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It’s nice a school with a beautiful bcamous cirw and the professors are nice and the work is worth it.
I am an accounting major. I had one of the best experiences where I was able to learn new topics with the professors who invested in their students. It was inspiring to be part of the community where the students who come from different experiences are working hard to become successful and an academic. Their stories are filled with courage and hope. It motivates you to keep doing better and be the best.
I only just started my semester at Bronx community college. But so far I feel this school is a good place to attend to earn a associates degree and the professors are nice and eager to help you succeed and provide you with all the resources and tutoring you need to pass the classes and the environment is nice and quiet.
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Bronx community is beautifully diversed and the student life is fun and engaging. Perfect for initiating a successful college career.
My experience in bronx community college is great. Everyone is so friendly the campus is easy to remember. They have amazing programs like the nursing program. Its one of the best nursing program there is. The teachers are nice and actually care about your academics .
I like the New Student Orientation. I like the fact that they give free CPR Training classes. The school's nursing programs are very good too.
IT is a really great cuny school .Bronx community have great professors that works with you .the campus feel like your not even in the Bronx .it makes you feel like your upstate at school
It is a great school and very diverse. The professors are excellent and always there to help their students for a great success.
What I like about Bronx Community college is the tremendous support system that is available by staff and peers.
I enjoyed the fact my school made it easy to get all you need to start your year off right and finish on a path where it will bring you to your career. I like the teachers i have as well as the students i have in my class, it really shows me everyones ready to learn.
Great school you make the best of it,you meet great people there and learn alot it's up to you how far you want to go it is very convenient for me
The academics are great but its a weird. Some of the professors actually care about you and some are extremely rude and just inconsiderate. If you're given one of the nice professors consider yourself lucky.
I am currently a senior in the Radiology program at Bronx community college. Prior to beginning the the program I took night classes in preparation to entering the the highly competitive program. I can say that my experience has been extremely enjoyable thus far. The professors have been extremely helpful to me personally. They have always been engaging and encouraged my development both academically and personally. Since being in the program I have had an even more intimate relationship with my professors. They have helped me through a tough life event. I would recommend the university to someone in a heart beat
Bcc is a great school great professor, make student feel welcome and always wanna come to school, I can tell that bronx community college is a great place for every student all over the world that are looking for school.
It has a beautiful campus, excellent proffesors and a very diverse population. The staffs is really good and friendly always willing to help.
I liked the dean of admissions of every department were serious and involved in the education and choices every student wanted to achieve and get help with.
Nothing, everythigs is great.

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I currently attend the bronx EOC which is an vocational offset of bronx community college. I love the program. I am currently doing medical assistant which is a 6month program in which you receive your certificate along with a cpr certification. I also like that we also attend a graduation with other bronx community college graduates.
Bronx community college offers an array of academic majors. Recently the campus has improved due to new construction projects. The school needs a little work with corresponding with students in terms of financial help and assistance. This class sizes are excellent and the students are able to receive small study sessions. The school is diversified and is surrounded by local deli's.
Great school.. If you do what is expected of you, you'll succeed.
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