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You get your own full kitchen, so you buy your own food and make it. Good thing is that you don't have to pay for food you don't want.
LOVE IT – Small community is actually great! People and staff are awesome!
It is a relatively easy college to get into. The only thing is that you have to want to get a degree with one of their few majors. Like, there isn't a teaching or nursing degree.
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Great Place to Live – Rochester is beautiful! There are parks, lots of places to shop- a mall less than five minutes away. Downtown has a lot to offer - also very close. There are movie theaters, and much more!
Use Common Sense and You'll Be Fine – This is a private christian college so no alchohol, drugs, or sex outside of marriage, or breaking curfew. Be safe and have fun other ways and you're fine. It's only bad, if you make it.
Great in All Seasons – The campus is gorgeous in the fall! There is rain (not a lot), snow in the winter - which can be lots of fun! When spring hits - sunny days! Class is barely ever canceled because the campus is so small though. Rochester offers a good happy medium for weather.
You Aren't Just a Number – Crossroads is a smaller community which allows students to get to know one another in depth. Professors are able to provide students with time and actually care about the students. Some profs even host cookouts or breakfasts for their classes at their homes at the beginning and end of semesters. The smaller community also allows students to be able to have a voice among their peers and be involved in activities. As far as academic programs, our Theology and Biblical studies program and professors are very professional. Several professors have published books, textbooks, essays, etc. Our Business program has many connections with the Rochester community which allows for opportunities for internships (the Mayo Clinic and IBM are pretty notable here). The social scene is what you put into it. There are a variety of activities put on by Student Council and Student Development. All in all, this school is wonderful!
Drug Scene – All students attending Crossroads agree to sign a Lifestyle Covenant before enrolling, agreeing to live by the standards outlined in the covenant. Students agree not to use or be in possession of any drugs or alcoholic beverages. Students who go against the rules are typically suspended or expelled. I actually think the prohibition of these substances create an environment that is more focused on learning without distractions...I really appreciate it.
Downtown Rochester or Just a Hike from Campus, You'll Find Great Food – Rochester has a variety of fine dining options located in the down town area, among them City Cafe (brilliant atmosphere) or Victoria's (great Italian) or Newt's (best burgers in town). There is also wide selection of college-budget meals, everything from Applebee's to Baker's Square to the wonderful Dunn Brothers Coffee located within just miles of campus. There's also a large population of restaurants serving Greek cuisine.
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