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Hunter College is an amazing school! The professors are all supportive, and will go the extra mile to help all students. The College is provides sufficient classes and multiple hours, from which students can choose their schedule more conveniently. Hunter College pushes you in the right direction.
The library has been renovated in the past year but seats have already been torn up. The students have blatant disregard for school property. Although some professors truly want to see you do well in their course, there are just as many that make their course extremely challenging and use the excuse of "preparing you for the real world" as their reasoning. It is unfair and shows lack of care for students. There is not much of a campus, considering it is in the middle of NYC. One of its buildings is falling apart and looks like an old high school.
Student life at Hunter is exceptionally vibrant. Students govern more than 100 clubs and organizations, compete in championship athletic events, contribute to four student publications, and participate in leadership programs. We help prepare our students to be life-long learners and leaders.
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Required classes are filled before you even get a chance to register as the Macaulay Honors students get to them first. Even as a Yalow scholar who gets early registration an hour after the MCH students, the classes still fill before I get the chance to sign up. Advisors don't care about you unless you're a scholar, even then they barely care. The campus is ugly and tiny. The school is overcrowded, good luck getting to class on time with all the people standing on the escalators. Elevators are always broken. There are only 2-3 places to eat nearby that aren't cart food. They make me take lab within a 30-minute train ride away from the school, meaning I have to pay $6 more every day to go from Hunter to the lab and then back. I absolutely can't wait to transfer out. The professors are great, that is the only thing I like from here.
I liked the architecture of Hunter College. The 7th floor has beautiful view of the street below. However, what I dislike most is the student services given at the financial aid/ bursur office. I almost always have to run around to various people in various departments to solve one issue. Most of the time the people working there don't look happy and also do not know what they're talking about. Student life is very vibrant on the 3rd floor, but other then that we don't see much school spirit. But they do organize a programs here and there that don't turn up as successful. It's hard to make friends in college but I guess Hunter tries to open up opportunities and clubs for students to join and meet others.
I like that Hunter College is in Manhattan and that it is the heart of one of the busiest cities in the US. I don't go to Hunter just yet, but I had visited the school on a field trip. I like the campus and the students. I had the opportunity to talk to two of the students and they gave me a lot of information about the school.
In my first semester attending Hunter College, it felt more like an add-on to high school. The courses were more challenging. The professors were very clear in explaining the different topics and would constantly ask if anyone had questions or any confusions to clear up. To me it has felt more like a bigger and more difficult high school than college, it could be because Hunter College does not have a typical college campus as others do, it is three buildings that connect to one another and that is the school. Also, I feel like it is difficult to try and join clubs in the school. I have been attending for a semester and still do not know what clubs the school has to offer. I would like the school to try and reach out to .
It has everything need for any individual's success. Flexible schedule classes with professional yet friendly professor. The college is spacious with installments of ready to access computers in various part of the building. The huge library accompanied by numerous counseling services: beginners and professionals, make this college a hub of information with the premises.
Currently a sophomore transferring out from Hunter College, I found Hunter to be a good college academic wise. I didn’t get to experience much from here, but based off of the classes I already took, most of the professors here put a lot of effort and work into their students and do their best to help students receive an A within their classes. There are some classes where you would have to put in more effort than others in order to recieve a good grade, however, the professors are there to help you learn. I found the library at Hunter to be my favorite place to be in between classes when I’d have a break. Overall, it was a great experience, only reason why I’m transferring is because I want to go to a school that is more business focused.
The classes are good. Some classes, such as Discrete Structures, could use some more tutors. As for the area, it is accessible by the 6 train. I'm not sure if Bill de Blasio will deliver on the Fair Fare card.
Hunter offers such a rich experience in terms of camous life and educational opportunities. The university is in the heart of the city, just a few blocks away from Central Park and the East River. The only thing that I would wish could change is the cost of tuition.
I am currently a student at Hunter College and I am majoring in Accounting. Although the courses are very challenging, I cannot complain because it helped me to push myself to work hard. I know that all the hard work and sacrifice will pay off in the future. One thing that I would like Hunter to improve in is the course section availability. For some accounting courses, they would offer only two sections which would fill up quickly. I was on a waiting list two times and had to wait for the next semester to register. Overall, I love this school and I highly recommend it.
Still attending the college; its been a good experience so far. A lot of resources are available if you look, a ton of clubs and ways to get involved. There isn't much of a social life here if you're looking to make friends unless you live in the dorms I suppose. It can get crowded often which is annoying if you're trying to get to class or find a seat in the library. There isn't open space on the campus considering it is in the middle of the city, but central park is a couple of blocks away if you want fresh air. Overall, the college is decent in delivering your educational needs, but don't expect much else if you're not willing to join in on campus activities
I liked that Hunter is connected to the 6 train station so I don't have to leave the station and walk outside when it's raining or snowing. I also like that the school has many great programs to offer. Hunter has a large number of students but it doesn't feel like it. I don't like that the only real sitting area in the school is the library.
I like the inclusion from students, and I disliked the unfair and racist treatment from some Professors.
I love hunter becauae it is right in the heart of Manhattan. Plus the professors are great. They go above and beyond to help out their students.
I like the community and overall vibes from the staff and students body it is very welcoming Everytime I step in and out I always have a feeling of relatability
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Hunter has great faculty members. However, in terms of administration works, it is very slow and one may feel lost. In order to survive at Hunter, one needs to be independent and proactive with school resources.
I loved this school. The professors care a lot about you and give you extra information about scholarships and the things that you should do if you are interested in going to grad school. Many classes were very challenging but I learned so much from them. I really can't complain about any professor they were all fair, it's all about the dedication you put in.
Personally I believe Hunter lacks any real substance, I have lived in the city all of my life so maybe that is the turn off. I am not from this area (as I live in East Harlem) so I find myself sometimes standing out in a negative way and not relating to either my teachers or peers. Aside from the social scene Hunter has nothing to offer but Academics. It is nice but not pleasing.
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