serve you with the practical aspects of your future career.
I love the staff in the sociology department. They were helpful during the semester where I would take courses in prerequisites.
People are willing to help and get you assistants if you need it. What I would like to see change is discouragement from some advisors.
Lehman College is one welcoming and comfortable College to attend. The staff work hard to make all individuals feel safe, and confident in them selves. Professors are very thoughtful and allow people to express their thoughts. Grading wise, one just has to do their work and they'll be fine. Lehman has a lot to offer and theirs a lot to benefit. As a student attending Lehman College, I feel very comfortable and welcomed. The students are of all races and the population is a diverse one, which creates many ideas and reasonings. If one wants to attend a College they want to feel comfortable and not judged in, Lehman College should be part of the list.
The professors I have dealt with are very personable and helpful! The csmpus is really beautiful and relaxing especially in the Spring. On the other hand, dealing with administration is a real headache!
Lehman has been so far a good experience. You are in walking distance to many different buses and trains. The school provides many opportunities for learning and activities.
Beautiful campus, a lot of places to search for help on what you need, I think student life should be a lot more active. Overall, good school for a well education.
Lehman College is a great liberal arts college to go to. The professors there challenge you, and are there to help you grow into adulthood,
I love the fact that even though I'm in college, I still find a way to connect to most people on campus. It's not hard for me to walk down the campus walkway and see at least ONE friendly face that I can greet. The community feel is amazing, especially amongst staff. Professors relate to students also
Lehman college has a beautiful campus. Its students are hard working go people who go above and beyond in their studies. This college has an amazing staff and a great student to teacher ratio. Last but not least the food is awesome.
Lehman college is a big beautiful campus. The senior college is very much involve with the community offering great programs for working adults to successfully achieve their degree and others. What I like to see change is to start offering religious support groups, and or outreach for cultural awareness.
There are flyers everywhere, I wish the bulletin boards had a title and specific information. The flyers are all over and makes me confuse where to go, but I go directly to the staff and address my needs.
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  • 6 months ago
  • Value
I am spending money for my books, it is a little too much for one class, but I know is worth it because I am very into the topic which is migration. It is a worldwide discussion and the majority people in the class can relate somehow to this topic. The professor is passionate about it and everyone engages.
At night is a little scary coming out the school to go to the train station, but students are around taking the same way I am to the train.
I see janitors clean every time and are around. I love that it is clean, but I notice at night the bathrooms be filthy specially in the girls bathroom.
  • College Sophomore
  • 6 months ago
  • Housing
Not as approchable as I thought.
At night I see their trainings and I enjoy watching soccer.
Overall the campus looks great and whenever I need my quiet time I get it. I feel safe walking around at night after my class finishes. I have a wonderful passionate professor which is why I enjoy the class. The topic spoken in class is something I can connect and is a worldwide topic.
Lehman is great so far, only wish I had more help during enrollment.
Security is constantly roaming around the school watching what students are doing. This is for personal safety. I'm glad they do this because it protects us from others. I feel safe on campus however, I choose to stay in a group.
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