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So far CUNY Graduate School & University Center has been a positive experience for me. I think that it doesn't have enough staff and that I should be able to reach staff via phone and not just by email.
This review is on SPS. This is not school I would recommend unless you are prepared to do work on your own. You must be self- sufficient in class, in the the administrative planning, counseling and graduation. This school is for very organized students who can follow up and teach themselves.
I like how the CUNY Graduate School & University Center is very warm and accepting toward their students.
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I currently attend online, majoring in Sociology. First, my experience in the enrollment was very simple and smooth. My advisor walked me through the process including my transfer credits. Secondly, the registration was easy, although I have online experience. Last, the courses are challenging and the professor's are A plus. I have experienced difficulties and my professor's were able to see me through. I have a 3.2 gap and I plan to finish my degree at CUNY SPS.
It teaches me a lot about teaching by exposing me to new acting games that I could use with future students. In addition, it opens my eyes by showing me different perspectives of other groups and teaches me a lot about the lives of people I never really knew about. It also presents challenging ideas that makes me really think and consider what's happening in the world around me.
The value of earning a bachelors or masters at this school is very accessible for those who are looking to either begin their education or continue it. However, there aren't many major options available so that is something to really consider and look into when applying and enrolling into this college.
I live at home with parents.
I am not knowledgable of the Greek life.
I have not participated in any sports nor have I attended classes in person being that my courses are online.
My experience has been a great one so far. I just recently completed my first semester with a 3.4 GPA and I have the professors to thank for that along with my hard work. The professors really made sure to communicate with the students in a timely fashion and I appreciated that.
The school is good, but you have to do everything for yourself, for the most part. A lot of information has to be searched for online, nobody really tells you about it.
avoid financial aid office if at all possible - horrible staff
The faculty are very helpful and its a small school.
the process is fair, everything counts
I need tips for myself. not qualified for anything but loans, I cannot afford loans.
college cafeteria serve good meals but I have not seen organic sign on anything
students are serious about studying and achieving their educational goals
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security is serious about safety
not much sports activities but various exercise programs geared to improve health and decrease stress
Journalism + graduate school = extreme amounts of stress, and therefore a desire to party. On top of that, we are located in the middle of Manhattan and commute, so people are happy to go out for drinks after we leave school (at 11 at night, often).
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