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Good school, just bad teachers. Some of the teachers I can not understand, but they are helpful during office hours. The Cheap tuition is really the reason to go here.
It is a beautiful college, the old buildings look very gothic. It is a public school, so it is not very expensive. The campus is very liberal and diverse. The liberal arts professors are very dedicated to their jobs. Although this school is well known for it's stem majors, the science professors here aren't often very helpful for the students. They mostly care about their research.
I really like the library, everyone minds their own business, and it is easy to get involved. However, it is a bit dirty, and the North Academic center looks like a jail. It could be prettier, but I like the fact we have a campus and there is many food choices around.
Review CUNY City College of New York
This school is the poor man's Harvard. The staff is not all that great, but the teachers really take the cake. Each teacher has the motive for teaching students, and every student has a dedication to graduating. Centered in NYC, with the scheduling of classes, students are able to get jobs, live life, and go to school at the same time. Although they do not get the recognition of a great school, starting here is a good decision.
What I like about CUNY City College of New York is the faculty who are dedicated to educating the future generation of youths. Also, what I find intriguing about the school is the fact that most of the buildings are designed resembling those of an old medieval castle. I often walk around the campus contemplating whether a knight in shiny armor will turn the corner on his trusty noble steed.
The City College of New York provides a unique college experience. From having a strong history and beautifully constructed campus to providing highly recognized programs for architecture and engineering, students can look forward to acting upon the multitude of opportunities at City College.
The City College of New York has a beautiful campus and mostly good professors. The only thing I would want to see change is to have the college really take what students have to say in regards to rating and reviewing the professors at the end of the semester
Good experience. Make the best of it otherwise you might not love it; join club, be part of the student life office, participate. No one will make you, so make yourself do extra curricular activities and take advantage of every resource provided (but hard to find).
Its a great college so far, it has some problems with the tuition and the understanding of transitioning from one term to the next. It is very diverse with all sorts of colors and genders, going to this college the food is very hard to find limiting you if you want to spend as little as possible.
city college has a great diversity of people. i am a psychology major following the pre med track. the psychology department is great lots of good profesors and helped offered and the sciences are challenging and hard but will definitely help you for the MCAT exam
Financial aid office is no help at all, impossible to get on phone and take weeks to respond to email. We've had to do everything on our own, I have had thousands in out of pocket costs because they are so inept.

Teachers are also quite difficult to contact outside of class, the school staff in general is not apt to offer assistance.
City College is New York City's gem. It is located at the one of the highest points around upper Manhattan and has a semi-secluded campus with a mix of newer buildings and gothic-styled ones, which are reminiscent of Hogwarts. Although it is a city college, it has one of the toughest engineering and science programs, which have some of the best graduates in the field. However, it's strength as a city-funded (cheap), rigorous school is also it's flaw. Due to low budget and cuts in funding, the students suffer from raised tuition and fees, poor building maintenance, closed class sections, etc.
Overall City College of New York is a well developed school with many opportunities and is great for how much tuition is. What changes I would like to see is the academics improve in terms of the professors trying to connect more and find ways to teach more efficiently.
My experience at City College have been one of the best on my academic journey. I have learned different subject areas that serve as a foundation to becoming a professional. City college is a beautiful campus, in my opinion nothing has to be change because that college has everything a student need to become a succesful individual in society
The City College of NY is very diverse and the campus is beautiful. My first semester went very well and I had a lot of fun hanging out on campus with friends.
I couldn't have chose a better college! When I first began I was not happy simply because my high school was on the same campus. Little did I know that it was the same planet but an entirely different world. CCNY have so much to offer to their students. There are over 100 student clubs, an extensive list of majors and minors to choose from. There are plenty of programs that are there to help if you are struggling outside and inside of the school. There are also rewards for students who maintain a GPA of 3.0 and above as well as programs that recognizes students who are not quite at the 3.0 mark bug still shows their ambition to succeed. I think the best part was getting first pick in registration because I am registered with the accessibility center. Depending on affiliation (i.e. Honors, athletics, etc.) other students also get first draft to select their classes. Overall CCNY is an amazing college to attend.
This is a great college that offers students so much they just have to be willing to search for it. Students are often worried about not going to the right university, but for my city college has so much to offer you will find a place where you belong in terms of majors and programs.
Review CUNY City College of New York
This is a great college with a beautiful campus. There are areas of grassy plain field and if you don't enjoy the grass, there is always areas without them. This college has a variety of programs, for example, the architecture program or the engineering program. It has a little bit of everything. The academics may be rigorous, but it is worth it.
I love my school because of how diverse it is, everyone is nice and helpful to one another. A lot of inspirational stories from other classmates, the professors are knowledgeable of the materials they are teaching, and are always available.
I think that this college is a lot better than expected. Many people underestimate this school because it is under "CUNY". However, I find this college to have great professors as well as rigorous classes. Even I underestimated the rigor of the courses, and I am actually pleased that this college challenges me.
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