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Baruch has a great reputation and a great accounting program. However, I feel like they don't really care for the students and helping them graduate on time.
Nice people and helpful staff. Everyone seemed to like their job and were open to all questions or requests. You have to be self-sufficient in college but it is okay to ask for help.
I love Baruch. They have so many resources and people willing to help you. You only have to take advantage of the many opportunities this school have. I don't regret to choose this school.
Review CUNY Baruch College
My overall experience at Baruch was great. Professors were helpful and did a great job explaining and answering questions.
The classes are interesting and the professors are smart, but it is a big commuter school, so sometimes it feels more like a high school than a college.
I am a current student at Baruch college who is seeking to achieve her goal of graduating college as the first in her prime family. I am looking forward to graduating Baruch and being able to have my degree at hand knowing what a great school Baruch is. I may say that it has been difficult as having a full time job and attending school is not the easiest thing to do. However, I know that my hard work will pay off. I personally believe that the courses at Baruch are difficult but that's because they want to prepare us for the real business world. Nonetheless, Baruch is a great school and I look forward to graduating from this school.
Baruch has a very serious math department that is challenging and rewarding for a career path in business and finance. Tuition is affordable and professors are great.
It is a diverse school yet feels like a community. Some of the professors are very nice and if you do meet the right people to hang out with, Baruch is a nice school. It will provide you various opportunities. It is perfect for people willing to major in business administration.
So far my experience in Baruch college is bitter sweet. in terms of education, for a CUNY school the professors know what they are doing and are able to teach in a manner one can understand on the other hand, if you don't do activities like clubs or sports some days can be monotonous going to class then leaving home if you commute or going to work afterwards. overall one thing i would say to change is the seats.
It's been a great experience, you meet people from all around the world. The school is great for those interested in a business major. There is a lot of recruiting done in campus and there's many ways that baruch events and staff help you become a better leader.
Baruch is located in one of the most diverse areas in the country. On top of that, there is so much to do around the school. The staff at Baruch make a conscious effort so that your transition from high school to college is smooth. The Public Safety team on campus is incredibly helpful and their staff put your safety above everything else. There are many clubs that you can join and everyone around you is kind and helpful.
Baruch is a great school for business. People here are very smart and motivated to do well. There is also a lot of competitions since it's a competitive school where you have to study hard to do well. The school is also very diverse and has a lot of international students as well.
I believe that college is college wherever you go. However I believe that if you're looking for the stereotypical college experience of having a roommate, meeting new people, having a dorm, and having a green grass campus space then Baruch might not be for you. Baruch College is a challenging school that has lots to offer.
I like the competitive environment at Baruch and seeing everyone working so fervently towards their goals.
I've just started as a freshman and I feel very welcomed and at home. They have various programs to support the students. The professors try their best to help you
I love Baruch College because there are a lot of resources, and most of the professors are extremely helpful, accessible, and intelligent. Student life/campus culture is active, as there are many clubs for students to participate in, and the school itself is located in a convenient area. My only negative are navigating to the next class during the busy afternoon hours (it needs more elevators).
Perfect choice to pursue your career goals and gives you great access to lots of opportunities around with big companies offering their will to hire and train students with a great background such are students graduating from Baruch College.
Review CUNY Baruch College
We come from all different sorts of places, I think Baruch prides themselves with being diverse. The teachers care about the students and everyone is so willing to help each other out, it's only been my first year here and the adjustment wasn't hard for me. Keep on top of deadlines and the school year passes by in a breeze.
Baruch College is an overall great college. It is a pretty large college in terms of number of undergraduate students. There is a wide range of clubs to join. I've never had any issues with any professor, and pretty much all of them have time outside of their class if you need help. It is located in NYC, so there are tons of things to do around campus. Tuition is a great plus.
Great college for bussiness oriented careers. Various bussiness clubs. Various professors and classes. I would love to see the college offer korean courses as i would like to minor in that subject. The one thing to consider when choosing this college is the importance of networking.
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