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CUNY Hunter College Reviews

1,777 reviews
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It's a bureaucratic nightmare and the building is in disrepair. Affordable education should not mean compromised education.
College is way different than high school. commutting from home was the worst part. But freshman experience definitely made an impression on me, I have learned alot from Professors and classmates. Hunter College however is one of the best Cuny schools. Very competitive and goal oriented. Campus life is great.
Hunter college is a great college. The college strongly focuses on career development, with multiple career events in a week, a very helpful aspect of Hunter College. The college has a very nice environment and helps with a focused works life. A negative aspect of Hunter is that it does not contribute to a great work-life balance, in my opinion its because of the fact that Hunter College does not really have a campus, people really do not have a place to be together and hang out; Hunter should have more places on its campus that attracts students to relax and get together. Overall Hunter College is a great college for a student to continue his or her higher education.
Hunter College is a great school that offers a wide range of coursework as well as the support you need not only to successfully navigate your undergraduate career, but also to set you up to succeed in the future. Hunter College provides support through its staff and its services. Specifically, Hunter College has advisors that can assist with general questions and guide you along your academic path, and also department-specific advisors that can assist you with inquiries regarding your major or minor. Hunter College's services include its vast libraries and online databases, that you can utilize as a current student or as an alum, free of charge. There is also a Career Development Services center that can assist you with writing a professional resume, practicing for interviews, and obtaining a job or internship. Overall, Hunter College is a great school that will support you in mastering your coursework and set you up to succeed once you graduate.
Professors are wonderful and truly want you to succeed. The school is also reasonably clean. I just wish escalators weren't always broken and the elevators were faster.
Even though I just attended CUNY Hunter College for one semester so far, I really like this school in many aspects.
Hunter College is at the heart of the city. I enjoy that there are various things to do when you have a gap in your schedule. We can go to the local pet store, eating different cultural cuisine, or just hang by the school terrace. It is a safe environment filled with a wide diversity of students. I would recommend this school to everyone.
To start off, CUNY Hunter College is a commuter school, which means that the community within the college is dispersed throughout the boroughs of New York. In terms of academics, I find that classes vary in terms of enrichment based on the styles of different professors. The college is very diverse, and you can see that as you walk in the hallways or participate in classes. The campus is a little antique, although it adds character. In terms of dorming and my experience with the Brookdale campus, it is very outdated as well. However, the price of dorming in the city outweighs the negatives of the physical state of the dorm. The food around the campus and in the school's cafeteria is generally on the expensive side. Overall, I would give it a 2.5/5 rating.
You pay 3,390 a semester if you're a resident of New York, thats excluding if you apply to dorm or anything else. You meet nice people but for the most part no one communicates that much. I spent the first couple months of freshman year alone and waiting for someone to come up to me. This college is what you make of it, grow up, get a job and enjoy the city. You'll constantly see your life pass you if you don't take a chance every once and a while. Food is fine but its overpriced. Fair is Three dollars, and so is the pizza (excluding tax and toppings). Overall, its a good college, but don't expect to get off easy because its a CUNY, we do harder work than most privates.
It is really one of the best public colleges available, with some really great and motivational teachers, with really diverse spectrum of students and faculty. Especially if you get a chance to be part of the honors colleges, you have access to the best of the best in academics and opportunities with very little cost.
I love Hunter and am so happy I decided to attend. I love how liberal the school is, and how social justice inclined it is.
What I do have a problem with, however, is the lack of clear help. I actually have no idea who to talk to about even getting an advisor because it wasn't made clear when I first started. There should be a point person students can go to for the basic questions like "where can I get an advisor?"
There is a love/hate relationship with this school. Your academic experience all depends on the professors you get. There are some professors who teach well and inspire you. But there are also those where you might as well skip class and learn straight from the textbook. As for the campus, the skybridge and library are nice places, but besides that there is not really much of a campus, though this is partly due to it being a small school in the city. Basically the only thing keeping me are the good professors in the school, but for me that is enough.
As a freshman in college, I was quite nervous going into a completely different school and beginning this next significant chapter in my life. I have just completely my first term here at CUNY Hunter College. Hunter's environment has made it extremely easier to adjust to the change from high school to college. It is located in a wonderful and very safe area of New York City with various places to eat and train stations extremely close by. Professors are extremely kind and take care in each and every one of their students. I especially love the fact that there are various different places such as the library, cafeteria, and skywalks in which students can sit down to rest and eat between classes and during gaps. There is still so much to explore here at Hunter, and I am looking forward to the following years to come.
The education here is great. The teachers know what they are talking about, there are a lot of resources, and it is an affordable education! The school is located by Central Park East and the 6 train takes you directly to the school. Most students commute to school because living on the upper east side can be pricey, but you're in NYC so not living by school isn't a big deal.

The administration and registering for classes can be a nightmare. I have waited on 1-2 hour long lines at the office of admissions and financial aid several times - usually due to an error or oversight by the school. Registering for classes can also be a nightmare since only 1 person does class registration (if she does not like you or she is in a bad mood - good luck!).
Hunter College professors are just as good as any NYC ivy league profs. The sciences departments are great. I enjoyed my studies there and it is the most affordable option next to a community college. I highly recommend Hunter.
At hunter college the students are vast in numbers and that can sometimes take a toll on the professors. Especially professors in the science fields, they have over 100 students and therefor they cannot dedicate as much one on one with the students. In turn the professors have TA's and tutors who help-but sometimes thats just not enough. Hunter expects the students to take action and sometimes teach the work to themselves as a form of independence before entering the work place. I like hunter for the many resources available for students, however in any college there are always changes that can be made to enhance the college years.
Hunter College is a great college with huge diversity which make it great.
The school is improving but sometimes it feels extremely over crowded.
I love the location and how big the college is. There are so many people you can meet! I love not seeing the same faces all the time. One thing I did not like is the priority registration. Everyone gets a different registration date and time and classes fill up fast. Honors, and sports go first. By the time you get your registration date you have the scraps of the classes and sometimes you can't take a bio lab with your biology class. It's sucks. Also advisors and staff aren't much help at all to you.
So far my experience with the college is great. It is my first year, however. My only concern as of yet would be how often crowded it would get around the escalators (worse, when they don't work) and just slow lines at offices. The campus is also a bit gloomy, wish it could be remodeled somehow. However the atmosphere is very relaxed and the students there are very friendly.
Overall this school is a great one. It has a lot of resources and a lot of majors, but the school itself is a very competitive one. Hunter has many programs you can apply into, but since the school has thousands of kids, you will have a slim chance of getting in if you are not very smart. I still like the school very much because they give you options of many other majors if you do not get into the one you want. It just doesn't seem fair to not have enough spots in a program for everyone.
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