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Craven made the application process super easy and very informative of all the options available to me. The best thing is it's a smaller college, so its like a small community where you know who to go to when you need help. And I heard back from them in less than a month!
Amazing teachers make amazing mentors at this college and are all the reason and more to attend. Not so fond of advising faculty and particularly don't like the administration but nonetheless a great place to go for an education.
I've only just started at Craven, but so far I've really enjoyed it. The classes are all really small, so I feel like our instructors get to focus on each of us individually. The campus is easy to walk around, and there are places to sit outside between classes, which is good for me, because I love being outdoors.
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Great Community College. Diverse and solid programs, but does not have a broad spectrum that a four year university has.
I have enjoyed my two years at Craven Community College and I am very glad I applied to go there instead of going to a University. Going to CCC saved me tons of money and time. Although I have had a couple bad teachers I have had many great teachers that I am very thankful for. I would Defiantly recommend this school to other students and I have actually. There is always something going on at the campus and I love how active it is with the students it is a good school to think about going to.
I've been going to Craven for a couple of months and really enjoy the class I'm taking. The teacher is excellent at explaining the homework via the internet. Both campuses seem to be really nice and everything is within walking distance.
well my opinion I think everything is awesome and nothing needs to be changed. the staff there are amazing and very helpful.
Craven offers something that a lot of other schools do not. This is a flexible schedule. Craven Community College makes it so that you can take as many of your classes online as you would like. Craven also lets you take classes in the summer as well as having normal day time classes or might times classes.
I loved going to school here. Most of the professors are easy to get along with with the exception of a couple. The workload is average and definitely doable. I am proud to say went to such I diverse, well-rounded school. I am actually going back this coming year.
I love craven. They have small classes room settings which allow the instructor to give you more one on one time to give you the help you need. I love the hands on approach assignments, that help you gain the hands on experience you may need once you graduates.
They really made me feel at home, and help me learn what college was all about. The only problem i have with the college is that they don't have internship for my chooses of what i want to be.
There are very helpful advisors. Classes are easy to find. Everyone wants to help. They even help you with your classes and class work. They set up a "TRIO" group that is specifically for the help of students anf their classes.
Craven Community College has its bumps sometimes, but overall they do a wonderful job getting everyone where they need to be at an affordable cost for in-state students. If you're out-of-state, they fail to tell you that it's actually really expensive, which then their slogan is invalid. But, either way, you get a lot for the money you pay and are given many opportunities to help out in the community and to succeed in life.
It has always been easy to register and sign up for classes. The process is simple and takes very little time! The community is absolutely great, and I often feel quite close to my professors and staff members. The early college program needs some review, as many of my younger peers have told me. I would also really like to see accessible counseling services or the like that could ramp into TRiO help and services.
I am just starting here at this school and so far to good. They are very flex and helping. The advisor that i seen just to help me get started seemed more excited about me starting school than I was. I work between 40 -60 hours a week and they have set me up with a very flexible schedule where I don't have to street about my work schedule.
The school did great with transferring over my credits I obtained from my previous school.
The technology takes some getting used to with the scattered layout, but it is very helpful once you get the hang of it.
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There have been multiple faculty members that have been assisting me in the process of transferring my credits to the university I plan to attend.
There could be more courses offered, but the courses that are offered are taught by the best.
At my school, they are driven in the aspect of finding every student the right career path once graduating.
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