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Brooklyn College has been a great school thus far, has very informative teachers that motivate you to not only learn material but make changes in society outside of the classroom. The only thing that would be more helpful, is if the departments and advisers could work together instead of having to make multiple appointments and getting segmented information. Also, some of the bathrooms and other parts facility require updates/maintenance.
Going to Brooklyn College was the best decision I ever made. I have made everlasting friendships and created strong bonds with the faculty here. They really want to see you succeed and go out of their way to make sure you get what you need! The only reason why I wouldn't give it a full 5 stars is because the food on campus sucks! Luckily there are many food places around the campus that offer student discounts for Brooklyn College students. The campus is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the faculty are extremely welcoming. Transferring here has changed my life and I am grateful for Brooklyn College for being so welcoming.
I went to Brooklyn College for College now and this place is depressing. The Campus is small and split so there is no campus vibe and is in an ugly place. Its close to a high school so you see high schoolers everyday which can lower morale. Most people around campus smokes so get really to breath in second hand smoke. The upside is that there are really good professors who cares and teach well and there are a lot of food options nearby like McDonald, Burger king, Popeye, Chipotle, and street food.
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You get no sense of connection to the school after orientation, the professors are very lazy and only know how to lecture instead of teach. Also, the administration does a terrible job at advising students on where they should go based on their academical strengths and leave them to fail.
Brooklyn College is a great school. I loved the diversity. I wish there was more of a social life at Brooklyn College. It is a commuter school so students typically go home after class.
The school is on the far side of Brooklyn, If you love fast food, there are a lot of options here for you but if you are health conscious I would advise to bring your own lunch. Some of the professors do care about your education, some don't. The campus is beautiful on the inside but needs an upgrading inside the buildings. especially the bathrooms.
Brooklyn college is a great place for a person who wants a career in business management. The teachers are great here and the business department is a great place for any questions you have in regards to you academics. I am a mother and being a mother a student can be difficult at times, Brooklyn college offers a childhood center where you child can be at a daycare while you are in class or studying. This is one of the helps I get for coming to Brooklyn college and being a student here. The childhood center is a really great daycare and I feel comfortable leaving my child here. I have also work here at Brooklyn college part time through the work study program. It is a great and wonderful place to work at. The faculty and staff are caring and its a lovely environment here.
The campus is really nice, I would like it if there were more opened classes with different professors, basically more options to choose from.
It is a school of diversity, in a classroom, you can almost bet that everyone can speak a second language, coming from different background. It opened my eyes to different culture background and their perspectives. School staffs are mainly reachable and give fast response.
It's a very good college in New York City. The campus is safe there. The Academics there be little more competitive but overall it's complimentary.
I love the atmosphere at Brooklyn College, however, the staff members are not very helpful as far as Financial Aid and Academic advisors.
Brooklyn College is a wonderfully diverse university located in the heart of Brooklyn . It is a convenient location for local Brooklyn nites but it is also very welcoming to international students. They're a plethora of organizations and clubs that you can join to enhance your life experience and resume in between taking classes for your degree. There are plenty of student help offices that assist you on your college journey and what you're unsure of. You can visit their website to gain access to their vast listings of Majors and minors. Over all Brooklyn College is a well rounded school full with people who are dedicated to seeing you succeed beyond your degree.
Nice campus, but the academic advisors are no help. They get paid to do nothing but regurgitate information that is already known. The neighborhood is also really bad. Middle schoolers would wonder on campus throwing snowballs at people. Going to this college is one of my biggest regrets.
I've only started out in CUNY Brooklyn College since Fall of 2017 and the livelihood at this college is very active. There are so many friends to make and the professors at this college are very attentive to making you want to learn. My expectations were quite low compared to how the college actually is and there are many clubs with people who actually commit.
I'd love to see more professors who wanna see students succeed. Some professors are limiting and don't allow questions. We learn by asking questions and applying that knowledge. I'd love to see more change regarding that. Overall, nice school.
I like the "homey" vibe of the college. The education , in my opinion, is great. Many of the professor are outstanding and wish to help their students outside of class as well. What I would like to see change is the amount of professors teaching certain courses. Some courses do not offer more than 1 or 2 professors which then creates a frustration for students who can not take the classes because of how fast the classes fill up.
I got accepted through Brooklyn College last minute and jumped on the offer. As I am entering my second semester as a freshman, I do truly enjoy my experience so far. The school spirit is present on campus. During breaks, you can see student government giving away plenty of free items for nearby students. You also can find the school mascot on the quad with these students.There are many clubs that occur and many events such as movie night on the quad and puppy therapy.The campus is truly beautiful in all seasons. Classes are interesting and professors seem to be approachable! I highly recommend as a cheap college option.
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I took college classes at Brooklyn College in my high school years because my school offered it. The classes were foundation classes so that I would have a chance to transfer the college credits once I really start college. It wasn't a bad experience. I got to experience what college life might be like and how the classes are. I am grateful for the experience.
The only down point of this school is that you can only find two microwaves in the cafeteria. Sometimes students have to wait around 15 mins to heat their foods.
Good school for those who are just focused on academics. It is a commuter campus so there are less campus activities. There are some really good professors and some that are really bad, it seems pretty hit or miss. The campus itself is very pretty.
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