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I am a new transfer student and from all my experience there so far it is a really good school that is helpful and very diverse.
I really enjoy the diversity that Hunter College provides me with. Not only are the people diverse but even the clubs and majors are diverse and there is something for everyone. The class sizes are small and provide a more hands-on form of education.
It's a great school to always be encouraged with challenges and academics. Many students will complain about the academic difficulty. But only a hard worker can get through all four years and can always provide with positive attribution/image of the school. I hear from hunter grad students that if an undergrad student graduates with a good overall gpa and good letter grades, he/she become a highly qualified and competitive applicant for jobs and graduate school.
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Hunter College is an amazing school for those who enjoy the city scene. It has an amazing medical program and the student body is very diverse. What I enjoy most, however, is that most of the professors here at Hunter are excellent because they look after their students.
The professors are excellent and highly knowledgable. However, there are some parts that the school could work on, such as maintaining cleaner facilities. I would also like more Physical Education classes.
I love Hunter College so much. The professors are dedicated, the neighborhood is great and the diversity is beautiful. No single person at that school is the same and every one I’ve met there has a story to tell and a mission to accomplish.
Hunter college used to be an all women's school. Now that it is open to every race, age, and gender, we know that progress has been made and is coming.
Initially enrolling in classes was confusing and difficult but after an academic advising session much of the confusion was lifted and I was left with a clearer idea of what I needed to do to pursue my chosen degree path. However, understanding how to structure a schedule and the fact that certain courses are offered only in certain semesters is frustrating especially for someone who wants to finish their degree in a timely manner.
Hunter College is the perfect school for someone who is doing both school and a job, family, etc. Night classes are available. It is a commuter school so there is a lack of the typical "college" vibe. However, many club activities are available. You will find a lot of busy bodies. Very diverse. Located right by the subway. Food choices are okay.
I like the Career Services department because they're really good at helping students get internships and jobs. Also I enjoyed going to the gym, sporting events, clubs, etc.
Hunter is a great learning experience for real Ife issues. Being assertive and creative to avoid some beaurocratic obstacles, is a must.
The location is one of my favorite places to be because it's in the heart of the very upperclass region of NYC, where a student with not very much money can feel their earning potential. The ambiance is definitely a reminder of staying the course, and achieving your dreams.
As a returning student who was matriculated at Hunter 17 years ago, there were some challenges meeting with my academic advisor and definitely some apprehension about actually completing the courses and receiving the BA in Sociology.
There is so much inspiration that surrounds the entire campus. At any age there, you will feel like "The world is your oyster" yet again.
They have great teachers and it's a nice area. I really don't like the lecture class, feel that the teacher could interact with students more but what do I know I'm a beginner. The library is a great resource and is open until late. They have a small gym but it is good. Hunter has event and clubs but feels that it should be more noticeable by hand out more fliers or have posters. The event should be open to many students.
Hunter College is unique mostly because of it's diversity- both in location and environment as well as its social and cultural setting. In the heart of the Upper East Side of Manhattan, it's easy for student to experience Central Park's nature as it's only a few blocks away for campus. Each student free is different from each other not just by major, but also by religion and culture. Almost every language imaginable is avainle for the language requirement, but I only wish that sigh language was. As well as a major sense of diversity between students, the classes offered are even more impressive. Classical Greek Mythology, Human Sexuality, and the History of Religion are expamples of vast variety of classes available. I dorm at the Brookdale Campus, and the 24-hour computer lab is great, and so is the conscience of the laundry room, but I wish that things were sightly more updated.
I like how pretty much every department has a good reputation and that the school is affordable. It is also centrally located so that commuting is not terrible unlike City College or Brooklyn College. While those schools have beautiful campuses, it takes a lot of effort and time to get there.
As a commuter school, Hunter lacks certain aspects you would find at other schools. This is simply because of it being a commuter school, and the campus in itself is the Upper East Side, and its residencies are not connected to the "main campus". Nevertheless, in terms of academics and student involvement, Hunter is unmatched.
Overall, I personally think this school can provide better staff to help assist students in their academic needs/ financial assistance etc... I was left to figure out a lot of what the admissions department was asking my family & myself to provide. waiting in those long lines for assistance wasn't the issue. the issue was when you get to the front desk and the admission staff tell you, that theres no way to help unless certain things are sorted out. Also, the fact that there was no privacy. before, you can see some one in the admissions department, you must see the front desk staff that shares the space with two other staff members. leaving me to unintentionally overhear some unpleasant situations from the students standing next to me.

I believe, that if you aren't caught up with seeing the Bursar or Admissions Office, on multiple occasions throughout your years at Hunter, you'll have a great experience. if you end up doing so, good luck.
HUge classrooms. Student to teacher ratios can be 270:1. Alot of individual study. Great library for tutoring though!
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great teachers it a nice area. I really dont like the lectuer class, feel that the teacher couldd interact with students more but what do I know im a beginner. The libarary is a great resource and it open until late. Have a small gym but it is good. Hunter has event and clubs but feel that it should be more noticeable by hand out more fliers or having poster . The event should be open to many students.
Hunter academic studies are great including a variety of classes. However, Hunter social life does not exist if you do not put in an effort to socialize or join groups. It is a commuter school so much socialization does not occur.
An excellent low cost school in the heart of Manhattan, Hunter College can really be the start of great things!
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