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Cumberland County College has given me a great college experience and has really helped me get my foot in the door. I really appreciate the one-on-one interaction with the faculty and how they assist me with my academics and time management.
Overall CCC is a great community college to start out at, especially if you’re not sure of your path. Would like to have the “college experience” which is why after I graduate I will be moving on to a 4 year college.
I have not started my education at cumberland county college yet. I will start in the Fall semester for the accounting program. I previously graduated from Stockton University with a BA degree in Mathematics. However this degree has not gotten me anywhere so I am trying to get certified in accounting to be able to have a career.
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What I like most about Cumberland County College is the way all staff is very attentive about their students and dedicate their all into making sure their students strive to reach their goals. The safety here is very good as well. You feel protected as if nothing was ever going to happen. The only thing I wish I’d see a change in is more school supplies.
Cumberland County College was just a wonderful experience. I would definitely recommend attending this college.
Cumberland County College is an above average institution in terms of bang for your buck. Tuition doesn't get much cheaper. However the social aspect is sub par. Nobody is here longer than they need to be, so you probably won't make many friends. The academic aspect is pretty good, small class sizes really help you interact with your professors better.
this is my first year in college and I love it. Cumberland county college is great school. all the teachers are very helpful and kind
Cumberland county college is a beautiful campus. As far as the professors, they are always willing to help. There is so many activities and study groups going on that it's hard to say you don't have access to educational help. I actually recommend people to CCC. I have wanted to transfer in the past but something keeps me here and I do not mind.
I have enjoyed this college. Great qualities, it is close to where I live. The staff, from counselors, financial aid, bookstore, teachers, etc. are all AMAZING! They really care about their students and want them to succeed.
What I liked about CCC was all the new faces and new experiences on this campus. The employee's that work in various buildings on campus are friendly, and are helpful if you can't find your way around on campus. You see many students of various ages, some new or the same people you graduated high school with.
Cumberland County College is a great institution. The small class rooms help each student understand and focus more on their work. They offer great resources and financial help.
I have had many positive experiences at CCC. Although I have no other college experiences to compare to, the educational, social, and emotional support I have received has made me enthusiastic about my future. I have no constructive criticism to offer, this has been a wonderful journey!
There are two types of teachers in this world. There are teachers who are there for their students and have a passion for teaching and then there are those who teach just because they didn't know what else to do. The ones that are there because of a passion ended up being the greatest teachers I've ever had and are my favorite part about Cumberland County College. On the other hand, there are a few teachers that I've had that only give busy work and are extremely strict and you can just tell they don't want to be there. I personally have no complaints about the school itself, just a few professors I've had because other than that I've had a great two years there.
So far my experience was been great. When I first applied to Cumberland College I was not sure what exactly it was the I would be majoring in so I was put in Liberal Arts-General program. After some time to make up my decision on was I wanted to major in, my advisor was very understanding in helping me change my major, and helping me with my classes.
Attending online courses can be a good thing as well as a bad thing. It all depends on the student and what he or she is more comfortable with using comfortable. The registration process was easy and quick, and the workload amount is manageable.
Cumberland County College is postgrad services is great and reliable. Many other four year colleges and universities except transfer students from the Cumberland College. Cumberland College is there to help you decide whether or not you want to further your education or not as well as choosing where to go next if you do decide to further your education. Cumberland College is there to help you decide whether or not you want to further your education or not as well as choosing where to go next if you do decide to further your education.
Cumberland College offers a great variety of different courses. Each with its own own building and style.

Each classroom is neat amd clean, amd fits 25 students.
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The value of A degree from the school is just like any other school. Scheduling can be very difficult because of your job. Although with the help of your advisor you can figure out what hours of class would be best for you, whether or not it's day, afternoon, or evening classes.
Being a nursing major at my school Can be a lot of hard work. Although with good stating have i can be a lot of hard work. Although with Good study habits and hard work it can be done. Studying for the materials needed at times can be difficult but the nursing program at the Cumberland College offers many resources for the students whenever needed .
Although I have not officially attending Cumberland County College, I am confident when I say that I will enjoy the learning experience that is being offered there.
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