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CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College Reviews

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I like the buildings and the opportunities that they offer. There are always people or staff cleaning the hallways.
Borough of Manhattan Community College (BMCC) is a good college with many opportunities to take advantage of. You might have to eat out because their food is not that great. The teachers are good and friendly, but their are some who are hard to deal with, so you might want to watch out for them. There are many programs that can help you both academically and even financially. The BMCC community is a very friendly open community. BMCC tries their best to help guide you to the path of success. As long as you do your part in trying your best you will succeed in BMCC.
Well diversed in race. Students are lively and driven. Each building has great security. Food off campus is a lot greater than on campus food. And teachers are pretty great even though you should always do research on your professors
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The profesor are very helpful and have many career can choose and also the location is easy to get there
I loved my classes and my professor i learned a lot from different people from all over the world . I can’t wait to go back and take some classes change majors and graduate with an assiocates degree in early childhood education.
Do not let the reputation or rumors of a community college bring YOU down. Trust me, I used to think that BMCC would not be as good as a regular 4 year college. Let me tell you how wrong I was when I started here as an incoming freshmen. I wish I didn't let my friends give me the mindset that a community college will only waste your time. It is the opposite. Borough of Manhattan Community College is one of the best choices I've made when I was transitioning from a high school graduate. This college will literally prepare you when you transfer to a 4 year college. Their ASAP program will strive to make you work for your upcoming semesters and will do a monthly check up to see how you are doing. They are there to guide you and offer any help necessary. Some of the professors here are truly the best, these professors will individually care about every student. So, please don't waste their time and actually care about your classes!
I love how diverse this college is and how friendly the staff is. There are a few teachers who can make the college experience horrible, but for the most part, it's enjoyable. You have to make sure to take the right teachers who will be open to help you progress. There are also lots of scholarship opportunities presented to first-year students.
Bmcc although has great professors, isn't what i thought it'd be. Its hard to create your path to a four year college if you're not one of these people that have time to stick around after class. Advisers don't do a good job of advocating you on your journey, or of resources at your disposal. Unless you're in a major your adviser took you wont receive much help.
Haven't attended long enough to give a fair review, however, I've been having a great time at BMCC. The professors I've had this semester have been great. The campus is nice enough for a community college.
I liked the diversity within the school, my classmates came not just from all five boroughs but as well as from around the world. I've met exchange students from China, Dominican Republic, Japan, Israel, you name it. I've been able to make strong connections with my professors due to my small class sizes and each professor always went out of their way to help me whenever I needed it. The buildings themselves were always organized and clean which is something to be valuable as a clean space helps keep students healthy. I wouldn't change a thing about BMCC.
This is my second semester in BMCC and so far everything has been great. I Have had no issues and everyone I've encountered is very attentive and helpful.
It was a good experience and teachers are easy to get a long with and understanding. Students there are very friendly and it is easy to make friends. The location of the college is great for visits as well, there is a lot of scenery and the world trade center is right next door! Overall I had a incredible experience at CUNY BMCC!
It was a wonderful opportunity for me to receive my education. I love going to school because it is a very clean, supportive and encouraging environment. Professors and advisors push you to do your best.
What i Liked About the College was how some of the Professors helped their students succeded,Campus life was great,secuirty in all the three Campuses were good in my opinion
this college has a lot to offer with academics and the professors are great, with a bounty of opportunities for internships and work programs, or bridge programs with local colleges.highly recommend for entry level and lost cost
They have good teachers but office staff don’t reall help when you need it. Has many campus building but marray elevator system not good. You will need to find help more on line then in the office if needed also advisers don’t know half there stuff sometimes so you need to be on top of your major.
As being student from another country, I am very pleased to attend Borough of Manhattan Community College. The best experience I had is with science classes, I learned so much thanks to the professors. As of now, I am pursuing myself though Nursing program. Of course, it is great amount of material to learn, but I believe that professors are teaching everything to help us become nurses that we supposed to be.
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Great Teachers. Diverse students and staff from around the world. Great place to learn and achieve success. Beautiful environment. Great teachers in the classroom. Very safe and conducive for learning.
The school is not as bad as some of the reviews mention. This school gives everyone a great opportunity to start building their future.
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