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CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice Reviews

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Professors are very understanding and will do their best to help the students in the class. The campus is very modern and clean. However, people at Jay Express are not helpful at all.
I love the professors here, I'm learning so much from my time here, the library is nice as well as the students who go here. The commute to my school is short and nice, there's always something to do here based on it's location.
John Jay College of Criminal Justice is by far an amazing college in the city. John Jay has an AMAZING Student Life involvement center. There is a community hour everyday with events from all throughout campus from many clubs and departments.
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What I like about John jay college is the sessions during the club hours about internships, making connections, and providing information to students about other events or programs occurring in John Jay. However, I would like to see an improvement for opportunities for the transfer students. I feel there isn’t a lot of opportunities for transfer students hat involves internships through a course.
There are no dorms considering the school is located in NYC. I love how the staff wants the students to succeed in all that we do.
John jay college of criminal justice is great college because you can learn great thing . the class are amazing and you can learn something criminal .
John Jay is an excellent college. There are many resources for one to be successful. Many networks, clubs/ societies, law school and grad school info. They really make you feel welcomed at the school by hosting New student events to bring students together. I remember when I first started at John Jay college, and I was so nervous. They hosted a transfer student networking event, in which I attended. I went to the event, and I was able to be around other transfer students, and to hear their stories, and share mines on our transfer experiences. Now that I am a senior, headed towards graduation, I will always remember my time at John Jay college.
John jay college has been one of the nest choices i have chosen out of all of my colleges. It gives you the legal education that you need to succeed and move forward. One of the best local colleges by far. If you have the chance to go, you should
To be completely honest, i am so happy with my college choice. The classes are not big (unless you’re in the lecture hall which has about 90 students in it) but the teachers make an effort to get to know your name and they recognize faces and try to help you as much as possible. The professors are so kind. If you’re a freshman i suggest going into ISP for your freshman seminar because it is so interesting, a ton of reading & essays but the best seminar with great professors such as Professor Scott.
John Jay is a very good college that will help you succeed in the real world. Professors are very aware of students and offer a lot of help, each professor has different styles of teaching that help the students. Most professors have worked or work in law enforcement so you get a first-person perspective.
john jay college is a great college if you are interested in pressuring a career in criminal justice ans safety. Student life is great, people are friendly and helpful. the elevator are never dependable. however the stares will give you a good workout. Being that this is a cuny most students do commute and some professors understand that and are okay with it.
John Jay is the only school that has been able to keep my interests. I have been to a number of different schools and John Jay has welcomed me from the very first day. No matter what department you are in all students and staff are helpful and friendly.
The environment is great. Staff members are nice. Student life is very active, there is always something to do on campus.
I transferred to this school at the start of my junior year because I changed my major to criminology and I was told that this was one of the best schools to attend for the criminal justice field. I was placed in the New Yorker hotel as my dorm because I am from out of state. Every part of this school has been unwelcoming and a waste of a lot of money. Half of my professors seem under qualified to teach, I received very little aid, the dorms are outrageously expensive and not worth the money. This school is very diverse, but with that being said, there is still discrimination against the smaller minority groups in the school. Unless you grew up in the area and already have established friend groups, I do not recommend coming here. This school is not equipped for out of state students or transfer students. I highly recommend you look elsewhere.
John Jay college gives everyone an opportunity to study. Anybody who wants to go within the criminal justice system should apply here.
John Jay is a very good school for those looking to increase their knowledge of diversity and culture. Located in the heart of Manhattan, it welcomes students from all five boroughs, New Jersey, and Long Island. The professors are reasonably good with the exception of one or two that I have had. Although, I do find this school lacking in its athletic department as it is a D3 school and does not have popular sports such as football or track and field.
The campus is large, full of life as well as a sense of tranquility. The professors are very helpful and the staff as well. I would like to repeat my four years just to experience everything all over again. Just the campus alone would make you want to spend your free time there.
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I love diversity of that school. Unfortunately, lack of professionalism of administration. It's very hard to get things done, especially if you are transfer student from overseas.
A beautiful college located in the center of Manhattan. Staff and faculties are friendly and helpful, you will not be lost if you attend info sessions and orientations.
N/A everything is good in this college and plan to attend it when I graduate my number one choice to go their.
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