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CUNY Baruch College Reviews

1,038 reviews
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I believe that college is college wherever you go. However I believe that if you're looking for the stereotypical college experience of having a roommate, meeting new people, having a dorm, and having a green grass campus space then Baruch might not be for you. Baruch College is a challenging school that has lots to offer.
I like the competitive environment at Baruch and seeing everyone working so fervently towards their goals.
I've just started as a freshman and I feel very welcomed and at home. They have various programs to support the students. The professors try their best to help you
I love Baruch College because there are a lot of resources, and most of the professors are extremely helpful, accessible, and intelligent. Student life/campus culture is active, as there are many clubs for students to participate in, and the school itself is located in a convenient area. My only negative are navigating to the next class during the busy afternoon hours (it needs more elevators).
Perfect choice to pursue your career goals and gives you great access to lots of opportunities around with big companies offering their will to hire and train students with a great background such are students graduating from Baruch College.
We come from all different sorts of places, I think Baruch prides themselves with being diverse. The teachers care about the students and everyone is so willing to help each other out, it's only been my first year here and the adjustment wasn't hard for me. Keep on top of deadlines and the school year passes by in a breeze.
Baruch College is an overall great college. It is a pretty large college in terms of number of undergraduate students. There is a wide range of clubs to join. I've never had any issues with any professor, and pretty much all of them have time outside of their class if you need help. It is located in NYC, so there are tons of things to do around campus. Tuition is a great plus.
Great college for bussiness oriented careers. Various bussiness clubs. Various professors and classes. I would love to see the college offer korean courses as i would like to minor in that subject. The one thing to consider when choosing this college is the importance of networking.
Baruch is one of the best CUNY schools. There are a lot of problems due to lack of funding, but that is to be expected with a CUNY school. Student life tries to give the students a lot of opportunities to have fun and make friends.
Baruch College offers students who wish to pursue a profession in business, accounting, finance, and computer information systems.
The school offer many opportunities for its students. Attending Baruch you'll have a drive to be successful with all that is to offer. The con about the school is just the administration; they are never open to helping students. But overall it's a good school.
How baruch sets up classes for all freshman allowed me to connect with others. Everyone is friendly and loves making connections.
Baruch College is great, but it is definitely a really small school, which is not bad because everyone are able to interact.
Baruch is a school where a lot of friendships are made. In class if anyone seems awfully quiet that person is tried to be brought into the group and conversation. It is truly a community. Walking in there is much diversity. Going up the first steps you will 9 times out of 10 meet a person that is promoting a club or study and encouraging you to try it. Lunch time is the best time to get lost because you will be surely found by someone who could turn out to be your very best friend for the next four years to last a lifetime. Just picture walking into a jungle where there are the beautiful bright colored birds with soft feathers, monkeys swinging on the trees, bright flowers and grass you want to grasp, sweet silence by the river and noise as the tigers chase one another, it is a sight of wonder and amusement you won't want to miss. It is an inspiring place where love and passion floats in the air, a place you dream of but do not believe exists, that is what Baruch is.
Baruch College is a great choice if you're interested in business and want to go to an affordable in-state city college. It definitely is the greatest when it comes to campus activities for a CUNY. It's incredibly involved and always lively. It makes going to a commuter school worth it.
First I would like to say that I am generally a very optimistic individual, so honestly could not speak too poorly about Baruch College. There are positives and negatives to every situation though, and this much be acknowledged. The negatives at Baruch are clear. A quick negatives list: student life is poor--not many people desire to get involved. THERE IS NO MEAL PLAN. You will have to work on budgeting your money. Distance from school if you live in the dorms (again, not terrible though). Academics are difficult, but this can be seen as good or bad. Positives: The dorms are really great, the majority of my friends live here. Definitely a very good set up for Manhattan. Baruch College is a fantastic option for those who desire a business degree. I have met very outstanding, personable professors, although some are clearly better than others. I have made life long friends and have made unbelievable memories. I liked Baruch, but I do plan on transferring for personal reasons.
Very crowded. Dorms are very expensive. Classes are hard. Not much help for international students. However, very diverse.
It's alright here. It could be worse. A handful of professors are real gems; others are just there to adhere to the rules and get their paycheck. God help you if you have to file any sort of documents, because bureaucracy will stop you at every opportunity. The student body tends to be very career-oriented, which is far better than apathetic. I've basically learned to grin and bear it.
I've never seen a problem with health or crimes at college. There's a lot of people who drink and do drugs however.
I don't know much about campus housing; I dorm at home.
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