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Amazing school. Instructors or full of knowledge and so are the professors. The staff is determined to help you graduate and leave the school with little debt as possible.
I love it here. The students are also talented. They have HUGE FEASTS cooked by students and chefs every three months for student appreciation. There we get to vote on a chocolate showcase piece with different theme. I just voted on a beautiful piece that looked like flowers sitting on smooth stones! It was all chocolate! The chefs all are accomplished 5-10+ years.
This school offers not only a great campus, the chef instructors and professors are very knowledgeable in their certain skill or trade. The chefs will push you to your limits and I myself am seeing greater improvements with cooking and culinary arts every week. Lots of studying and practice is needed however, if you are attending this school, it's for the reason of achieving a dream. If mastering in the culinary arts is your passion, you should definitely go to an open house, or set up an appointment with a councilor to tour the facility!
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So far, I’m doing well at Culinary Institute LeNotre. I already passed Level 1 & 2 of Baking & Pastry. I’m currently in Level 3 with only 3 weeks left. All I need is Level 4 & 5 & Academics, & I’m out of the school.
Culinary Institute Le Notre is a culinary college that has everything and more for anyone to succeed in the food industry. It is a french based culinary school that teaches the best skills, techniques and base to understand and develop what is needed in the field.
I have been at the school for 2 years now and will probable re enroll. the area is not the best but most of the teachers actually want to see you succeed and go out their way to help you with whatever you need
An extremely unpleasant program. Do not waste your time or your money at this "so called" school. The only thing they care about is getting your money. The chefs in my opinion are very unqualified, the staff for the most part is unprofessional, and the overall experience I had in the 2 years I was there was a joke. Please, please, please look around and take your money and your cooking passions elsewhere. Trust me, you'll be thankful you did!
The Chefs give students the best education they can, we all took in as much as we could in a years time. If any changes would be made i believe one of them should be to extend their program time.
Being a student at the Culinary Institute LeNotre was very good. What i like most was actually having French Chefs to make the experience more real. Getting to try things out of my comfort zone. I would love to see if we get more breaks instead of all year round.
I feel that this is a great school to attend
The staff is very friendly and they make you feel like family
I feel that the classroom and labs setting are great
What i love about this school are how passionate the chefs are. They love what they do and you can tell. What i wish i can change is, how short each term is, its a little rushed.
I like how the teachers are so helpful and understanding when a student needs help and they make more sense when teaching something that seems difficult but isn't. This is my first term and by far, I'm already loving this school. I get to be myself around students who have the same passion as me. It is great to be honest.
The willingness the professors have to teach us and improve our skills is amazing. However classes are not very affordable and I was left with a large amount of loans after only 6 months. Nonetheless I do not attend here anymore or plan to again.
My experience at Culinary Institute LeNotre was very nurturing to my passion for cooking. The instructors and staff were very careing and encoraging to me in helping me towards further success in my culinary career.
Amazing school. At Culinary Institute LeNôtre you meet a lot of like minded people. There is nothing that I would really change about my experience so far.
My experience in Culinary Institute Le Notre is awesome. The chef there are amazing and willing to help the students to achieve their goal. They are supportive and not make you give up on what you want to become. One thing I'll like them to change, is the lack of teaching students knife skills. We should get a class to help us with our knife skills and techniques.
i liked the fact that all the instructors were very skilled in their craft and they work hard to make sure you succeed. i would like to see the level of understanding as far as mistakes go change a little within the instructors.
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The Culinary Institute Lenôtre is DEFINITELY THE BEST CULINARY SCHOOL IN TOWN!! Chefs are passionate about their job and the food they are preparing, teaching methods are great and very efficient, we get to taste everything from our class and the other classes too! It is great to learn how to cook but also to get the chance to train our taste on an everyday basis! Staff is very friendly and always here to help whenever you need it. And the real value is Le Bistro, the training restaurant where you can learn how to work in a restaurant, how to manage and be managed, it is a way to train with real customers! I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS SCHOOL, YOU MUST GO THERE IF YOU WANT TO LEARN THE REAL FRENCH TECHNICS OF COOKING!!
I love the unique teaching environment and what it offers to it's students. They push you to create greatness and delishous creations. If your going to spend time out of your life to learn something new and broaden your experience it's not worth it to waste your time somewhere that won't help you grow and thrive. They seem to understand that is important.
I took a culinary class in high school and my credits from there transferred over. Scheduled wise they will work around to fit your schedule.
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