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It has always been easy to register and sign up for classes. The process is simple and takes very little time! The community is absolutely great, and I often feel quite close to my professors and staff members. The early college program needs some review, as many of my younger peers have told me. I would also really like to see accessible counseling services or the like that could ramp into TRiO help and services.
I am just starting here at this school and so far to good. They are very flex and helping. The advisor that i seen just to help me get started seemed more excited about me starting school than I was. I work between 40 -60 hours a week and they have set me up with a very flexible schedule where I don't have to street about my work schedule.
The school did great with transferring over my credits I obtained from my previous school.
Review Craven Community College
The technology takes some getting used to with the scattered layout, but it is very helpful once you get the hang of it.
There have been multiple faculty members that have been assisting me in the process of transferring my credits to the university I plan to attend.
There could be more courses offered, but the courses that are offered are taught by the best.
At my school, they are driven in the aspect of finding every student the right career path once graduating.
My specific major is business management and I feel that I am being taught the best I could be. As well as the Hugh preformance teaching, I receive great you touring and always feel comfortable asking for help.
My school has been nothing short of welcoming and understanding since I have arrived. We are in a military community and all of the employees of the school make it a point to set a welcoming foundation. As well as the atmosphere, the academics are taught with passion and followed every teacher makes it a point to have each student understand and feel comfortable with the material taught.
A lot of classes are being offered and you can pay a cheaper price compared to a university.
Not much to complain about.
Some teachers are fantastic and some don't take the time to teach the students.
Overall this is a good to school if your're looking to take college courses and the transfer to a university.
School is mediocre at best. Best if transferring to a university or just trying to complete some college credits while serving in the military.
I enjoy a lot of the school activities and have a great time studying on campus. My favorite is to sit outside near one of the fountains while I study.
CCC (Craven Community College) is one of the best decisions I have made. It allows me to work part time and take full time classes while savings money.
I do not know much about the alumni network. The school does update it`s alumni network trying to keep it`s alumni`s together, but most people sees community college as a stepping stone to a higher *fancier university. This school makes an effort to keep it`s alumni`s engaged, by posting information on Facebook, or job networking sites.
Review Craven Community College
The class sizes are small(less than 25 students), and you can get one on one attention at office hours. There is a wide range of majors and minors that you can choose from, also the technical school offers certifications that could land you a job right away. There is a few great mentor programs, and students that are in need of academic assistance could find help at the student service center. They do a great job at making sure the needs are met, but not many students take advantage of those places.
The professors are well qualified and knowledgeable in their fields. The classes are not too hard, depending on the subjects. The class registration process is easy enough where after first-time guidance, you can do it on your own from then. There are clubs at this school, but not many people take them serious. Because the nature of community college, many of the students here are non-traditional students with family and jobs outside of the school. They aren`t really going to focus on outside classroom activities if it does not bring them income.
The student help center is lacking in resources, and the people that works there does not care about the students.

Other departments are great, with engaging professors and qualified mentors for help.
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