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CUNY City College of New York Reviews

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This will be my first semester, but for a transfer student they make sure you are taken care of! They defiantly give you a lot of resources to help you gain knowledge on what you really want to do. They guide you into the correct path. The people that have helped me so far are amazing.
The school is simply a scam. Teachers want you to cram text books. They do not teach. This is because they are burnt out and totally lazy, as well as totally incompetent. Past exams repeat. Those who get hold of them and cheat get A's.Ethnic teachers are biased. Very very few Americans teach in engineering departments. Totally, it is a complte disaster. The only breason jobs are given based on minority status! Not on knowledge or ;learning. It is an academic ghetto.
I was an undergrad in the engineering department before I transferred out. The professors, though not all of them, simply can not teach. They know what they're teaching but the way they teach is below average at best. However, there are some professors that are gems.
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You will meet people from all over. Not just from all the boroughs but from all over the world. It is an accessible and affordable college because it is a commuter school with a lot of choices regarding majors.
My favorite thing about this college is the large resource facility that is available. The main library is available 24/7 during finals week and long hours on regular days. There are up to five floors worth of space and resources including computer labs, meeting rooms, independent study, group study, a lounge. People even have a specific area for nap time! It is super relaxed and a great place to focus on your work!
The campus is huge and if you need a break from all the studying door rooms are available for you to hang out in the lounge and our local radio station to tune in. A park to picnic or hang out in and our shuttle bus to drop you off at the train station. There's a gym if you feel a little stiff and lots of sports available with frequent games that go on throughout the semester. Students host bake sales with music playing for their clubs.
My experience at The City College of New York has been really good so far. I am currently a rising junior there and I don't have any regrets in terms of deciding to City College. One of the main reasons why I decided to attend City College is the student body was extremely diverse (the most diverse throughout the CUNY system). One of my goals, while I was going through the college application process, was to attend a university that allowed me to meet/interact with wide range of people from various backgrounds and I think I achieved that goal through attending City College. I also decided to attend City College because of how competitive and skillful their academia was. Throughout my two years at City College, almost all of the professors I've had were extremely knowledgeable in the subject matter they were teaching and it showed when they were teaching.
City college has a wonderful campus and it’s locayed nearby train stations and buses. They offer a variety of different courses and they offer several evening courses which is great for working students.
Great school for commuters. However, they do not have many options for students who may be working full time jobs. Most of the courses offered are in the morning time, and very limited options during the evening. Students dont really socialize unless forced too. Which means during classes that require group assignments. Other than that, those who actually live on campus or close by, usually tend to get along pretty well because they spend more time on campus, than a person like myself who literally just goes there for class and leaves right after, because i work the next day.
It was a great school in a great location. It included very nice labs and computer workstations. There were a lot of support if you needed it. There was the consular that kept calling you if you are OK and need help. Driving was great since paring was easily found
CUNY city college of New York is good for gaining knowledge on career. The professors are very knowledgeable in their subject areas. The food has a good selection in a wide open cafeteria. CCNY has excellent diversity with the different background and languages students have. CCNY is guaranteed to have a positive return on investment for each major. CCNY clubs have good social interaction if you have time after studying for all the test, which severely affect the grade.
Very good learning experience, I learned a lot, did two minors with my major, and really enjoyed it. I loved the diversity, literally every friend of mine was of another country!
I mean it's okay. City just has a thing that if you do badly on a class like for example you get an F then that cost less then if you get a D and I don't understand why that is. It doesn't make any sense. And the financail aid office takes forever to call you up, i belive that they know that they're very slow but they just don't care. This colege is okay, it's convenunt if you live near the area because it's surrouned by alot of locol food places and acadimic wise it's okay, you'll learn something but in regards to the school helping their students they need to do better.
The students really make the major classes and general education class a joy to attend. The professors know how to engage students in the class throughout the semester and are very direct.
Been a student at City College has honestly been a really nice experience for me. It wasn't my first choice to go to, but I ended up here. And I don't regret my decision. I have been able to meet people from a lot of different backgrounds. I have loved every single semester I have spent at CCNY, there is always something new happening here. Ans I'm never bored. The atmosphere makes me feel welcome. And I know that there are always people available to help me with whatever need I have.
I like that the college is very diverse. There are many people that you can meet that are from another country and learn a lot about them. I like that it's also very accessible. It's not a very far school. It takes about 10-15 minutes to get there by car but by train its about 30-45 minutes. I think that they need to reevaluate some of the professors that are teaching currently in the school. Some of the professor are teaching in friled that they havent majored in and it sometimes makes students feel uneasy and tend to fail their class even if they pt there hard work into it.
I like that it is a good school when it comes to academics it is really challenging. Professors will definitely give you a hard time but at the end of the day it is college, it is not meant to be easy.
Overall, its an average college. You have your mix of good and bad professors and the local area is decent thought I wouldn't recommend going to some of the areas at night. The food however is awful.
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It was a great experience, diversity and great professors.
If selected for this scholarship, I will continue to apply the same diligence to my collegiate studies as I have to this point, making education and service to others my top priority. I will represent your organization well during my years in college and beyond. Thank you in advance for your consideration.
It is a very inexpensive school. "It's worth more than what you pay". Considering it's a public school. It's arguably one of the best public schools in the country in my opinion, and offers a wide variety of programs. The school is most notably famous for it's engineering school, preparatory medical program and film program.
The college itself looks dirty, the only reason I didn't rate this school one star is because the only thing that's good here is the safety every entrance and exit is fully secured by a security guard. The classes so far have been disappointing and the professors basically set you up to fail.
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