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CUNY Brooklyn College Reviews

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The professord are highly qualifiedd and professional in their subject and thier is good diversity while the college should adopt better system of managing honours students
It is inexpensive and offers a good education. The student body is also very diverse. The professors know what they are teaching and they offer many opportunities.
I am a transfer student from the Borough of Manhattan Community college and I've been in Brooklyn College for 2 semesters. What's good about Brooklyn college is that there are many opportunities in term of getting internships for your career. They have job workshops and many companies come to recruit people in Brooklyn college. So there advantage of being in this school if you pay attention to them and there are many school events as well that students get told about via email. What I would say is a con is some sanitary issues. The bathrooms in the college aren't exactly the cleanest and sometimes the knobs that turn the water on are broken off. Some rooms in the college could use some cleaning as well. Other than that, this is a very good school.
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Brooklyn College has its pros amd cons. I would say that they have a very limited number of professors that care about helping the students. The campus is pretty but the interior is torn and needs renovating asap. There were a lot of bed bug and rat encounters. Sometimes staffs can be rude and sometimes they’re nice...depending on their mood. And BC NEEDS TO OPEN MORE CLASSES, especially for the upper courses of one’s majors.
What I like don't like about Brooklyn college is its close to home. what I don't Like about Brooklyn college is that they have a data analytics program that does not teach programming as one of their courses.
I love the campus it is a very beautiful area. I like that there are always computers available for me to use between each class of mine.
Brooklyn College is a very diverse college. You get to have interactions with people from all walks of life and that makes the school that much more interesting. There is a huge variety in courses that you can take to satisfy your requirements, which gives students the incentive to actually want to go to class and learn. The professors are very knowledgable with a few that could use some work but overall great professors.
This school is such a good value. We could do a little better with advising students of exactly what hey need and when they need it
The professors are really good here. Very knowledgable and passionate about the subject matter they teach, most are really laid back but take teaching very seriously. The school is located in Brooklyn, which is extremely rich in diversity and Brooklyn College is really no different. You'll be quick to make a friend from any background. The one thing I'd change, which really isn't much the fault of the college itself is the infrastructure. It's terrible due to the lack of funds the school receives. Other than that, the academics, the campus, and the wide variety of club and organization choices makes this school pretty cool.
I have enjoyed my professors at Brooklyn College and think you get out of this school what you put into it. Since most people don’t live on campus it is difficult to connect with other students and make friends. The campus is beautiful and nice facilities available for students.
CUNY is underfunded so it makes everything harder. The campus is beginning to fall apart and Cuomo is syphoning all of our money. Many professors do not really care but if you are persistent you will do well. It takes a large effort to create your own community on campus but when you do, it will be just as you create it. There is a lot of room to be successful here because not many students get involved or care too much about academics. There is someone from almost every country that goes here!
I like that’s it’s a cheap alternative to a higher education in order to advance my professional skills.
Brooklyn College has been a great school thus far, has very informative teachers that motivate you to not only learn material but make changes in society outside of the classroom. The only thing that would be more helpful, is if the departments and advisers could work together instead of having to make multiple appointments and getting segmented information. Also, some of the bathrooms and other parts facility require updates/maintenance.
Going to Brooklyn College was the best decision I ever made. I have made everlasting friendships and created strong bonds with the faculty here. They really want to see you succeed and go out of their way to make sure you get what you need! The only reason why I wouldn't give it a full 5 stars is because the food on campus sucks! Luckily there are many food places around the campus that offer student discounts for Brooklyn College students. The campus is beautiful, the people are friendly, and the faculty are extremely welcoming. Transferring here has changed my life and I am grateful for Brooklyn College for being so welcoming.
I went to Brooklyn College for College now and this place is depressing. The Campus is small and split so there is no campus vibe and is in an ugly place. Its close to a high school so you see high schoolers everyday which can lower morale. Most people around campus smokes so get really to breath in second hand smoke. The upside is that there are really good professors who cares and teach well and there are a lot of food options nearby like McDonald, Burger king, Popeye, Chipotle, and street food.
You get no sense of connection to the school after orientation, the professors are very lazy and only know how to lecture instead of teach. Also, the administration does a terrible job at advising students on where they should go based on their academical strengths and leave them to fail.
Brooklyn College is a great school. I loved the diversity. I wish there was more of a social life at Brooklyn College. It is a commuter school so students typically go home after class.
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The school is on the far side of Brooklyn, If you love fast food, there are a lot of options here for you but if you are health conscious I would advise to bring your own lunch. Some of the professors do care about your education, some don't. The campus is beautiful on the inside but needs an upgrading inside the buildings. especially the bathrooms.
Brooklyn college is a great place for a person who wants a career in business management. The teachers are great here and the business department is a great place for any questions you have in regards to you academics. I am a mother and being a mother a student can be difficult at times, Brooklyn college offers a childhood center where you child can be at a daycare while you are in class or studying. This is one of the helps I get for coming to Brooklyn college and being a student here. The childhood center is a really great daycare and I feel comfortable leaving my child here. I have also work here at Brooklyn college part time through the work study program. It is a great and wonderful place to work at. The faculty and staff are caring and its a lovely environment here.
The campus is really nice, I would like it if there were more opened classes with different professors, basically more options to choose from.
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