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Very good school. Campus is clean. Professors are helpful and laid-back. I would recommend this school to anyone who has a major or undecided. Staff is helpful and the school is cost effective. Lots of new buildings, lots of parking.
Overall, great experience with many opportunities for advancement. Crafton Hills College is an excellent school that provides the opportunity to save money and pursue an overall more positive experience in a world of financial difficulty. Also, there are many great professors who have a true passion for what they do, as many hope to inspire and develop students into a more positive and successful future.
My experience here so far has been pretty good, more-or-less, the Professors here generally teach well and their classes really reflect that quality of teaching you might or might not notice right away. The campus looks nice and clean, and the people at the Crafton Center have always been helpful at answering your many questions.
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This is my first year of college and I’m already loving it. It’s a great place to start if you are looking for a cheap community college, and then transferring. The staff is helpful, the professors are great, and the students are friendly! It has taught me how to be independent as well.
My experience with the staff and teachers was amazing. Everyone was very helpful and were always there to help and answer questions. The only thing I had trouble with at the beginning of my admission was enrolling in courses because I didn't have priority registration. This led to turning two years into four, but better late than ever right. Other than that Crafton left me with a great experience and I would recommend it to others, in fact, I have. This Spring I will graduating with my associates in psychology, sociology, and social science.
Crafton Hills is an institution solely focused on academics and their students attaining their educational goals. The professors are exceptional and care about each student's academic success. Due to the smaller campus size than compared to a larger community college, registering for classes is a simplistic and seamless process with the student-teacher ratio being approximately 25:1. I suggest Crafton Hills College to anyone looking to further their education in a state of the art campus facility.
Crafton Hills College is one of the best community colleges for transferring to a 4-year. Counselors, professors, and staff will work hard to ensure student's are successful and are meeting their goals.
My experience here at this campus has been nothing short of Excellent. Teachers are hands on and strive to see you succeed, campus life is great, and great academic programs to help you throughout your journey through college life.
very well community college offers my major , has a good fire academy, good with transfering students out to 4 year colleges
Crafton Hills College is a great place to complete your general education. The campus is always clean, it is in the senic hills of Yucaipa overlooking the whole east side of the county it seems, and although some techers are a bit lack luster in style or ettiquet, for the most part their lessons have high value and will be well remembered if your willing to listen.
Overall, wonderful experience at Crafton. Great professors and faculty, helpful programs like EOPS that help with books and supplies for those who are financially disadvantaged. The location is a bonus with beautiful sceneries.
The best college in the county. Staff are considerate and professional, campus is beautiful. I've attended two other community colleges, and Crafton Hills is unmatched on all levels.
I like the schedule of the library, and the staff in the student services are attentive.
I will like to see more areas outside with shadow, where I could sit to eat or study.
One thing that is sometimes problematic is the signal of the cellphones inside the various student services departments.
I enjoyed my time at this university because it was easy for me to figure out my path. The counselors were very helpful and encouraging. Also I have seen a lot of growth and progress in terms of new buildings and diversity. I would recommend this school to anyone returning to school for a new career or just starting out.
I love the environment. Some teachers are well connected.....................................................
I had a very nice experience at Crafton. I was able to get my associates degree and transfer to a university. I would recommend this school to other students who want to get their general education done before they get a higher degree.
Grafton Hills College is a very great school. With programs that help you pay for books. The counselors are great very caring and helpful.
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There are many wonderful preofessors here at Crafton and the staff, especially the counselors and people are the transfer center are so very polite and helpful. Everyone's kindness makes it a very welcoming environment and makes you want to do your best to succeed. If you are ever unsure about anything, you never have to look far to find someone to help.
Crafton had a very relaxed environment. It's very pretty among the hills, the professors are all pretty chill, and they just built a nice cafeteria area and helpful student center. The main problems were the fact that it took too long to see what classes were being offered, and you weren't always sure when it might be cancelled (especially if you're taking a class that few enroll in).
This is a great school. The campus has recently been renovated so it has nice new buildings and classrooms. Most of the professors here are very caring and attentive to the needs of the students.
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