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Crowder college was a very helpful college to attend. Their staff is always more than willing to help each student, with anything they may need. The teachers are very nice, and the other students are helpful with class work. The other students are very willing to participate in groups, and are very friendly to everyone. They never make you feel "out of place."
Teachers are great, classes were ok. It's the administration that that needs help. They were not very friendly.
I have enjoyed attending this College not only to meet new people but to get a good education as well. This Campus has a very friendly, and good learning environment. Also if you have questions or need any help on anything the advisers and professors are right there to help you out.
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I love the friendliness of the staff. I would like to see the availability of their classes at each campus change.
I enjoy Crowder College during my two years. It is a small school, so it was super easy to get involved in different activities. Everyone new everyone and it was just a very welcoming experience.
I liked to access in Crowder. To me, as a 2 year school, it offered a large amount of opportunities. All of the teachers I had were great, and didn't mind making sure you understood their lessons. The rest of the staff was also very committed to helping you succeed, not only with you education but the rest of your future. Some of the facilities could use an update, but I wouldn't say anyone's education was affected by this.
Crowder is a wonderful and inexpensive college to attend. The school is filled with wonderful people people and the professors are very understanding. I highly recommend this college and very much enjoyed my time there.
For being a small community college, it was cheap and I made a lot of good memories. The class were not boring and the homework was challenging enough to still pass.
The teachers at Crowder are nice and friendly and they are willing to help. Everything in most classes that i have had is done online but it depends on the class.
I love it at Crowder College. Everyone is so helpful. I am a member and an officer for Phi Theta Kappa, I'm a member of Project now, they are a great support group and a great program to get into.
I have enjoyed my time at Crowder. My advisor has been great to work with. The financial aid department has been a little challenging to work with. All in all it has been a great experience. I attend at a satellite campus and do not get the full experience of the main campus. Plus I am a nontraditional student with a full time job and family so I do not get to be as involved in campus life as I would like to be. Crowder is a great 2 year college.
I like how I can take courses at the campus as well as online. Online does not require me to log in at certain times, so it is very flexible. I am usually given a task at the beginning of the week and have the rest of the week to finish my work on my time.
Crowder has done everything I needed to work around the convenience of my schedule and it's been great working with my advisor to get everything done and graduate early.
I took my first online courses this summer and absolutely loved them! The convenience was great to work at my own pace and schedule but still not let me procrastinate or get behind. I started out frustrated with the system because everything was new to me and I had 10 credit hours in 8 weeks so I was a bit overwhelmed. But in the end I ended up loving discussion with my fellow classmates and loving the courses I knew nothing about.
Although I have not had much experience with post-grad services, I have still received a lot of advice on options available, and it has all been helpful. I still have some decisions to make, but the career center and alumni network have been nothing but help thus far, so I can't see it happening any differently.
Class sizes are small, and coming from a small high school, I needed that. There is personal interaction between every student and the teacher, so you never feel left out or behind. And the courses are taught on their A game. Everything taken was challenging, but not overbearing and I've learned a lot in just three short semesters.
The opportunities for scholarships are tremendous! And as far as job placement and internships go, I'm not that far into my experience, but I know many Crowder students who had placements in internships and full time jobs immediately after graduation. The opportunities are endless, as long as there's effort applied.
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I love life as an animal science major at Crowder! Although I will only have an Associate's degree when I leave here, I will without a doubt have more hands on experience in my future career field than most at a University in my position. Within the first semester, I got to castrate piglets, palpate heifers, and AI beef cattle. Who else can say that in their first semester of college?!
I absolutely love the small feel of Crowder. There are so many programs on campus just jumping at you to join that will help you with financial aid, class coordination, job placement, and so much more. I always say I wish I could complete my Bachelor's at Crowder because transferring to a University is going to be such a different change from the friendly faces of Neosho.
They have many classes that transfer
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