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Overall, Crowder was a really good school. I’m excited to transfer somewhere else, but I will miss it. The teachers are all very kind and understanding. They really care about all of their students and will do everything in their power to make sure you succeed.
Crowder College is a two-year community college that I chose because of it's home away from home type of feel. What really caught my eye at the main campus is the living options they provide which include dorms and apartments. I have never seen a community college with living on campus! Also, the instructors on campus are very responsible when it comes to emails, grades, and helping you with your grade. The environment is very mellow and perfect for keeping your head in the books and not getting distracted, but also not too far away from excitement as well. The people you meet there are one in a million that includes the residents you live with or even staff. Some changes I would make to this particular school is the dining hall and library hours.
I love Crowder College. This is my fourth semester here. I am taking it slow and will finish my two year degree in two years. I have only done online courses so far and love taking those. The instructors are kind and helpful. I feel like I learn just as much as I would at a university.
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I am a non traditional student and was able to feel as if I got the benefits of being a traditional student.
Very good affordable college that is very friendly and helpful. Instructors are friendly and always willing to help. Smaller classes are much better transition for people coming out of high school.
When I first got to college I wanted to be a Psychology major well that didn't work out because the teacher wasn't the greatest. But I also audition for the theatre scholarship and then ever since the first semester School I've been a theater is majoe and it's one of the best theater programs I've ever been. I like that our schools at Community College but you can also live there so it gives more people opportunities to have the regular college life without actually being enough for your school. I also like how we have a cafeteria and we also have a grill so you get to choose what you want for breakfast and lunch. I would recommend this college to multiple people.
Crowder College overall is an average Two-year Tuition to attend. It is a clean, friendly facility, with advisors who really want you to accomplish your goals. The tuition and dorm housing cost are not too bad. but the wifi could be better, as well as campus life activities and student life participation.
I have been in Crowder College for three semesters now and I have nothing but good things to say about the school. First of all, they have great scholarship opportunities and I was lucky to be one of the recipients of their Presidential scholarship which pays for tuition and books. In addition, they also have other scholarships like the foundation scholarship, which I have also been a recipient for all three semesters. In addition, the school is located in a quiet setting, conducive to learning and perfect for those who are a bit laid back. The nursing program is amazing! In fact, it is one of the best in the area and produces sought-after nurses. I would recommend this college to anyone looking for a school that will not drain your finances but at the same time giving you a good return on investment.
I like that Crowder is close to home and the teachers really care about how you are doing in and outside of class.
Crowder is a great stepping stone to a bigger university. All of the professors that I've had have been very helpful and helped with the success of the class. Campuses are also very nice.
Learning a lot from this college. The staff is wonderful along with the size of the classes. Logical assignments are given and grading techniques are great. On campus all clubs and groups love to get students involved with events and activities around campus. It is easy to learn new things from others at crowder and furthering your knowledge base is a main goal for the college.
From the students to the teachers, there is nothing about this school that I dont like. Everyone is so accepting and helpful.
I liked how easy and affordable it was to attend Crowder College, but the atmosphere was not what I enjoy.
Crowder College has much to offer for a student who is just starting out. The staff and faculty are always ready to help you if you have questions about where to go, who to pay, and how to register for things. Professors always have the time to help too, even if they don't teach a class you're in. I would reccomend it to anyone who's starting as a freshman.
Crowder is a fairly good college that is very community-oriented. The school provides classes that are not terribly hard(when compared to universities) and tuition is inexpensive. I recommend Crowder as a starting point for those pursuing a higher education.
I love how small and homie it is. I also love our appartment its amazing i don't like that there are grown truck drivers living in the appartments around me I also am having a hard time making friends.
The people at Crowder truly do care about your success and your plans after Crowder. This is a small school, but it is a good transition from high school to college. There are several chances to get involved and find your passion if you do not know what you are wanting to do with your future.
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I attend Crowder College at the Webb City Missouri campus. It is so convenient having a location so close to home, and the tuition and fees are absolutely affordable. The instructors that I have had the pleasure of working with have been amazing. They truly want to see their students succeed and are willing to work with you to make sure that you understand everything. I would definitely recommend Crowder College to anyone. They offer free tutoring to students, and have an incredible staff to help you with anything you could possibly need as you take this next step in your education. They also help with career seeking; resumes, interviews, finding the right fit for you. I could not be happier with my choice.
There classes and teachers were great. The knowledge gained from here can actually be put to use in the career path for which I was studying for. I enjoyed me time here and plan on taking advantage of their one free class per semester that is available for there graduates.
Crowder College is a great community college that helps students transition from high school to the college level. It offers a wide variety of degree programs and has excellent professors who understand student needs. Many are willing to take the time and help struggling students in any way they can in order for them to succeed in their classes.
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