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It is a terrible school. The professors don't seem to know what they are talking about. They are not very friendly or approachable.
I graduated in 2015 from the accelerated Nursing program. I received my BSN and RN shortly after. I felt as though I received a quality education while attending the school. However, I do feel as though some of the course work was disorganized and clinical settings could have been arranged prior to semesters. The pass rate for Nclex is high due to the HESI testing they administer which really helped everyone in my class. I enjoyed the student involvement. After the 16month program we all felt like family which was the best experience going into the workforce.
I love how willing the staff is to help students succeed and work through any issues. Very friendly group of people and I have no trouble getting to the answers I need.
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I wish we had more diversity
Super safe, no crime at all.
Everyone wants to learn and be the best they can be
We don't have resident halls, classes are nice.
We don't have any fraternities or sororities.
Cox doesn't have sports but has a really nice gym.
The work load is hard but it is worth it.
There is a good security service in place here. I fell very safe.
After completion of my studies here, I feel I will have a very strong resume to help me find future employment.
The overall experience is great. Easy going instructors and nice classmates make for a great learning environment.
There is not a dorm per say. There are plenty of apartments available in a close vecinity.
The faculty and instructors are very down to earth and friendly. It is a great hands-on school to learn your skills. There is a great amount of book studying to learn the basics but the hands-on is a great re-enforcer of the skills presented in class.
I am currently living at home, and home is the best!
Nursing school is very rigorous by nature. The teachers want you to succeed, but expect you to work for it.
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I did not receive enough aid to cover my school expenses, hence the reason I am searching for scholarships of all kinds.
Being as it is a hospital school, consistent measures are taken to keep the students and patients healthy.
Cox College has a great simulation center to help students learn.
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