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I like the building and environment of the school. However the tobacco-free policy is not implemented in the campus and students are exposed to second hand smoke
Hunter College is a commuter school and it is very crowded. There is a slight chance of making friends and the general environment is very alienating.
I love the diversity and variety in classes, however the class offerings are so limited that it makes staying on track to graduate in four years difficult and stressful.
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CUNY Hunter is a commuter school so most people are in and out. It's even that much more important to take the initiative in this school. Making friends is not going to be as simple as possibly in other schools. Going to Hunter is rewarding because the diversity of NYC is in your fingertips! My freshman year, I made three friends. One Indian, one Korean, and one Italian. We all went on a date to have Thai food (my first time!) and it was amazing. Hunter has such a variety of people that uniting us can be problematic but I believe that if they put their best efforts, and find a common denominator, the school will be much better.
Hunter College is an affordable college but lacks in every other aspect. The professors are not the best at teaching and the student life isn't present at this college.
I am so proud to get my degree from Hunter. Its education, cost, and reputation around NYC is outstanding.
There are a variety of classes and the sizes of the classrooms ranged from as large as 100 to as small as 30. You can meet many people and make many friends. Some classes are more interesting than others while some just pass by slowly. The faculty there are very friendly and helps out whenever you're lost or have questions.
The anti social-ness of this school ruins everything. Most just stick to hs friends so its unlikely to make friends here at all.
I love the professors at Hunter college, they really care about the students and their profession of study. I would love to see some rennovations done to some of the buildings.
My cousin studied there. I started at BMCC. They say, start here go anywhere. Hunter is where I wanted to go. They have a great science program. I am glad I am here now.
Hunter College is a very diverse college since it a CUNY school. You can not only find students from across the five boroughs, you can find many international students from all across the world. The location is not ideal for eating out since there are only a few places close and cafeteria food is expensive. However, there are several Starbucks close by for coffee and a local coffee shop. In regards to academics, the professors are very proficient and knowledgeable in their fields, though some lower level classes are taught by TA's. One issue that may come up is for science classes such as chemistry, which have class sizes in the hundreds, with not enough lab classes. Due to the class sizes, students may not be able to ask a question in class. But Professors and TA's always have office hours and are willing to answer any question a student may have or even do group study sessions. Overall though, I would say as a student I've enjoyed my time at Hunter.
Not a good school to transfer to because all transfer credits are not applied properly according to your major. You need to seek out each individual department head for approval of your transferred credits if you want these to count towards your degree. Otherwise, everything is labeled "non required liberal arts" and you end up wasting money taking courses over again. Irresponsible academic advisors, and financial aid department is a joke to behold.
Like the wide range of opportunities for students interested in the medical field. But also offers majors in other fields of studies specifically in the liberal arts and humanities. They also have many groups and clubs for many different types of students ranging from religious groups, dance groups, art groups, music groups, culture groups, food groups, fighting and self defense groups and groups of those sorts. They also have a gym and fitness section including a pool which is real useful if you're looking to get comfortable with a fitness lifestyle.
I was at Hunter College for 3 years as a Computer Science major. However, I have recently transferred out of there and will be attending NYU. Here are some factors that led me to transfer out of Hunter College. First, I felt very left out as I was getting no support/care from the school. Let me be clear, I was working very hard to maintain a solid GPA and had been successful in retaining it. However, I was not getting anything in return from the school. There was no care for the students such as job opportunities, advising etc. Moreover, most of my classes are taught by adjuncts who are fresh inexperienced graduates. Even higher level major classes, where one needs get insights of every single material, are taught by recent Hunter graduates, who I felt like sometimes knew less than me. Moral of the story is, I could have learned everything on my own just by sitting home. I finally decided to make a better investment and now hoping to acquire a quality education from NYU.
Hunter college is great if you have a busy life and are trying to get an education. It's very close to everything, and it has a great courses.
Upon enrolling at Hunter College, I was welcomed by peer advisors, who were all current juniors or seniors. They made me feel welcomed, and as if I had already been there for years. They assisted me when applying for my first semester and they answered all of my questions.
Since I was an honors student I received benefits that made my experience worthwhile such as free dorming and tuition. The facilities at Hunter could definitely be improved as well as student life on campus. Since it's a commuter school, many students return home right after class instead of hang out with friends on campus or around the city. Hunter could create more programs and put more funding into student life.
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Very friendly environment! Professors and faculty are always willing to help and are understanding. There is a tremendous amount of diversity which is great.
I have been studying at Hunter College for a semester now, and I loved the art program. The college gives you enough free studio hours to work on your assignments, and the materials given by them are really good quality.
The vibe of the school is poor. No one makes an effort to get to know each other. It seems that each student competes to see who is more diverse and who is a greater minority. In a time where each person should be empowering each other it makes you feel like you just arent enough.
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