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I liked the college of staten island because they have a nice campus and i felt comfortable there. Everyone there are willing to help you. The dorms are really nice to be a college dorm, which i wasn't expected.
I love being at Csi,they create an environment that makes you feel like you are home. Everything is not easy but what college is.
CSI is a fantastic school. All the teachers are there to help you and actually want to see you succeed. The campus could be kept up a little bit better and the food could be better, but the campus has so many activities for the students that you feel welcomed and involved.
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The CUNY College of Staten Island is not as bas as people make it out to be. The campus is a good size and there's always a lot of people and it's always a safe environment. Most professors are understanding and not too strict. The food isn't gourmet but it's surprisingly really good.
If you are planning to stay in New York City for College but still yearn for an out of state feel, this Campus offers both accommodations. It's spacious and filled with wild life. For student's who wish to join a nursing program, this school offers one of the best courses. Advisement could be a little better and admin can lose their patience sometimes, but the school has a lot to offer.
The college of Staten Island has the foundation for being a good school, but unfortunately it is incredibly understaffed in many administrative departments. There are only a small handful of academic advisors and counselors to an incredible amount of students, and the food options could be a little bit more on the healthy side
My experience overall has been good , However it always could be better by including more student life activities and more opportunities for students geared toward specific careers along with improved services for Students with Disabilities.
My experience at the College of Staten Island is a very pleasant one. The professors I have had during my first year are all extremely nice and are willing to help you with any question you happen to have. There are many tutoring resources you can turn to if you're having trouble in a class. They offer many clubs and events for students to get involved in.
So far my experience at CSI has been pleasurable. I have made connections and been advised of the many possibilities associated with my future degree.
The people at financial aid, enrollment services, registration etc. don't know what the heck they're doing to the point where I am very stressed and dont know who else to turn too. Every day there is some issue/hold on my account for something that does not even apply to me or ever did!! I am in and out of their offices every day because of this problem.
The food here is over priced and nasty.
No student life, the campus looks like a barren wasteland half the time.
There is a lot of marijuana activity by the dorms and it stinks so dont go by there unless thats your cup of tea.
A lot of ghetto people who took advantage of the free tuition thing and dont really care about college.

The professors and nice campus are the only redeeming qualities.
Csi has a really nice and bug campus which makes it unique. The only bad side is the food in the cafeteria which isnt the best. However, its still a very nice campus to apply to!!
Food is terrible and very expensive. Students are very much non socializing, on their own. Very hard to get a spot major course. So limited spot of major class with so many students that need the class. Staff are very bad attitude make you feel like you are bothering them.Overall very bad school.
I like everything, only thing I would change is the amount of parking. There is definitely not enough parking for the amount of students. Thankfully they're finally paving the road throughout campus, the pot holes were terrible. Other than that I have nothing bad to say, it's a great school
I like the basketball team, the area and amount of majors available. I also like the amount of transfer students can be able to get in and out depending on what major/career they are looking to work in. If they had a football team there it would be the best school in the city. So far it is top 3 in everything. Also I would like if the school would be a little closer and less drama for traffic but other than that it’s great. The dorms are amazing right on campus which makes it easy to go to class. The academics are very spot on and give just the right amount of difficulty and all so supportive of everything u may ask for
Personally, I've had a very successful transition due to CSI's curriculum. I think that their on-campus resources are extensive and they offer a lot to students. In my current major I found that many of my classes were tailored to modern news. For example, in one of my history lectures, the professors would start of by showing a clip of current events. They then connected those current events to the lesson. I can only speak for myself but I believe that was the main reason why I received an A- in that class. CSI does very well at tailoring to their demographic.
I love going to school here. The professors are for the most part all great, it's a good sized campus and there are many things to get involved in.
I took summer courses at the college. It was an interesting experience. While I did all right, the atmosphere was not that welcoming. It is overall a good enough college.
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It was ok depend on what major you are going for they make it so difficult it's beyond ridiculous. You have to keep trying every semester hoping to get in. They don't take in consideration people background or work experience, regardless you have all As in your prerequisites.
I've visit the campus a few times and the staff and student are very helpful,you'll just fit right in
I liked how they get along with each other and all of the professors help you to actually pass and better yourself. also they have the ASAP program
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