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Crouse Hospital College of Nursing Reviews

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As I am entering into the college, the staff have been very informative, giving great direction, and making the transition process easy!
Nightmare experience! If you want an awful case of PTSD, this is the nursing school for you!! Instead of being supportive and nurturing, they bully their students relentlessly!!
Crouse Hospital College of Nursing is very challenging. In fact, nursing is a challenging field. I feel that it is not meant to be easy and it helps me prepare me for my career in Nursing. I am meant to be challenged on every level that is what this school does for me. I love how many students hired by the hospital after graduation. I honestly wouldn't change a thing about Crouse Hospital College of Nursing.
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I went to Crouse from 2013-2016 and my entire experience was terrible. I had a 3.5 GPA through the entire program until my last semester when they instituted a new policy because their NCLEX scores dropped. How is that right or fair to a student that has followed through with every thing else. It is not. I had an instructor call me out of name and she was racist. When I approach this matter to be handle and addressed as soon as possible; they retaliated against me with dismissal. Also, they could care less if you have any family or emergencies. They are so quick to administratively dismiss you rather than helping you. I guess it just depends on the instructor you get. Worst nursing experience ever! However, Ashley Zimmerman and Sally Manahan are awesome instructors.
I have been enrolled twice in the RN program at Crouse Hospital. First it was back in 2004 and I was a 23 year old mother of a two year old. I didn't take into consideration the amount of time that would be required to finish this program. But 14 years later I am re-enrolled and just about done with my first term in the night/evening program. I love the passion that Crouse School of Nursing has. I also like that they gave ma second chance at pursuing my dream. The evening program is an 18 month program that is geared toward working families. The only thing I would change is the fact that this program is not geared toward working families. You are still required to be at school by 4:00p.m. on non clinical days and 2:30 on clinical days. Those times are not feasible to everyone who has a job. An evening program should be just that, an evening program, classes starting at 6:00 and giving more of the students a chance of still maintaining a job and furthering their education.
There is a strong focus on academia and preparing students for our careers in Nursing. I strongly recommend this school. It is surrounded by other colleges so the common places like restaurants and hangouts are eclectic and fun.
Prereq classes easy to transfer in, if grades are good
Plenty of practice time available in Lab. It is open 24/7
Need to transfer to other schools to pursue BSN. But many colleges attend open houses to provide information
Professors are very interested in your success
Many students hired by hospital after graduation, but also other area hospitals. The program also prepares for further education
Only major is RN program. study daily, ask questions, go to the lab to practice skills often. Look for opportunities during clinical sessions to use your skills and learn from others
Good program, use all available resources, study every day for success. ask questions. Instructors are very willing to help and are very knowledgeable and passionate about nursing
Great experience very different from just going to college, grades are golden and you need to study,study, study. Transferring credits were a breeze and I work but not much because it will make my grades suffer.
I say about 90 percent of the nurses that graduate from here work here and stay working here.
I am okay with the class size and the professors are very professional and knowledge of material is great!!!
Employers recruiting on campus great, there are always job fairs going on there is always someone there to answer your questions or concerns about internships, jobs or anything that has to do with nursing.
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Internship and job opportunities are here if you are willing to take them, the workload is heavy and you need to learn how to prioritize your schedule and your life basically, the facilities are clean and in very good working condition,
I would choose Crouse again if I could do it all over again, It is very challenging but nursing is a challenging field. I feel that Nursing School is not meant to be easy and you are meant to be challenged on every level that is what this school does to you. The layout and the instructors are real people mostly all faculty has or had a hand in nursing on many levels and this is why I believe this school is a winner in my book. You will learn and can learn to the highest level if you are willing to put your mind body and soul into this 2 year once in a lifetime honorary education. It is very much worth it and if you don"t see it all the way through you at least were able to meet some pretty awesome individuals that have loads of great wisdom and knowledge!!!
Great school spirit. Glad to be part of it!!
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