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Cuesta College is a wonderful college to attend it’s full with diversity and offer incredible financial assistance and as well Students Sucess Resources
I have enjoyed my experience at Cuesta College. The administrative staff have been extremely helpful every time I have needed assistance from admissions to transferring. The financial aide department is consistent and easily accessible. All of Cuesta's classes are in the middle of the campus with parking all around. There has never been a challenge to park and get to class. The teaching staff has been excellent as well. They are there not only to teach you but to also help you succeed. Struggling in Math? Not a problem, the math lab is open four days a week with excellent tutors. This has been a wonderful college experience so far.
I really enjoyed my experience at Cuesta. Professors are the kindest people you'll ever meet. Their counseling department/transfer center are very helpful and motivating. I do wish they offered a better range of classes. For my major, English, classes were very limited.
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Cuesta college has many great instructors, mentors, counselors, and staff that make the school a really comfortable environment for everyone. All the professors are there to really help.
Great feeder school to Cal Poly. They have course paths that align with Cal Polys requirement. I have been pleased with the education received. The community is fun and student friendly. Lots of off campus dorm like apartment/ student living opportunities. Access to fun college age student clubs and activities. Always local students studying at the local coffee shop or either college campus. Such a great place to live and go to school.
I am excited to attend Cuesta. Beautiful and clean campus. I'm excited to meet new people and receive a great education. I've only heard good things about Cuesta and I cant wait to attend.
I like the college but it is outdated and a bit slow. Information can be difficult to find and advisors are not as forthcoming as I would imagine they could be. I have over paid for books, courses and the like and had to hear the aid opportunities through word of mouth through the years. I have taken classes and had professors who are not student friendly, they talk down and are blatantly rude to students specifically Professors in Psychology and Philosophy courses. There are great aspects but make sure to ask for every bit of financial help and information its harder to figure out than it should be.
The staff at student services is friendly and ready to help. The teachers are friendly and knowledgeable. They have many classes online as well as multiple location in the county to attend classes so you can find what works best for you.
I am taking all online courses at Cuesta for enrollment into a masters program. I have enjoyed the accessibility and education.
Teachers and class size are great. Great selection of online classes and in-person class times. Wonderful community college to balance life and school.
I had an amazing experience at this Junior College!! All of the instructors that I encountered really had my best interest at heart and would work with me on any problem/ issue that I found to be present.
My counselor, Matt was also amazing! He helped me in applying to Cal Poly (San Luis) and I got in! Overall I have nothing bad to say about this college. It got me one step closer to my educational goals and for that I am so thankful!
One think to change may be the parking situation- but they're supposed to already be working on the solution for that!
Thanks, Cuesta College!
So far I have no complaints with Cuesta!! I am just starting at the school, but the student center, counseling office, and financial aid office have all been extremely helpful to myself and my son in trying to help us both get registered.
Cuesta is the first school I went to after I got out of the Marine Corps. The process was very easy to get in, and all of the counselors were very helpful with getting me on the right path. The professors all seem to enjoy teaching and love their jobs. I've not had a bad experience yet. The San Luis Obispo campus is quite pretty, and is set in the hills between the ocean and the town itself.
It could use a more up to date campus that benefits the new technology. I love that atmosphere and how engaged you feel in school despite the fact that it is a community college.
Cuesta is a great school to start out at. The professors and staff are great at pointing you in the right direction and helping you get to where you want to be.
I've only been attending Cuesta for a semester, but I must say, I am very pleased with the campus overall. The scenery and architecture alone is beautiful, and the staff and professors are very patient and helpful with students.
The faculty genuinely care about the students, in my experiences. Every Professor I have had was passionate about their subject, and clearly desired to see each student succeed. I am about to enter the nursing program here, and I couldn't be more proud that it is at Cuesta!
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I think Cuesta College has a nice feeling about the campus. It's very easy to access the help you need as a student and is kept safe by the proactive Cuesta College Police Department.
One thing that's great about Cuesta are the teachers. There's a few bad ones, like at any school, but for the most part they're very interesting and committed to helping students succeed. The science and art departments are great, the math department is pretty bad. Students aren't the friendliest, but the campus is pretty and near the town.
The school is professional. The staff was very helpful. It is a ways out from town. I would attend this school again.
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