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City college offers a variety of courses, majors, and minors allowing students to have a wide range of things to choose from. There are also programs which help students in applying to internships and jobs which is great.
Great school. Small school, but that allows teachers to be more engaged with a student's needs. Fun environment. I would give it 5 stars, however I'm a commuting student and I don't know too much about the campus at night, which is when I hear the fun comes to life. People do care about their school work and are super chill. You'll always find your crowd.
I like the diversity and the architectural structure of the school. There is a lot of beautiful spots to relax and study and many student activities during the semester, including the DJ every Thursday!
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The City College of New York is an amazing institution. It has a wide variety of majors and minors, and a student can get a very well rounded education at this institution. Aside from education, there are always great events and lectures happening on campus covering a variety of topics. This school is not just for people working on their undergrad or graduate degrees, it is for everyone.
Great School, Beautiful Campus. Diverse Student body. Like any school, you get out what you put in. a great variety of food available on and off campus.
The campus is beautiful and vast. There are a lot of places offered. The staff are nice and respectful.
I really enjoy how professional the professors are and how full of information they are. What I don't appreciate is the constant breaking down of elevators and escalators all the time year-round.
The great part about CCNY is that a large percentage of the professors have taught at Columbia, NYU, Parsons, Cooper Union, or Syracuse, so they bring a great value to the classroom at a much affordable cost. So far all of my professors have been fairly decent and well respected in their fields. The bad part about CCNY is that the school has poor management and rude faculty, they seem not to care about catering to students. Also the campus is extremely outdated and needs major renovation in some buildings. All in all its a good school but if you're looking for a traditional university experience, this is not the college for you. However, if you're looking to go to school in the middle of Manhattan at an affordable price, than City College is definitely for you.
I am currently a transfer student and a JR. I took about a 6 yr break from school after obtaining my A.S. Since enrolling into City College I've found the transition back into college to be welcoming and diverse. The professor's make it very clear that they are here to help and are availbe for you during office hours and encourage you to utilize the services offered.
Although it's a very diverse campus, there isn't much of a voice for other races, While reflecting about her experiences in CUNY Start, Lilia said, “Even during my most challenging moments, I never got discouraged because I felt so supported by my teachers and advisors. I am also inspired by my daughter, who is currently a college student at BCC,
Overall I've had no complaints about the students or professors here. It has been a nice experience so far.
Located in Harlem, best savings for when it comes to food as there's a variety surrounding campus. Classes are with 20-50 students at most. In each department professor care more about the students once you are focusing on your major classes than the general requirements.
As a mechanical engineering major at CCNY I can say that this school has a lot to offer in academics. Aside from taking a few unnecessary and under-stimulating classes, major related courses as well as upper level prerequisites will be a very challenging and stimulating learning experience. The social life is far from great. It will most definitely be hard to make friends at the start of your career but if you get involved in clubs you will get to meet and know a lot more people and hopefully have budding relationships from there. Despite the good academics some of the facilities are lacking in general. The grove school of engineering and North Academic Center have unattractive interior design. The functionality of the facilities are adequate but can be better. But all in all, I can say you get exactly, if not more than what you paid for.
City college is an interesting college where learning and achievement take place. my experience in city college will make me a great someone for future.
I love how diverse the student body is and the beautiful campus. It's a serious shift from my high school experience, with only approximately 500 students. My professors are people of the neighborhood that speak wisdom about the world. As I continue my study at City College, I hope to bring more life to student activities.
City College is a good school to go to if you're an engineering, psychology or physical science student. However, anything else is questionable, the student life seems to be nonexistent but that could really be because there isnt much advertisement around the school so if you want to join any clubs you really have to do all the research yourself.
Currently am attending CCNY, one of the greatest college out there. Teachers treat their student like and Ivy Universities, your will learn a lot from this College. There is a lot of Majors to choose from. So, if you really want to do something in your life City college is one of the best plus it cheap to attend.
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My experience at CUNY City College of NY is terrific. The staff is very professional and very helpful. The mixed cultural diversity is,amazing who meet people from all walks of life. I have made some many friends. And traveling to the campus is so accessible.
As an education major, I felt as if I had no support from the offices. Many times I went to the office for information regarding my studies, and I was sent on a witch hunt from office to office to find someone who had the answers I needed. I ended up advising my advisor because she had no idea what she was supposed to do. It was a headache going to this school. They prioritize their fundings with the STEM and Architecture majors and leave the rest out to dry. I did not feel that I have learned enough to go into my field. If it wasn't for me going else were for information I would be completely lost in my career.
It was an all right experience. It's everything I expected from the jump. I do enjoy that it's in the heart of the best city in the U.S.
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