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Being at Hostos has been an over all great experience , if I had to change anything about Hostos it would be a few of the professors that lack good teaching skills and testing skills.
Professors are very knowledgeable, students are friendly, and the campus is small. located near the train station which make commuting a breeze.
Through it all. I made it through. The resources and help was there for me and to me my hest experience was this last semester where I got to learn alot new things and thanks to professor Flemister this semester was alot easier for me.
Review CUNY Hostos Community College
I've had the privilege of being taught by professors who actually care about the individual student, the diversity of cultures and actually care if their students walk away inspired and having learned something.
Considering the college is based in the south bronx which is known as Spanish central a lot of latino's reside in the school which is a good thing, but the administration should be a bit more diverse and cater to other cultures within the school, and have much more scholarships for students of different backgrounds.
Hostos is an amazing college! Professors are super helpful.. Campus is clean and well maintained. The campus is so diverse it's amazing.
It is a stunning process to do, picking out what you want when going to college
They are a lot of times to pick from to make your ideal schedule.
I don't known much about it but I assume it okay
They are a lot of course to choose from and a whole lot of options to where you want to go in life.
Had a little hiccups here and there but overall good time in my school
Be prepared to work and study hard
It has a lot of programs to choose from and people help you out the whole till you graduate.
I enjoyed my first semester and hope to continue enjoying the rest of my time I have left in Hostos. I enjoy the people the professors and the environment in general.
I'm been improve a lot in my class
The professor that teach my class ii a great teach that treat every poner equal.
The value of medicine in HOSTO is that they have one of the best medicine program.
Review CUNY Hostos Community College
My first major is nurse.
One thing that make. HOSTOS unique is that they treat the students like part of they family.
The curriculum is not hard to follow and workload easy to keep up with.
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