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Clubs-So far in my freshman, I can see there is a lot of clubs you can participate but since Baruch is a business school, the majority of clubs are geared toward business. Sometimes you have to dress professionally if a guest speaker(s) from a company in some business club meetings.
I'm an accounting major and it's pretty rigorous. However, it prepares you for the real world. Class curriculuma are up to date and challenging. Some courses inclue excel and other software relat I've to your major. A major positive thing is Ifor you do well academically, become active on campus, and portray leadrship skills the recruiters will love you. They also provide resources such as textbook to borrow at the library, computer access, and professional development. The school is very professional and I really enjoy being a student.
I liked the real world attitude you learn about business however it feels rigid with no room for change. If we are to be apart of shaping our future then there needs to be room for change and expansion. i was not involved in campus life at Baruch and wish I was more involved in that way.
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I love that it's so diverse! I love that the professors teach in-demand skills! There's nothing I would do to improve it!
I enjoyed attending Baruch College because it was affordable and provided a great education. The professors were great and provided a personal insight into the subjects. Graduating with a Public Affairs degree was great because I got the opportunity to intern for the city council as well as the new york state assembly in the course of my undergraduate career.
I'm a transffering student to Baruch College for this fall semester. I already visited the college and toured around the school. I have to say that the accessibility and convenience of the college are the main features. And also for the students who want to major in Finance and Accounting, this college is the best choice in New York City. Baruch has one of the best business school in town. Their business school, Zicklin's school, is rated the best for Accountancy and Finance. Therefore, I gave CUNY Baruch College four stars for the above reasons.
I wish the school had more friendlier people. It located in the busy city of new york and people are always walking around with such serious faces. Majority of students wear suits and ties. It's very inspiring being surrounded by so much passionate people
An education at Baruch is one of NYC's tightly-held secrets. Whether in-state or out, the caliber of education received for the reasonable cost of tuition is a real deal. Good (sometimes great) professors, friendly colleagues, and an active Student Life Office makes Baruchan all-around good experience. Glad I transferred!
It's great for those pursuing business. It also has a great club environment. It would be nice to have more advisors adivising freshmen and sophomores on the classes they should take.
Overall a good experience. Great way to network! Amazing individuals. Classes are fairly achievable. Must apply yourself but a lot of learning and experiences will be made.
About Baruch, I really like the value of the education I will be receiving, as I am in an oncoming freshman for the 2017-2018 academic year. I want to see a return to Greek life; I feel like it will encourage more students and potentially relieve students of stress.
Baruch has a great reputation and a great accounting program. However, I feel like they don't really care for the students and helping them graduate on time.
Nice people and helpful staff. Everyone seemed to like their job and were open to all questions or requests. You have to be self-sufficient in college but it is okay to ask for help.
I love Baruch. They have so many resources and people willing to help you. You only have to take advantage of the many opportunities this school have. I don't regret to choose this school.
My overall experience at Baruch was great. Professors were helpful and did a great job explaining and answering questions.
The classes are interesting and the professors are smart, but it is a big commuter school, so sometimes it feels more like a high school than a college.
I am a current student at Baruch college who is seeking to achieve her goal of graduating college as the first in her prime family. I am looking forward to graduating Baruch and being able to have my degree at hand knowing what a great school Baruch is. I may say that it has been difficult as having a full time job and attending school is not the easiest thing to do. However, I know that my hard work will pay off. I personally believe that the courses at Baruch are difficult but that's because they want to prepare us for the real business world. Nonetheless, Baruch is a great school and I look forward to graduating from this school.
Review CUNY Baruch College
Baruch has a very serious math department that is challenging and rewarding for a career path in business and finance. Tuition is affordable and professors are great.
It is a diverse school yet feels like a community. Some of the professors are very nice and if you do meet the right people to hang out with, Baruch is a nice school. It will provide you various opportunities. It is perfect for people willing to major in business administration.
So far my experience in Baruch college is bitter sweet. in terms of education, for a CUNY school the professors know what they are doing and are able to teach in a manner one can understand on the other hand, if you don't do activities like clubs or sports some days can be monotonous going to class then leaving home if you commute or going to work afterwards. overall one thing i would say to change is the seats.
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