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The courses aren't particularly challenging, and most professors aren't very invested - mostly overworked adjuncts who couldn't care less about your quality of education. What's most frustrating is the lack of cohesiveness throughout their various systems and departments. Every office on campus seems to operate on their own system and is never able to speak on the operations of other departments. Long story short - be ready to be given the runaround for EVERYTHING. Most administrative staff will address you in a rude/condescending manner and no department will ever answer their phone or respond to email so everything you will ever need has to be taken care of in person. As a student who also works a full time job, my experience at Hostos has been nothing short of a nightmare.
If you try to find them, you can encounter good people that care about you and your future, I just wish some staff members were FIRED since they are rude and careless and tarnish the good jobs other do for this Community College.
Financial aid office is horrible. Admission office does nothing and both never answers the phone unless you’re lucky. Professors have no clue on what their doing and most seem like they don’t want to be there. School would be good if hired motivated professors and helpful financial aid office employees.
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First of all I took a couples of class there. It's a great place where u can learn alot. Some of the prof will go above n beyond to help u. But I was very annoyed that I only needed 1 class to get in into the Nursing program, which off course they couldn't do anything and I didnt have more financial assistance. I couldn't take a loan because it has to be 6 credits n above. The class was Chem 105 it was 4.5 credits which I already took a higher chemistry from another university. So I ended up dropping the course and for some reason they couldn't help me with that. I'm very disappointed but that will not put me down. So I will continued to get my education somehow or somewhere elae.
Good school. The Student Success Coaches help you pick your classes and they let you know what resources you can use to pass your classes.
So far I like the sizes of the classes, it gives you a chance to undeserved things better and ask more questions to the professors.
A good security
The campus is clean, I also had a good lecture and understanding, answer any questions you have and very helpful.
Hostos is a great step foward to start off your career. Provides student the right lead and guidances helping them to ensure a better future with better job opportunities.
Hostos Community College is a place where immigrants can overcome their fears and pursue their dreams. In a friendly environment and a in a good location, any person is offered the opportunity to grow academically, despite their cultural background.
Great school community. They care about the students. My only dislike is the financial aid and bursars office staff. Many of them are not knowledgeable, they give students the wrong information about loans or financial aid questions. They will say I don't know without directing you to someone who can help. For one semester I needed to apply for a loan I was told I could not because of the amount of credits I was taking. Well come to find out that info was incorrect and I was able to receive a loan for the semester.
My experience by far has been pretty amazing. The classes are good and the professors really care about your experience in the class and want you to do better. The only thing that I don't like that much is the campus experience I wish the would be more activties that one can get involve in.
Communication between students and staff can be better. But besides that everything its great......
Hostos Community College has the best Dental Hygiene program in new york city. The clinic provides free services for the community and their students are responsible and have an amazing professionalism.
I would change the communication between staff and students and nothing else besides that everything its okay
I am a transfer student at Hostos. Transferring was the best decision. I feel the staff at Hostos works together to ensure all students have the best college experience.
I would like to see a change in the way professor only worried about to get the work done and not worried in the students issues as example in the writing issue as ESL students
At Hostos i learned a great deal about my peers and what it means to be a minority . The professors were very hands on and students very sociable . It was almost like a community learning experience and I am very thankful for all their programs.
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I like hostos for there diversity and for the many helpful loveable staff they have. Hostos has been a great place for me to grow. I have learn many thing at my time at hostos, but expect to get alot more o out of my last semester
Wow where do I begin, Hostos has changed me for the better its made me more positive, it has so muchhhhhh help to offer anyone and everyone, so many resources, great staff, an array of classes and times.
Hostos community college is a school in a good environment to studying. They have experienced and well trained professors who put students academics first. The school provides the latest technology to help the student learn. For example the radiology department has the latest digital xray machine in the laboratory for the use of the student's.
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