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With a beautiful campus, CUNY Brooklyn College has endless resources for students to use! I have enjoyed using the gym, pool, scholarship office, learning center, cafeteria, and much more! Furthermore, there is an ample amount of food choices near campus!
It has beautiful campus but when you get into details of academics, it's disappointing. First, it's very difficult to speak to faculty. Second the academic departments are overpowered, that students may not receive any re-evaluation upon their work and when they do, it's often rejected without any reasoning given. Very diverse student population and open student life.
The courses are great. There are a lot of on-campus clubs and there are a lot of resources out there. Although there are a lot of scholarships and opportunities available, many people do not know about them so you have to actively look for them yourself.
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Brooklyn College is preferably better. The area is a bit commercial and transportation makes it easy to get to.
Brooklyn College is one of the senior colleges in the City University of New York. It has a robust science program, as many of the science professors in the college came from prestigious schools across the nation. Furthermore, it has a dedicated pre-health advisor for students who are considering a career in the health industry. The college also has various liberal arts programs. In fact, it is currently constructing a new building dedicated to the performing arts. Although the programs and courses offered through the college are great, the administration is not as efficient as one might hope. To take advantage of all the resources at Brooklyn College, you need to make connections with the administration. In addition, the food in the cafeteria is not that great. Fortunately, there are various food options outside of campus that you can choose from. Additionally, the college does not have its own dorms since it is a commuter school.
As many people say " The poor mans Harvard" Brooklyn college has it all! and while being only a Freshman I can attest to that.
They really try hard to help you make friends, join activities, and feel comfortable on campus. The teachers are really resourceful and they know what they are teaching. I haven't made much friends--but that's only because I haven't tried to--and it might be difficult because this is a commuter school. And most importantly it is really cheap. I am a NYS resident so I only have to pay around 1,401 a semester. The CUNY is known as the "American Dream" machine for a reason.
This was my first experience being away from home at college and overall it was great! I enjoyed the college campus scene which gave me a little home feeling. The grass is green and freshly cut in the spring, there are tons of clubs and events being offered. Students and faculty are diverse and very friendly however the one thing I would change is making Transfer Evaluation Day earlier in the time before the semester starts so students have ample time to change their schedule if needed.
It's a competitive school for people who lives in the area. Good education, clean facility, and good professors
For the past 1 and half years I have studied in CUNY Brooklyn College, there are many unforgettable memories. They built me up to become a mature person. I have networked with many professors in my major of study, I like to be surrounded by different people on campus because they came from different countries. The diversity on campus is the greatest thing to make friends with.
Very diverse like Brooklyn itself. Many opportunities. Brooklyn College is what you make it. There are many majors and programs to choose from. There are many clubs to join.
Brooklyn College has a beautiful campus and expansive, well stocked library. My professors were always willing to help accommodate me and didn’t mind if I stopped in with a question or to talk. Student resources are widely available and vary from job readiness and search, counseling and tutoring. The dorm is located directly across the street from the main campus and everything is 2 blocks away from a shopping strip.
The gym and sports facilities are well kept and there is a huge pool. The only down side is it offers slightly less options for aid for part time students.
I am a freshman at Brooklyn College now completing my second semester. So far it has been great, theres a vast variety of teachers so you're able to find one that you would work well with. BC feedbacks on BC web central helps with that process with choosing teachers. Even though I say my semester has been great doesn't mean it was easy. I studied more than I have ever this past semester. If you are not willing to do the work, you won't meet the criteria of being a straight A's student. Sadly I don't have much experience with Brooklyn College but I hope this somehow helped.
Brooklyn College is a very focused academic institution. Especially during fall semester, students are mostly interested in getting their work done due to cold weather conditions. In the spring semester the environment is more interesting as there are more activities which allows students to interact with each other and build connections. The professors are fair. It would help one if office hours are attended as it helps know the professor more professionally. It also helps understanding the assignment and the grading rubric. Overall, Brooklyn College is a really nice college to in New York City.
The most important thing about a college to me are the proffesors and the proffesors that Ive had so far at Brooklyn College are neither bad nor really good. Most proffesers don't care about the students, they are just there for their job. The campus is really beautiful. There is space to sit on the grass and study in the sunshine.
CUNY Brooklyn College has a great campus that unlike others in the city is Eco-friendly and prohibits the use of tobacco and smoking, making it a valuable and health campus to enjoy. One thing that should be changed should be the access to healthier food options in the cafeteria.
The students are all treated with care. The tutoring system is well organized so that everyone knows where to go when they are struggling in a specific class, it is also free. The advising makes sure you have taken or enrolled into a core class that you need as a student. The food there is amazing and comes in many varieties so that students have a balanced meal every time. The campus itself is very comfortable and has lots of space so that learning is made easy.
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As a freshman at Brooklyn College, my experience so far has been fun. There are so many ways for you to be involved on campus. There are too many things to do! If someone tells you that there's not a lot to do on campus, they're lying to you. There are about 100+ clubs and lots of sports teams. There's also a large variety of classes to take.
First-year students should be allowed to take 18 credits/semester. Each class should have more options so it is easier for students to create their ideal schedule.
Brooklyn College has a great art department - better than I expected. The art studios and photo labs have been a place for me to learn and improve my skills in various art styles. I wish they could update some of the supplies / technologies we have in classrooms. Overall, the best part of college is connecting with like-minded students, ready to learn and socialize.
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