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I love Lehman College, The professors are amazing and the programs that the college has for its students are the best. It's a very diverse campus and friendly as well.
I attend Cuny Lehman currently. The campus is in the city of New York. It’s not like most colleges but it gives a bit of a college feel for kids staying in the city due to the large campus and activities.
They have a great community on campus for students. Many of the staff care about students' academic achievement and help them take steps to complete their goals. they have a great club environment, everyone is very friendly and respectful to each other. Improvements can be made to the available hours that the library is open, preferably to 24/7.
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Lehman College was defintely a college worth going to in the city. The campus felt like an actual college. I was always against going to school in the city just because I did not want to go to a building. Lehman’s location is just a little outside the city but close enough to commute to it.
I love the friendly atmosphere and just the way I made friends easily in this school. I went to this school because of it's prestige and wanted to become a Physical Therapist and this school has the right path to become one. I'm on my way and the journey is just starting.
something i liked about lehman in my first year was the freshman program i feel as if it was a good program to help me find a mini community within the larger one and find friends to help with classes and adjust to college life with more ease. However i felt that out of all 5 professors i had only 1 was truly rooting for me. the professors were not the best and the staff i felt was even worse. the financial aid office was terrible and i really had to search within the school staff to find at least one person who could help me. they also stole a certain amount of money from me that i never got back.
I enjoy the fact that there is so much diversity at Lehman College. The campus is beautiful and they are many activities for students to engage such as joining the track team or becoming a member of the student life program.
I found Lehman College to be somewhat troublesome when it came to registering. If repeating a course, you have to get approval from the department first, which took time. Other colleges that I have been to allow you to register for any course, permitted that it was within your degree audit sheet. When it come to professors, I must say that I had a good experience. They were willing to provide assistance to students when needed. In terms of the campus, it was a great atmosphere. The campus was clean and safe, as per security patrolled the grounds.
Overall lehman is a good experience. The change I would like to see is more vending machines with cards and a cafe open late for people who attend night classes.
personally, my experience Lehman college is amazing, because of faculty and students make you feel like your family. This community makes students to be diverse in their studies and proactive in society
I will be starting at Lehman College this Fall but I can tell you that during this summer program for seek I love the college, the consular, administrations everyone is so helpful, the campus is beautiful, the food is great , and the teachers are passionate and helpful. I'm thankful that I was accepted to this college I can't wait to stat my real classes.
I love the campus and I love the curriculum that is offered. I feel safe on campus and the people there are not only friendly but helpful.
Happy to be a Lehman College student, I feel very happy of the education that I receive from everyone here.
Lehman is a great school for the money that you pay. It gives you the fundamental information you need to begin your journey in life. Most of the teachers are great; some are not helpful at all. If you go to any department, expect to spend about an hour or more waiting to be seen. Aside from that, the school is great and gives good opportunities for students who are looking for them.
It was a great place to go to college. Professors generally want you to succeed. lots of opportunities if you look for them. Welcoming and friendly community.
I like the campus, it's very movie like and by this I mean the buildings are castles so you don't feel like you are in the Bronx or even in a school setting. In addition, most of the professors I took as a social work major were amazing. During the duration of 3 years that I attended Lehman there were only about 2 professors whose teaching styles did not cater to my learning styles but they were great individuals and worked for other students. Finally, the last comment I would give to incoming students would be to learn to be self advocates, in Lehman going to get advised or going to the financial aid office or even the bursar's office can be frustrating and discouraging; there are long lines and some of the employees are rude so in order to have success and seek the services you need you need to be very firm and a good self advocate.
It was a very resourceful and helpful school; professors worked hard to make sure you passed and always kept open communication with students. Overall staff help in the school could improve. If you have any questions in regards to your grades, financial aid, or classes, you had to go in person to discuss. Staff never answered the phones. It was a big inconvenience when you are a part time student and full time worker who can barely take time out just to ask 1 question.
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I transferred to Lehman after a year at Manhattan college, and the academics are very different, it is less useful than the requirements at my old school. The teachers have very strange grading systems. And the school is generally very dirty.
As a transfer student, who has been attending Lehman for four semesters I must say this is a great school. I will be graduating Fall of this year. Most professors are helpful and are willing to help you if you do not understand the content presented. I believe the best department is Career Services because they are helpful in guiding you to internships that can serve you with the practical aspects of your future career.
I love the staff in the sociology department. They were helpful during the semester where I would take courses in prerequisites.
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