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CUNY Kingsborough Community College Reviews

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My experience attending Kingsborough community college for the first time being a freshman was scary. I had to walk around the campus before school started so i can familiarize myself with the buildings on campus i may have to attend. Everyone is so helpful in giving directions if your lost. This is one of the best things about this school there is always someone there to help you.
Nice professors. Pretty Campus. Lines for FAFSA are always ridiculous. Campus cafe always shut down for sanitary reasons. Everyone is basically to themselves.
My overall experience at Kingsborough was awesome. Thanks to Student Life office, I was able to be really involved on campus and find a sense of belonging, especially as an international student.
I got the opportunity to meet new friends and accept challenges that I would never thought I will accomplish them. Throughout the Honors office, I discovered many resources and benefits available for students, one of them is the international honors society, Phi Theta Kappa, which strengthen my leadership, communication and management skills.
And many great resources available to students that prepare them both academically and professionally for the future.
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Kingsborough Community College gave me many opportunities and it is a great start for me. I would like to see the change in classrooms, it would be great if they invest in renovating some buildings.
Kingsborough has their very own beach. Professors here are very great and helpful and very understanding. Has very good tuition fee cost, compared to other community colleges, Kingsborough have the cheapest tuition fees.
Born and raised in Burkina Faso ( west Africa) when I first came my dream was to get in University or college I was 19 at the time couldn't go to high school so they recommended me to take the GED test . My story with kingsborough community college started when I applied for taking the GED test and they gave me the chance to take the GED test I have successfully passed the test. Ever since I decided to enroll in the school for the major of engineering science. Today Im currently a sophomore he's been a good experience so far . They have also accepted me in the soccer team. I feel blessed to be there
My college experience at Kingsborough Community College has been an experience of growth, learning new lessons about myself and life. When I first came to Kingsborough I was not very interested in joining clubs or making friends on campus. But with joining clubs and groups on campus, such as Student Ambassadors and Phi Theta Kappa I blossomed into a student that is up for any challenge.
Lots of great teachers, friendly staff (mostly), and really nice people. There are many programs and opportunities for students to complete their degree on their own schedule, as well as participate in college life or resources to help get a job, and get a head start on your life.
Kingsborough offers many professional and academic opportunities for its students to succeed. Its resources has allowed mt to be progressive with my studies, and is a great starting point for a career.
This is my second semester in KCC. Through the days in KCC, I found out that KCC met all my longings for a college. KCC really makes me closer to my dream. On one hand, professors and stuff in KCC are so nice. If I have any problems or questions, they always would like to help. For instance, when I heard of this scholarship and went to the office for some information, no matter what I asked, the officer always answered my question patiently and I got the information that I need. Professors and stuff make me feel KCC is my second home, they helped me overcome lots of the difficulty, just like my family.
On the other hand, KCC provides plenty of activities and opportunities to students for their career and future. As for me, these are very helpful for me to broaden my horizon and improve my communication skills. Moreover, there are lots of research programs available in KCC that I am interested in, which is very helpful for science students to promote their research skills.
good We need some context to know what you mean to say. "Information" is some facts and "the information field" is a type of work. Owl's suggestion makes the sentence one you would use on a resume. Without the "a", you could make a sentence about a time you had a fun time with some information, perhaps you filled in a crossword puzzle.I learned a lot of techniques. It’s very good because we are learning and we are sharing ideas... It’s totally different and it is a very good experience.
I absolutely loved Kingsborough Community College! I made great connections with wonderful students and faculty. It was a beautiful campus with a great view and peaceful atmosphere. Great price for an excellent education!
It's an amazing starter college if you wish to pursue an associates degree. The people there are nice and the teachers are even nicer.
professors are very fair and do their best to provide students with knowledge and enough information about course topics to prepare for exams
All the professor care deeply about their students and help everyone in with any problems . Great school and they help you graduate on time.
Kingsborough is amazing, it's so diverse and many of the professors are there to help you. It was a very good start school and many people love it there.
I’ve had good experiences they school has so many opportunities but you will not know about them unless you ask
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I am an international student at KBCC. I started as an ESL student and I learned a lot from the class, the professor is really nice, very patient and brilliant. Also, the classes it took recently was also good because the professors are brilliant and I learned a lot from them. The library and the laboratories are also well put together. There are enough books and equipments for students and professors. Best college ever. I love everything about this college.
The overall staff here is welcoming and encouraging to students. This school truly wants any and everyone coming here to succeed
The ambience is really good if College. The professors are very good, staff is very supporting. Teachers always help student to gain success in many ways.
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