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CUNY College of Staten Island Reviews

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The College of Staten Island is a great college. I love that it is one of the top ranked public colleges and the campus is very beautiful. They have good program of study. The professors are very helpful toward students. There are activities that help students get involve and engaged on campus. CSI is a place of self development and growth.
My experience at college of Staten island has been great nothing short of good experiences. There are great people there to help and see you succeed and do well in life and achieve your most highest goals. I myself like the sports that they have there but i feel like they should have more of variety of sports like add football.
I really liked the campus and how it was laid out. Every building was very easy to find. The professors I had were all really nice and knowledgeable about the subjects they were teaching. What I really didn't like were the other students attending the college. I didn't feel like they were motivated in the classes and that really brought my experience down. I don't feel like this college brings it the best students which I think could be an improvement for this school. They need to adjust they're acceptance requirements and not let in every single person that applies.
Review CUNY College of Staten Island
There are so many opportunities at the College of Staten Island. Many people complain, but it has wonderful faculty that are always there for extra help when needed.
School is great however for a staten islander it feels almost like an extension of high school. The campus itself is absolutely beautiful and does not feel like a city university college of new york whats so ever. The students are pretty friendly however, it can be difficult to find things to get involved with.
My experience with this college has been a negative one. In this school you are on your own and when you seek help or assistance you don't receive it. What you do receive is a lot of run around and out of pocket cost that doesn't even help you achieve your goal. This school is very unorganized and most of the workers in the school have a lack of knowledge in their field and don't care about the students. They will tell you anything to get you to go away and don't care if it harms you.
Being apart of the college of staten island was an okay experience. The teachers and staff were relatively helpful, however some could show more of a concern for the well being of their students education. The campus on the college was well kept. I wish there were more activities and clubs to join. If you're looking for a cheaper college I would recommend this one.
College Of Staten Island is a very open area and each building is associated with specific subject, which I love. The Loop Bus takes you around the whole campus every 10 minutes which is very convenient and there is even a shuttle bus for students coming from different boroughs.
Although the campus is beautiful on a nice day, it can be a drag on a rainy day if you have class in a building on the other side and don't have a car. Good thing is the have the loop bus which takes you around. The staff is very friendly and helpful. the library makes you feel like you're in a movie, it's beautiful!
i liked college of staten islands campus. it is very big and well maintained. the advisers do a great job on helping the students to the next step and making things a lot easier for them. i would like them to add more classes and go into more dept with specific courses.
I love the campus. It's absolutely beautiful. I like the classes, but they didn't have the major I want to study: Music Therapy. It's a newer field, so not many colleges have it (only two in New York have this major). It would be nice to be able to go to a college that won't cost me $30,000 a year to study what I want
What I most liked about CSI were the great professors I had, particularly those in the history department. I'd like to see a more expanded library.
All of the students and faculty are very welcoming helpful. Search for teachers who will inspire their students to do their best and apply themselves to their full capacity. The campus is large and the food is a little on the pricey side. There's always campus events going on and it's easy to join clubs and make friends. There's never a boring time on campus.
Located in the middle of Staten Island. It has a beautiful 208 acre campus. The school offers so many different majors. Depending on the program the professors are great. It as student housing.
CUNY College of Staten Island is an optimistic school. The students are filled with lots of energy. The professors are wonderful. Usually parties take place on Thursday nights, but people throw their own events on the side. I love this school. Their dorms, especially Dolphin Cove are super clean and diversed. It's a fantastic environment.
I truly do enjoy the faculty of the school. Everyone in each of the offices that I have been to as well as most departments have been very nice and helpful. No matter the question or the concern they have someone who provides me with the necessary information. One thing that I'd like to see changed, although certainly not a big concern, is the time slots of certain higher level classes such as Microbiology and Anatomy two. As a student who also has a job I would like more choices in the classes to balance all of this.
I really enjoyed my time at CSI. I got to join a national honors society which helped me to branch out and network with others in my peer group. There are so many teams and clubs to chose from and you have the ability to create your own if none are to your liking. They genuinely embrace individuality on this campus. Some of the professors are real scholars and professionals in their departments. They make learning fun and not a complete drag. Overall good experience, and along the way I've made some lifelong friends.
Review CUNY College of Staten Island
So far the experience has been fair, no very difficult assignments but you have to study of the exams and put effort into your homework assignment.
The teachers are very motivated and dedicated towards student success. The administration and Bursar do have some issues, especially when it comes to making schedules and enrolling you in the classes you need to graduate in time. However, the overall environment is very friendly and the campus is very spacious.
The more proactive you are the better your experience will be, if you put effort not connecting with professors and visit the career and scholarship center your future will be brighter. There aren't many opportunities to be recruited on campus or to gain access to the alumni network.
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