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I like the school because the school stuff will help you with anything that you need help with does not matter what is it
I absolutely love cumberland University , because it's like one big family! Everyone is there for one another ... staff , students ,and community! The student life could be a little better more sororities! The cafe food is good especially on taco Tuesday's! The Athletic program is amazing every team is so supportive of everyone . The class room settings are awesome great small classes professors willing to talk whenever and provide students with any help they might need!
It is an excellent university which enables students to read their full potential. It offers a range of scholarships that allow the pupils to study what they wish to study.
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It is an excellent university which enables students to read their full potential. It offers a range of scholarships that allow the pupils to study what they wish to study.
Cumberland University offers a unique college experience due to the large faculty to student ratio. This allows the faculty to have the opportunity to get to know each and every individual in the class. However, it is very clear that some professors care about the well being of their students more than others.
Cumberland University is like home to me. Coming from a small town it is not much of a change! Professors get to know you more on a personal level and you truly never feel alone. You are in an encouraging environment and they set you up for success with free access to tutoring. I would recommend this school ten out of ten times to anyone wanting a small university!
Halfway into my freshman year everything has been great. The people are usually friendly and the professors actually know your name. If there was one thing that I could change however it would be a simple expansion of everything.
I love how small the campus is and how the professors truly get to know you on a one on one basis. The only thing I would change is getting rid of the Tennessee Promise, because there is not enough room for all of the students it's pulling in.
Save your money and go somewhere else! I don't even know where to start!
1) If you need help with financial aid or admission, good luck! the people who work in these department are useless. For example, I had a question about financial aid and every time I called I get a different explanation.
2) Tuition is ridiculous for this school. You pay way too much to sit in a class with the ceiling falling down. The building for the nursing department is old and falling apart. The food choices are minimal to say the least.
3) The computer labs are filled with out dated technology.
4) The library is old and moldy.
5)The residence halls are old and very small. It feels like a shoe box to be honest.
Student to teacher ratio is small which makes the relationship feel more like family. The cross-country team is great and has the major of exercise science.
I really like Cumberland University so far. Its been a great experience meeting all of the faculty and staff. There is a lot of and helps when doing things you love!
I am currently a freshman at Cumberland, and it has been great so far. Great teachers, that take the time to help out, and campus is easy to great around.
I really enjoyed the personal relationship the students were able to have with the professors at Cumberland. But since there was such a small faculty on campus, many classes were taught by the same teacher which caused problems in scheduling. If a student was unable to learn from a certain teacher, there were no other professors to choose from.
The professors are very kind and supportive. The workload is not terrible. Studying in the library is very common.
The campus is very diverse. There are students from all walks of life.
There is no drug use on campus.
My professors for the most part have been very supportive and encouraging. They truly want me to succeed and are experts in their fields of study. They allow me to meet with them during office hours, and encourage note taking and questions in class.
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My school is very adamant about students finding internships/ job opportunities. Several students are able to find some sort of job placement or internship.
Everyone on campus has become friends with the campus police. The student body usually has their number in their phones in case they need to call. Nothing has ever happened that would be of seriousness that a security would need to step in/ protect, etc. they are very protective.
The dorms and housings overall are very clean and the hours are very appropriate. The locations are very close to the classroom buildings, so transportation is convenient for the residents.
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