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CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College Reviews

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This college is enough to learn if you make it, got to find a good professor. There are many professors that do not care for whether you learn or not, they come in talk and leave.
Great professors! very cool and understanding, I love this school. they have many resources and work opportunities you just have to search for them.
The best thing about BMCC is that classes are small and you have a lot of learning resources. Professors are always willing to help you, and since their classes are small, they have more time to help you personally. School has everything that you can imagine, such as cafeteria, gym, pool, library, bookstore, quiet area, learning resource centre, offices that help you with transfers, scholarships, employment, subway cards and many more!
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Always choose your professors beforehand! don't just choose a class. Though this is a community college, there are great professors here, some in which changed my life. It gets an OK rep because its a community college, but honestly, this is where to start if you need your grades to be good. Do your best, choose your professors beforehand, and you'll have a fine time.
My experience at the Borough of Manhattan Community College has been pretty amazing. I have learned so many good things here. I have met a lot a great professors and classmates. It has been a beautiful journey. I have grown here as a person. Today I can say that I am a better person because of the education I receive at BMCC.
The professors so far have been the best and most educated people I have met, but that its just me and my personal experience
its a very nice place we have two campuses 1 of was made 2 years ago fairly new building very out going students.
I love going to Borough Of Manhattan Community College. The staffs at BMCC are very nice and helpful. My professors are amazing.
Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) is a great school to be at, there are a endless amount of resources. Bmcc also has brilliant professors, great advisors who will help you stay on track.
BMCC is a diverse college that allowed me to explore many options for future careers. The professor's are amazing they are willing to work with you outside of the class and make sure you learn the material.
I chose to come to BMCC because I heard that it was the best community college in New York. The people here are very nice and its interesting to know where each of them are from. From the moment I walked in, I knew that it was gonna be hard but I had to tell myself everything will be okay and you can do this. Even if you’re on your own. I also chose BMCC because it has made getting an affordable college education possible for me. I mean the college’s motto is “Start Here. Go Anywhere”
The professors at this school are amazing at what they do, they are dedicated and genuinely friendly and they care about their students well being as well as their academics. The food in the cafeteria is pretty average but you get what you pay for in this circumstance. I believe that the student clubs are lacking and some more time could be dedicated to forming a more friendly club community. I found that if you are not in a specific scholar program, it was rather difficult to make friends because it is such a large school.
I took my pre-requisites that I needed to transfer out. Professors were great and helpful, if you needed the help.
Its very independent, some of the teachers are really great. Most of the staff isn't helpful though.
Borough of Manhattan Community College is in my personal opinion a great school to attend. The campus is diverse, there is something for everyone. I am a very shy person but the school is very welcoming. I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking a attending a two year college.
My experiences at BMCC have being amazing. One reason is because I have the chances to study with people from many countries and cultures. Can someone Imagine having friends all over the world? or hear about countries that you never thought exist? Well in BMCC I have those experiences.
I really liked BMCC. I believe it's a great college to start off, their logo is "start here, go anywhere". BMCC has a great range of professors, programs and academic support. I really admire the academic support they have compared to a 4 year college. BMCC is a great choice!
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great experience there. the area is very nice. very diverse. many stores around and options to eat. many different courses. beautiful campus.
I love that there's a few buildings to choose from that are very different and that you can research your professors before adding classes to your planner. I don't like one professor for telling me I couldn't go into class because I was late, in college you're responsible for your own lateness and can attend class regardless this made me feel like I was back in high school. Huge no-no.
You can find very helpful professionals in there and depending on the department a single person willing to help you and that really cares.
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