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The school is very easy to find. All professors are good. Although, some make the classes a bit too easy.
Such an unorganized school. Some teachers and some advisors really do care about their job and take it seriously. But some staff just sit on their butt to collect a paycheck and are SO unhelpful. It makes being a student here an absolute nightmare. I'm always bending my schedule to get to the school to do things like financial aid, bursars, advisement, math lab, placement tests. The staff that runs these have consistently been so rude and unhelpful and make a bad name for the school. I went to take the placement test for computer science and everyone I was in the room with were so angry because the test was so fidgety. I complained to the "supervisor" of the test and he gave me someone to email to see what they can do. He even admitted that if enough people complain and fail the test they'll look into fixing it. WHAT?! SO SO many times I go into do one thing and i'm put in a maze lead by people who don't want to take responsibility for anything and just go home.
I love BMCC! located in TriBeCa Manhattan, it has a great campus, you can go to the hudson river park for lunch or walk through Wall St to get Bubble Tea between classes. Most Professor are very good and many resources
Review CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College
This school is really good for what it has to offer honestly.Fafsa usually covers the tuition with no problem so you shouldn't be dishing out a ton of money.the best 2 year CUNY in New York.if you want to get started in college and don't want to get yourself into debt you should consider going to this college right here.It definitely worth a consideration since they have much to offer.
I will admit the experience to be among a diverse group of people was enlightening. When it comes to the advisors, not so much. Some of them really want to see you succeed and go on and get your degree, others are just there to get the money. I had one advisor who refuse to be honest with me and help me when it came to my career and I ended up taking courses that were not needed at all. Like no gen-ed ; nothing.
CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College has been my second hone for almost two years. The college have been nothing but all the best experience I could possibly immagine. I have learned so much not only about the text book knowledge but also day to day life survival skills and how to battle the world. You really have the support of everybody to go out and do something with your life once yoy finish college. No need ti explain the reson of "Start here go anywhere." Students and teacher are incredibly nice and always accepting a person the way he/she is.
Brilliant teachers and exhilarating diversity of student body and good array of classes. Be prepared to spend minimum of an hour standing in line to any office.
Its a great school right in the community. They don't make it easy to earn your degree, its not a school at the very top, but you have to work really hard to get your credits. I love that.
The Borough of Manhattan Community College is a great first school to enroll in if you're a high school senior in New York City. You not only get a good education you also get to experience the city. You can go see a lot of attractions because they are walking distance away.
Computer Science Major HERE. BMCC is overcrowded. Their Computer Science courses are outdated. Some of the Childcare Center staff talk to you like you are crap. Even though you pay for your kid's attendance. Not a STRONG STEM program or initiative for women. I transferred out to LAGCC's computer science program and never looked back. THE BEST COMPUTER SCIENCE PROGRAM ON THE COMMUNITY COLLEGE LEVEL. A lot of support for women who want to pursue a career in STEM. I got a lot of support and individualized attention because the school is not over crowded like BMCC. Computer Science program is up to par with the tech industry. You learn a variety of programming languages that help you get a good computer science related job.
Borough of manhattan community college excels in academics, diversity and the campus/local is beautiful. Attending BMCC allowed me to discover my passion for learning. Bmcc has professors that care about you and that teach you so much. Another great thing about this school is that there are many programs to help you if you are stugguling finacially or academically. We even have great counselors for if you even need help with personal problems. Study rooms are quiet relaxing rooms with sometimes a beautiful view.
i love this school is very clean and i love my proffesors they are very helpfull and its a great start.
BMCC is a very safe school and is located in a very bustling area so it's great to go sightseeing. The only problem I have with the school is that the food is very expensive, I hope they lower the price on food.
I am pretty impressed by the atmosphere in the school. The staff is great & people are overall friendly.
I'm an adult evening transfer student from Bronx Community College. I go to school in the evenings because I have a full time job and that's my only option. My experience in both Cuny schools are like day and night. I use to wish that I had the opportunity to attend during the day to take advantage of much needed resources; tutoring, access to library, cafeteria, and other things that really contribute to success. Last semester I took Chemistry 121 which was an extremely hard class which I was certain I was going to fail. But, tutoring really saved me the access to BMCC'S Science and Math tutors helped me get a B.

In addition, having a place to sit and eat before class put me in the right mindset to really learn. As an adult student I recommend BMCC to other working mothers. I don't need this but the school also offers childcare past 5pm and on weekends.
I get a lot of the help that I need in this school. I like that the school is in the city, because I'm familiar with the area. I also like how all of the buildings are nearby each other. What I would like to see change is in the school is the elevator service in both Murray and Fiterman Hall because it is inconvenient to get to class on time when everyone gets out at the same time and it is crowded.
The school is better than people think it is, all my prof have been great and the offices of every department are extremely helpful. The new Fiterman building is amazing and state of the art everything!
Review CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College
I just finished my first semester at Borough of Manhattan Community College and it was a better experience than I expected it to be. You definitely have to earn your grade, work hard, focus on school work but also make sure to stay active on campus because although many people go here it can be hard to make friends, so try joining a club or two. BMCC also tries to keep students involved around campus by having student events 2-3 times a week, and offer great opportunities for students to attend different events around the city that they might not know of. Many people say that it's not possible to graduate from here in two years, if you fall behind (in terms of credits) be willing to study abroad or take winter/summer classes to catch up! BMCC is truly what you make of it.
BMCC is a great school, there are many professors that care about their students. However, there are also some who do not show and or little interest to help their students achieve success. BMCC has many gems, but it's up to the student to find who they are.
At the beginning I felt lost, but when you mee the the right people depending on your academic interest you can do even better.
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