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Personally, I've had a very successful transition due to CSI's curriculum. I think that their on-campus resources are extensive and they offer a lot to students. In my current major I found that many of my classes were tailored to modern news. For example, in one of my history lectures, the professors would start of by showing a clip of current events. They then connected those current events to the lesson. I can only speak for myself but I believe that was the main reason why I received an A- in that class. CSI does very well at tailoring to their demographic.
I love going to school here. The professors are for the most part all great, it's a good sized campus and there are many things to get involved in.
I took summer courses at the college. It was an interesting experience. While I did all right, the atmosphere was not that welcoming. It is overall a good enough college.
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It was ok depend on what major you are going for they make it so difficult it's beyond ridiculous. You have to keep trying every semester hoping to get in. They don't take in consideration people background or work experience, regardless you have all As in your prerequisites.
I've visit the campus a few times and the staff and student are very helpful,you'll just fit right in
I liked how they get along with each other and all of the professors help you to actually pass and better yourself. also they have the ASAP program
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I love my time at CSI, I have meet new people and experienced new things. One thing I would like to change is the campus food. There aren't many food choices there. There food choices there now are expensive and they taste too good.
I love the campus, faculty and determination the staff has to see student accomplish their goals. It is my third year as a nursing student and as I get closer to the finish line, I think about how much I'll miss being here.
It’s a good school and close to home, but there should be more student engagement outside of the classroom.
college is great, people are also nice and they have updated technology. they just need to improvise more help to student when they need.
College of Staten Island offers a variety of courses. The professors are great but the education culture can be improved. Many students are unmotivated to learn or participate in extracurricular activities even though they are offered.
I would like to see more involvement with student life. Pep rallys, things TYPICAL colleges have, although it is cuny, its the only public college in staten island where most people go to.
The CUNY college of Staten island is an pretty average school. The prices are more affordability than a private or ivy league college. The campus is very big and has a lot of places for study. The campus includes outdoor seatings, and indoor ares to further the education beyond the classroom. Their is free tutoring at all hours of the day 7 days a week. The campus has professors that come from universities such as NYU and private schools such as Saint Johns. The college of Staten island is a college where people go to class and than go home, it is not a "social" school. Therefore the people who attend this school is looking for ways to better themselves, not wasting time.
There is no life at this school. I regret going to this school so much. I've only been here for a semester and I'm already transferring. CSI was a waste of my time effort an money. The food is terrible. The campus pretty though dont get me wrong and the dorms are new.
CSI is a great campus with okay professors. The faculty could be improved but overall, the school is good. The facilities and public services are good, and the food there is also good. The only problem I have is withe the staff working in the administration. They arent that helpful and are rude most of the time.
I love my teachers, they all help me on when they see my struggling on certain topics. Guidance counselors are always available to help you as well as advisors or just anyone you need to get information
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College of Staten Island has many workshops and materials to guide you in this new beginning of your life, they schedule you to many orientations so you can get familiar with the campus and the way things work around their system, they help you register for classes and even give you links to payment plans if you can't pay the full tution right away. The campus is very gorgeous and spacious there is always security and staff around any time of the day to make you feel safe in the environment around you. As a student in this college they acknowledge that things may be stressful and with that being said they give you many resources in order to your make experience easier. One thing I would change is for some office hours to be longer , due to classes if you have to go to the admission office or financial Advisor you may not be able to because of hours don't work within class schedule but overall college of Staten Island is a great school with a lot of potential and opportunities
The College of Staten Island is a great college for local students looking to have a career and be successful in life. The professors I have had are always available and willing to help. Financial aid and counselors are also available for your needs.
College of Staten Island is a good college, but there are flaws within the teachers, faculty, safety patrol (cops), dorms, and even students. There are many issues like how the safety patrol don't protect the school, the rules on campus aren't followed by anyone (tobacco free campus), everyone smokes. The administration is terrible because they don't take care of peoples' problems, financial aid is harassed almost every day by students and parents. Certain classes aren't offered throughout the year, for example, Chinese classes aren't available in the Summer semester or Winter semester only in the Fall or Spring semester. Some of the teachers are nice and encourage students to continue in the major they want. Other teachers are rude and talk about things that aren't part of the discussion in the classroom.
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