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CUNY Hostos Community College Reviews

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Communication between students and staff can be better. But besides that everything its great......
Hostos Community College has the best Dental Hygiene program in new york city. The clinic provides free services for the community and their students are responsible and have an amazing professionalism.
I would change the communication between staff and students and nothing else besides that everything its okay
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I am a transfer student at Hostos. Transferring was the best decision. I feel the staff at Hostos works together to ensure all students have the best college experience.
I would like to see a change in the way professor only worried about to get the work done and not worried in the students issues as example in the writing issue as ESL students
At Hostos i learned a great deal about my peers and what it means to be a minority . The professors were very hands on and students very sociable . It was almost like a community learning experience and I am very thankful for all their programs.
I like hostos for there diversity and for the many helpful loveable staff they have. Hostos has been a great place for me to grow. I have learn many thing at my time at hostos, but expect to get alot more o out of my last semester
Wow where do I begin, Hostos has changed me for the better its made me more positive, it has so muchhhhhh help to offer anyone and everyone, so many resources, great staff, an array of classes and times.
Hostos community college is a school in a good environment to studying. They have experienced and well trained professors who put students academics first. The school provides the latest technology to help the student learn. For example the radiology department has the latest digital xray machine in the laboratory for the use of the student's.
I’ve attended 3 CUNY colleges including Hostos, and Hostos is one of those colleges who are willing to help students, does not matter where they come from, I am a Dental hygiene student, and the help I have recieved from the staff has helped me to get as far as I am now! and I thank them for that, they really help you build a better future.
They genuinely care about the students it’s a great community college. They treat you like family and they are very helpful.
Not a lot good professors terrible, science teachers. Considering the college is based in the south bronx which is known as Spanish central a lot of latino's reside in the school which is a good thing, if you love spanish females like me. But the administration should be a bit more diverse and cater to other cultures within the school, and have much more scholarships for students of different backgrounds like us african Americans.
I have just finished the Spring term at this college. I have really not yet entered into extra activities besides classes, not that the college does not have them. There are many of them. The three Professors that I have had so far who have been very professional, and went the extra mile for the students. The cost of schooling is great. As far as people thinking of going to this college, and is worried about security, let me put your mind to ease. There are lots of security personnel there, mostly off-duty cops. There is also a Hospital and some great shopping right there. The train and bus stop right there. It's right over the bridge from New York City. The college sometimes gives you the runaround in order to get things done, but if you persist you will get the job done. The college offers a few many two years program. Hope to see you there in the Fall.
Been insightful and Challenging. I met wonderful people and professors who helped i attaining the best I could
It can be very difficult to get ahold of the staff members who work there. The pro's to attending here is that it's very affordable. The classes aren't usually bigger that 30 which is a good thing since it can be easier to engage with your professor. The disadvantage of this school is that it lacks diversity and a large amount of the professors aren't very good at what they do which can affect your grades.
Hostos Community College is a diverse and multicultural College. The College has many departments that help students. The Leadership Academy is especially successful. A lot of alumni are involved in their community, leaving the name HOSTOS as a high asset.
I wanted to go the school as a transfer student but I couldn't get my transcript from the other school due to loans. This school has encouraged me to repay the other school because they are invested in my to attend the school, telling me to re apply for enterance again. This motivated me to repay the loan as soon as possible. Im going to enter Hosotos Community College in the Fall as a Dental Hygiene major.
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Hostos Community College is the type of college that has given millions of students a chance to get a college education. Allowing them to start on that road towards the career of their dreams and create the opportunity to further your degree advancement. Hostos is presently doing that for me after being out of a school setting for decades. It takes dedication, no matter what school you attend, but at least Hostos will help you get started.
Choosing to attend Hostos Community College was viewed as a poor decision for a student who had a high GPA. I was looked down upon by most of my teachers, mentors, and some peers but attending Hostos Community College has allowed me to come across impactful opportunities. Not only does Hostos provide students with a vast amount of possibilities, but they also offer staff members who genuinely care about their student's success beyond Hostos. Becoming a Hostos student has given me the chance to become an ASAP student which to me is an extensive family. The ASAP program at Hostos not only helps their students but advocates, and instill knowledge of how to function in the world to their students.
Its a pretty good school. Lectures are simple to understand and the class size is small. I would recommend people to come.
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