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Cowley County Community College Reviews

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Cowley is a an okay school. I do not like how hard it is to find a tutor for hard classes. The dorms are okay but some of the rules are dumb. It’s a good school for kids coming from small towns.
Cowley has a really home-like feel. The campus is small, but it's really nice. The classes are smaller so more individual focus on the students, which is something I prefer. The professors are amazing. I'm a science major so having science teachers that you can understand and like how they teach is a plus.
My name is Hali. I take online courses at Cowley community college in Wichita, studying psychology. The counselors maintain good communication with the students, and they are pleasantly helpful. Cowley provides many resources to help their students achieve success. I like the variety of classes that Cowley has to offer. One thing I would change about my school is the accuracy of grading with respect to technological errors. My goal is to try to pursue campus classes next!
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What I love about Cowley County Community College is that the people there are there to help you and make you a better person. That includes staff, professors, and coaches. Everyone supports your success which is an awesome feeling. The classrooms are neat and clean. There are enough buildings that make you feel like you are not at a community college.
The things that I like about Cowley CC is that the class sizes are very small so the student teacher ratio is very good, and that allows you to get the help that you need.
I really enjoyed my time with CCCC. I had small class rooms, and I really got to excel in my education!
I have taken most of my pre-requisites here. Staff is friendly. On line classes are offered and easy to follow.
All of the instructors have been very professional and responsive to emails. Administration has been very attentive and helped me out over the phone many times to get me started and into the classes I needed
I really enjoy my time at cowley college. I currently take all my classes online which is very easy to handle with my busy schedule. Classes are easy to manage and the operating system is very helpful. All of my teachers have been very knowledgeable and helpful and keep me on track. My adviser has helped me through all the processes I need for transferring and has made the system a cakewalk.
I liked how helpful all the professors were, however, not all the advisors seem to be on the same page. Overall, really enjoyed my time.
Cowley has a very nice campus, especially for a community college. Awesome teachers who are all very helpful, and always open to questions. Very nice for a way to start your college experience
I like Cowley because they are really helpful to me. I have certain class for my prerequisites so I can transfer to a university. They have done well in helping me get class for my other university done and my classes for their associates degree at the same time.
My experience as an international student at Cowley community college was tremendous. The staff members were welcoming, they were able to help me adjust to a new environment. Being my first school in united states was overwhelming. Surprisingly all turn out great, from meeting new people who did everything they could to help me adjust. It being a two year community college, not so many people you will find but it is easy to make new friends. The athletic program is great, i was able to participate in track and field so i got the experience and it was an exciting program to be. The professors are nice and they try their best to help student especially when you do ask questions.In addition, they engage student in bringing ideas and concepts during class time. What i would like for them to improve is more resources at the library. I would recommend anyone considering to join to give it a good chance.
Teachers are awesome and really care about their students succeeding. The campus is super safe as well. Everyone knows the numbers to call of they feel threatened, and campus security will even watch you walk if you ask them too.
Overall, this was a great experience. Teachers were, for the most part, very understanding and willing to spend time and put in an effort to make sure that the student was at their full potential. They give emphasize on their office hours, way to reach them outside of class, so you are never out in the dark. Admissions can sometimes talk to you in a condescending way which makes you never want to go back in there. One advisor informed me, with an attitude, that there was no need to go see them for things I could do myself even though I did not know how to, although I did learn that day by watching her. The campus is only a block away from the police station and is not very big, making it easy not to get lost. The town it is located in is not the most exciting by any means, but if you are looking to get some classes out or even a degree, certification for a good price in a small, quiet town with great teachers, I strongly recommend CCCC.
I enjoy the close-nit vibe from the college, but I think that a majority of the professors need to be evaluated. I regret not going to a four-year university to start off with because I feel like my time is being wasted.
Cowley provides students with a flexible schedule and several nearby campuses. However, professors are sometimes very disengaged.
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I like that Cowley is so close to my hometown. All the classes that I have taken are great, I have really learned a lot, and every teacher that I have had have been a tremendous help and very nice. I take a lot of on-line classes and the on-line teachers are very helpful. Blackboard is very easy to use and navigate.
I loved my experience here my first semester. I'm now enrolled in my second semester. Everyone is eager to help in any way they can. The advisors and professors are knowledgeable and understanding and will help out in any way. The online website is easy to navigate and online classes are a breeze.
Cowley College truly is a great school. Whether someone is attending just to get an associates degree or lining themselves up for a higher degree, this school will help them get there. With how much the professors want the students to do well, the college helps students get a well earned degree and/or has started a solid foundation in their future education endeavors. Most of the professors are also understanding when it comes to circumstances that students cannot make it to class or need a little extra time to finish an assignment due to an emergency, family crisis, injury, etc.
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