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I love the school it’s a great place to start your college career it gives great opportunities as a individual and the teachers actually care and want to see you succeed as you grow into your professional life
There is so much opportunity at Crown College! I was a four year student and was able to be involved in so many things. I was in athletics, I served in student development and in our campus store as a manager. The support system here is amazing! The professors want to get to know you and help you in all areas of your life. The spiritual life here also helps you grow in Christ and the staff help you develop and make your faith your own. I highly recommend this college!
I love Crown in that it is a Christ-centered Christian Bible School. The professors are wonderful and the people are very nice.
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The spiritual support in all domains is encouraging! No matter what the subject is it's always reinforced with spiritual concepts and scripture.
I am a huge fan of Crown College. I graduated in May 2017 and look back with fond memories of my time there. A few things that stand out to me about Crown are the leadership opportunities on-campus, identity formation through faculty mentorship and discussion-based learning in the classroom. Not to mention a strong sense of community through on-campus events and actitivites.
I love Crown College. I love the community, classes, and professors. Because campus is small, the community is great. The environment makes it easier for people to build relationships with one another. The classes offered are very interesting and make me eager to learn more. The professors are amazing! I have great interactions and relationships with them. They are very kind and understanding.
Community is great. Teachers are very involved. Open door policy is great. Lots of opportunities for hands on experience.
I go to the Nevada campus. I love that it is a smaller school and it is more personal. All the teachers know who you are and are concerned and willing to help with your grades.
The professors are all very helpful. At Crown I was able to gain real world knowledge and insight while also seeing it from a kingdom perspective.
I love the community at Crown. The faculty and staff genuinely care about their student's lives and try to work with students when unexpected circumstances come their way. It has also been cool to meet people from all over the world. Something I would like to see change on campus is the number of students around on the weekends.
Their administrative staff is terrible. They will wait until two weeks before your bill is due to inform you that you must complete more paperwork, somethat may require more than two weeks, before you are even told how much financial aid you will get. I am a senior and I don't know how much I'll owe because they decided that I need my dad's tax transcript, the same one we sent last year. This college is more of a hassle than it's worth.
As a student at Crown College I like the experience as a whole. The professors want you to succeed not only in the classroom, but afterwards as well. The students and faculty were very welcoming to the incoming students even after Welcome Week.
I love that it is very small so that you are involved in a community. They turn out to be your family. However, it is still large enough that I won't always see the same people each day. The professors genuinely care about you, and they tend to pray over you before an exam. This has been very reassuring and has helped me focus and do well. I am earning higher grades here than I did in high school. I am thriving both socially and academically, and it is wonderful!
No sense of community if you are a commuter. If you plan to commute you had better be a perky extrovert so that you might develop some friendships otherwise plan to have a very lonely 4 years. I've been here 2 years as a commuter and have yet to make any real friends or be invited to any social events. The couple of social events I went to I sat uncomfortably alone and felt very awkward. Other than the occasional "Hi" in the hallways, I'm pretty excluded and lonely.
I love going to school at Crown College. It has a close knit and fun environment, and I can find a place where I fit in. The professors and other faculty and staff care about you as individuals, and you can tell. I would recommend Crown to anyone and everyone, it is amazing.
It is very difficult, given our area, to get a non-white demographic. Most of our diversity stems from our athletics and international students. The only non-white student body from MN is our sizable Hmong population, which has a very strong and healthy community on campus.
The teachers are very invested in the students, even beyond the class. They take great interest in how the students are doing in their everyday life.
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Being in the location that we are in, there isn't much of a danger of people sneaking in when they aren't supposed to be here. In my time at Crown, I never felt unsafe.
I love this place. I invested a lot of time and money into Crown, and I loved every minute and I value every cent spent. I will always look back at this experience as one of my most cherished periods of my life.

It is something different. And for me, it's home.
Though some of the halls are older and in need of some updating (paint and carpeting, mostly), the environment makes up for it. The community created on the floors really makes it feel like home.
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