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If you are considering Covenant College, PROCEED WITH CAUTION! Covenant College is not what it seems. Covenant is a group of Pharisees. If you are not part of their coterie, you will not fit in! "In All Things Christ Preeminent,” is Covenant’s motto; Christ leading everything. Sadly, this motto isn’t followed by those in positions of leadership. Covenant is made up of pretentious people with a very closed mindset. God’s word says, “He will delight in obeying the Lord. He will not judge by appearance nor make a decision based on hearsay” Isaiah 11:3. Obviously, Covenant doesn’t make God’s word a priority. If they did, they could retort my claim honestly. Considering Covenant, PLEASE BEWARE of what Covenant says versus what Covenant does. Is this where you want your student to go and grow?
Very small christian college located on a mountain top. The doctrine & theology is very solid and strongly focused on. So it is a great school if you are looking to get into ministry. Besides that, they are outdated and behind the times. There wasn't a single career/job fair in the 4 years I attended. The school isn't very connected in the area (isolated on mountain). The career center will help you set up resume and LinkedIn account, other than that the connections are limited. Some of the concentrations, like marketing, were very outdated and waste of time. They didnt even have an online portal to check grades and assignments (this was 2012 - 2016). A lot of the professors and faculty don't support the athletic program. So if you are looking for a very small, unique community, at an expensive price, or if you were home schooled, it could be a great fit. If not, I wouldn't waste your time looking here.
I am doing this review in part for this scholarship, but now also get the chance to examine the institution of which I am a part. This Christ centered education is challenging and truthful, so I am thankful for it's impact in my life.
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Covenant College is a place that is losing its culture and devolving into a boring, bible thumping mountain top dwelling that kills souls and dreams
Covenant College was an amazing place overall. Challenging and engaging classes, professors who invested in their students, tight-knit and welcoming community and dorm life. Not to mention being minutes from Chattanooga and all it has to offer. I would highly recommend Covenant for your college education.
I’m an alumna who can’t wait to get back!! I loved my 4 years as a Scot, from the tiny frehman dorm room to the professors who shaped me and pointed me to Christ. I’ve made some of the best friends of my life here and I wouldn’t trade it for the world.
Covenant College is a private, liberal arts college seeking to provide adequate training, education and christian integration to students desiring to step into the professional world and make a difference. The education that the college provides is excellent and rigorous, the view is amazing, access to outdoors is spectacular, carter hall is gorgeous, but the facilities are just decent, food is sub par, but the people are worth getting to know.
I have never loved learning more than I do at Covenant. It feels like home every way, even down to my relationships with my professors. The community is incredible and I have been pushed to grow in countless new ways.
Covenant College is an amazing place to grow your education, the proffesors care so much about each student and want to see their students succeed.
I really like covenant and its atmosphere, it is a great college if you are looking for a small Christian college but if you aren't then it isn't what you are wanting.
Covenant is a small Christian, liberal arts Colllege located on a beautiful campus on Lookout Mountain. It is a wonderful school to attend. They truly love their student body and strive to engage in meaningful interaction with the students. It’s a really great school!
I love how the professor’s are so willing to help students if they get stuck. I also love that it is a small school so you really get a sense of community.
I was on my way to a highly academic state school and took a chance on a last visit to Covenant College. The Covenant experience was so radically different it was to take in. From visit to graduation you could tell that the school was going to invest in you. Real learning, real engagement - no wasted classes or an apathetic TA. Couple this with them investing in who you are as a person - who you are now, and who you'll be - I couldn't be more thankful.
The environment is amazing, and the people make it a wonderful place. The professors invest in their students and care about them. There is a close-knit, inviting community.
Covenant College is a wonderful school I would recommend to everyone. It is small and it is somewhat secluded on the mountain. Covenant is truly Christ centered and sees God in everything. The academics are rigorous and challenge the student to think critically. The one the best features at Covenant is the hall life. Hall life is a huge part and each hall has their own traditions. Covenant itself is full of traditions and I myself is an introvert and I want to take part in everything! Covenant College is the best place to spend the next four years.
We may be small, but we are mighty. Don't listen to reviewers who are bashing the size of the school. I like having only 1,000 students because rather than having a bunch of acquaintances you will have a lot of close friends, and it's a really friendly atmosphere since in passing you know a lot of people and say hi to them. The professors are great and willing to work with you if you are struggling or need an extension on a paper. On Sundays, the library is closed and students are encouraged to go to church and discouraged from studying. Three times a week is mandatory chapel, but honestly if you are a Christian you will want to come here to grow closer to God and look forward to attending chapel rather than seeing it as an inconvenience.
Great study parties. A lot of people hang out in dorms or have study parties late at night.
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Parties are somewhat prevelant but never with alcohol.
Very good professors and academics
Professors at this school do their best to help you succeed but sometimes stray more toward teaching you about the reformed beliefs of the school and less about what will actually help you in the real world.
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