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It's a nice campus, but due to everyone being a commuter, especially those like myself who live relatively far from campus, not many people seem interested in forming relationships or socializing outside of class.
The community college is very diverse and just as creative as any other university I had seen. You can get a very good education for such a more affordable price than a University and it can act as a window to how a college setting truly is. Very good place to start out more advanced studies.
You get what you put in. The professors here are here to help you succeed. If you want to get the most out of the school then you should really get classes to help you get your degree.
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County College of Morris provides a great learning experience. There are so many great opportunities ccm offers both on and off campus, including clubs, internships and job opportunities.
All the professors I have had so far have been great. All the classes are on the smaller side, which I love, and meeting with an acedemic advisor each semester really helps to stay on track for your degree
A great campus, and great community college. Offers many majors and the professors are very intelligible.
CCM is truly what you make it. If you dedicate yourself to your academics and utilizing the resources available to you, it is a good experience, both academically and socially. There are countless job fairs and other networking opportunities apart from academics, as well as organizations and clubs that truly enhance the college experience. Many of the professors help to make sure students are learning, while giving them the responsibility of earning their grades.
CCM is a great place to begin your college experience, fulfill required credits and gain a proper education. The professors are very fair, and the grading system is above average.
CCM is the best school to go to to figure out what is is you want to do. The professors I had during my college career there encouraged me to pursue my passion. The classes mostly prepared me for a four-year school.
I really like the faculty. They were well prepared. The students were interactive with the professors. It was a good way to get the foot in the door.
The biggest problem most people have is that no one really wants to be your friend. Everyone there is in some way unhappy and that is the way they like it. I think it's a part of a uniform.
But, and this is a real advantage if you can pull it off, if you actually want to learn the professors will love you. This college lacks any sort of ambition in its students and this is a real problem. Those students that do show a desire to become educated will gain all the benefits that the professors and staff can offer them because they will literally do summer salts for them out of sheer joy. So yes, you could be “the one”. The legendary one prophesied to have a desire to learn. This is not a bad place for you. There is a dark side though. If you want to never graduate and provided with life as if high school never stopped, this place works for that too. High School for me, as I’m sure it was for many of us, was the most unhappy time of my life. Thus the uniform.
Great school, great cost. The professors are excellent and caring. The facilities are top notch and very up to date.
It's actually a really great campus fora community college. Most of the professors are amazing too. However, the book store is overly expensive and sometimes the financial aid messes up. Other than that, the County College of Morris is a great school to go to.
The college is pretty good. There are a lot of clubs that people can hang out with, and many friendly people. The library, Starbucks, and Café are great places to study at. The professors actually care about their student, and will always be available to help out anyone. The parking isn't bad, but some improvements can be made. For example, two of the parking lots require students to walk up a steep hill, just to get to any of the buildings. Sure, it's good exercise and all, but if you are rushing to a class, your legs are gonna be hurting. The good is too expensive, but if you're hungry, then it's not bad. People that have come from Rutgers and NJIT have said that the parking is better, the people are better, and the overall school is a better experience. The people that are looking for parties, however, will not find it here. Other than that. Great school!
awesome professors and environment to work at....if you're not sure where to start, start here! parking is tough
It was great, good experience, good professors, great area. Good college with amazing educations and programs.
County College of Morris was the "smart decision" school to attend. It had excellent academics for a reasonable price. The professors had office hours that met the needs of the students and were always engaging and eager to help. The campus was local and always kept beautiful. The parking situation was their downfall but it was a big commuter school and it is one of the best county schools in the nation!
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University-level professors and academics at a community college. The food is terrible and expensive, the wifi is spotty, student life is pretty good if you actively go out looking for clubs to join, but expect a typical commuter college experience (meaning it's harder to bond with people), with spectacular professors that will be better than the ones you have at a 4-year institution.
Overall, the professors taught their classes well. The school is maintained clean and up-to-date. The teacher to student ration is good. The cafeteria food is a little too expensive and I would like to see that go down. It is a good community college.
I am currently at CCM and I love it. The classes are not too easy and not too hard. The professors I have are amazing and very helpful. There are many departments are CCM that are there to help students succeed and that is something very helpful when going through college. I really enjoy CCM.
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