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Overall I liked Hunter College, it is a highly esteemed and valued school so getting my degree there was a big plus! One thing I would change is that some of the classrooms have way too many students and this hinders any type of professor-student relationship because it is almost impossible to get individual attention in a classroom of over 200 students.
I like how they have good classes for science. However, sometimes it is difficult to obtain a seat in the class and have to wait until the next time the class is offered.
I am currently enrolled in an undergrad course at Hunter, but will be doing my masters here in the fall. So far the class is good, but I think it's more so the instructor that is making it a bit challenging. I'm taking a science course and so the instructor isn't so great at helping students to understand the material. Other than that, the facilities are very nice, I love the library and find the staff to be friendly and helpful.
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I would like to see more academic support, at times I felt like just a number in a psych stats class with 200+ student.
Hunter college is a good school. Since it is part of cuny, it is affordable to be part of the school. The school has many great staff. The one i have encountered are very caring and go beyond to help you outside the classroom
I am currently in my second semester of the Early Childhood Education program at Hunter College, and my experience with it has been superb. There are small classes, so I feel connected with all the other students, and we communicate well. I am able to form genuine relationships with my professors because the classes are so small. The resources available to us are just outstanding, and my advisors have answers to any questions I have. Before I was in this program, I was focusing on Biology and Psychology. I would change the class size for those subjects, being in a class with over 700 students was not effective. The teacher did not have any relationships with the students. The food is good, but it is extremely expensive, so it is never worth it.
Although sometimes it’s quite crowded, but the flow is pretty nice. The professors are very passionate about their work and would do everything to help you succeed.
I really enjoyed attending Hunter College for my bachelors degree in nursing. I would have enjoyed other scheduling options.
My experience at Hunter College is a handful. I live in Staten Island, so the commute is pretty rough, as well as the campus. There’s no actual campus, because Hunter College is located in the city, but I can manage, as I have been for the past 2 years. The professors are nice, as well as the students. I only wish to have enough financial support to not worry about having to pay off each semester.
I like that the campus is one building (besides the lab classes held in the dorms on 25th st 1st ave). It is a hassle to have to walk across campus for 15/20 min to get to a class. At hunter you're able to go from class to class in under 10 min. The only thing I am disliking so far is the chemistry department, and how they go about trying (but failing) to efficiently teach chemistry to hunter's students.
I love Hunter College and I love how I am still able to take classes there through my high school. The atmosphere is always lovely and everyone is super nice and friendly. There is always something to do on campus from the vast amount of clubs, activities and sports games.
My experience at Hunter College so far has been mixed. The academics and student interactions are great, but the campus itself is still in need of a lot of repairs, thus making getting around the buildings a huge inconvenience.
I transferred to Hunter College from another 4 year private university in the city. I was initally a marketing major at my previous university and transferred to Media at Hunter. The media major was so inclusive and intersting. I'm very interested in how we as sociey are altered by techonology and I was able to study that from every possible avenue at Hunter. The professors were extremely knowledgable about their subjects. I really liked that a lot of professors at Hunter are doing away with traditional tests and moving towards projects and essays as a way to gauge student's comprehension.Hunter definitely needs to completely revise their graduation! The graduation is the most important day of any student and Hunter's was the worst! We didnt even walk across the stage. I really loved Hunter and I'm so glad I studed Media in NYC at Hunter.
A respectable college education gives people the advantage to lead themselves in any direction they want to proceed in life. College is a time that students can truly become individuals. They have the opportunity to become more independent and to take on new responsibilities. The bonuses of a college education include more self-confidence, greater economic stability and security, and it makes you a major contributor to the greatest nation on earth. I would change anything with hunter
I think the level of education is very high and the professors are very good. I enjoyed all the courses that I have taken and learned a lot. All the psychology professors are very good, they train you well in theories and in research. The student body is very diverse, you can make friends of many different culture.
Great teachers and a very solid education for a great price. The best CUNY there is. People may complain about overcrowding, but what do you expect when you put a major school in a major city with no land?! Really high quality teachers and I would also recommend their graduate programs! The return investment from this place is also excellent because the yearly tuition is less than the national average of college tuition. One con from attending this place is the commute. From where I come from, the train delays can really be a hassle especially if you're late to class.
Lecture hall seems to be breaking down. Decent location Upper East Side. Not much of a campus besides the fact that four buildings are connected. Gym facilities are not the best. North building seems run down. Not enough chairs to accommodate for the many students.
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Good commuter school, if that your thing. Relatively cheap, good faculty, no campus life per se but you can make a great education out of it.
Overall Hunter is a good school but can be improved. It is best for people that are self starters as you need to be mindful regarding everything. Do not expect hand-holding. The science classes could be smaller.
I believe CUNY Hunter college is a a catch as a university. Its affordable, convenient, (Hello, it's own subway stop!) but yet still as prestigious as its competitors. Its also ranked one of the top colleges in CUNY and NYC. I loved attending this school and never felt neglected or overlooked. My experience came off as a community of educators whose sole purpose was to help their students.
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