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I love the campus and every professor I have had so far has been amazing at explaining and teaching the curriculum.
Cuesta College is a small community campus. It has its main campus in San Luis Obispo and the other in Paso Robles. The library there is a good place to study in that same building is the student sucess center and the math lab. Resources are easily accessible to do schoolwork. There isn't much student activity. Teacher quality varies but in my experience the reviews on ratemyprofessor tend to stay pretty accurate. There is no housing on either campus. It is not a bad school it just isn't a school with much social activity so if you want that you have to put in more effort to do so like start joining clubs or something. It also isn't far from downtown to go eat or go the back way to the Target and Costco shopping centers. Counselors get pretty full so it is usually easier to make an appointment especially in the start of the semester although they do take walk ins.
i have had a great experiance there. they are very helpful and my classes were great. my instructors were understanding and helpful. i went through alot of medical issues while i attended my first couple semesters there and they were very understanding with my assignments
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I had so many opportunities here at Cuesta College! The campus is beautiful, the library is a great place to study, and classes are always interesting. I have not yet had a professor that I did not like. Cuesta has given me a chance to learn about myself and find my interests for pennies on the dollar of what I would have paid had I gone to a four-year university. Even better, if you are a high school graduate in San Luis Obispo County, you are now given TWO YEARS FREE in tuition at Cuesta!!! I did not graduate in SLO and I still feel like Cuesta was definitely worth my time and money. I am very grateful that Cuesta has been a part of this chapter in my life.
My experience in Cuesta has been great. I just finished my first year and I am currently taking summer classes and they have been great. I love Cuesta College because not only am I close to home but I am thankful that the classes I have been wanting to take are in this college. All the teachers respect you so much they have office hours and when you have questions in anything an email is always welcomed as well. Then also the students will respect you they are very focused on learning that no distractions are made during lecture as well as they ask excellent questions that anyone may be confused on but to shy to ask about.
The location and with the help of the Cuesta Promise Scholarship, it made my first year experience amazing.
Overall, I think Cuesta College is the best community college in California. What I disliked was the science faculty, counseling staff, and the people working in admissions. Most, but not all, of the science faculty make their courses unnecessarily difficult and give students busy work. However, they are more lenient and more caring than science faculty at a four-year university. Moving on, the counseling staff is incompetent as they have no pre-professional (like pre-medical or pre-dental) knowledge. Oh, and I believe that the Cuesta Cashier is racist. On that note, Cuesta lacks a diverse population and can be sometimes overtly racist. But, what I liked outweighs what I disliked. What I liked the most were the social science courses and the social science faculty. The courses were really easy yet informative, and the faculty are beyond friendly. I would definitely recommend this college if you are a social sciences major. Another plus is that Cuesta has a small student population.
I love the music department. It's such an amazing program with caring professors and staff. I have grown so much through their instruction. In my 5 years at this school I have only had issue with one professor. It was a general education class and not for my major.
The faculty at Cuesta College is absolutely amazing. They are committed to getting students in and out to a four year university with perfect preparation.
Hi my name is jon mitchell and I am an upcoming student to Cuesta college and I would like to say I’ve heard that the school is very Excellent. Prestige classes and and the atmosphere is great. Teaches work with you to you best abilities it also work with your time If you are a part time student working and teachers are very nice and in my opinion it’s one of the best 2yr schools in the country. For my upcoming freshmen’s that are thinking about coming here I would suggest you should because the learning education is absolute superb and the housing around the school has a fair expense and close to the beaches for weekend or holiday so I would rate this school a 5 star.
Best nursing school in the nation! Excellent instructors, supportive community, and top notch education.
I started out at Cuesta and then moved to a community college in Southern California. I can honestly say that after observing other colleges plus the one I attended, Cuesta is the best community college. The professors are top quality and treat the students like actual adults, meaning they don’t baby them. The counselors are extremely helpful and knowledgeable.
Cuesta College is a wonderful college to attend it’s full with diversity and offer incredible financial assistance and as well Students Sucess Resources
I have enjoyed my experience at Cuesta College. The administrative staff have been extremely helpful every time I have needed assistance from admissions to transferring. The financial aide department is consistent and easily accessible. All of Cuesta's classes are in the middle of the campus with parking all around. There has never been a challenge to park and get to class. The teaching staff has been excellent as well. They are there not only to teach you but to also help you succeed. Struggling in Math? Not a problem, the math lab is open four days a week with excellent tutors. This has been a wonderful college experience so far.
I really enjoyed my experience at Cuesta. Professors are the kindest people you'll ever meet. Their counseling department/transfer center are very helpful and motivating. I do wish they offered a better range of classes. For my major, English, classes were very limited.
Cuesta college has many great instructors, mentors, counselors, and staff that make the school a really comfortable environment for everyone. All the professors are there to really help.
Great feeder school to Cal Poly. They have course paths that align with Cal Polys requirement. I have been pleased with the education received. The community is fun and student friendly. Lots of off campus dorm like apartment/ student living opportunities. Access to fun college age student clubs and activities. Always local students studying at the local coffee shop or either college campus. Such a great place to live and go to school.
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I am excited to attend Cuesta. Beautiful and clean campus. I'm excited to meet new people and receive a great education. I've only heard good things about Cuesta and I cant wait to attend.
I like the college but it is outdated and a bit slow. Information can be difficult to find and advisors are not as forthcoming as I would imagine they could be. I have over paid for books, courses and the like and had to hear the aid opportunities through word of mouth through the years. I have taken classes and had professors who are not student friendly, they talk down and are blatantly rude to students specifically Professors in Psychology and Philosophy courses. There are great aspects but make sure to ask for every bit of financial help and information its harder to figure out than it should be.
The staff at student services is friendly and ready to help. The teachers are friendly and knowledgeable. They have many classes online as well as multiple location in the county to attend classes so you can find what works best for you.
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