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Grafton Hills College is a very great school. With programs that help you pay for books. The counselors are great very caring and helpful.
There are many wonderful preofessors here at Crafton and the staff, especially the counselors and people are the transfer center are so very polite and helpful. Everyone's kindness makes it a very welcoming environment and makes you want to do your best to succeed. If you are ever unsure about anything, you never have to look far to find someone to help.
Crafton had a very relaxed environment. It's very pretty among the hills, the professors are all pretty chill, and they just built a nice cafeteria area and helpful student center. The main problems were the fact that it took too long to see what classes were being offered, and you weren't always sure when it might be cancelled (especially if you're taking a class that few enroll in).
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This is a great school. The campus has recently been renovated so it has nice new buildings and classrooms. Most of the professors here are very caring and attentive to the needs of the students.
Crafton Hills College is a fairly good start for students who are still making the transition from high school to university. I would recommend this community college for those who are still finding their way in terms of their future careers/ jobs. It is a good school with plenty of courses to help create an environment where learning can be exciting.
My experience with this college has been great so far and I am looking forward to enjoying everything the college has to offer.
Very nice school! Very wide range of classes, nice teachers, and very welcoming class body! The only complaint that I have is the fact that the campus is built on a hill and it takes a ton of walking to get from one building to the next. They plan to build dorms soon so that will make things even better over there! While there isn't much to chose from in campus food other than bookstore food or Queen Bean, there are some places close by that you can get food!
When I first transfered to CHC (Crafton Hills College) from CBU (California Baptist University) I was a little scared, but after walking onto the campus for the first time I felt at home. Crafton has so much diversity and welcoming people. I met friends fast and after getting into the Respiratory Program at CHC last fall, I can say this has been by far the best college experience. I highly recommend people to attend CHC, because it opens so many doors and has a lot of opportunities career wise available; from their respiratory program to their firefighter academy.
I believe Crafton is a wonderful school and I'm happy to call myself a student from this school. The professors are great and the learning environment could not be better.
Great professors and a great community college to attend if you plan on transferring to a 4-year university.
The online classes that I have taken have been good. I have only had one class with a "bad" professor, but I would recommend them to students that do not have the availability to take all of their classes on campus. It takes some getting used to, especially when it comes to contacting the professor. There can be a delay when interacting with students and professors, but it is manageable. The course work is well balanced and distributed throughout the semester and is easy to manage if taking other classes.
My major of Physics does not have many others to share the experience with, but there are plenty of Engineering students. The workload is tough, but that is something that I was willing to take on. Anyone looking into majoring in Physics or Engineering should be prepared to work for their grades.
My experience at Crafton Hills College so has been mixed. Most of my professors have been great, but I have had the occasional bad professor. Overall, I have had a nice time at Crafton.
It really all depends on you. We all have lives to live and if you're serious about your education/career you would have to fix your flexibility around your classes just like you would do with your job.
I'm currently taking my first online class and I must say, it is very convenient considering I have a 10 month old. He's my first child but I knew that I wanted to continue with school so I took online classes into consideration.
Everything at this school is specifically to help you for your best.
So far my experience with my teachers have been straight forward and amazing. The professors aren't as strict as everyone said they'd be, in High School. They're reasonable.
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I think it's great because if you're really serious about your major then getting into those programs will not only help you get a job right away, it will look good on your resume.
This is a great school if you plan on going in the medical field or firefighter department. Their programs are the best!
Many of the students are dedicated to their studies, but most of them plan to transfer to a university. The degree is a degree. It's not held to the standards of an Ivy League school, but it still shows completion of college level courses.
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