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I'm taking all of my classes online. My professors were all very understanding and cooperative. They don't force anyone to turn on cameras although they do want you to participate. Deadlines were all very clear and they try to help out if you have something going on and need an extension.
My experience so far this semester has been great. The course load can be kind of heavy for some classes but that's to be expected for college.
Professors are great. Even under the difficult time that everything is online, they try their best. Administration is little bit disappointing, some staffs are not professional, not trained well. You need to talk to and sometimes push every department and people you could think of.
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I could see they had difficult time for transitioning. Professors are trying their best, but some of them seem not be able to cope with technology which is making situation harder for students. Admin staffs are not great, not professional. It would be better to talk in person for avoiding for the wait of weeks and get still nothing.
Adjusting to online learning at Baruch College at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic was as smooth as I could imagine. Some classes were already offered and designed for online use, so it was not too complicated to figure out. However, some professors may be having difficulties, as they prefer in-person teaching.
Baruch College is a great college for its value, but it feels overcrowded and highly competitive. Students struggle to graduate on time due to difficult requirements or class sections and sizes.
Ever since the pandemic, resources are very limited and offices don't really reply. But professors are great at doing their best to help students. The amount of clubs of activities to make sure each and every student are inclusive is very good.
Really reach out to your professor when you need help. Don't be afraid of emailing them, thinking it would bother them because they are as confused as you and worried as well.
In the semester that Covid hit, Baruch's online performance was pretty mediocre. Cheating was rampant and motivation was extremely down in all classes for all students. I blame the administration for that. Their response was extremely slow and ineffective.
You will not find a traditional college experience here, but you will get many impressive professors for a cheap price. Baruch alumni dominant the business scene in NYC, so if you're coming for a business degree you are almost guaranteed to succeed after graduation.
I took an online psychology class, the professor was very accommodating and help to students learn the material. I felt like I learned a lot of new topics that later help me study for my graduate exams.
I had a full ride scholarship to Baruch college and I felt like it was a good return on my investment. The faculty could’ve been more supportive and there was pretty much no student life. I however graduated with no dead and all of the requirements to want to graduate school, so I felt like I made a pretty good choice given my circumstances.
The learning experience is pretty great. For the price you cannot go wrong here at Baruch. Most professors are very qualified and have a great teaching style.
Baruch College has opened doors to many opportunities for me. My experience so far at Baruch hass been great. All the professors are qualified and teach at other ivy leagues or private universities. They are providing us with the same knowledge that others pay much more for. I like that there is a great amount of diversity within the college and Baruch offers many different clubs for everyone to take part in.
My college experience at Baruch started out well. The first set of professors I had especially math made me realize that math isn't as bad as it seems as long as you have someone who is teaching you step by step. For most of my courses at Baruch my professor have been very detailed and taught us in ways were we would understand and learn and not memorize. This is what i love about my school.
I take classes online. In summer my professor was very understanding especially. knowing that this course is very crucial for us to graduate this fall.
I started Baruch college in the Fall of 2019. Coming from a community college, the size and the huge number of students could intimidate you at first but my experience at Baruch has been wonderful so far. They have excellent professors, very attentive and helpful staff and a really diverse student community. I just wish there were more rest areas so that students can find a place to rest between breaks.
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Very good!! The professors are very helpful and supportive in providing you with academic help. Since the world is facing such a dire situation, the professors are trying their best to be able to provide extra resources to the students. All my classmates have also been very helpful and communicative.
While it is difficult to maintain, the online learning process is definitely doable. I personally prefer the classroom as it seems to be easier for me to learn but with the help of other students and professors, I think that I will do fine.
Baruch is college where you must do work to succeed. Being in one of the biggest cities in the country, the school truly sets one up for success through internships and other benefits. I loved the club activity present in the school before the COVID-19 epidemic had occurred. The only thing I would like to change is the elevators of the school. Whether it is to get new ones or to add more variety for traffic.
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