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Covenant School of Nursing & Allied Health Reviews

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Great school. Friendly professor's an willing to help when needed. I would recommend this college to anyone around the West Texas area.
The staff is amazing either when you call or when you go on campus! There is always someone to help guide you to what you need or they will find the answer for you. I couldn’t have chosen a better school to further pursue my education as an RN!
We are the only major at the school so we don't see any other kinds of students. The workload is fairly heavy but if you commit and schedule you time you can do it. I really enjoy the module type classes instead of semesters. The facility is very nice and new.
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We get a lot of clinical time at Covenant which is where I probably learn the most. We start off in clinicals right away where other schools might wait till the end of the program.
They required that you have 8 certain classes when you applied.
We use a program called ATI and there are many many helpful resources that they provide. A lot of our assignments are on there also. The videos are especially useful.
They are awesome working with you to find the job you wish to have.
Class sizes are small, about 40, so you get close with everyone. They don't have semesters anymore, it is in 8 modules (8 weeks long). Tests are generally every week or every other week. Yes there is a lot of info for each test but you can recall it better because it is still fresh on your mind.
Teachers and staff are all fantastic and really care about you. They are very encouraging and you can call or text them if you are in a crisis or simply have a question.
There is a really good WiFi access, but it does limit the things that you are able to visit since it is a Christian environment. I had some trouble visiting blogs, but overall, the connections were excellent. Students receive free access to printers and copiers and that is a huge plus.
Since CSON is pretty small the people there really work with you on a one by one basis.
I only have wonderful things to say about this school. The instructors are very supportive and have every interest in helping the students to succeed. This is a very big "hands on" school. While other school focus mainly on the academics of the program, Covenant is a wonderful combination of both.
The Financial Aid Service is convenient and serves its purpose at this school. The Financial Aid Officer is great and very helpful in guiding and leading the students in the right direction regarding aid assistance.
Great Instructors! it is a wonderful program and I would not want to attend any other nursing program.
Phenomenal program. I have heard and seen wonderful things from the people who have completed the RN program at Covenant School of Nursing and Allied Health
Overall this school has a wonderful staff in every field. Professors, financial aid consultants, and the counselors are most always available. They make you feel at home. You are not just a number but a friend and a student that they would like to see prosper.
There are none of these at our school. When you walk in it is strictly business. Its the closest you can get to the real world and a real job. But is this necessarily a bad thing? I think this is the best way to prepare students for how things will be until they retire.
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The flexibility of classes is great. I am alotted time to pump milk for my newborn baby at home and even have an hour long lunch break. Flexibility is key in my home. Keeping up with a newborn, a husband, school, and actual work is hard but CSON makes it as easy as possible.
Online courses are a great way to a higher education if you have a busy lifestyle. For myself, I am constantly on the go whether it be with my one month old daughter, my husband, or just working to get by. Online classes offer flexibility and they make you actually learn more because you really have to read the material if you want the correct knowledge for online tests and homework. Overall online classes are a great alternative for anyone who is constantly on the go and looking for a way to recieve a higher education.
Difficult to Obtain – Although nursing is an excellent profession, and I am receiving an excellent education, the fees associated with the program are steep. Unlike traditional colleges, you must purchase uniforms, equipment, shoes, and an extreme amount of textbooks and study materials. I was able to obtain a small amount of financial aid from this school, but as a freshman, I am not even eligible for scholarships through my school for months.
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