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CUNY City College of New York Reviews

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So far everything looks good except for being a freshmen limit your choice range of class selection. However, there were plenty of equipments and different cafe to choose from. The location is great because ccny still have a campus but it is not too big that you will be out of breathe if you walk across the campus
CCNY is a great school for academics. Not so much for student life, but if you make a strong effort you can meet new people. It’s resources are underfunded but there are some great professors who are excited to mentor students who are excited about learning. They try to prepare you for graduate school, which i appreciate.
Applying to CCNY was quite complicated. However, there are many staff on campus who are willing to help you. Contrary to popular belief, New Yorkers do want to help you.
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In CUNY City college of NY I liked the diversity and the students. It was very easy for me to make friends so I enjoy being in this 4 year school.
some professors are not good enough. The food in the cafeteria is too expensive and does not have much variety
I think this is an incredibly diverse school that offers a great education. The staff is very helpful. I do wish ASL (American Sign Language) was offered as a language, though.
Its a very beautiful campus, there´s a lot of diversity, and everyone was friendly. Two of my siblings attend college there, so I do have some bias.
The school is located in the beautiful, and historic neighborhood, Harlem. The campus is traditional, and there are a lit of research opportunities. However, the professors are consumed with research, and aren't interested in students. They rarely make themselves available to students, and almost always pass you off to a TA.
The City College of New York, also know as the Free Academy, is a university that values diversity and education. The school provides an environment for students to explore new ideas and cultivate new clubs and foundations upon the campus. The university seeks to connect to the neighborhood as a form of outreach. If I could change something on the campus, it would be the communication between the student body and the administration. There is a barrier between students needs and the administrations response.
It is the type of college you go to get a degree and that is it. If you're looking to party and have fun go somewhere else. If you are just trying to get your degree and move on with life, this is the college for you.
My overall experience with this university is irreplaceable. Both of my older siblings attended and graduated from this school, and all three of us can agree that we couldn’t have made a better choice.
The environment, the professors, everyone is very welcoming t=in this school. Its kinda hard to have a bad day here.
I have been part of City College for more than five years. It is a wonderful place to study. The environment is very friendly and the college is very resourceful. Professors of the college are always willing to help their students. However, over the past couple of years, the tuition fees got very expensive. Sometimes the advisors of the college don't pay much attention to the course s they recommend. Therefore, I ended up taking a course that was not required. This caused me to lose money and time.
It’s a pretty good school but they give very little guidance. They could be better with advising on which classes to take.
Honestly, I enjoy this school a lot more than others. There's a very mature feeling that I'm in love with. The professors are okay but the education and knowledge gained from this school are amazing and you meet a lot of great people on your journey!
I did a STEM program at CUNY City College to enrich my knowledge in Math & Physics. The classes were extremely challenging but I learned a lot, and feel more prepared for the school year. I took Physics and Advanced Algebra, and struggled a lot with the former due to it being the first time I ever learned Physics and due it also being a class that brushed upon Topics of AP Physics and beyond.
It has great academics with a diverse campus. The classrooms could be much better, there old and not as up to date as some other classrooms on campus.
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A school that provides an incredibly diverse student body with an amazing education for a reasonable cost. The professors here are top notch, all passionate, qualified individuals who care deeply and are energized by teaching. Students come from so many backgrounds and bring so many perspectives to discussions.
City College was extremely challenging as a Biology major. There are limited Biology professors (only 1-2 for each course, but mostly 1). This was inconvenient for scheduling purposes. The professors were challenging, which is a good thing. They care about their students and are always willing to help outside of the lecture. I truly enjoyed the location as well as the peers I've met. It is a very diverse university; I felt like I belonged rather quickly.
I like that my school is in the city of New York. I have easy access to transportation and this makes it even easier for me to get to school. However the school has to improve several things such as the services they provide to students. It seems like sometimes all they care is about your money and not the students which is really bad especially for a public college.
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