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The environment is amazing, and the people make it a wonderful place. The professors invest in their students and care about them. There is a close-knit, inviting community.
Covenant College is a wonderful school I would recommend to everyone. It is small and it is somewhat secluded on the mountain. Covenant is truly Christ centered and sees God in everything. The academics are rigorous and challenge the student to think critically. The one the best features at Covenant is the hall life. Hall life is a huge part and each hall has their own traditions. Covenant itself is full of traditions and I myself is an introvert and I want to take part in everything! Covenant College is the best place to spend the next four years.
We may be small, but we are mighty. Don't listen to reviewers who are bashing the size of the school. I like having only 1,000 students because rather than having a bunch of acquaintances you will have a lot of close friends, and it's a really friendly atmosphere since in passing you know a lot of people and say hi to them. The professors are great and willing to work with you if you are struggling or need an extension on a paper. On Sundays, the library is closed and students are encouraged to go to church and discouraged from studying. Three times a week is mandatory chapel, but honestly if you are a Christian you will want to come here to grow closer to God and look forward to attending chapel rather than seeing it as an inconvenience.
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Parties are somewhat prevelant but never with alcohol.
Great study parties. A lot of people hang out in dorms or have study parties late at night.
Very good professors and academics
Value of a degree from covenant is very good. I have many friends who have gone to get their masters and have found a good job after college.
Professors at this school do their best to help you succeed but sometimes stray more toward teaching you about the reformed beliefs of the school and less about what will actually help you in the real world.
Very good safety on campus.
Very nice dorms. Carter is a bit old but manageable.
Not really any Greek life but your hall is basically like a fraternity depending on which hell you are in.
The soccer and basketball teams are both pretty good for being in DIII and a lot of people come out to support. Homecoming soccer games sometimes have over 1000 fans.
high quality parties. very prevelelant
Tons of fun study parties where we can commune with one another and talk about new ways to learn and get turnt ! Super Fun! Very lit!
Decent amount of foreign students but mostly white people.
very good drug safety. no drugs
Very much smart professers. They know much information and teach very good.
Review Covenant College
value of a degree is very good it really help u get job after
i very healthy on campuse i am very safe no illnesses on top of mountain hahahahahaha
Very fun live on campus much stuff to do in hall very nice oh yes good dorms nice toilet very good living quarters very good oh yes
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