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There are many different ethnicities and background here. However, many of the students come from a more privileged class. Also, most people here are white. The school is expensive and the economy has been bad letting some students slip through the cracks due to cost.
Each department has facilities specific to their major. However, some departments are better funded than others, leaving the lesser funded departments in a slow decline. The print shop in the print media department is less than adequate.
Parking is free for students, so that is good. Spaces close to campus fill up fast. I wouldn't usually mind the walk from the farther parking lot (which is covered, good for winter) but, it gets unbearably cold and windy.
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There are plenty of places to eat off-campus, however, there are no student discounts and due to the high standard of living in the immediate area, most places are expensive. Also, if you do not own a car it is impossible to get there. There is no public transit in Bloomfield Hills.
This is a question that I cannot answer objectively. I am from the a more southern part of the states and the weather here is freezing from mid fall to mid spring. There are probably about 4 weeks of warm weather during the school year. The good thing is, when it snows Michigan is well equipped and Cranbrook it well equipped to deal with the snow. Classes are rarely cancelled.
This is the best campus in the world, you just have to see it for yourself and you can compere it to any other campus that you have visited. All visitors must sign in to visit the campus. The campus is located in the second affluent city in the US
There is not a place for Grad students to work out on campus, unless you go to the pool and swim laps and even then it is at a specific time. We have a forum gallery which is great and an area to hang out in. Our school is very small so we don't need much, but it would be nice to be able to use the athletic facilities.
There are plenty of computers for the student body. The lab is equipped with all different types of printers and scanners. There are also work stations for video.
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