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I took college classes at Brooklyn College in my high school years because my school offered it. The classes were foundation classes so that I would have a chance to transfer the college credits once I really start college. It wasn't a bad experience. I got to experience what college life might be like and how the classes are. I am grateful for the experience.
The only down point of this school is that you can only find two microwaves in the cafeteria. Sometimes students have to wait around 15 mins to heat their foods.
Good school for those who are just focused on academics. It is a commuter campus so there are less campus activities. There are some really good professors and some that are really bad, it seems pretty hit or miss. The campus itself is very pretty.
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The campus is beautiful. The enviornment is really nice and the campus is filled with diversity. There are concerts and shows from the conservatory and theres a new music building on its way but its been taking a while. There are a lot of activities on campus and events such as movie night on the quad. Overall this campus is a great experience.
I did a lot of my growing up at this institution. I'm grateful for the people I've met, the unique classes I've taken and the professors that have inspired me. It's a cliche saying, but it's true when people say that college is really what you make of it. The sky's the limit here, don't think it isn't just because it's a CUNY school! Yeah, it's not NYU, but don't think you're any less because you came/go here. Talk to your professors, get involved in club life, go to the Magner Center and go to a few of their career events and workshops. Study, make friends, go to the students events, there are so many of them. Take full advantage of what Brooklyn College has to offer. I'm so happy I went here!
It's a great school with knowledgable, caring professors. The campus is beautiful and well kept. Everyone is nice and helpful all you need to do is ask. There are many food options on and around campus that cater to all needs and preferences.
Gorgeous campus. You certainly see diversity at every corner of the school. Really good library and great staff. Campus food needs to be improved! Over all, a fine institution.
Brooklyn college has a great campus with beautiful scenery, the professors are all understanding and the environment is welcoming with so many diverse cultures and people.
It is my freshman year so i am new. The campus is beautiful just not as clean as it should be. Professors are good and bad everywhere so make sure you find good ones.
Brooklyn College is beautiful with an amazing campus as well as outstanding programs and majors to pursuit your future.
I love the diversity, the campus scene, and the professors. The security is beyond amazing and makes the school feel extremely safe, your ID is needed at all times. The professors are so invested in helping that there's no way to not be able to overcome an obstacle. What I would like see change is putting back the campus bookstore, it is now avaiable online. I dislike online shopping as it is, I think making it online takes away the campus life feeling. Other than that, Brooklyn College rocks!
There is a club for everybody at Brooklyn College. I transferred my Junior year and it has been a great experience. There are activates every week from bake sales to movies on the lawn. I am apart of so many clubs, I need a schedule to keep up with all the activities. Very diverse campus. You will definitely be able to learn abort new cultures, directly and indirectly.
Professors are not all bad, science is vey challenging. Overall, campus is beautiful and many clubs to join!
The way the campus is structured makes it easy to find resources when I need help. There are campus events that allow students to find clubs and make friends. In addition, there are workshops and panels about choosing the ideal major and finding a career.
I like that CUNY Brooklyn College is very diverse and the area surrounding the campus is lively and rather safe. The West Quad and pond are a major attraction site that everyone loves. I would like to see more interactions from staff to make sure students get what they need to succeed and don’t feel alone on campus or that they don’t have what it takes to succeed.
The professors are great and really help you succeed. The location and transportation around is convenient and the campus is beautiful , always somewhere to sit and spend time.
So far so Good, I want too see improvement of the relationship between student government and student body.
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I love Brooklyn College. Though it is a public university, it has a lot of resources and an excellent Psychology program. The library is amazing too. The food and teachers are honestly hit and miss, but overall I enjoy going here.
I really loved going here. The college was easy to access by public transportation, there was lots of alternatives nearby so you weren't stranded with no way to go home if one mode wasn't working. It was also located near a small mall, so there were lots of local businesses and stores around to grab a quick bite before class started. The campus was beautiful, they maintained it well, that you enjoy sitting outside during the fall, spring and summer times.
The campus is beautiful in the midst of busy Brooklyn area.
They have been updating the school and has a lot of pluses.
The cheerleaders have won many 1st places and are trained very well.
Easy to get to from public transportation.
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