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CUNY College of Staten Island Reviews

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I enjoy College of Staten island because i feel as if certain professors will really give you a chance interms of passing as a student who struggles academically CSI professors have really taken their time with me and have helped me succeed i will be obtaining my associates in may 2019
This is a great s book for those who have different passions. My passion I should to become a speech pathologist to help children and adults with learning disabilities. So I’m glad that csi has a program specifically for this.
Easy to navigate campus, knowledgable professors, great social work program, affordable, wheelchair accessible, all-gender neutral bathrooms
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I like the my school, the only thing I feel the college lacks is activities so for that reason I don't feel fully connected.
The College of Staten is a very good school to go to at a cheap price. The college is very diverse and holds students from various amounts of cultures and religions. The student life is quite active as well, there are many college activities that students can attend; from clubs and extracurricular activities to fun and enticing games. It's really a party school, which can be a good thing. You can tell students here are coming here and willing to learn.
Overall the campus personnel and professors are really friendlys. Many of them care about their student. With such a Beautiful campus as well .
College of staten island is a four year community college. It is very divese school. You will find every type of person and everyone is so welcoming
I loved the diversity of each of my classes and don't feel left out due to my race and sexuality. The professors successfully teach their classes for the most part and the campus has great activities. However, they do need to have better class scheduling, parking, and transportation.
It is fine, I enjoy the activities in the college building, most of the professor is nice to the students. They have passion to teach the students.
The advisors should be more information but I love the professors, they way they teach and overall the feel of the school. I feel very motivated to do work and come to school.
The College of Staten Island is really a great school. The teachers are all nice and helpful and the students are cool. The dorms are absolutely beautiful and the campus is beautiful and sprawling for being a CUNY school. There are plenty of clubs to get involved with and the sports teams are pretty good as well. Definitely a great school.
My experience at the College of Staten Island has helped me focus in on the skills I will be needing for my Nursing career. It was an "eye-opener" going to this college because it made me change my old study habits to a more effective one. For example, I used to write down every word from my lecture slides hoping I would teach myself the material by the time an exam comes. Now, I realized that that method wasn't helping me anymore, thus revising this method to one that enhances my learning capabilities.
As a NYC resident, to have a campus that resides in an area that is not congested with skyscrapers in every block, it gives students a break from the busy, bustling lifestyle of NYC.
Overall, my experience at this college has been nothing less than blessed, considering that I lived in a third-world country where education opportunities aren't available to everyone. Therefore, going to a clean, diverse and a safe campus like the one in CSI offers, it makes my time there worthwhile.
I attend the Prestigious college of Staten Island located in the heart of Staten Island,The College of Staten Island is one of eleven City University of New York schools and is situated in the southernmost of NY City’s five boroughs. The 204-acre park-like campus is the largest in New York City. Research is encouraged, with over 80 science labs which includes the Center for Developmental Neuroscience and the Small Business Development Center which fosters leadership in entrepreneurship at no cost to students.
If you are planning to stay in New York City for College but still yearn for an out of state feel, this Campus offers both accommodations. It's spacious and filled with wild life. What I would love for the college of Staten Island to improve in is the Advisement area it tends to be poor and reluctant at times But apart from that my first year attending CSI has been a success and I love it
Awesome college to attend! Very large campus with a great atmosphere. The professors are very helpful and informative.
Great place to get an education for your money. It is what you make it, remember to go to ratemyprofessor before registering.
I love that the school is extremely diverse, and that the staff is caring and engaged. I would like to see an expansion of the sports offered in the school and more campus activities! Other than that it is a great school and campus!
I like that College of Staten Island is near my apartment. I enjoy that you have the mall and food chains nearby. There is a lot of diversity at the college. The professors and staff are friendly.
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College of Staten Island is great for academics, and partying. However, It is far in Staten Island, Not a lot of diversity. Mostly white people, lack most ethnicity's, NY is diverse so, WHY ISNT CSI.
This is my second year at CSI, I like the diversity. Everyone is friendly, the professors I've had so far have been very understanding. I wish they had better quality of food, I recommend the greek yogurt with strawberries. CSI should invest into purchasing new desks, upgrading the classrooms.
I liked the college of staten island because they have a nice campus and i felt comfortable there. Everyone there are willing to help you. The dorms are really nice to be a college dorm, which i wasn't expected.
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