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CUNY Bronx Community College Reviews

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teachers are great but the staff and counselors don't pay enough attention to their students. we barely know what goes on in the school because they don't speak to us
great professors and staff. everybody is very helpful. The campus is lovely and the classes are easy to find that fits your schedule. I enjoy the extra curricular activities such as workshops and any time there is a holiday.
Students are encouraged to express themselves and helped in anything that could make our time easier if possible.
My teacher was excellent caring compassionate and fun. I took an arts class there. The campus is laid back. The school has come a long way. They have renovated it significantly.
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students are friendly, the teachers are very good, they are concern about educating and not just handing out assignment.
This Is A Great 2 Year College, The Professor Are Amazing And Very Dedicated To Teaching And Helping Understand. The Campus Leaves You Speechless, Its Beautiful.
An affordable community college, BCC is accomodating to many. They have a good amount of programs available, as well as clubs and other extracurricular activities to do. All types of counseling and advisement is available.
Awesome experience. Great Professors, excellent academic support, amazing library, and clean campus.
my time in college has enriched my life in numerous of ways. It has provided me with the necessary tools to enhance my skills and taught me valuable knowledge about this diverse world.
the nursing department in the Bronx community is terrible. the nursing course is a two year program yet they want you to finish in five years. terrible management. please don't go and waste your time.
The best community college I've attended, professors are great, friendly staff, very diverse, clean campus, fun atmosphere and many classes to choose from.
It is a good college but would like too see more opportunities for people pursuing animal careers and people doing certificates.
It's students are also ready to guide someone and provide information. the campus is very big and beautiful. The people there is about their education. There is always somewhere for study. The school is very safe, however the food is expanse and not a lot to choose from.
since the moment that i came in I felt welcome and surrounded by help and resurses to accomplish my carrier
Great professor, programs & resources. This school help you to get work study or a relugar job as a college stupid. Also they help you with transportation, meals and more. If you need any help with school work, someone is there to help you. If you're having a problem with a student and/or professor, anyone on campus or outside of campus, there are people to help you.
I applied there and got accepted my freshman year was terrible not because of the school but because of my situation and then somehow it became a problem with the school because I was suspended for debt
Bronx Community College is a great school. Usually community colleges are underrated, however, this school is very competitive and has extremely high standards. I do not feel cheated or short changed. It could easily be a four year college based on the quality of the professors and the curriculum.
I am currently a liberal arts in human services major at Bronx Community College who is due to graduate Fall 2018. Thus far, I have liked being a student at BCC. The professors that I have had up until now have all been friendly and more than willing to help their students succeed. The ASAP program has also influenced my academic experience as well. Being an ASAP student has made my learning experience a bit better. Having an academic advisor that works directly with me for my entire duration at BCC is very essential. I have found myself thriving at BCC ever since I stepped foot inside the campus.
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Bronx Community College is place where you can acquire the best knowledge so far. The system of learning is very easy and interesting, i can recommend someone to attend this best College.
Bronx Community College is a great start to your college career. The campus is inviting and the staff that works here is for the most part getting students on the right track in their career path.
My experience at Cuny Bronx Community College has been an excellent and diverse experience. The Professors are excellent and the technology is up to date and accessible. I would refer this college to any High School Graduate or adult returning to school to start a new career.
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