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CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice Reviews

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Going into my third year at John Jay, I would have to say that it has been a great experience thus far. I’ve learned a lot, I’ve made friends and the academics are very great. I would recommend anyone to go here.
Sophomore majoring in criminal justice and a if one wants to study law this is the great place. Not only that people are friendly and there are a lot of fun activities. If one needs help do not afraid to ask, there are always people to help.
John jay is great college to attend, the teachers and staff are super nice and helpful. They'll help you anytime you need it, academically and financially.
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It is a great college. I am in the SEEK program and they are very helpful because they help you with the struggles your in with school and they give you guidance counselors to hel you throughout your whole college experience.
I think John jay is a amazing university for people that want to go out and meet diverse professionals of the city of New York. There are always something to do and its amazing how many different things they teach.
Has a lot of sports programs and the campus part of the campus is pretty new. Food choices are lackluster. If you want a career working in the government this school would be the definite starting point.
John Jay is an amazing college. The buildings are modern, clean and good. The school financial support is amazing, not in scholarships but in free food, free events, free metrocards and a lot more. The administration people are very confused, they never truly know things, but they always try. But I do not recommend the housing, too expensive and it does not look so nice as the site shows.
The atmosphere is really great and the teachers are very nice and welcoming. They are very understanding and want nothing but the best for their students I don’t think I would want to change anything besides the fact that the cafeteria doesn’t really have vegan/vegetarian options.
More Help with Financial Aid and Assistance as well as more help centers. John Jay needs more direction points for students to better access help opportunities and find resources.
I’m currently a freshman enrolled at John Jay College, and what I can tell you from my experience there so far is that it is very exquisite and fun! The amount of diversity that school attains as well as the professionalism and education the professors have is astonishing! The campus is very small, and easy to get to point A to point B. Located in the heart of Manhattan, in your free time you can head on to Central Park, shop at the Time Warner Center, or even enjoy walking on the Jay Walk. I can’t wait to spend my 4 years here!
I personally DO NOT LIKE THIS SCHOOL AT ALL.... I feel like they have selective students that they help. They do not help you find your stepping stones so that when you leave you can at least have an idea of your next steps. I went to the scholarship office and they literally told me to check online. that's all....
I love the interaction with the instructors. I've learned a lot and will continue to learn while I attend. The new facility is great. It's easy to find offices and classrooms. Overall, it is a great school.
John Jay is a extremely diverse and large college. If you are not ready for that then this college is not for you. I have enjoyed my experience so far. The clubs and activities are interesting and are a better way to make close friends in a huge school. They are also always having informational sessions that you can attend and learn about different things such as studying abroad, fellowships/internships, etc..
The location and campus itself was very beautiful and clean. The faculty was a mix. Some were very helpful and some particularly from the science dept were not. They were very rude and thought too much of themselves. Other faculty such as the bursars and financial aid did not go over and beyond for students. However, the overall experience was okay. Some changes that would help are teacher evaluations. Tests and work load was fair.
Love the area. So much to do around the college. Teachers are great. It’s in a prime location. Just a long commute if your from Staten Island otherwise it’s worth it.
John jay is an amazing college with a diverse community and tons of resources to help students succeed.
John Jay is an exciting institution that offers online and on campus classes. This option is great for students who want to work and not have the constraints of the college schedule to complete a degree, that flexibility is very key and it's one of their strengths as an institution.
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My experience at John jay had been amazing. Great professors who really care about their students education and great class mates you can count on to help you study and succeed together. Also the campus is very resourceful.
I love John Jay College of Criminal Justice because mostly everyone there is seeking to make this world a better place and fighting for justice throughout all aspects of life.
I like how nice the professors are to the students. Something I would like to see change is to make the food cheaper.
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