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It is very diverse and economically. Has provided me with a so far pleasant experience, and has made my education so far great.
What I Like about LaGuardia Community College is that the staff in the college is friendly and there are different programs to help the students sucede in college to finish school early and helps students to have academic help or tutoring. Also I like that they care about the students success and try to provide different sources to students, they provide activities and events to support students career. What would I like to see change is that there should be more computer labs available for students. But in general school diversity makes the school a happy and friendly place and we can learn more about others students and their backgrounds.
LaGuardia is a decent college. Facilities are typically clean but avoid the obvious bathrooms as the stench will make you tear up while you're inside. Go to the bathrooms on the 3rd + floor in any of the campus buildings but avoid the 1st floor ones. One huge drawback is that attendance is mandatory. Miss a certain number of classes and you automatically fail. But if you're going to college to learn, it really shouldn't be a problem as you're attending this school for your own benefit.
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LaGuardia Community College has been a great experience. If I could stay and get my bachelors there I would! Great professors, and nice facilities.
The very few amazing professors is what I enjoyed the most and will miss. I love how much they care and take their take when it comes to teaching. If they aren't amazing professors then they're just careless. There is no in between. I would like to see more professors care the way I came across other professors. When I say care, I mean explain themselves thoroughly and actually care that we understand or not. Most just throw material at us without really explaining.
LaGuardia is extremely diverse and the buildings are easily accessible. The only problem can be some professors seem to not be completely invested in their class.
I had a good experience the first time I went to LaGuardia Community College. The only thing is the staff need to be able to give a feedback about the placement test the same day.
LaGuardia helps you step by step with what you need help with, they will guide you in the right direction. They make sure you get stuff done and will remind you to stay on top of your school work. The proffesors are great, the staff is great. They have recsource some schools dont offer.
What I like the most about Laguardia is the attitude of the staffs from professors to even the maintenance. They act very friendly and professional and are always there for you if you need help.
LAGCC is one of the greatest community colleges in the United States. Diversity, students clubs, ASAP, professors are amazing. I believe it is a good place to start something great.
LaGuardia Community College is an amazing school that really cares for their students. They support their students in everything. All the resources are right in front of us, and it is our choice to choose between using them or not. LaGuardia trains the students to be stronger and ambitious. The rates of transferring to 4 year school are high!
LaGuardia Community College is a good institution for students who are trying to find their passion it offers a lot of programs to help you in every way possible no matter what your insterest are it’s very diverse and not too big. However, the lectures are sometimes hard to understand because of the professors who might sometimes have strong accents to hard to comprehend .
Laguardia Community College is one of the best college to start for a higher education. Flexible class schedules and higher diversity help new students to adapt college environment easily.
LaGuardia Community College is more a community than an institution. The college is a hub for students of every nationality to connect and share ideals and aspirations, support is given all throughout the campus by faculty, staff and last but not least, the students themselves. The students' necessity for thriving paves the way for a strongly supportive community in which you are seen as you really are, and not only by what traditions your culture or religion might follow.
I like that LaGuardia Community college provides with you with infinite amount of resources, the professors there really care. You’re not left in dark but they make sure that you’re on the path for graduation. It’s diverse, the culture of school is great. Had a great experience over all.
My experience at laguardia has been great. There are good professors that help students with any concern. The schedule is unique from other cuny schools but very good for students.
LaGuardia community college has extracurricular activities that the student can take part in. The school is very diverse and the professors seem very nice. The school is very well organized, clean, and it makes me feel safe when I am there. So far everything has been going smoothly with my classes and also my extracurricular activities. I just wish that they had cheerleading because I would definitely be on the team.
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LaGuardia Community College is the first college I went to and I would say it’s a great experience. The teacher is super friendly and always willing to help and would always make time to assist you. One-time I was so stress about my grades and my teacher off extra credit assignment which help me out a lot. As for the campus, it’s beautiful and offers a variety of clubs and groups to participate in. Everyone is so helpful and always willing to help you. I’m happy that LaGuardia Community College was the first college I choose to further my studies.
My experience here at LaGuardia Community College has been a good experience. There were many good times and a few bad times where I did miss a lot of classes during my sophomore year due to health issues. But my advisers were able to help me get through those issues when I was almost kicked out of college. Now at the end of this month i will be getting my associates degree. The professors there were also very helpful and they were able to keep the classes i was apart of in line with the coursework.
I think laguardia is one of the best college to be in. It has helped me a lot by giving me a job, internship and many other benefits. There are really good professors that help you out with anything you need. There are also plenty of tutors available to help you out with any course you need such as math, english, chemistry, or accounting.
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