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Laguardia is a good school with an accelerated program to get you out in 2 years time. A lot of people hate to go to school year round but it ends up being worth it. The semesters are broken down into sessions of 2 with no summer semester allowing you to earn 12+ credits split in between the 2 semesters and still be full time. It is a nice school with some really good teachers and the students are interesting but mainly young. It has a lot of school events and opportunities to get you a lot more out of the school than just a degree. They could have better food and campus access but all in all it's a good place to go.
Laguardia is a great community college to start many friendly people. They help you in anything and give you advice. All your questions are answered.
I'm sure Laguardia can be very helpful but in my experience I get no help. Personally I feel like I do not belong at this school, just because of the lack of help from the staff members to my advisor. I am told very little about my major and payment plans. I mostly hear " I can not do anything for you" every time I engage in a conversation with any staff member or I am told to go from building to building just to hear the exact some words. I am trying my very best but since I joined Laguardia back in September of 2015 as a freshman and knew nothing about college, being that I am the first of my family to be in college this long.. I only want helpful answers and motivated staff members to help me get through my two years.
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The one thing that caught my eye about LaGuardia Community College, is that all the professors want to see you succeed and they try there best to help make your educational experience less stressful.
The school overall is ok the area sucks its basically in the middle of nowhere. The food in the cafeteria is good theres a lot of choices. The campus is nice they are renovating it.
Great school that is very diverse, off the 7 train, 20 mins away from the city, close by all major queens neighborhoods. Teachers are very helpful, a great selection at the library and a lot of majors to choose from. Students are nice and respectful and the gym is small but never gets crowded and people are friendly.
LAGCC is the original "Start Here, Go ANYWHERE"...AFTER DEALING WITH THE HELL CALLED BMCC, I decided to transfer to LAGCC. Best Decision EVER. The Computer Science program is wayyyy better. It isn't as crowded as BMCC.
The opportunity that LAGCC is great, so many programs that help me work towards my career goals. There is always events to help you understand more about the real world and what is out there.
Laguardia community college is my first school in America. when i attended the first class i was so nervous because other students were native speakers and i was too shy to talk in English. However the professors and the student who i met in my classes were so nice and try to understands the foreign students. Especially, professors in Laguardia are really generous and professional.
LaGuardia community college is full o smart and nice people who are always able to help you. I found a lot of support from professors and students when I have some concerns about classes especially if you need financial Aid support.
Fabulous! I consider that enrolling in LAGCC was one of the most appropriate and wonderful choices of my academic life. It's on account of teachers being so polite, curious and inspiring ; staff is willing to help anytime and peers making you feel the atmosphere of education.
I'm undergoing precious experience by attending LAGCC and would advise it to others, still stay in your choice. Overall it's an advise not force :-)
I really like my college! The area around it is not the best, mostly because of construction going on in the area, the train is not that far from the buildings, and not to mention the Long Island Railroad too, but I enjoy the area. There's restaurants nearby, security patrols the campus, and the professors are amazing! I enjoy learning new material every single day! The staff from the multiple departments are very friendly. LaGuardia is also very diverse, people from all over the world study at LaGuardia and since the college is in Queens (with Queens being the most diverse borough in New York City) it's no surprise that the school is so diverse. I enjoy the different classmates I have in my different classes.
I would love to have more green. Right now most of the buildings are confusing halls that you get lost very quickly.
I like the professor in each class as they are willing to help you improve if you are willing to talk to them. Also I like Their financial aid/ advisers since they are really helpful. I would like to see changes in their library as it is difficult to navigate.
Very diverse college with many friendly and helpful faculty. Laguardia Community college prides itself in catering to the multicultural city of New York and I've loved my experience here.
When i was enrolled at this school my major was Communications. I loved the fact that if i needed anything regarding my major whether it was making courses, finding internships or just a question. The Communication department and the director were very helpful and did every and anything to help me graduate on time. The advisers constantly checked in on me to see how my studies were going and helped keep me on my toes. With this school they really cared about the students i can say i wish it was a 4 year college. Its a great school to attend.
I am very dissatisfied about the financial office. This is due to the reason that they had given me the WRONG information! I applied TAP and I found that I have to pass the ATB test in order to be eligible to get the TAP payment. However, I found that my TAP had been approved. Therefore, I went to the financial office and asked about it. I still remembered vividly that I went there to ask for TWICE and the staff did go in and confirmed with the chairperson TWICE, ended up by telling me that I am good and no need to take the ATB test TWICE. few weeks later, the system showed that I OWED money. I went back to the financial office and they told me that I was not eligible for the TAP and asked me to return back the money. It is so ridiculous!! The explanation that they gave was the website showed that for those who didn't take ATB test will not eligible for the TAP and it was my responsibility! How can they do work like that? It is so unprofessional!
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It was really interesting semester, full of interesting classes. I learned a lot of new stuff. Not only learning but also the variety of clubs and organizations are really interesting
I haven't started my classes at laguardia community college yet. I'very just got accepted. The college is very big and nice. The people over there are friendly and helpful. So, overall I like it so far.
The BEST part of LaGuardia is the a student can take FREE classes in winter and summer if the student is full-time. This opportunity is not available at other college. A student could graduate within 2 years. And the Tuition for a semester is $2,600 which is 3,450 at a 4 years college as of 12/18/16. Do the math and you will know how much you can save! On top of that FREE classes in winter and summer!!! The faculty is very helpful. Registration people help students with registration. They also help students register via email. Financial Aid staff is very helpful in filing their financial aid. I graduated from LaGuardia last year. I wish it was a 4 years college. I'm not at John Jay and realize how helpful LaGuardia was. Trust me people when I say that LaGuardia is the BEST, I mean it. Having been at John Jay has made me compare and contrast and appreciate LaGuardia even more!
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