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Baruch is a commuter school. However, it is in a great location in NYC and is very diverse. Some professors are amazing and others are terrible. Baruch has a really good, well-known Business school, which is great especially for the price.
I think that some of the professors are very rude. Also the construction on some of the buildings is disruptive. Needed to be updated
I like the way as students we are treated and urged to be a community, one for all and all for one
I think we have some very interesting clubs within the college however I would like it if the extra curricular activities were expanded
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Great school! Lots of resources set in place for students to utilize. They also have a lot of events set up to help you learn and further your career path.
The location is very good. It is in New York City. The advisers and the professors are very helpful.
I liked the low price and the business focus the school have. I would recommend trying to learn the in and out of the school early before getting lose. I know a lot of people that don't think about their advantages until senior year and that miss great opportunity due to that
The best business college. Most of the professors are helpful and know what are they teaching. It’s very competitive and high standard education here.
I liked the teachers at my school. They are very supportive with anything that you need help with. Alongside that, they give good advice on courses that I will take in the future.
My experience at Baruch was a bit intimidating, mainly due to the major i was inn. Zicklin School holds a great reputation for business schools. However, for some large lecture classes, the fact that only a certain amount of students could receive an A made the classes more stressful, especially during finals. there's was a rank within in an accounting class. Baruch outside of Zicklin, is booming with a lot of activities. The Student center, Writing center and club rooms provide a lot of opportunities on campus. I also appreciate their weekly celebrations such as LGBT week, Breast-Cancer awareness week and other monthly celebrations that happen throughout the year.
I studied in the MPA program and truly enjoyed the coursework. It was a straightforward program that lacked the bells, whistles, and hoops that private institutions advertise. I believe the skills I learned have prepared me for the next steps in my career.
Baruch offers a great Science program for students looking to pursue a medical degree. This is my second year at Baruch and would not change anything from the Science program. In regards to the Athletic program, I would love to see a soccer program for women. This is the only change that would be recommended. I have enjoyed being in this school and looking forward to continue my dream in becoming a doctor.
I am currently enrolled in their business school, Zicklin, I wish that they lessen the amount of pre-requisites
Love my shool,Baruch College setting is urban, and ranking in the 2018 edition of Best Colleges is Regional Universities North, 20 which isprefect for student who want to study business or start their own business.
Baruch College is an institution that's committed to their students in awarding them an indepth, competitive, and fulfilling experience and education for advancement opportunities.
My favorite thing about Baruch is how much it helped me learn about myself. The professors are very experienced and diverse and can introduce you to new perspectives on how to move forward. I would like to see a bit more school spirit, but it is primarily a commuter school so I understand why involvement isn't as high as it should be. Still, the student organizations and student life events can be quite useful in many regards - from professional development to stress relief - if you navigate them well. Once you get past the outward appearance of stuffy, career oriented business people, you'll find that Baruch has many students that are very down to earth.
Clubs-So far in my freshman, I can see there is a lot of clubs you can participate but since Baruch is a business school, the majority of clubs are geared toward business. Sometimes you have to dress professionally if a guest speaker(s) from a company in some business club meetings.
I'm an accounting major and it's pretty rigorous. However, it prepares you for the real world. Class curriculuma are up to date and challenging. Some courses inclue excel and other software relat I've to your major. A major positive thing is Ifor you do well academically, become active on campus, and portray leadrship skills the recruiters will love you. They also provide resources such as textbook to borrow at the library, computer access, and professional development. The school is very professional and I really enjoy being a student.
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I liked the real world attitude you learn about business however it feels rigid with no room for change. If we are to be apart of shaping our future then there needs to be room for change and expansion. i was not involved in campus life at Baruch and wish I was more involved in that way.
I love that it's so diverse! I love that the professors teach in-demand skills! There's nothing I would do to improve it!
I enjoyed attending Baruch College because it was affordable and provided a great education. The professors were great and provided a personal insight into the subjects. Graduating with a Public Affairs degree was great because I got the opportunity to intern for the city council as well as the new york state assembly in the course of my undergraduate career.
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