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It is great college. The price is extremely cheap and they help with everything. Especially the president society. It gives you a lot of opportunities!
I really enjoyed my experience in LaGuardia Community College. My professors were very knowledgeable and helpful in the classes. Always communicate with them if you do not understand a topic in class.
Pretty nice. The teachers are ok, the lessons aren't too hard if you pay attention. So far I've done pretty well for myself here. Only real problem was at the beginning where they have a required seminar class that gives 0 credits. There was also a misunderstanding or two with the Bursar office who claimed I still had past due balances when it wasn't the case.
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CUNY LaGuardia Community College has many positive qualities such as their various programs like ASAP, Fatherhood, College Discovery, One Stop and more, all to keep the community together and to help those in need. This also includes their assortment of clubs and their extra curricular activities during or after school. The school is an excellent choice for anyone who wants diversity within their campus, to become involved in school activities or to be part of some community. Of course, there is no perfection, there are some hardships such as the miscellany of professors and how they measure their work distribution as well as their personal preferences on rules to follow, which naturally is within all schools. All in all this school is a good school to begin your journey within college towards your career since it offers many programs to help their students succeed.
This school is a great place to continue education, especially for people who do not want to spend a lot of money on college. There are a lot of people from other countries, what makes learning about other cultures really easy. There are some professors who teach really bad, but most of the teachers are wonderful. They can help everyone with the material and are also willing to advise their students with their problems outside the classes. Except really bad food in the cafeteria, I would highly recommend this college, especially when English is not your first language, you had a break from college or want to save money. In my opinion it is the best community college in the New York area.
I called this college to get some information about a major, but i just kept getting transfered around the place. Finally when someone comes to the phone they tell me to make it fast because they have things they have to do. I didnt even get to ask one question.
The majority of professors that I've had, are very passionate about the subjects they teach. They are engaging with students and care very much about making sure each student is working to their full potential. Laguardia gives a lot of opportunities for students who wish to go on to four year schools or enter the work force.
I love it at laguardia it makes me feel comfortable and is so accommodating for freshman. I enjoy all the professors they are all so helpful and great to my needs. There are so many reviews and tutors to help with any little problem I'm having.
It is a community college so alot of people are taking classes for 4 yr colleges or something along the lines. So alot of people are coming and going, everyone is doing their own thing. There is many different type of people too, young students from high school some coming back to school after having children or immigrants. It isnt the best school but it gets the job done, most people are in the school to get the credits. There are resources and stuff to do but most people are waiting to be transferred. I think something they have to fix is the responce time, I emailed the regristar office and its my 3rd day waiting for my email.
Put in the hard work and you will graduate, it's not the easiest school to go through due to numerous amounts of setbacks but if you have the will to do everything, then you will pass.
This is a great school with very supportive faculty. They make you feel very welcome and the support you get here is amazing. It feels like they really want you to succeed.
College was difficult at first but navigating through my course was easy. I was intimidatwd by some of the courses but I mangage to do very well in my classes
Overall I think the services can be a lot better, it would be great if someone was around when you need help.
Not only were the professors encouraging, but this is where I finally discovered my passion and decided on a career path.
LaGuardia is a great school, some on the classes are big for the most part but professors make it work, councilors are very helpful and supportive and the overall feeling at this school is i feel safe and the academics are easy as long as you work for it.
Professors and programs are way beyond your expectation of community colleges.

I am a Commercial Photography major and LAGCC's photo lab has better equipments than photo departments in famous private schools in the city. Outside guest speakers often surprise how motivated and knowledgable the students are, compare to competing photo/art schools.

Most of the admin offices are reasonable and nice.

Newly renovated library is just beautiful and pretty spacious. Great space to study.

School mind/spirit is really liberal, accommodated excelsior scholarship signing ceremony and had a head of Black Lives Matter for keynote address speaker for commencement.

Pretty proud of being a student at the No.1 diverse college in the US.
I really enjoyed the positive friendly environment at LaGuardia. The staff and teachers are all very helpful and want you to succeed. Everyone works very hard to get you through the two years quickly and efficiently
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I had been a university student for two years in South Korea before I studied in LaGuardia community college. I expected more sociable life. But I could not make friends easily. I don't know maybe many people are from New York City or United states so I felt we had different culture, the way to talk, style, favor and so on. I still could not make any good friends there. I really want to be with friends like I used to be in South Korea. It is lonely and solitude as an international student. Besides communicating with people, school systems or academics are really satisfactory. I can feel people who work at college care students a lot and try to help them. I am studying hard for my next goal in the United States receiving help from LaGuardia Community College.
what i like about laguardia community college is the opportunities that the staff give us to bring our grades up. The professors that i had so far show me that they care about their students passing and that brings comfort to me and other students from Lagaurdia. What i would like to see change is a specific requirement to be accepted in the asap program which is having to take more than 4 classes in one semester including the summer and winter section.
Laguardia is a good school with an accelerated program to get you out in 2 years time. A lot of people hate to go to school year round but it ends up being worth it. The semesters are broken down into sessions of 2 with no summer semester allowing you to earn 12+ credits split in between the 2 semesters and still be full time. It is a nice school with some really good teachers and the students are interesting but mainly young. It has a lot of school events and opportunities to get you a lot more out of the school than just a degree. They could have better food and campus access but all in all it's a good place to go.
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