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Criswell College has made a huge impact on my life, both mentally and spiritually. If I had to choose all over again I would definitely choose this school.
Croswell College is an awesome place if you're looking to learn about God and his Word, the Bible. It is also a great community and atmosphere.
Criswell college is awesome! Great classes! Great professors! Classes are small, usually less than 30 people. The professors really care about you. Top notch education.
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It is a bible college, not Animal House. If you want to have fun go play some board games with friends, play at an open mic or go to a movie.
Its a Bible College, what do you expect? If you want to have fun go with some people to a coffee shop or play a board game
The academics are the best part of Criswell. They push you to understand the Word of God and ask questions.
There is a lot of racial and ethnic diversity. There are a good number of African and Asian international students. They are actually look at with high esteem, knowing that after they graduate, they will go back to service in harsher contexts.
The school is very strict about alcohol and drug use. Most of the student body feels the same as the school on its policies (however many students do not think that a ban on alcohol is needed)
We have a fantastic head of security who patrols and interacts with students. I have never seen, heard of or suspected any harm done to a student on campus. Part of this is due to the fact that our student body is not likely to be violent or aggressive in anyway. The campus is located in a area of Dallas that is not that good but the campus itself is very safe.
Criswell has certain network that they can direct you to for job hunting. Through the Southern Baptist Convention you can find churches looking for ministers. Most of the students are looking for jobs at churches. Ministry is all about networking and Criswell can provide you with that. Criswell also has a high rate of graduates going into master's and doctoral work.
Criswell is small school in an old building but the teaching and theology and practice of the school is so good. As we grow we will have the aesthetics get better but that which is most important for a college, the education, is fantastic at Criswell.
We actually have housing through Dallas Theological Seminary.
No other school offers a better undergraduate in Biblical studies. Also the professors actually care about each student, they desire to see you mature and do well.
Criswell College is a Biblical Studies School and the surrounding reflect Christian standards.
The school is located in the Center of Dallas.
We do not have sports
We do not have a lot of eating places around our school.
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We do not have any policies that effect our social or academic lives.
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