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Crave Beauty Academy Reviews

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I love attending the school
the cosmetology program is great!
they have great alumni options
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they work with your schedule very well
its a great school to attend.
they do a great job at career placement and make finding a job simple
the staff make it very easy to understand!
the staff is great and the curriculum is very understandable. they prepare you for state boards quite efficiently and its a fast fun and friendly environment!
They are more than happy to accommodate my varying schedule and will make a schedule that I can use and meet my hours as well as my job schedule.
Why schooling is expensive, the financial aid office is very helpful and helps you understand all the ins and outs of government aid.
They know what they are doing. Very easy to understand
Overall I think that Xenon's has one of the best education and energy. I loved my experience and how I was set up for success in the industry. All of the staff members love to see all of their students succeed. Its so much fun!!! I love Xenon's!!
The tuition was good, When I graduated I was set on all the tools I needed to go to a salon. I still use many of the tools that I received while I was in school, and I graduated 6 years ago. The tools you receive are great quality and will last a life time.
We have a lot of activities you will do. Team building activities and also fun activities to make everyone laugh and smile. the school is very active in the community. There are alot of events that Xenon's attends and preforms services as well.
The curriculum is amazing! The educators are extremely nice and full of knowledge!
The curriculum online and classes that you take at Xenon's are well planned out and are beneficial to your education. There are a lot of fun things that you learn and you also learn from a curriculum that lets you be creative and artistic. Most of you education is hands on. Not a lot of take home homework, but there are quizzes and tests that you will have to study for.
The classes that you take online are not just classes. You will still attend classes, but you have access to your books online if you need to reference them when you do not have them on hand. Also for the Salon Success classes you take there is a virtual classroom that you will use to take quizzes. Its very easy and handy.
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They have an intership program you will take. This helped me get my foot in the door and helped me to find a salon I loved. There is an annual Alumni event help at Abode. They also post job opening in the break room.
I love Xenon's! I graduated in 2010, I feel that the education I received set me up for success in the Beauty Industry. I felt confident and knowledgeable when I graduated. The education helped me to grow in my career. I feel that it is easy to learn and it stays with you for the rest of your career! The staff and educators are extremely nice and very helpful. They are so full of knowledge and love to see all students succeed. I highly recommend Xenon Int'l Academy!!!
All my books, study materials, and tests were online. Makes things super easy. Great for studying.
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