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CUNY Borough of Manhattan Community College Reviews

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i love this school is very clean and i love my proffesors they are very helpfull and its a great start.
BMCC is a very safe school and is located in a very bustling area so it's great to go sightseeing. The only problem I have with the school is that the food is very expensive, I hope they lower the price on food.
I am pretty impressed by the atmosphere in the school. The staff is great & people are overall friendly.
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I'm an adult evening transfer student from Bronx Community College. I go to school in the evenings because I have a full time job and that's my only option. My experience in both Cuny schools are like day and night. I use to wish that I had the opportunity to attend during the day to take advantage of much needed resources; tutoring, access to library, cafeteria, and other things that really contribute to success. Last semester I took Chemistry 121 which was an extremely hard class which I was certain I was going to fail. But, tutoring really saved me the access to BMCC'S Science and Math tutors helped me get a B.

In addition, having a place to sit and eat before class put me in the right mindset to really learn. As an adult student I recommend BMCC to other working mothers. I don't need this but the school also offers childcare past 5pm and on weekends.
I get a lot of the help that I need in this school. I like that the school is in the city, because I'm familiar with the area. I also like how all of the buildings are nearby each other. What I would like to see change is in the school is the elevator service in both Murray and Fiterman Hall because it is inconvenient to get to class on time when everyone gets out at the same time and it is crowded.
The school is better than people think it is, all my prof have been great and the offices of every department are extremely helpful. The new Fiterman building is amazing and state of the art everything!
I just finished my first semester at Borough of Manhattan Community College and it was a better experience than I expected it to be. You definitely have to earn your grade, work hard, focus on school work but also make sure to stay active on campus because although many people go here it can be hard to make friends, so try joining a club or two. BMCC also tries to keep students involved around campus by having student events 2-3 times a week, and offer great opportunities for students to attend different events around the city that they might not know of. Many people say that it's not possible to graduate from here in two years, if you fall behind (in terms of credits) be willing to study abroad or take winter/summer classes to catch up! BMCC is truly what you make of it.
BMCC is a great school, there are many professors that care about their students. However, there are also some who do not show and or little interest to help their students achieve success. BMCC has many gems, but it's up to the student to find who they are.
At the beginning I felt lost, but when you mee the the right people depending on your academic interest you can do even better.
Cuny Borough of Manhattan community college is Beautiful. All the staff that work there that I came across are very helpful. I love attending there. :)
Very diverse, student life services are horrible though. The professors are great! Utilize the resources such as tutors because those are also great. The student government on the other hand is not so great.
Sometimes it can be great and other times, I question "Are these people working together?" because it's not very organized at times. (especially during advisement and registration) Take advantage of the programs offered here.
It was okay I've had better ones, just need to work harder! Need better professors. Time management is very important when it comes to college.
There are many bright professors here, a lot of potential around the school with their programs if you're willing to put the effort. What is a sad downside is most students don't care and act like it is still high school. These are the students that make the school look bad, I know it's a community college, but with the potential it has it can truly be a great school.
I am going through all the big bureaucratic system which is harsh. I would like to see less bureaucratic barriers and more help from staff to go through those horrible procedures. I would recommend make less bureaucratic restrictions for students. In my opinion, so many bureaucratic procedures waist time of students, decreases productivity and efficiency of their activity.
Basically, I like the diversity of college.
My first semester at bmcc was not my best, I wasn't completely ready for the full college experience. I didn't know how I was supposed to pick my courses or I wasn't sure of what professors to choose. As the semesters went on my experience because much better, now being in my last semester I am happy that I chose Bmcc as my stepping stone. It has a great criminal justice program and the professors are amazing!! The advisor that I received had to be the best advisor I have ever had throughout my whole school experience!! I am happy with my experience at Bmcc and It prepared me for college and for moving on to completing my bachelors degree!
Borough of Manhattan College is one of the best community college that I have ever been to. I love this college because it's really beautiful, safe, and interesting. I love to prefer BMCC to all the students. One of the best college to go to and open space for you to breath.
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Some of the professors really love their job at bmcc & try their absolute best to prepare you for a 4 year school.
I like the simple website. It's easy to locate the things you're looking for. There are a lot of options for scholarships. Looking for something easy to do? They have it. They also have scholarships that are worth a lot for some more extra work, if you have the time to do it.
The professors assume all students area right out of high school. If you are returning to college, you will be treated like a recent high school graduate until you have a one on one meeting with them. Since being able to meet with your professor is not always possible as a working adult, letting your professors know your situation may not happen.
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