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City College has most of it buildings next to each other which makes it easy to get your classes. I like how the College was in the heart of the city but also how it was isolated to give the students the full college experience.
It was kind of challenging because when I did my class online, I was distracted by the noises in my house. It hard to do your class online at home if you live with a big family.
They have horrible math and science professors and the advisors at GOEP are rude other than that it's a good schhol
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Some professors don't understand that online learning are already hard, they make it harder for us. Harder exams and a lot of homeworks
Technology is glitchy. Personally, I had to make several phone calls to IT and the academic office to fix any issues, and due to the lockdown getting in contact with anyone was increasingly difficult. Most of my teachers made use of the system's Blackboard, something I wasn't used to. It took me much of my first semester getting the hang of it along with the other programs each teacher requested. It took some learning but I finally understood where I was going after asking my teacher to walk me through it. Unfortunately, by the time I had gotten the hang of things I was faced with a new issue: Blackboard no longer worked on my browser. I ended up getting locked out of an important class because of it. Fortunately for me, I was able to open it up on an entirely different browser to continue my studies. I never had much issues with Zoom. It crashed from time to time but I was able to navigate that application much better.
One of my favorite things about City is its diversity. Located in New York, it has students from all walks of life attending its halls. This CUNY school is cost effective with large lecture halls and a wide range of courses. The teachers there simply love their job. They are very patient with students and offer after class help for those who struggle. The College also provides stellar tutoring courses for math and science free of charge. The only issue I would cite would be that due to its vast size, technological problems occur pretty frequently. As a new applicant, my biggest issue was navigating the system with little aid due to the lockdowns and drawbacks. Once a student gets through , there are plenty of resources to help a student out.
Overall the psychology department is great. Professors really want you to learn and they are all very chill and lenient. Beware, there are some professors who are rude, but if you go on rate my professor you'll be able to avoid those. Although the professors in this department are great, I gave my experience a rating of 4 because the staff for financial aid or any other important offices are extremely rude, they don't care if you've been waiting for 2 hours they will tell you to come back the next day and wait. They don't even explain why. Also, beware of the science department a lot of the professors there are extremely cocky, arrogant, and rude. They don't explain things well in class and most of the time you end up teaching yourself. The only reason why I gave it a 4 is because I've had some amazing professors in the psychology department and some amazing experiences as a psych major. Outside of that, my experience with other departments was terrible especially with financial aid.
Online learning experience was okay. Some professors were more lenient with the workload and deadlines. They understood we were in the middle of a pandemic and that some students were struggling. However, there were professors who piled assignments onto you, and expected everything to be done by the deadline.
I have very much enjoyed the classes at CCNY. The proffesors in the music department are very nice to work with. The only complaint about the school is the social life. It is a commuter school in the middle of the city, so there isn't much community.
Online learning is a challenge for me but I think that my professors have done a great job with it. It still doesn't compare to the real thing, but it is decent.
My experience at city college is very good. There are many classes and majors to choose from, that will support exactly what career you aspire to choose when in the future. The tuition is also very well priced. On of the few things I would change is the lack of days the bursars office is available on the phone and add more days, since it is only available Monday and Wednesday.
I have taken online classes and the professor's have often used blackboard to distribute assignments and announcements to the students and occasionally is used for do zoom meetings. Sometimes blackboard is used to give in assignments but most professor's have been using emails to hand in assignments. Sometimes they will also use Dropbox for Assignments or To post recorded zoom videos. I've also had Professors use Mind tap for assignments.
It is my first year and everything was online. It was not the college experience I assumed but I
didn't mind it being online. The recorded lectures really helped and the teachers were very understanding. I did really good in all my classes although it was online. I was always able to contact my teachers easily as well.
I am a freshman, and so far it isnt bad! I really like how we have two separate advisors for normal studies and premed (in my case since I'm on a premed track). One thing I don't like is how this year the math department didnt let us have a placement test which put me in a not so great position since they decided to place me in algebra when I know I can do calc and it kind of just put me behind. Other than that, so far it has been good.
CCNY has a beautiful campus, and a strong engineering background. I would recommend this for those pursuing STEM, and perhaps medicine. It also has a convient fitness center and a store. The food they serve is also good, and they have plenty of accommodations and services. They have tutoring, counseling, and an honors center. However, there are some things I would like to see change. Even though the exterior of the campus looks great, the interior of the some areas could most certainly be improved, such as the NAC building, which has a very dull design, almost like a prison center, especially since the constructor who built was said to be a prison architect. Also, if you like the social aspect of the campus, then this is not for you. The campus life is just studying. There are no parties, there is no socializing, and student life hardly feels like life with campus alone. It quickly gets boring, so I always did something different and new every day for myself before the pandemic.
My online experience with City College was average at best. The professors are notorious for their difficulty with class teaching, and the same held true as a majority of my friends were failing the exams. The teachers had to constantly make changes to the syllabus and give us extra credit and drop exams on the way. Online learning just isn't the same experience as regular learning. The tuition was also raised during the pandemic for CUNY, so it provides a lot less than it's worth. I made a lot of friends during the online learning period, but I could do that in a physical setting. In addition, apparently online learning somehow means "easy learning" for professors, because they decided to make classes harder by experimenting with new learning styles. However, I managed to pass the courses by studying to the best of my ability and even though my grades weren't what I wanted, they were still good enough, and the professors helped us a lot as they knew we struggled during the pandemic.
The professors adapted well to the new online learning experience, and learning from them hasn't changed compared to if they were teaching in person.
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City College is good school for engineers, it has an array of different types of engineering programs.
Classes that benefit from having synchronous meetings don't while the ones that don't benefit from it do have them. Teachers grade harshly on participation but also give little opportunity to do so. They overwhelm you with work and weird deadlines but don't grade stuff in a timely manner. Also, they are harsh on your technological issues, but laugh off their own. Overall very disorganized and not sensitive to being in the middle of a pandemic. However, there is a little light if you get one of the few good professors.
The teachers are very hit or miss, with majority being a miss. They assign too much importance to their class and forget students have other assignments and life responsibilities. My only good teachers thus far are actually professors from community college that so happen to be teaching a few classes at CCNY as well. The online learning system is only to save the college money rather than assist students. It is clear that CCNY doesn't care about the education and well being of their students and just want to save a buck. It gets two instead of one stars because of the couple of teachers who actually care for the students but still are getting screwed over because of the school.
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