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CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice cares about their students feelings, opinions and academic success. The professors challenge their students thoughts and allows room for agency. The school has many helpful resources to help relieve students from stress, such as Counseling, the Women's Center, Urban Male Initiative, and academic advisors. For students who have children, John Jay's Childcare Center is amazing. The staff takes very care of the children, inform parents on how their children have been behaving, give children tours around the college, and they throw events for children and graduating parents. There is no change that this college needs. It was an amazing experience and I intend to go back for graduate school.
My experience at John Jay is very interesting because they have good academic standard that i was looking for. I enjoyed going to this College everthing.
What I like about the college is that there are many things to do and a lot of people to interact with. The professors are amazing and you learn a lot from them. The school has easy access to everything and many different clubs and activities.
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This school is in a nice area. I never had a problem with any professor except one. The staff and students are very welcoming. John Jay is known for its diversity. The school could be better if some professors raised their teaching standards. The library is an excellent tool for students. Overall a good school with a great staff.
I have been in CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice for over 2 years now and is currently enrolled as an Undergraduate student. I have had an excellent experience in John Jay. Out of all the CUNY's in New York City, John Jay is one of the best colleges allow students to be involved on campus. We have a community hour every school day and have growing amount of club and events every day that we encourage students to be part of. John Jay also has a strong Student Government that represents that student of the school, and work hard all year round.
Similar to my high school, John Jay is a smaller college, when compared to CCNY or Brooklyn College. Because of the smaller campus, the resources availabe are more accessible and it feels like a tighter-knit community. It is fairly simple to make friends because of all the activities planned for students. Most of the professors are relaxed and willing to work with you during their office hours on homework or projects. There are also facilities to get help with math and writing, such as the Math and Science Research Center and the Writing Center.
Great school with very friendly and helpful staff. Lecturers are fine. Keep your head on and you're sure to get good quality grades. Nice infrastructure. A+ atmosphere generally.
I love my school, one of the greatest choices i've made in life. It's just so many things that they don't tell you at my age when going back to school and when your so close to the finish line things get turned around.
John Jay provides an incredible academic experience for everyone. With an impressive faculty and hands-on research opportunities, this is the college to go to for a future in social justice.
I love Johnjays library and gym study hard great for people interested in law enforcement . School is diverse very nice buildings you feel comfortable in, You’re around the city so it’s already as nice. The Jay walk is a nice place to be when it’s nice out, i go there to eat lunch or study. Friend groups are diverse, lots of different people you will meet.
My professors are very understanding and they make the courses understandable. The atmosphere in general is very welcoming and can make anyone feel comfortable. The people are friendly and the environment is relaxing.
I love this school! I am an upcoming freshman of fall 2018 and I visited the campus earlier this year. New York City is a big place and I have never felt safer in a campus. The staff is friendly and are always willing to help you if you need anything. The students are quiet but once you start talking to them, you realize they are all passionate in pursuing justice in the criminal justice field.
Professors are very understanding and will do their best to help the students in the class. The campus is very modern and clean. However, people at Jay Express are not helpful at all.
I love the professors here, I'm learning so much from my time here, the library is nice as well as the students who go here. The commute to my school is short and nice, there's always something to do here based on it's location.
John Jay College of Criminal Justice is by far an amazing college in the city. John Jay has an AMAZING Student Life involvement center. There is a community hour everyday with events from all throughout campus from many clubs and departments.
What I like about John jay college is the sessions during the club hours about internships, making connections, and providing information to students about other events or programs occurring in John Jay. However, I would like to see an improvement for opportunities for the transfer students. I feel there isn’t a lot of opportunities for transfer students hat involves internships through a course.
There are no dorms considering the school is located in NYC. I love how the staff wants the students to succeed in all that we do.
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John jay college of criminal justice is great college because you can learn great thing . the class are amazing and you can learn something criminal .
John Jay is an excellent college. There are many resources for one to be successful. Many networks, clubs/ societies, law school and grad school info. They really make you feel welcomed at the school by hosting New student events to bring students together. I remember when I first started at John Jay college, and I was so nervous. They hosted a transfer student networking event, in which I attended. I went to the event, and I was able to be around other transfer students, and to hear their stories, and share mines on our transfer experiences. Now that I am a senior, headed towards graduation, I will always remember my time at John Jay college.
John jay college has been one of the nest choices i have chosen out of all of my colleges. It gives you the legal education that you need to succeed and move forward. One of the best local colleges by far. If you have the chance to go, you should
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