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CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College Reviews

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I have found the resource at BMCC to be some of the greatest I've experience coming from out of state. I noticed the college is constantly offering tuition waivers and provides many on campus services I never received in my prior hometown of Utah. I think it says something about New York Colleges in general. I noticed the overall quality of education out here is better, even at the local community colleges. BMCC provides a great stepping stone for students.
Overall, I'd say Borough of Manhattan Community College is a good school to attend. It's filled with students that are focused and driven. They have student plays sometimes in the theatre which is enjoyable, different clubs you can join, and group tutoring is offered for a variety of subjects. It's a clean school, well kept, vending machines, library, computer labs, gym, and much more.
The reason that I say average is that the college is good. The college offers a number of resources and your experience that will be shaped by how you choose to use those resources.
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While attending BMCC I enjoyed the environment as well as the opportunities it has offered me. They should have better professors.
The best thing about BMCC is that classes are small and you have a lot of learning resources. Professors are always willing to help you, and since their classes are small, they have more time to help you personally. The school provides many learning resources, such as cafeteria, gym, pool, library, bookstore, quiet area, learning resource centers, offices that help you with transfers, scholarships, employment, subway cards and many more.
My experience at CUNY BMCC College has been amazing. Aside from the education, the many great and free services given to ensure your success, BMCC culture makes everyone feel at home and accepted regardless of nationality. The professors are great, the facilities are clean and well designed, and its location is perfect for interactions, outdoor relaxations, sites or food purchasing. The only thing I would have wished is for the buildings to not be so far part.
Overall BMCC was a great school to go to because the cost of attending was extremely low. It helped me spend less money for credits that would be useful in colleges or universities I am interested in as a transfer. Along with the great cost, there were many programs that helped students graduate faster like ASAP, which I was a part of. This program gave us MetroCards and a book voucher for the members to purchase books from the bookstore with credit already to our name, which also helped with the cost of attending.
The school is nice for New Yorkers. It's by everything meaning food places and is easy to find books for classes
BMCC has been a wonderful experience! There are many scholarships that you can apply to and conselour will help you with your every need.
I like that the professors are great, but the administration whether your first entering the colleg or transferring from another
College makes the process difficult even though it’s easy.
Great experience! They continue to make improvements daily. Environment is great and everyone is always helping you and making sure your grades are good.
The best college, because all advisers and professors are very supportive.
They won't be on your top, but they will give you a lot of tips to always keep your self on track for graduation.
I have a great experience at BMCC. The professors are amazing and helpful to the students. There are many resources available at this school and the advisors are very useful.
Very unorganized. The guidence counselors are not helpful at all. I had to map out all the classes I needed to take and how many credits I needed on my own in order to graduate or I would have still been there. On a good note, they do have many classes for your interests.
I like the buildings and the opportunities that they offer. There are always people or staff cleaning the hallways.
Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) is a good college with many opportunities to take advantage of. You might have to eat out because their food is not that great. The teachers are good and friendly, but their are some who are hard to deal with, so you might want to watch out for them. There are many programs that can help you both academically and even financially. The BMCC community is a very friendly open community. BMCC tries their best to help guide you to the path of success. As long as you do your part in trying your best you will succeed in BMCC.
Well diversed in race. Students are lively and driven. Each building has great security. Food off campus is a lot greater than on campus food. And teachers are pretty great even though you should always do research on your professors
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The profesor are very helpful and have many career can choose and also the location is easy to get there
I loved my classes and my professor i learned a lot from different people from all over the world . I can’t wait to go back and take some classes change majors and graduate with an assiocates degree in early childhood education.
Do not let the reputation or rumors of a community college bring YOU down. Trust me, I used to think that BMCC would not be as good as a regular 4 year college. Let me tell you how wrong I was when I started here as an incoming freshmen. I wish I didn't let my friends give me the mindset that a community college will only waste your time. It is the opposite. Borough of Manhattan Community College is one of the best choices I've made when I was transitioning from a high school graduate. This college will literally prepare you when you transfer to a 4 year college. Their ASAP program will strive to make you work for your upcoming semesters and will do a monthly check up to see how you are doing. They are there to guide you and offer any help necessary. Some of the professors here are truly the best, these professors will individually care about every student. So, please don't waste their time and actually care about your classes!
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