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Hostos Community College is a diverse and multicultural College. The College has many departments that help students. The Leadership Academy is especially successful. A lot of alumni are involved in their community, leaving the name HOSTOS as a high asset.
I wanted to go the school as a transfer student but I couldn't get my transcript from the other school due to loans. This school has encouraged me to repay the other school because they are invested in my to attend the school, telling me to re apply for enterance again. This motivated me to repay the loan as soon as possible. Im going to enter Hosotos Community College in the Fall as a Dental Hygiene major.
Hostos Community College is the type of college that has given millions of students a chance to get a college education. Allowing them to start on that road towards the career of their dreams and create the opportunity to further your degree advancement. Hostos is presently doing that for me after being out of a school setting for decades. It takes dedication, no matter what school you attend, but at least Hostos will help you get started.
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Choosing to attend Hostos Community College was viewed as a poor decision for a student who had a high GPA. I was looked down upon by most of my teachers, mentors, and some peers but attending Hostos Community College has allowed me to come across impactful opportunities. Not only does Hostos provide students with a vast amount of possibilities, but they also offer staff members who genuinely care about their student's success beyond Hostos. Becoming a Hostos student has given me the chance to become an ASAP student which to me is an extensive family. The ASAP program at Hostos not only helps their students but advocates, and instill knowledge of how to function in the world to their students.
Its a pretty good school. Lectures are simple to understand and the class size is small. I would recommend people to come.
I love my college. Hostos is very open with students. They will never discriminate you based on Sexual preference, race, immigration status, gender, political beliefs or religious beliefs. They have many clubs and others students activities that you are able to do while you course your studies. also, the counselors are always there when you are in need.
The professors in this community College genuinely possess a desire to see young students succeed as well as comprehend the allotted content with passing grades. This College is great for introverted personalities who would like to learn without having to socialize as the professors to most of the teaching.
Hostos community college is a excellent college. it is worrying about its students. professors are very professional and doing very well job. i love the location for me is very easy to get. and the place is very clean every time special the bathrooms, they are always clean and the cafeteria is nice place clean and good food. you can find good healthy food.
The faculty is extremely helpful and willing to assist students who needs extra time on assignments. There are also services that serves the community along with the students in need of help.
This is was my first semester at Hostos community college, it has been amazing. I love it because in the first in my household to attend college. It feels good to be hungry to obtain a higher education level. but the school has amazing teachers and staff. From my experience the students are friendly
Hoston have a system that favors more of the Hispanics than people of other ethnicity. Some teachers make you believe getting an education there was the worse decision of your life. These teachers tell you how you will fail insead of encouraging you to be better.
CUNY Hostos is a small CUNY school with a diverse student population. Many of the students are the first in their family to attend college, & as such, there is a lot of pride in the students who attend Hostos & a deep desire to excel. Hostos endeavors to help them do so with in-school tutors & a writing center (all free!) for anyone who needs a little help. There's also a computer lab, with about a hundred & fifty br& new terminals.

The classes range from the basics, English, History, Psychology & Math to Music, Nursing, Computer Science/Gaming, & Photography--you name it & you can find it here! The professors are, in my opinion, wonderful. Some are tough, some are fun, some will be a little of both.

The campus at present is small, & easy to navigate. The neighborhood isn't much, but there are plenty of places to grab lunch. There are even a few green spots to eat outside.

I'm in the Nursing program, & I'm a tutor in the Writing Center. If you enroll, drop by & see me!
I am in love with the ASAP program at Hostos Community College. It helps me sooo much I honestly do not know what I would do without that program I know I would not be able to afford books,money for transportation, and more i am so happy that I was introduced to this program by a friend and I am grateful for it
Great school of opportunities
Proffesors works work great with students
You get the tools you need when going to a four year college
I love that the professors are like my Bestfriend, I Love That my advisor was there for me More Then My Own Mother. Being in foster care, my advisor was the only person with my trust.
Hello, I️ have been attending Hostos for the past 2 years and let me tell you I️ LOVE this community college, I️ met people from every country, I️ learned a lot and grew as a person. I️ started working as a student aid also know as work study and after 2 semester my manager gave me the opportunity to apply for a position as a college lab technician and cuny gave me the job I️ felt and feel blessed and thankful for this opportunity. Fall 2017 was my last semester here, I️ will transfer to another college to do my bachelor I️ don’t know what I️ want to be yet but I️ will figure it out. Honestly I️ love Hostos and I’m really happy that I️ made the right decision by applying to this school. Sorry if I misspell something, English is not my first language. Also they helped me improve my writing and reading skills because I️ only have four years living in the United States. Thank youu and god bless you all
Just about everything that happens in Hostos Community College, (HCC), was fun, enjoyable, and delightful. The curriculum at HCC was and i'm sure they still are challenging to take on and gratifying upon successful completion of a course. There are a considerable number of events that take place during a single semester that's offered by different departments. for instance, the English department enjoys a poetry competition every semester. Students and guests can enjoy a play performed by students. The Clubs are vast and populated. And the library is clean, quiet, and well staffed. There is so much that is being left out from this review that it's almost criminal. As a criticism i'll say that the elevators need an overhaul and the floors need to become moving sidewalks.
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Currently done with my first semester and the support system from the professors and counselors are great. Tutoring and writing center needs more tutors though but they are fantastic
my experience in Hostos was a very big challenging because it leads me to the realities of life. As it stands now i can be proud of myself.
i has been pleasure studying at hostos community college. It was great experience throughout all my semester. all the professor which i has have made learning very easier for student.
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