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I love Creighton. The academics are rigorous no matter what you're going into, but that's expected. Great and very unique professors that provide a well spring of knowledge. The environment is competitive, but that's an environment needed to thrive. Creighton emphasizes the Jesuit values being that it is a Catholic and Jesuit institution which gives their students spiritual guidance throughout their time here.
Overall a pretty good school once you find your place and get past the freshman dorms and food...although they are in the process of major remodeling so we shall see how that all improves in the years to come.
I don't have anything to compare this college with because it is the only one I have gone too. It's fairly easy to get into classes, even if they are full. In my opinion, there is some clique-iness and it's hard to get involved as an upperclassmen if you are not already in a sorority/fraternity or some other organization. It's competetive but many professors have your back.
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Great atmosphere and city to be in, the school has great pride and audacity for their accomplishments. A top ranked business school and signified diversity lead to Creighton being a top college.
Creighton University has a beautiful campus. The campus life is filled with a variety activities and opportunities. I would like to see more diversity and more recognition of diverse situations and clubs on campus.
I am in love with the jesuit values of this institution, and admire the open teaching and demand of critiquing. Ideas and perspectices arr challenged and growth is always apparent here.
So far I am a sophomore at Creighton in their nursing school. I love the school atmosphere! It is difficult, but there are fabulous ways for people to get effective help. I have learned so much in just two and a half years!
I love how this college has a strong focus on knot only teaching you in studies, but also a strong focus on making each student a better person mentally and physically!
I loved the fact that the Heider College of Business offers 6,000 plus internships per year with only 1000 students
I enjoy it very much. I love the city of Omaha and I love the people on campus. Its a very beautiful campus and I feel like I have all of the resources I need to get a great education.
Creighton is great! Many fantastic degree programs, a welcoming student body, and so much more. Classes are rigorous, especially compared to many other schools, but accessible, and professors and advising staff are always willing to help you out to succeed.
Creighton University is surely like no other college campus I've been to. I have never visited Creighton's campus before actually moving to live here, so I was coming in blind. However, when I first got on campus--on move in day--I automatically fell in love with the scenery. For a few minutes, I forgot about homesickness and the nervousness of starting college. It was a beautiful scenery--ancient looking buildings, colorful gardens, fountains, statues, and friendly faces. Moving from Micronesia to Omaha--nowhere close to Nebraska--was tough but the beautiful campus and the kind and supportive staff and students of Creighton made me feel right at home. I do face challenges and obstacles now and then, but I wouldn't wish to be anywhere else but here.
I attended Creighton and transferred to another university after a year. I was shocked by how little Creighton actually embraced the Jesuit values. The school is conservative and homogenous relative to other college campuses. Students don't really do service or work with communities that are different than them. Social justice and inclusion are preached but not executed and microagressions are high.
Academically, I did have some great professors, but I feel I've received a better pre-med education at my new university. Creighton failed to offer proper academic guidance and financial resources to allow me to succeed.
I am not one to write reviews often, but I just think that when visiting Creighton, you should look under the surface. They do put on a great show when speaking about their resources, community, and service. Once you arrive though, that mentality slowly gets stripped. I did meet some wonderful individuals at Creighton, but I am much happier now that I have left.
Creighton is known for its rigorous academic setting and passionate professors. As a third year student, I can testify that Creighton does challenge students to think critically and encourages collaboration among each college to innovative. Creight also stays true to their Jesuit values. I have served different groups of people through the service trip program and weekly service partnerships.
My experience at Creighton has been absolutely wonderful. Not only are there tons of things to get involved in, but the academics are great as well. Professors and all other faculty go above and beyond to help students in the classroom and beyond. Classes are close-knit and have a personal feel to them. Students get to know each others names and the professor usually knows each student in the class. The Creighton community is incomparable.
Creighton University is an outstanding insitution to acquire an excellent education. You will find extraordinary instructors and staff who help make your college experience worth every penny.
Creighton University has a great amount of emphasis on their education. Students also have many opportunities to become involved in campus affairs. I really liked how individuals could join Greek Life second semester so that they meet more people while at Creighton.
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The professors here are great! They are always available to help students with homework, papers, or any of the material. They really encourage you to go to their office and speak about past exams or current material. They really make time through e-mail as well throughout the weekend. They really care! There are also multiple resources here to help you with academics such as, tutoring, group work, supplemental instruction, etc.
I love going to school at Creighton. As a nursing student, I have found the professors to be extremely invested in my success. Getting a degree from Creighton holds a lot of weight so getting a job after I get out of school should be manageable. I know most people think Nebraska would be a horrible place to go to school, but Creighton's campus is beautiful and Omaha has more activities going on than I would have expected. I can't imagine myself anywhere else.
I'll admit, Creighton is generous in giving scholarships/financial aid. I'm vegan & requested to not be on a meal plan due to poor variety on campus. They denied my multiple requests. This was insanely frustrating. Like any other school, rape is just as a problem on this campus as any other campus regardless of it being private or not. Also, this school claims to follow jesuit values, yet, the school hides rape cases so it can artificially keep their rape/crime stats low. Attached is an article written by a Creighton student who was raped. In the article, she discusses the type of treatment she received from the school when she reported...
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