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I enjoy the culture of open exchange between students and professors. Go above and beyond with your assignments to gain respect, and your opinions and contributions will be well regarded.

I want to see more classes for students who are returning after long hiatuses and who are older, like me, to help us adjust to new technology. I would love a crash course on how to use Excel, on how to effectively use social media for your job, etc.
Top CUNY College, and top business college in general. This school is easy on the wallet but hard on the knowledge. You have to work hard to succeed but thats what makes it the best.
Dollar for dollar one of the best business school. I’m a Baruch Graduate with a business degree that’s served me well. With this Baruch business degree and hard work I’ve fulfilled many accomplishments in my professional life.
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Baruch College is one of the best college in New York, is the college where you really learn and get knowledge. Professors are very smart and they do their best to teach you and give you skills you need for your future career. The only thing that is bothering there is internet in the campus, especially at the beginning of semester is not even possible to log in to blackboard or Cuny first. Also sometimes during semester internet is very slow too.
Baruch college has so many classses available that would suit your specific interests. My major professors, especially advertising professors, are very professional and have years of experience working for top agencies in the industry. They give students not just great academic lectures, but also very good career development skills and advices. I was not sure of what I specifically want to do in marketing, but because of those professors, I was able to figure out what I want to focus on in terms of class and internship selections and my career goals.
Baruch has awesome professors and who provide an impeccable academic experience. It also has a fantastic career center for students.
I enjoy going to school here. It's a very diverse area and you get a lot out of this school. People are really involved between classes, clubs and sports. I'm proud to be a part of the Bearcat family and will miss it once I graduate.
Baruch offers a wide range of study from business to arts and sciences to public affairs. The professors are some of the best around and are great at what they do. The school offers challenging and educational courses that are sure to help out in the future.
Baruch is an all around good school. Although it is a commuter school, Baruch gives a great student life experience. It provides a good blend between of student life activity and academics. The professors are good resources and are very established. Their academic requirements for accounting are challenging and gives students room to grow within that field. They offer many campus resources that should be used by everyone that attends. Overall, Baruch is in the heart of New York City and provides convenience for many commuters.
I feel like Baruch is currently an excellent college in terms of its sophisticated course complex. It’s a commuter school that you will find it quite hard to make connection with people because students just come to class,end, then go back home. If you want a fruitful college experience, Baruch may not be your best choice
I like the facility and academics. however, food on campus isn't nice and administration is something you will find hard to communicate with.
I currently attend this school and I want to say that the academics are fairly good. Additionally, the involvement with the school and student is excellent. What needs to be changed is the openness of athletics to all students. It's only my freshman year and I don't know anything that's happening among the sports scene so far.
This experience at Baruch is a special one because it is a commuter school with a very present social life. There is always something going on and something to get involved in. The education here is on a high standard and the professors seem to truly care.
The college itself is really tough. The grading policy are really narrowed down and its difficult to get A's. The curving grade is horrible and a nightmare because i think student should get what they earned instead of comparing with overall.
The area is really good and i feel really safe in the campus. The staff are really helpful and they also provide totoring section. I think there should be more advisor for efficiency. It takes an entire day to get adviced as the line in the advisement is massive.
It's a competitive school with good programs, specially the accounting program.
I'm not a big fan of the campus or the cafeteria. There are many clubs and honor societies you can be part of of, which makes it an enjoyable experience.
I really enjoyed the atmosphere and attitude of the community at Baruch. It made me feel very comfortable knowing that I'd be safe on campus as well as able to fully explore with new friends made along the way.
Baruch College remains a prestigious school for all. From succeeding its rank and becoming the number 1 public college to educating student with a quality curriculum, Baruch gives you the most bang for your buck. Upon entering Baruch, you receive a plethora of organizations to join and a wide range of opportunities to grow yourself and your career. With all of this, I have definitely developed myself professionally and academically.
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Great school, however, it lacks the traditional college feel. Everyone is polite and the professors are good at what they do. They have a great fitness center and pool. The counseling center doesn't provide real emotional support or help, honestly and the Financial Aid department can be quite rude at times and never picks up the phone.
Baruch is a commuter school. However, it is in a great location in NYC and is very diverse. Some professors are amazing and others are terrible. Baruch has a really good, well-known Business school, which is great especially for the price.
I think that some of the professors are very rude. Also the construction on some of the buildings is disruptive. Needed to be updated
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