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CUNY John Jay College of Criminal Justice Reviews

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John Jay is a school with a vast amount of opportunities for just about any one and everyone. It's just a matter of finding what works for you but there is more than enough opportunities to get involved in the justice system through the help of practicing professionals.
Teachers can either be exceptional or below par, it really depends on your major and luck of the draw. I majored in Forensic Science and found a majority of the faculty in the Science department are pretty good and willing to help you if you reach out. The math and science tutoring center is also not so bad. The New Building is nice, the newest constructed building. Return on investment can be iffy (depends on your major and goals post-grad) but overall the school is pretty affordable when enrolled at a NYS resident and full time student.
Very centered around law enforcement, a great school if that is what you want to pursue. Could have more activities to get students involved, but since it is a predominantly commuter school it is not an easy task to get students involved.
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Great Professors that actually have amazing backgrounds and stories on top of excellent review of the material.
When it come to my experience at John Jay College is that I needed help to for my class and at the Wellness Center they was able to help me pay for all of my class. Also the professors at John jay was always there to help me out whenever I needed help with my work. I love John Jay College, may God bless everyone there.
So far, being that I haven’t been here long, it’s a great school with good, inviting students. Everyone is helpful and the study spots are great. The library is also great.
I like that at John Jay College students are able to learn from Professors who had/has first-hand experiences on what they are teaching about. For example, a professor who teaches a police patrol class, who is also a detective, they can give us insight on what they learned actually being out there in the streets patrolling. If I can change one thing about John Jay College will be for different students to get an opportunity to register early every semester.
The staff actually cares about the students, the food is cheap and plentiful, the surrounding area (Columbus Circle) is a hub for restaurants and with Central Park nearby a stroll through nature is always available for a refreshing walk.
As soon as I got to John Jay I felt welcomed, the students are very friendly and welcoming. The Professors are very helpful, and they make themselves available after class to tailor to their students needs. John Jay offers free tutoring, making an appointment with a tutor is very easy. I feel very safe when I’m at the school. Furthermore, the campus food is very good, they offer a variety of options, like pizza, if you’re looking for something on the healthier side they offer salads, sushi etc… My favorite part about John Jay is how clean the school is kept.
John Jay was a top pick for me because it was affordable, and right in Manhattan. I love Manhattan whether it's the ferry I have to take to get in or the walk to the school. The school itself is full of life. There are so many diverse groups and everyday we have something called community hour. Community hour is meant for clubs, activities or just individuals to shine. You can go to a kick boxing class, or fight for better health or even attend debates or programs. I would change the prices at the school of John Jay. Food is expensive and also are the clothes they sell. As a struggling college student, I find it difficult to afford things in the actual school such as books, food and clothes.
John Jay is a very good college. They provide great support and everyone is very open minded and kind. The professors have your best interest at heart. Communication goes a long way.
This is an amazing school! Professors are cool and it is comfortable here! I like how there is a gaming roll and a Starbucks inside so I don’t have to travel far! There are plenty of scholarships Available and the school is cheap compared to other schools!!
I have loved all of my classes and the professors that taught them! They make them really interactive for being in an online program!
I found so many clubs and different people in each one it’s amazing. The profs are also good they are nice. Only thing Is if you don’t like the internet everything is on the internet
I love it here. I came here as a transfer student from a state university because I fell into the "Criminal Minds" trap of wanting to be a profiler for the FBI. I was soon shaken out of that deluded dream after taking many courses within this school with extremely passionate professors who shed a light on the downfalls of the criminal justice system. It is after transferring to a school like this that you realize it's best to become educated on these issues in hopes of reforming the fragile state of an institution into a more effective one. I have learned so much here within just 4 and a half semester, and I know that I will continue to learn more until I graduate. If you do want to join the FBI, however, this is still the perfect place for you.
Honestly there is a stark difference than a university and a campus . You have to put the effort out there to make friends and get involved . As well as you have to be on top of everything no one will hold you hand etc . However there are a lot of resources here to help you . I am in the Apple corps program and that has been a major help in my success at this college .
I would like to tell them that its a good school needs more clubs that involve all students especially freshman that wanna make friends and meet new people.
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I think more people working in the school should be more accommodating to those students that are working full time
John Jay has been my dream school since freshman year of high school. When I went to an open house I knew I had to get in. Once I applied and received an acceptance letter I was so excited to start. The first semester was rough for me but I couldn't have passed if It weren't for the SEEK Department. They were always helping me with my concerns and made a lot of friends. The professors are great too. They always want the best for their students and help as much as they can. If you are interested in Criminal Justice this is the school for you.
Great environment and very engaging. The people are helpful and the staff are committed to the futures of students. The academics are hands on and helpful but very thorough in which they teach students everything they need to know. John Jay is welcoming to everyone and the student body is diverse. As a whole John Jay can be described as a melting pot. The campus is two beautiful buildings connected to one another by a field suspended in the air and the overall vibe from the school is both very friendly and very welcoming to students and staff from all backgrounds.
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