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County College of Morris offers people an inexpensive way to get their Associates degree. For a community college, it is one of the best in New Jersey. The faculty is great and the courses are well diverse. There are a lot more majors then expected and the school is a great alternative to an expensive 4-year school. The only issues for me lie in the community aspect. There is barely any community between students. It is difficult to be involved with other students and really didn't make any friends until my last semester. It lacks some aspects that some students may really look for, but the school makes up for it by the low tuiton and convience.
This college was a great stepping stone to pursuing further education. I was slightly nervous that my transition to a 4 year graduate program would be more of a struggle but CCM provided me with a great education. Sometimes I realize I am actually more knowledgeable than my peers in certain classes due to my education at CCM. I am thoroughly impressed and grateful for my education I received.
CCM is a professional county college with the competitiveness of a 4 year school. The professors are great and there are many resources to ensure student success.
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I am currently a senior in high school taking a few courses at County College of Morris for extra college credits. The professors have always treated me fairly and are open to answering any questions I have, and I feel as though it is a great environment for commuters.
Great academics for a community college. Classes transfer well to bigger universities. Professors were helpful and classes were usually manageable. I had a great experience.
I absolutely love CCM. The professors are amazing and the campus is so stunning. The only bad thing about it is parking. I like that the school has smaller classes. It’s easier to make connections with the professors that way.
great staff and classes! everyone is there to help you, no one wants to see you fail. there are so many resources and tools they offer!
Classes are pretty easy, but the teachers are very qualified. I wish there were more options for class times because it is very hard to make my schedule work with my work schedule.
County college of Morris has been one of my best choices, since here, we can get lot of knowledge at a lower price.
All the professors here are amazing at what they teach. They are here for you whenever you need them. The clubs are fun and it’s very easy to make friends in the different programs you partake in.
The campus is a good neighborhood size - and it's quieter. Most people are really nice, otherwise keeping to themselves. Library is beautiful, buildings are kept clean. I'd like to meet a nicer administrative staff... the professors are fantastic, and the general atmosphere is open and welcoming.
CCM was enjoyable for a 2 year school and was easy to get the basic credits out of the way. Professors were helpful
I love county college. I went away to school before coming back home due to being home sick to find that county college is an amazing investment. I am getting the same degree for a quarter of the price and learning more about myself everyday!
It really helped my get ready for the next step in my life. I love all my biology and chemistry professors. They would make class fun.
CCM provides an excellent education at an affordable price. The professors are also very friendly and are there to assist you whenever you need help.
CCM is definitely one of the best 2-year colleges out there. The professors are great and the classes are great.
I currently attend CCM and I believe it's a great fit for people who aren't sure of what to major in or just want to save money. It is a really nice environment and I enjoy attending this school.
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Some professors were very kind and understanding while others were extremely rude and ignorant. Nobody in the school ever return calls or emails, and only talk to you if you walk directly into their office.
I liked all my professors a lot, I have taken many classes so far and would say I've liked 90 percent of my professors. They are all clearly very qualified and mostly seem to enjoy there jobs which makes class more enjoyable. The one thing I would change about the school is the social aspect, it was clear that everyone was just there to learn and leave, which I eventually fell into as well. No one really spoke unless it was necessary and it made it a little harder to get through the day having no one to talk to sometimes.
It's a nice campus, but due to everyone being a commuter, especially those like myself who live relatively far from campus, not many people seem interested in forming relationships or socializing outside of class.
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