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CUNY LaGuardia Community College Reviews

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The college is well diversed and has many activities for students. They also a lot of programs that assist with financial stability.
This community college is the most diverse and cultural campus I have ever come across. To have the opportunity to study here is amazing. The professors are tough-loving and genuine which is what every student needs from a professor to make a successful transition from community college to a four-year institution. The opportunities and resources available to students of all kinds are extraordinary. If there is a complaint it will be this, no sports administration. It would be amazing to see this community come together to rally for a sports team that competes.
LaGuardia College is a great choice to begin your journey toward your degree whether it is an associates degree or you plan to transfer to a four-year university afterward. The school has a wide range of resources and staff available to help you navigate college as a new or continuing college student making the transition to college life much easier. everyone is very much willing and enthusiastic about your journey all you have to do is reach out and be committed.
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College have poor security because have access to the whole college by unsecured access to the basement by building B.College allow practicing Muslims pray in classes and hallways whatever there are places to reflection -building C floor 3.Students behave loudly in Computer Lab Flor 3 building B and crew do not react on loudly telephone conversation and chating that are prohibited in this area because students need silence for studying.
It’s a pretty good school. This community college is close to home and helps me save money. I wasn’t too sure what career path to take, so it was a great place to start. You have help in every corner.
I like the experience I've had so far with LaGuardia Community College was good. It's very crowded but the communication between the students and staffs are professional and welcoming. LaGuardia is full of academic activities and many sports which is a great all in one package. If I can change one thing from LaGuardia would definetly be the speeding process of over crowded areas.
What I like about CUNY Laguardia Community College is that it is local and close to my home that I can transport to it in a matter of minutes. The school is easily accessible. I love it because the professors in the school are great. I love how they teach, care about their students and are accessible outside of class. I love the facilities and the help that I receive from them. I have gone to the career center, financial aid center, advising center, and the writing center. Each center helped me out a lot and I was glad they were able to help. What I would change about the school is that I wish they had more activities and a strong community and a strong social life in the school. I wish their classrooms were more easily accessible instead of having to go from building to building to go to class.
I am currently a CUNY START student and although I haven't registered for any classes yet my CUNY START advisor, ASAP advisor and Financial Aid support team helped me get on the track to becoming a student at LaGuardia.
It’s a great place to start! I recommend you to take science classes as many as your degree requires! Amazing Professors!
Life at LaGuardia community college Is amazing the people are kind the campus security Is always paying attention to what's going on around. The food is great. There are no dorming sadly but overall the college has alot of perks like the pool and a daycare center if you have a child and would still like to attend at the school. The professors at the college are great aswell they always try to make sure that you succeed in your academics and if they see you struggle they'll make sure to suggest things like tutoring to make sure you get through life at LaGuardia without any stress or complications.
LaGuardia Community to is great place to get a feel for what college level work is like and learn how to study on a more demanding level. LaGuardia also gives students the opportunity to raise their grades and participate in school activities and make them better candidates for 4 year schools.
It is very diverse and economically. Has provided me with a so far pleasant experience, and has made my education so far great.
What I Like about LaGuardia Community College is that the staff in the college is friendly and there are different programs to help the students sucede in college to finish school early and helps students to have academic help or tutoring. Also I like that they care about the students success and try to provide different sources to students, they provide activities and events to support students career. What would I like to see change is that there should be more computer labs available for students. But in general school diversity makes the school a happy and friendly place and we can learn more about others students and their backgrounds.
LaGuardia is a decent college. Facilities are typically clean but avoid the obvious bathrooms as the stench will make you tear up while you're inside. Go to the bathrooms on the 3rd + floor in any of the campus buildings but avoid the 1st floor ones. One huge drawback is that attendance is mandatory. Miss a certain number of classes and you automatically fail. But if you're going to college to learn, it really shouldn't be a problem as you're attending this school for your own benefit.
LaGuardia Community College has been a great experience. If I could stay and get my bachelors there I would! Great professors, and nice facilities.
The very few amazing professors is what I enjoyed the most and will miss. I love how much they care and take their take when it comes to teaching. If they aren't amazing professors then they're just careless. There is no in between. I would like to see more professors care the way I came across other professors. When I say care, I mean explain themselves thoroughly and actually care that we understand or not. Most just throw material at us without really explaining.
LaGuardia is extremely diverse and the buildings are easily accessible. The only problem can be some professors seem to not be completely invested in their class.
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I had a good experience the first time I went to LaGuardia Community College. The only thing is the staff need to be able to give a feedback about the placement test the same day.
LaGuardia helps you step by step with what you need help with, they will guide you in the right direction. They make sure you get stuff done and will remind you to stay on top of your school work. The proffesors are great, the staff is great. They have recsource some schools dont offer.
What I like the most about Laguardia is the attitude of the staffs from professors to even the maintenance. They act very friendly and professional and are always there for you if you need help.
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