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i liked the fact that all the instructors were very skilled in their craft and they work hard to make sure you succeed. i would like to see the level of understanding as far as mistakes go change a little within the instructors.
The Culinary Institute Lenôtre is DEFINITELY THE BEST CULINARY SCHOOL IN TOWN!! Chefs are passionate about their job and the food they are preparing, teaching methods are great and very efficient, we get to taste everything from our class and the other classes too! It is great to learn how to cook but also to get the chance to train our taste on an everyday basis! Staff is very friendly and always here to help whenever you need it. And the real value is Le Bistro, the training restaurant where you can learn how to work in a restaurant, how to manage and be managed, it is a way to train with real customers! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL, YOU MUST GO THERE IF YOU WANT TO LEARN THE REAL FRENCH TECHNICS OF COOKING!!
I love the unique teaching environment and what it offers to it's students. They push you to create greatness and delishous creations. If your going to spend time out of your life to learn something new and broaden your experience it's not worth it to waste your time somewhere that won't help you grow and thrive. They seem to understand that is important.
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I took a culinary class in high school and my credits from there transferred over. Scheduled wise they will work around to fit your schedule.
This school is one of the best schools because even after graduation they will help look for a job and never leave you alone.
The professors are very understanding about everything, very patient, especially very helpful.
My over all experience here at this school is the best, everyone is friendly and it's not so big to where you would get lost. This school will make you feel like a person and not just any random student, they take the time to know your name.
You will get all the help needed and will learn everything from English to menu, nutrients and many other things. All teachers are very understanding and very helpful when it comes to needing help on an assignment.
This school is unique because the amount of students per class is really small, every teacher will do her/his best to help you understand and will not hesitate to stay a couple of minutes after class. All the chefs are really nice and focused on what they do.
There's no online courses here, but we do have to go online for some stuff that we are taught in class.
At orientation, we were given our schedules. If there wasn't a class time scheduled for us that wasn't a great fit for us, we got to go to our advisors/counselors to get those fixed at orientation. Very helpful.
Again, one has to show interest. But overall, students here after graduation have an 88% of finding a job based on the Texas job reviewing for schools.
They're pretty small class sizes and it beats public school
You have to show an interest in where you want to go. If you don't, then what's the point of attending a culinary school for the field? For an internship or job, one needs to show value of interest!
I love it! I'm surrounded by people that are in love with my major. We all share a value - and that value is Baking!
This school has a lot of great value taken into consideration.
My overall experience at school has been very eye opening. It has show me things that I would not have known to prepare me for the real world
Review Culinary Institute LeNôtre
in my opinion, everything at the school is great. The one bad thing i would say would be that for students that ride public transportation, they have a long walk to the campus from the nearest bus stop. I would suggest that maybe getting school van in order to pick up students from a designated area at a certain time for each shift
The classes are small and intimate. The instructors are very knowledgeable and willing to assist the students when help is needed. The staff is very friendly and well mannered.
I have heard the career center is vey helpful placing students in restaurants, bakery, bistro, hotels for the practicum. They also help students with resume writing and help students to apply for jobs after graduating.
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