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CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice Reviews

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John Jay is a great college for anyone interested in a career in criminal justice of the fire service.
I think John Jay College is a good school and its better than my two previous schools. I like how they give many student chances to apply for jobs and internships. They have internships fair and they also have people from the law enforcement answer students questions and give them information. I like how they try to keep students engage in college life and they make me feel like Im not alone and that there is help. I like that they have a office for everything. I would like to see change of more options of scholarships and advertisements of scholarships. I also don't like that we have to sign up to make appointments to speak with financial aid and advisors. If I have an emergency I wouldn't get help asap because all of the time slots are taken for the next few week.
John Jay college was the college for me. I Have always known I wanted to be in Law Enforcement and help others. Although the "college experience" is not that of other accredited colleges, John Jay meets my needs. The classes and professors are exceptional. The Campus and dorm life, however, are not to be raved about. If John Jay had dorms and a normal campus vibe, it would be a perfect choice for all. It does not just offer criminal justice majors, which gives a nice diverse feel. The athletics department could also use work. Coming from a student-athlete here at John Jay, the facilities could use work and updating. Aside from that, John Jay is a great school for the location it sits and the price of admission.
Review CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice
As a high school senior, I was scared to take out loans for college without fully knowing what I wanted to do. The advice everyone seemed to give me was take a whole bunch of different classes and you'll figure it out but because I knew myself I decided to go to John Jay College of Criminal Justice because I could definitely relate to its message, its affordability, it's location and it's recognition for social justice. In hindsight, I realized I could not have made a better decision. I received a great quality education for a third of the price. I was a political science and government major with two minors; one i history and criminal l justice. FYI: just because it's a criminal justice school does not mean you have to major in criminal justice. There are so many other majors to choose from. I glad I attended John Jay College because I discovered their Pre Law Institute, an excellent resource which helped me get where I am today. You can't go wrong.
I love how diverse my school is and how welcoming the students are. As well as the staff. They are very engaging in their work and always offer the students help.
I like that this college is very diverse and students are very helpful. Professors are really helpful and they provide their phone numbers to students so they can get help right away. I would like to one thing changed which is they should have good computers in the class rooms. Computer that I use are very slow.
I really like the school. Academics and support are great but it seem to missing some school spirit as well as the 'dorming' part of the collegiate experience
great professors who enjoy teaching and very helpful staff members. If you need any services the student affairs are always willing to help out the students with anything. Especially if anyone needs assistance with club membership to scholarships and more. Majority of the college is very diverse in terms of who is around the campus and the nature of the college is such that everyone is helpful all around.
Whether your looking to join a field in Law Enforcement or any career involving Criminal Justice, no college will give you a better bang for your buck! John Jay's staff has so much experience in their respective fields and will help you achieve your career of choice by improving your sense of judgement in order to become better moral agents and servents of the law!
Having attended John Jay for almost four years, one can say that the experience has been eye opening to say the least. In 2013, fresh out out of high school I had no idea what to expect on a city college campus. Every thing at the college seemed more refined, like there was more effort poured into giving attention to a quality learning experience while maintaining a calm atmosphere. Most professors at the college teach the material they know well and do not overwork students like in high school. The campus is very clean and staff help with almost all of the students needs. There is only one problem that I have with John Jay and that is the fact that the escalators are always breaking down and seem to take an eternity to fix. Some areas of the college doesn'teven have stairs so when the escalators are busted, the only other option is to take elevators that are filled to capacity with students all headed in the same direction, which tends to make students and professors late for class.
This is a great school. there is not only a lot of ways for students to get involved, but the classes and professors are great. Only dislike is the jay express services.
I like that there is always something going on around campus. There are always desks for different career opportunities. The school is really lively and I don't think theres a better school I could've chosen for my undergraduate degree. The professors are even better, I've learned a lot from them. It will be hard to say goodbye once its time for graduation!
John Jay truly is a college that caters to the needs of hard working students. Flexible programs which offer courses to fit ones schedule. Professors who care and mentor you to further plans of graduate school or professional career in the field of criminal justice. This college has laid out the strongest foundation that I could have possible attained in order to build a professional future of success.
John Jay has a campus full of interesting activities that are fun. There are tons of scholarships and their reputation stands out well to the media. All of the professors have hands on experience either through research or their profession off campus. Basically they can fill the majority of your needs as a student such as academic advice, peer mentoring, free yoga classes, brand new black box movie theater , community service opportunities , a food pantry, immigration services, apply for food stamps and free tax preparation, daily community hour in the lobby where they give free food on thursdays and services to the students. Not to mention the number of student clubs they have and weekly entertainment for the students. Graduate school has an immerse opportunity for research in the field and on campus.
Although I didn't get to get the full JJAY experience, for example sports and so forh, my 4 years at the school were great. I met wonderful people who I'm friends with till this day. The professors I had actually cared for you and your growth. They wanted to make sure you passed your classes and pushed yourself to do better. I graduated May 2014 and I plan to go back to JJAY for my masters. I would recommend JJAY anytime.
I am having an overall good experience at John Jay. The athletics needs to improve and also the gym needs to be updated a bit.
Your undergraduate experience at John Jay will depend on a few factors. One of them is whether you are a daytime or evening student. More services and support are available to daytimers, such as free talks and workshops on a wide array of academic, professional and personal topics. There aren't as many activities and opportunities available to evening students. Professors know their stuff, but not all are good teachers. I found the online classes poor; the professors don’t seem to know how to teach online or use multimedia. Tuition is extremely affordable, so I think you get your money's worth in terms of being able to say you have a degree. John Jay is EXTREMELY active when it comes to doing things in the community related to criminal justice. And the school is respected in that field. If you know you're on a criminal justice path and your schedule permits you to get involved in at least some of the day time activities, you might find the school rates at least a 4.
Review CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice
John Jay has always been on my list. I wanted to go there to perceive my criminal justice degree since i started high school. I always had a passion for crime fighting, so once I got accepted I felt my dreams came true. The professors here are great, they are all encourages and want to see their students succeed. Some are tough on it but its college, so if you do what you are expected to do you will do just fine. The area is beautiful as well and the people are all so friendly, you can make great long term friends. There is nothing i would change about John Jay.
The teachers are very into what we are doing , they put things in a way that allows me to understanding what we are learning. The campus is amazing , makes me feel very comfortable.
I love the professors here because they really challenge you and make you think critically in their classrooms. They really have great programs here if you are interested in a career in the criminal justice field. The fact that I am a senior here is still surprise me because it feels like yesterday I was a freshman. I am really going to miss everyone who help me along the way. Overall, my experience at John Jay was good because you have professors that care about their students future.
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