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I am currently a Grad student and there is a disconnect between financial aid and the Exec program. It should be improved.
I like Baruch College because it has great professors who are well prepare to teach the courses. When going to college, one of the most important aspects that I look at is to be able to learn the topics required for my Major. Baruch staff knows how to educate students. In addition, Baruch is a college which is located close to the financial capital of the world, providing the opportunity to students of being known by big companies. I would recommend Baruch to those students who are looking to learn and are looking to be surrounded by the best in businesses.
Baruch is a great college filled with passionate and knowledgeable professors. What impresses me the most are my peers, I have yet to go into a classroom in which students are there just to pass the class, every single one of us aim for an A+ and push each other to perform our best. Another factor that I appreciate about this school is the faculty's drive to have us work in collaborative groups and be prepared for presentations. Even if you are shy or in my case get terrible stage fright, by the time you are ready to graduate this school standing in front of a crowd will be almost second nature. The only drawback to this school is that some majors for the business department need more classes to be added on, as they are heavily desired by the student body and fill up very quickly.
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The people there whether it'd be the professors, the police officers, or other students are all very kind and helpful.
Baruch College is a great school in my opinion because they offer a great services to students , in the classroom and outside, whether it be for academic purposes or for financial aid inquiries.
The only good thing about this school is how affordable it is to go here. My experience might be different from many others' since I was an evening student. The professors and their attitude are by far the worst I have ever experienced. One of my accounting professors actually told the whole class that Baruch graduates are useless and no one should be hiring them. That's right! This experience by far sums up the morale and culture of the school. I also experienced a lot of cheating and unethical behavior. The only reason I'm glad I went to Baruch is the fact that I earned a degree and have no student debt.
Baruch is primarily a business school. Unlike what I've heard about NYU Stern, people at Baruch are extremely friendly and helpful. Because it's a commuter school, networking is a huge part of the culture. Student life is very active and there are a variety of business-oriented organizations students can join based on their interests. Some very good faculty here and the facilities are some of the best in the CUNY system.
Fantastic professional development opportunities. Academics can be improved, alongside with campus spirit.
Although I started Baruch as a transfer student during my sophomore year, I can wholeheartedly say that my experience was overall good. From the beginning they have shown support for my success as they provided orientations, advisors and workshops specifically for transfer students. This allowed for a smooth transition. The student life is diverse, vibrant and empowering-always active both on campus or off. It is truly an institution where you will meet bright students from all backgrounds.
I like the fact that most classes are very challenging and they really push intellectually-speaking, and this somehow prepares you to deal with other difficulties outside of school. I wish there was at least a proper cafeteria, since we basically only have vending machines, as well that they stop continuously increasing tuition and the number of hybrid courses, because the quality of the school is not following the same pattern.
This college is kinda challenging and need a lot of time to devote to the study. It has provided a good competitive environment which I like the most.
Professors are great! Staff and students great!
Resources are awesome I love this school! The main thing that I appreciate here is the professionalism. I feel as if I was taught the competitive positive attitude in a corporate setting among peers. The classes are competitive and rewarding I greatly appreciated the reading material and clarity of all curriculum material and management. I made many acquaintances and friends from diverse origin and culture. I currently own my own business and have doubled my annual profit and lowered my and lowered my expenses by over 10% within the last 6 months based on skills I have learned here. I am pursuing real estate as well as learning about investing and how to obtain current information within the global economy.
Great school for business which has a small science department. However, all resources go to business school rather than science school.
Need to study hard to pass if you are a Finance or Accounting major. Clubs are fun to go to. Campus is very crowded during rush hours.
Baruch is filled with extremely intelligent and hard working students. It is extremely diverse. We are constantly competing against student's from IVY leagues and we've really been proving our worth. Every student seems to have such grit and such a strong desire to succeed. Most of the adjuncts are incredible. Attending college in the finance capital of the world really provides us with the smartest and brightest adjuncts.
Baruch is a great school in regards to value if you a resident of New York. If you commute, it should cost you around $16K for a four-year degree, and if you are dedicated to getting a good job after you graduate, you will. However, like many colleges it is very easy to fall behind, and every now and then it won't be your fault (mainly due to credit requirements and not getting the classes you need).
Don't go here. The staff is utterly disgusting and horrible, just talk to Jennifer in the science department to get a sense of how unhelpful and rude they are. You will have to take an excessive amount of classes that add no benefit to your career path and have to deal subpar tenured professors who could care less about your education. You basically teach yourself the whole way through and you better hope you never have a problem where you have to speak to the department because you'll be waiting forever for help, especially Zicklin.
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good college, many companies come to campus to recruit students especially for banking and taxes. If you are planning to go for consulting, you should look into another school, probably a private school where consulting companies look for students
Baruch College is an interesting atmosphere that prepares you for the corporate world. A brilliant assortment of staff members with a whole college that wants to help you succeed. Going to Baruch is something I do not regret
Baruch college is an Okay University. The professors are not very good and the campus is falling apart (literally). I have been there for three years now and feel like I have not learned a thing. I had previously transferred from another University and highly regret it.
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