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City College of New York is a huge campus that have 8-10 buildings. It looks pretty cool to attend there.
The school overall is one of the best in the entire CUNY system. I love the FIQWS classes which is a mix on of different majors and English class that can range from a variety of topics.
City College has a very diverse group of students that contribute to the overall culture of the community. It has many program offerings and majors of all kinds.
Review CUNY City College of New York
Not many people know about the Sophie Davis program in the school. Those who want to become medical doctors try to get into the school; no MCAT's and no med school interviews. It is a very rigorous program with high requirements to enter. Individuals committed to getting an MD should consider applying.
The professors are very knowledgeable
The safety and security in and around campus must be improved
I for the most part have appreciated a lot of my professors and like the accessibility to man you tools on campus as well as great food spots. It's hard to make friends but your peers are generally really nice.
I love the diversity of CCNY, the community and the education is fantastic. The dorms are perfect and everyone makes you feel at home. I think they could improve a little with food and their party life but I'm sure as each generation moves on, things will get better!
I like that the campus is small enough to know where each department is. One thing I don't like though it's how big the science classes are. I feel like ou don't learn as much as it would be if it was a smaller classroom. You would have bigger chances of asking the proffesor things you don't understand.
City College was the diverse melting pot that I wanted to experience during my collegiate career. The Mass Communications department had talented and experienced professors, whose main was to prepare their students for the Public Relations workforce. I experienced everything I would have on a distant campus as well. I had the opportunity to join a sorority and participate in campus and student life. I met my greatest friends at City College as well as forged a camaraderie amongst other CUNY students in the city.
Although the City College campus is small and dated, and there isn't much to do in the local area, my overall experience at City College so far has been very good. If getting an affordable and worthwhile education is what you are primarily focused on, this is the school for you. Being a small school, it's much easier to get to know your professors and fellow students and form meaningful connections as well.
I love the environment and the campus at ccny, is one of the main reasons why i decided to attend in the first place. It also has a variety of clubs and societies to joing that will make you fill like part of a community.
I'm a transfer student, and in the beginning it was a little hard for me to adjust to the school but with a little help of my fellow classmates it made my stay at City College a lot better.
I love being an online communication and media student! I find that it is the best program for me to earn my Bachelor's degree!
The campus is beautiful and welcoming. Dpending on your major you will find a lot or a little support. However, there's always someone there whether it be someone in the office or your Professor to help you along the way. Most the professors are highly motivated and get into their jobs, but not all. The campus food is okay but expenseive. You will find many place to study and relax between classes, you just have to explore.
It is one of the most diverse schools of New York. Some of the professors are amazing and there are a ton of resources available . However, there should be more programs and ways for students to get involved in activities related to academics. It would also be helpful for many students if they could offer more courses.
Good school, just bad teachers. Some of the teachers I can not understand, but they are helpful during office hours. The Cheap tuition is really the reason to go here.
It is a beautiful college, the old buildings look very gothic. It is a public school, so it is not very expensive. The campus is very liberal and diverse. The liberal arts professors are very dedicated to their jobs. Although this school is well known for it's stem majors, the science professors here aren't often very helpful for the students. They mostly care about their research.
Review CUNY City College of New York
I really like the library, everyone minds their own business, and it is easy to get involved. However, it is a bit dirty, and the North Academic center looks like a jail. It could be prettier, but I like the fact we have a campus and there is many food choices around.
This school is the poor man's Harvard. The staff is not all that great, but the teachers really take the cake. Each teacher has the motive for teaching students, and every student has a dedication to graduating. Centered in NYC, with the scheduling of classes, students are able to get jobs, live life, and go to school at the same time. Although they do not get the recognition of a great school, starting here is a good decision.
What I like about CUNY City College of New York is the faculty who are dedicated to educating the future generation of youths. Also, what I find intriguing about the school is the fact that most of the buildings are designed resembling those of an old medieval castle. I often walk around the campus contemplating whether a knight in shiny armor will turn the corner on his trusty noble steed.
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