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Enjoyed professor. Took Math 265 Linear Algebra and had professor Jodi Hanley. Learned about matrices, vectors, eigenvalues, vector spaces, bases, and spans.
This college's computer science course is great, the professor was more than happy to help me when I didn't understand and got behind the work, the campus is great except the whether as it is in the middle of nowhere and the temperature got to extreme heat.
The teachers and the scenery is overall great, I really like the vibe the entire campus has, it is new and very nice to walk around during the night it really helps to clear our the mind almost as if you're in state of tranquility whenever you're just strolling down the campus.
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Took Single-Variable Calculus with Leon! I was the only high schooler in the class and he was an awesome teacher. Also, the campus is nice. People don't give it enough credit.
I have been going to Crafton Hills for a very long time. It is not Crafton's fault, but I was confused on what it is I wanted to do in life. I started to take college a bit more serous as semsters passed. Crafton Hills is an amazing school making it easy to find what path is right for you, even if it takes years. Researching things I wanted to do for a career I stumbled upon Crafton's Radiology Program. I was interested and started to pursue that as my career choice and I am glad that I did. I am currently in the Radiology Program and I am loving it. The program is hands on and the staff and teachers are amazing.
Most teachers are extremely friendly and the campus is clean. The campus itself is more than what I initially had expected for it being a community college!
I had a great time attending this college, I started here in 2013 and at the time there wasn't many students so it was very easy to attend full time with classes that I needed. Also while attending I joined the ROP program and it was the best thing I could have done, they helped me pay for books and helped me out until the day a graduated.
Crafton Hills is a beautiful college campus! What I love about it is that classes, online and on campus, are offered many times through the year and with many sections. The teachers are generally wanting to invest in the students. They work with you and want you to succeed instead of throwing you out in your own. I’ve been to different colleges and this one is probably my favorite. They are ranked high in academics, which is awesome considering it is a valley college. It has the feel and the expectations of a university, which is also pretty amazing!
I can not say this college is excellent as I just transferred over here, but I will say this school is amazing literally everyone you talk to very nice and all the staff I have encountered seems to be ready and help you. It actually seems to good to be true. The schools seems to really have many programs to help students out in any shape or form. I know most schools have programs to help student but crafton really does a splendid job about spreading the word to all student , new or returning. Other than that I must not forget to add this campus is beautiful ! It is very relaxing.
This is my first year at Crafton and so fair I really do like it! I’m currently in summer school so there really isn’t much for me to say but I like the campus it’s aleays clean. The people there are friendly. Parking isn’t bad either. If your someone like me who’s been out of school more than a few years since you graduated high school and if you start in the summer and you work on top of that if you plan on taking math and you don’t really like math like that I would say let that be your only class in the summer I’m taking psych and math and it’s hard to do both especially since I’ve been out of school now for 7 years but that’s just me
Crafton Hills College has a wide variety of academic programs. They have a STEM center for the programs in those fields. They just opened a Veterans center with a veterans counselor and veterans administrator on site.
Very good school. Campus is clean. Professors are helpful and laid-back. I would recommend this school to anyone who has a major or undecided. Staff is helpful and the school is cost effective. Lots of new buildings, lots of parking.
Overall, great experience with many opportunities for advancement. Crafton Hills College is an excellent school that provides the opportunity to save money and pursue an overall more positive experience in a world of financial difficulty. Also, there are many great professors who have a true passion for what they do, as many hope to inspire and develop students into a more positive and successful future.
My experience here so far has been pretty good, more-or-less, the Professors here generally teach well and their classes really reflect that quality of teaching you might or might not notice right away. The campus looks nice and clean, and the people at the Crafton Center have always been helpful at answering your many questions.
This is my first year of college and I’m already loving it. It’s a great place to start if you are looking for a cheap community college, and then transferring. The staff is helpful, the professors are great, and the students are friendly! It has taught me how to be independent as well.
My experience with the staff and teachers was amazing. Everyone was very helpful and were always there to help and answer questions. The only thing I had trouble with at the beginning of my admission was enrolling in courses because I didn't have priority registration. This led to turning two years into four, but better late than ever right. Other than that Crafton left me with a great experience and I would recommend it to others, in fact, I have. This Spring I will graduating with my associates in psychology, sociology, and social science.
Crafton Hills is an institution solely focused on academics and their students attaining their educational goals. The professors are exceptional and care about each student's academic success. Due to the smaller campus size than compared to a larger community college, registering for classes is a simplistic and seamless process with the student-teacher ratio being approximately 25:1. I suggest Crafton Hills College to anyone looking to further their education in a state of the art campus facility.
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Crafton Hills College is one of the best community colleges for transferring to a 4-year. Counselors, professors, and staff will work hard to ensure student's are successful and are meeting their goals.
My experience here at this campus has been nothing short of Excellent. Teachers are hands on and strive to see you succeed, campus life is great, and great academic programs to help you throughout your journey through college life.
very well community college offers my major , has a good fire academy, good with transfering students out to 4 year colleges
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