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Creighton University is an amazing institution! They helps students be their best and even strive for more!
I attended a college visit there and everyone was very supportive, kind, and helpful. They wanted my experience to be amazing and were sure to see if there was anything they could do to make it even better.
Creighton University is a great college. The staff are very interested in your well being and want you to be successful. There is many resources on campus such as an EDGE program designed for students who need tutoring or help with anything to create a positive outlook on their academic success.
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The online program is perfect for me because I am a single mother, who works full time. Therefore, I can work at my own pace. The professor's are very helpful and available by appointment times.
Made me the professional that I am. The professors are outstanding and brought out the best in me. A tremendous experience that has positively affected my life.
Creighton University is devoted to a liberal and very holistic education. They also focus on connecting you with the community and setting you up for success in the future.
Creighton University is a midwestern hidden gem. It is a small, academic haven for those living in the flyover states. The culture at Creighton is open, kind, and friendly with smiles all over campus. The tight-knit community of students is supportive and accessible for whatever one may need.
The academics at Creighton University are unmatched in the area. Ranked by US News as the #1 private college in the midwest, it certainly lives up to the hype. With strong business, pre-health, and business programs, any type of student can find a niche and thrive. Additionally, the undergraduate research program is incredibly active. The classes are challenging, but the support of the professors is amazing. They care about the whole student, not just academic performance. Many are willing to go above and beyond to serve their students.
I am currently an entering freshmen for the school of dentistry. Based on my interaction with faculty and staff so far my experience has been nothing but outstanding from everyone I have met so far. In addition, a new state of the art building has recently been established and this is something that has been done to ensure the best quality of education for students.
I am a current graduate student at Creighton University and I have absolutely loved my experience so far. The professors are extremely helpful and have a desire to see you succeed in your program. The classes are challenging but are understanding that you also have other things on your plate besides school. I have yet to talk to anyone on campus staff that is not friendly and helpful! Creighton is definitely a great choice for an education. They are flexible with a lot of online choices and are in a great location if students want a a bigger city experience without it being overwhelming.
I love the Jesuit education experience. Creighton is tough but rewarding, and I already know I'm smarter because of my time here. I love it!!
I just completed my freshman year at Creighton University, and I can’t wait to go back. I’m a nursing student, so my classes are tough; however, the professors are willing to help you if you make an effort to go and see them. There are many clubs and activities on campus to suit every interest. Some of the clubs I’m involved in include Nursing Leadership Scholars, intramural volleyball, CUSNA, and National Society of Collegiate Scholars. The dorms on campus are average; I lived in Swanson Hall my freshman year. Swanson is the only suite style freshman dorm with a private bathroom. Kiewit, Gallagher, and Deglman all have community bathrooms. Truthfully, the food at Creighton is not the best. I have some dietary issues, so I have a really hard time eating in the dining halls. Therefore, I made many trips to the grocery store throughout my freshman year. Most stores and restaurants are not a walkable distance from campus, so I highly recommend bringing a car with you!
Most of the teachers at Creighton are great! The student population also has a lot of wonderful people.
As a recent grad I cannot recommend Creighton enough to someone. Whether it was in the classroom, extracurricular activities, or socializing with friends, I grew as a person each and every day. I was treated to an amazing staff of professors, many coming from unique and diverse backgrounds, and all with my academic and professional growth as their chief priority. I also was lucky to meet some of the greatest people in the world, people I am lucky to call lifelong friends. In my four years at Creighton, I failed to meet someone I didn't enjoy being around. The university attracts students with strong values and I was able to see and realize this for the four years I was there. Additionally, there is a sense of culture and pride in the university that is prevalent not just through campus but through the city of Omaha as a whole. It is an amazing community to be apart of and I truly envy anyone who is just beginning their journey with the university. Roll Jays!
I do enjoy Creighton University. After visiting Simpson, Drake, and other private Midwest four year institutions I must say that Creighton's Campus just felt like home. The professors are all supportive and with a small student to teacher ratio, I feel like an actual person in their classes and can build a relationship with the professors. The food is excellent, Godfather's Pizza, Chinese, Latin American, Sushi, Burgers, and buffet styled mess halls are a good indication of the different food at Creighton. The dorms are a little on the dated side, yet they have modern amenities. The older buildings really gives the place a theme and a warm glow. Everything is nice and compact seeing that this campus is in the middle of Omaha and all of my classes are within 10-15 minutes of one another. The advisors are always courteous and listen to the students needs and wants.
Being a first year student, I didn’t know what to expect coming to college. Creighton is, and I mean this when I say it, like one giant family and home. The staff does a very good job on welcoming you and making sure that you are prepared to be at Creighton!
I loved touring the school. It's right in Downtown Omaha in Nebraska and there are so many cool places surrounding the campus. Everyone I met at Creighton was so friendly and helpful to me when I was deciding where I would like to spend my next four years after high school.
Creighton is a great Jesuit school with amazing undergraduate and graduate programs. There is a major emphasis on health and sciences programs, research, and a holistic education. The professors are accessible and always willing to help. The EDGE is a very unique student support service that provides academic tutoring, career advising/discernment, and opportunities for real-world experience.
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Creighton's pharmacy program is lacking. The professors are older and not completely up to date on technology or learning technique. Medicinal chemistry is still taught here, which I disagree with, seeing as most pharmacy schools have completely eliminated this program. Also, it is not a subject needed for taking the naplex. The distance students, like myself, feel secondary to campus students. Overall, this program needs an overhaul. New teachers should be brought in, or the material should be displayed in a fresh new way to keep their pharmacy students interested and to remain relevant to current topics. I would not recommend this pharmacy school, seeing as how there are better schools available. The only plus side to Creighton, is the distance program, which allows students to watch lectures, complete tests, and submit homework from home.
My advisor contacted me right away, as did my academic coach. They have always been quick to respond and helpful in answering all of my questions. Go Jays!
I am so excited to attend Creighton in the fall. I have toured the campus multiple times and I love the close knit community that is Creighton University.
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