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I loved how there is a train stop that can take you straight to the school. It is also nice to be in Manhattan and near all the food and clothing stores. The teachers seem nice and very helpful. The administrators seem to help the stuxents out alot since they have a 19:1 ratio.
Love the Religion Program here, you really gain so much insight on education and how to be a better thinker and writer. However, the bookstore company that the school works with isn't good, many students have issues with textbooks the first weeks of school, and the campus is rather bland. The cafeteria closed down so you have to go out to eat or bring your own lunch. Some of the classrooms are a mess, some ceiling walls are broken, dirty rooms.
provides facilities need for college experience. library is large and has updated computers and printer for your use. has a variety of food from the cafeteria to the food carts and fruits stands right on campus and has restaurants a few blocks away on Lexington or park avenue. If need to get away from campus Central Park is a few blocks over as well.
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Being at Hunter was incredibly positive. The environment is very welcoming and I found the staff to be incredibly helpful. I always enjoy being in Manhattan and the campus is easy to access via public transportation.
After completing my Ba in Urban Studies the school reveals how much of a challenge students go through everyday. Being in the city is a challenge. But being a commuter student is balancing the world in your shoulders. Free Coffe is the best thing about this school.
CUNY Hunter college is very much like NYC high schools. The building are fairly old and dirty but very affordable at the same time.
The professors are usually very nice and very passionate about what they are teaching. Most of the professors I had were very practical and fair in the course load and work. One thing that I would lile to see improve in Hunter is the Greek life. Yes, there are clubs and events you can go to but some clubs are not as big compared to other colleges.
The quality of the Professors are what makes it the number one CUNY College! I love being a student at Hunter. It is systematic, disciplined, safe, and filled with opportunities for everyone to shine in their own way!
I have had extensive experience with the athletic facilities at this school, and I think they are very adequate. The resources of this university are great and this feature helps add to the quality of the school.
The environment where I have my rights at Hunter and know it's task after my time there as a non-degree students. However, what's bad is that they restrict me from taking classes that will fit my major. My major I want to do is computer science (BA), but I'm restricted to take math classes.
Hunter College is a school for dedicated students who are not afraid of a challenge. Students who aren't scared to get out of the classroom, meaning walk around campus and talk to people so that you can get the resources you deserve that are made available for you. The amount of clubs in Hunter College is amazing. Every student truly has a place where they belong. Be it in the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, the Chess Club, Intramural Sports, or Student Government, there are literally hundreds of clubs to be a part of. This means constant connections being made. In many colleges you can feel alone and overwhelmed but in Hunter there are literally people in the hallways handing out fliers for free food sessions where can just play jenga and meet new people of all ages and cultures.
At Hunter College i love the student life and the diversity of the culture of the school, i am able to feel comfortable no matter what my background is. I am in an environment where i can feel comfortable expressing myself, and not have to worry about not being heard. I like the professors on campus because they love what they do for a living, they are there to help students at need and we don't have to feel like we are going to be turned away. Work load and the grading system is fair, if you put the work for a good grade you will receive it.
It'll be pretty hard to make friends there, if you're looking for a social life. The inside is pretty dreary too, and academically you may or may not enjoy the classes depending on the professors.
The college is located to a few things that makes going there enjoyable: you can simply walk to Central Park, or go to a few restaurants or eateries around.
I am a new transfer student and from all my experience there so far it is a really good school that is helpful and very diverse.
I really enjoy the diversity that Hunter College provides me with. Not only are the people diverse but even the clubs and majors are diverse and there is something for everyone. The class sizes are small and provide a more hands-on form of education.
It's a great school to always be encouraged with challenges and academics. Many students will complain about the academic difficulty. But only a hard worker can get through all four years and can always provide with positive attribution/image of the school. I hear from hunter grad students that if an undergrad student graduates with a good overall gpa and good letter grades, he/she become a highly qualified and competitive applicant for jobs and graduate school.
Hunter College is an amazing school for those who enjoy the city scene. It has an amazing medical program and the student body is very diverse. What I enjoy most, however, is that most of the professors here at Hunter are excellent because they look after their students.
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The professors are excellent and highly knowledgable. However, there are some parts that the school could work on, such as maintaining cleaner facilities. I would also like more Physical Education classes.
I love Hunter College so much. The professors are dedicated, the neighborhood is great and the diversity is beautiful. No single person at that school is the same and every one I’ve met there has a story to tell and a mission to accomplish.
Hunter college used to be an all women's school. Now that it is open to every race, age, and gender, we know that progress has been made and is coming.
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