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I loved going to school at Hunter. The professors are all so helpful, and caring for their students, and the diversity of students is really amazing.
Hunter is a great college but the only downside is the fact that it's a commuter school and it's tough to socialize!
It's very at home for anyone who is used to/ loves the city life. I live at home and I travel to school. There are a lot of places to head to near by like Central Park and Columbus Circle. The school's campus, though not your traditional University scenery, makes it accessible to travel to all to the other buildings for studies and eats. I've met some very nice people there and the students and staff alike are very big on the importance of culture and diversity which is big for me.
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Terrible main campus, along with very disorganized administration. In its current state, Hunter Main is certainly in no condition to accommodate its huge student body. Some basic facilities like bathrooms and certain classrooms are extremely outdated and in dire need of renovation.

If you don't mind all of that, academics are great. Classes and professors are a bit difficult, but push yourself to do your best and you'll be okay.
its a great school with nice people. the teachers are nice some might be strict. its near central park and the food around is good also.
The education at Hunter college is great! This school is all about your studies. There are many clubs on campus as well where you can meet many people who may have the same interests as you. Many people are very helpful and friendly and are willing to lend a hand.
I love all the diversity and the opportunities at Hunter. One thing I would change would be the printing access. Having so many documents that need to be printed out for each class was challenging, especially when the cost of using a printer just adds on to the amount you're paying in tuition.
Hunter is a college with a good location and relatively easy to commute to and from. Many students can easily travel around the city from the college, which is very convenient. It is in the upper east side so food tends to be pricier, but it's worth it. The classes are good, the teachers are ok but could be better and there are alot of activities to do and clubs to join. The investment in this college is worth every penny, since one can receive a relatively good education for a cheaper price compared to a university. But this also raises competition which is expected. It could be better with increasing class availability when signing up or adding more classes for more people to fulfill their respective requirements, which is my biggest gripe. The nursing program could also lower their prerequisites, but thats expected with the competition. Overall, its a good college if one stays on top of their academics.
I was really excited to go to Hunter College but I realized that there is little help to help you get to your goals
It is not a social school. The gym facilities are not to par. It is an inexpensive cost and will minimize the overall cost of college but does not give a college "experience" or "scene."
Hunter College is a place where all students are encouraged to excel and given countless opportunities to succeed.
It was a regular college experience, wish there was more of a student life. Academics are good and professors are really dedicated. If your a dedicated student you will definately find a professor that you can rely on and have a coonection with.
From my opinion, Hunter College is one of the best colleges in New York City. I have a great pleasure to be part of that college. The professors are very knowledgeable and professional. I always feel that I am a member of that big family. There are excellent academic advisors who help you when you need them the most. In addition, Hunter College has great Writing Center which provides necessary services to their students. During my undergraduate years of studying at Hunter, I received very helpful lessons from that center. It improved my writing skills in English because it's my second language. I am very thankful that I am part of that college.
CUNY Hunter College was not as great as I expected. Don't get me wrong I love it a lot. Most of my professors were amazing and taught so well, but other professors we not as motivated. It was as if they hated being there. My experience with the financial office was traumatizing. The line was long and the workers did not explain things well and because of it I made mistakes on my financial aid. Long story short, I was driven into a corner but of course I want to fix it. Other than that, Hunter is fun. The library is my favorite part ever. It's the best place to get homework done fast and quick. The campus itself is amazing since Hunter is located in the city.
The people and environment are very friendly and positive. But studying is a must in order to get an a.
My experience in this accredited college was a seamless transition from high school. Hunter offers a plethora of majors to choose from as well as different clubs to keep students engaged. There are also activities and events held on campus. The workload may be overwhelming at times but I regard it as excellent preparation for graduate school and an opportunity to challenge myself. The location of Hunter is convenient; it is located in the city so your choices don't fall short when it comes to food. Hunter has a library on nine floors. My complaint is that when you attend Hunter no one tells you anything unless you ask many, many questions! I know several people who took the incorrect class for their major, wasting time and money. Additionally, I feel that in large lecture halls with more than 100 students, there isn't a chance to receive individualized attention. The classroom size should be smaller so professors can focus on every students' needs and struggles.
I want to go visit the school and they are really about their moving to the top. It's a big campus and it's always someone around so you not really all alone. Plus it's in the city so there are many foods to chose from.
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This college is very problematic, lack of space on campus, the classes have crazy schedule which makes impossible to work with other classes, for example normal schools have classes like: M/W or TU/TH at hunter classes are M/Th or other crazy schedule. Too much bureaucratic worker and few that really can help you, classes are way too big, like +400 students. The professors are terrible and they do not know how to teach. Go study somewhere else,
Academics are very good but this school is weak socially. There aren't many clubs and the clubs that are there lack members. The professors are extremely nice and they make the effort to at least know the names of the students.
The hunter college is good because i went to see the college. And one of my friend goes to hunter college and she told me is a good college.
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