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One thing that's great about Cuesta are the teachers. There's a few bad ones, like at any school, but for the most part they're very interesting and committed to helping students succeed. The science and art departments are great, the math department is pretty bad. Students aren't the friendliest, but the campus is pretty and near the town.
The school is professional. The staff was very helpful. It is a ways out from town. I would attend this school again.
The classrooms are very organized and offer state of the art equipment. The my cuesta web page is very helpful. The admissions, counseling and financial aide staff is extremely helpful.
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I have transferred from another community college to Cuesta College, and so far, I am enjoying my experiences. Cuesta College may seem to be a little spaced out in terms of how the layout is, but it's located in a real nice location.
I like the teachers and for the most part available after hours for the students. Since it is a junior college there is no housing walkable to the school.
I am not sure. I have never took an online course before.
They hve services and some kind of work that can count as credits. It is really nice for students to get experince and get credit as well.
In the beginning, its hard to get a class if you sign up late. Fortunately, classes are cheap and affordable. Also, its easy to do the GE classes there before going to a 4 year university.
Most students are there because of money saving. The cuesta promise gives one year free to anyone who could not earn fafsa. There is nothing wrong with going to a communty college. Many people start there but then end at a 4 year university. It place is a gold starting place for everything.
They provide lots of student sucess center foe free to all students. Its helpful if you need help on something. For example, an essay or math.
As a freshman, I enjoy college so much more than highschool. I feel that I can learn better and have time to learn.
The faculty is very real world-savvy, and sensible with their curriculum and projects. The education you get here in Business will definitely prepare you for further education, employment or entrepreneurship.
A great opportunity to learn in a beautiful location, 20 minutes from the beach. Quality professors who care about student's success, Student leadership opportunities that help you get to know the job market (and they you!). It's a beautiful location, easy to get around (on foot). Plenty of parking. Lots of help for students: with job search, including school schedule-friendly part times to get you through the school year. Great library. Highly recommend for a community college experience. I would choose to attend here again.
It's a community college, it's very flexible.
It's a pretty traditional classroom experience.
They focus more on transferring students to finish education.
I've only met a handful of professors and they seem really attentive.
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I just enrolled and still don"t know.
I just got accepted and can not yet offer any details on this.
So Far so good, the people are all very helpfull.
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