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Very good curriculum,creates students to become well rounded individuals. Beautiful campus,professors and staff are friendly.
CUNY Brooklyn College such an exciting school to be able to attend to. I cherished the moments where the temperature outside wasn't too hot or too cold, and I could just sit by the Koi Pond, gaze at the gigantic orange with black spots and white with orange spots fish or watch the Red-eared slider turtles come up for air and blow two little air bubbles before diving back down to the bottom of the pond clawing through the water with their long black claws. Sometimes when a strong wind would blow, the Cherry trees's, planted near the pond, leaves fell and floated on the water's surface as still and effortlessly as possible. If a snapshot of the scene were to be taken it would've looked like a miniature Japanese Garden during spring.
It was a very interesting experience on Brooklyn college. I met many unique and wonderful people with different backgrounds and different interests. My professors are very great too. They make the subjects very understandable and is determined to make us pass those classes. The campus itself is really beautiful. Its very big, has many restaurants to go grab some food. Also there are many places where you can relax, hang out, study and just have fun.
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This school has the potential to be an amazing university. If you are an education major you can forget about advisement. The adviser for undergrad always has an attitude and is very hard to work with. The Children and Youth Studies adviser is amazing and very nice. Coming from a private school who has advisers who come check on you and ensure you are on track, this school is horrible. You have to go to multiple offices to get help and your advisers sometimes contradict one another.
I love the atmosphere of the college as soon as i step on campus. I love the clean buildings. I love the professors
I visited the college and it seemed nice and welcoming. I am considering going to that college because of the majors they offer.
I like the diversity of teachers and students- you really interact with lots of different kinds of interesting people here. The facilities are not the newest or cleanest though they get the job done. The main quad feels safe, but public transportation to and from school doesn't always, especially if you take night classes.
As a junior, seeing Brooklyn College's campus is a fresh way to start the day. It's nice to walk around and take a breath of air. The lily pond is always exciting to see before the snow starts! Some things they can do to change is the humidity that affects some areas in the buildings. Provide more chances for students to get the class they want first time around.
The college is very diverse so it won't be hard to find your place and fit in. Also the campus is not very large, so you wont be scrambling to get to classes or get lost even when you're not very acclimated, but its also not small as to where you feel cramped or like you're suffocating. The climate is pretty loose but there's always some kind of activity happenings, whether its in the specific clubs or campus-wide (movie night on the quad is a great activity). The professors as a whole are very attentive to the students and their are tutors for every subject ready to help you. Its an overall calm and reassuring experience.
I really love it here. I feel safe and welcomed. There could be better campus food though. Almost or all professors truly care about their students.
I love my creative writing major - it has great professors. I'm also on a pre-nursing track and the science professors definitely lack in quality education. The college always tries to involve students in career seminars, clubs, organizations, theater, etc. Facilities need work - things are constantly breaking down.
What I liked about Brooklyn College were some of the professors who inspired me to be the best that I can be. I had heard so many stories about professors who discouraged their students. However, at Brooklyn College the majority of the professors were super down to earth and inspiring in so many ways. I enjoyed my time at Brooklyn College so much that I am applying for the graduate program there. I also enjoyed all of the events on campus because it took my mind off of work for a little bit but not too much to the point where I was completely distracted. I would recommend anybody to attend Brooklyn College because it will seriously change your outlook on education.
I would actually love to see a lot of change in this college. It feels as if the professors aren’t passionate about what they are teaching. The school it’s self is very unorganized. There’s semesters where they don’t offer courses toward your major prolonging the graduation process. They don’t offer programs to help students.
I am currently a transfer student at Brooklyn College. So far so good it’s been an experience. I am currently majoring in television and Radio, minor in film. This is one of the best Programs throughout CUNY. There are lots of resources to take advantage of. I’ll recommend anyone interested in applying
Brooklyn College is a good school. The campus is nice and the professors are generally really nice and want you to succeed. The other faculty can be difficult but overall a great experience
Brooklyn College is a beautiful campus that has very helpful staff that will accomodate guests. Their libraries are excellent and they provide valuable services to CUNY students.
After my experience at Brooklyn College, I now truly consider it to be "the poor man's harvard." My experience as a Bachelor of Science degree candidate in biology was excellent. The professors were quite knowledgable and the courses were challenging enough to prepare me for medical school. Any negative reviews from people who have attended Brooklyn College must have been from students who did not take advantage of the endless resources and opportunities that are provided by the school. In addition, the cheap tuition (under $7,000 per year) allows students to receive a top-notch education at a bargain price! Most students graduate debt-free and loan free. The one thing I didn't like about Brooklyn College was that the non-science courses were easier than I would have hoped. I have received an A+ in almost all of the non-science courses that I completed.
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Brooklyn College for me is very convenient and i think the same will be applicable for those that live within the community or borough. It's a easy place to get to via transportation and for the most part the advisers and people of authority wants to see you excel.
I like my experience with this college so far. It's one of the only colleges in the city that has a proper campus, and I love the design of the school. You get to experience a legit college life, whereas in the city, most colleges are just buildings, surrounded by other buildings. I love my professors so far, and the classes I have taken. You get to look up your professors so you can decide if you want to their class. The diversity here is jaw dropping. You can find a student from almost every ethnicity, so you can blend in quite easily. The only complain I have is how complicated their services and websites are. It took me a long time to get adjusted to it.
The campus is beautiful, classrooms are clean. It is a very safe environment and I wish there was additional funding for the women's center.
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