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CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice Reviews

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John Jay is a extremely diverse and large college. If you are not ready for that then this college is not for you. I have enjoyed my experience so far. The clubs and activities are interesting and are a better way to make close friends in a huge school. They are also always having informational sessions that you can attend and learn about different things such as studying abroad, fellowships/internships, etc..
The location and campus itself was very beautiful and clean. The faculty was a mix. Some were very helpful and some particularly from the science dept were not. They were very rude and thought too much of themselves. Other faculty such as the bursars and financial aid did not go over and beyond for students. However, the overall experience was okay. Some changes that would help are teacher evaluations. Tests and work load was fair.
Love the area. So much to do around the college. Teachers are great. It’s in a prime location. Just a long commute if your from Staten Island otherwise it’s worth it.
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John jay is an amazing college with a diverse community and tons of resources to help students succeed.
John Jay is an exciting institution that offers online and on campus classes. This option is great for students who want to work and not have the constraints of the college schedule to complete a degree, that flexibility is very key and it's one of their strengths as an institution.
My experience at John jay had been amazing. Great professors who really care about their students education and great class mates you can count on to help you study and succeed together. Also the campus is very resourceful.
I love John Jay College of Criminal Justice because mostly everyone there is seeking to make this world a better place and fighting for justice throughout all aspects of life.
I like how nice the professors are to the students. Something I would like to see change is to make the food cheaper.
I love attending John Jay. I transferred from Hunter College and it was a huge difference. Everyone at John Jay is so amicable, the students help one another in all aspects both in the classroom and outside. There is always something interesting happening and who ever form part of that try to make all student feel welcomed to join. The teachers are very understand and overall helpful. Many professors I believe do not remember how hard college is and how many people attending have other things going on in their personal life. John Jay faculty have an amazing way of working with you while also motivating and teaching what is necessary to succeed academically.
CUNY John Jay is definitely a college that I would recommend to people looking to pursue a career in the criminal justice world. This college supports its students and offers all and any resources needed to help the students achieve above and beyond. Students are friendly and cooperative towards each other, the school offers tons of opportunities for people to success such as career fairs, different programs and community service opportunities. John Jay is a safe, secure and hard working school.
I love how the professors actually care about their students. Although you're in a class of about 35-40 students, if you make an effort to talk to your professor and reach out, you will stand out amongst the rest. If not, you will just be another name on the roster. These professors are either active in the subject they are teaching or are retired so they know what they are talking about. So make sure you build a relationship with them - they may be able to write an amazing recommendation or get you a job after you graduate! Additionally, the main buildings are two blocks from Central Park and Columbus Circle so it's located in a desirable place in uptown NYC with lots to do and eat.
I like the amount of clubs that students can interact in, and the fact that there is a handful of cultures (diversity). The teachers are always willing to help if you need some assistance with certain assignments.
I like the diversity and it has a lot of events to bring students together and plenty of clubs. I didn't have the opportunity to go away for college but this is nice for my second choice.
I am a transfer student from BMCC. This has been the best decision I've ever made in my life. I love that my college is a second home being that it is a Hispanic Serving Institute.
It’s very nice, the staff is very nice and helpful and they encourage you to do better. Its clean and sanitary. The area and the student at John Jay are very nice and help. students that go to John Jay actually work there so not only does John Jay help students learn but they help us pay for college by giving jobs to students.
CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice cares about their students feelings, opinions and academic success. The professors challenge their students thoughts and allows room for agency. The school has many helpful resources to help relieve students from stress, such as Counseling, the Women's Center, Urban Male Initiative, and academic advisors. For students who have children, John Jay's Childcare Center is amazing. The staff takes very care of the children, inform parents on how their children have been behaving, give children tours around the college, and they throw events for children and graduating parents. There is no change that this college needs. It was an amazing experience and I intend to go back for graduate school.
My experience at John Jay is very interesting because they have good academic standard that i was looking for. I enjoyed going to this College everthing.
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What I like about the college is that there are many things to do and a lot of people to interact with. The professors are amazing and you learn a lot from them. The school has easy access to everything and many different clubs and activities.
This school is in a nice area. I never had a problem with any professor except one. The staff and students are very welcoming. John Jay is known for its diversity. The school could be better if some professors raised their teaching standards. The library is an excellent tool for students. Overall a good school with a great staff.
I have been in CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice for over 2 years now and is currently enrolled as an Undergraduate student. I have had an excellent experience in John Jay. Out of all the CUNY's in New York City, John Jay is one of the best colleges allow students to be involved on campus. We have a community hour every school day and have growing amount of club and events every day that we encourage students to be part of. John Jay also has a strong Student Government that represents that student of the school, and work hard all year round.
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