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I like that CUNY Brooklyn College is very diverse and the area surrounding the campus is lively and rather safe. The West Quad and pond are a major attraction site that everyone loves. I would like to see more interactions from staff to make sure students get what they need to succeed and don’t feel alone on campus or that they don’t have what it takes to succeed.
The professors are great and really help you succeed. The location and transportation around is convenient and the campus is beautiful , always somewhere to sit and spend time.
So far so Good, I want too see improvement of the relationship between student government and student body.
Review CUNY Brooklyn College
I love Brooklyn College. Though it is a public university, it has a lot of resources and an excellent Psychology program. The library is amazing too. The food and teachers are honestly hit and miss, but overall I enjoy going here.
I really loved going here. The college was easy to access by public transportation, there was lots of alternatives nearby so you weren't stranded with no way to go home if one mode wasn't working. It was also located near a small mall, so there were lots of local businesses and stores around to grab a quick bite before class started. The campus was beautiful, they maintained it well, that you enjoy sitting outside during the fall, spring and summer times.
The campus is beautiful in the midst of busy Brooklyn area.
They have been updating the school and has a lot of pluses.
The cheerleaders have won many 1st places and are trained very well.
Easy to get to from public transportation.
I was a biology major here and would recommend for the most part except fot genetics which had one professor in the entire school, so if you did not understand something you were on your own. Classes sometimes filled up very quickly making it hard to finish requirements for your major on time. The campus is beautiful. Student government makes an attempt to bring students together though various events which is nice for a commuter student who wants to feel involved on campus
Brooklyn College (CUNY) is great school for students both native and non-native to New York. The institution offers a wide range of classes/majors as well as on-campus activities for it's inhabitants.
Brooklyn College has professors that truly care about their students and always try to help them succeed. It is a great environment and attending this college opens up so many opportunities for you in the future.
I really liked the diversity at Brooklyn college, and also the campus makes you feel like you're out of the city fora little while, its a very nice environment to thrive in. I think a lot of the freshman classes are taught by adjuncts and so it's hard to choose what classes are best for you based on professor reviews, because most adjuncts are not listed on RateMYProf.
Overall the school offers many resources, but I feel that a lack of organization and presentation to students leads to many students being unaware of these resources. Also, there are so many portals and online connections that are all somehow separate from each other that it is hard to keep track.
My experience upon obtaining a degree from Brooklyn College was a positive one, but I felt that I was an outsider within its walls. I am an African American woman minority who had to compete for the attention of my professors. I tried my best to stand out within my major but overall I don't think I truly did. It seems they cater to students who look more like themselves.
I love Brooklyn College's diverse campus and its acceptance for all nationalities, backgrounds and walks of life in general. I especially love how passionate the professors are about their jobs and fostering of student's educational journey.
I often find myself very taken away by the campus life. The staff is so amazing, and kind. It is not far from transportation, and there are a lot of eateries around.
With a beautiful campus, CUNY Brooklyn College has endless resources for students to use! I have enjoyed using the gym, pool, scholarship office, learning center, cafeteria, and much more! Furthermore, there is an ample amount of food choices near campus!
It has beautiful campus but when you get into details of academics, it's disappointing. First, it's very difficult to speak to faculty. Second the academic departments are overpowered, that students may not receive any re-evaluation upon their work and when they do, it's often rejected without any reasoning given. Very diverse student population and open student life.
The courses are great. There are a lot of on-campus clubs and there are a lot of resources out there. Although there are a lot of scholarships and opportunities available, many people do not know about them so you have to actively look for them yourself.
Review CUNY Brooklyn College
Brooklyn College is preferably better. The area is a bit commercial and transportation makes it easy to get to.
Brooklyn College is one of the senior colleges in the City University of New York. It has a robust science program, as many of the science professors in the college came from prestigious schools across the nation. Furthermore, it has a dedicated pre-health advisor for students who are considering a career in the health industry. The college also has various liberal arts programs. In fact, it is currently constructing a new building dedicated to the performing arts. Although the programs and courses offered through the college are great, the administration is not as efficient as one might hope. To take advantage of all the resources at Brooklyn College, you need to make connections with the administration. In addition, the food in the cafeteria is not that great. Fortunately, there are various food options outside of campus that you can choose from. Additionally, the college does not have its own dorms since it is a commuter school.
As many people say " The poor mans Harvard" Brooklyn college has it all! and while being only a Freshman I can attest to that.
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