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I have only been there once for a summer program, but I have already fallen in love. It feels like a safe campus and like everyone is there for you. Can't wait to start there in the fall of 2019!
Fantastic campus community and professors who really care about the students. The small student body means you get more attention from professors. The downside to the school size means there is not much of a party life and athletics are not really a big deal, but the education excellent.
Cottey is a great school and it's very unique, but sometimes they really mess up important things. They have a bunch of really weird, odd requirements for their bachelor majors. It's great to be special and all, but Chaucer and Whitman are still authors a graduating Literature major should know. Their associates degrees are great and the community in general is very fun to be in. However, I would not recommend staying for a Bachelor degree until they have time to figure some stuff out.
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Everyone at Cottey is so supportive and invested in the sudents. The college is recently going through a lot of changes (they used to be a two year school, but have recently been adding a lot of four year programs). These changes have not always been for the best, and some of them really need to be looked into more thoroughly.
I really like Cottey because it is such an unique collage. Students and professors knows each other well and are able to communicate anytime because of how small the school is. It is also such a diverse school and it allows me to meet students from all over the world.
Cottey is such an AMAZING school with such a fantastic faculty and a well-educated student body. I have been attending for a semester and a half and the welcoming and nurturing atmosphere has completely reinvigorated my love for my newly intended major, English. The connection the staff has to the students is unlike anything I have ever seen before and I find it to be extremely positive that the connections these students make here turn into lifelong friendships and a lifetime connection to the place where it all began, Cottey College. I couldn't imagine my life anywhere else.
Cottey College is great place to focus on academics and plan the pathway for your future. A college for women can have certain stigmas, however Cottey shuts down all negative misconceptions. Being at Cottey I have learned more about myself that I wish I could share with all women.
My time at Cottey changed my life. The professors put a lot into their jobs and care about their students as people. I got to make friends from all over the world and learn about my passions. You don’t have to be in a major to take classes in the department, so I got to continue doing theatre while pursuing a dance degree. The international trip was a big plus, too. I will never stop bragging about my Alma Mater.
I have had a great experience at this college and the opportunities that it has given me. The diversity of the school as well as the athletic program has help me to grow as a person.
Cottey has an excellent academic program and caring faculty and staff. However, sometimes things can get catty amongst the students, which, given it's a close knit community, shouldn't be much of a surprise.
It's the worst school for colored people. I was treated different, and I was discriminated at all the time. If you are outgoing and like city life and not Caucasian DO NOT apply to this school
They put a lot of emphasis on preparing students for their careers at Cottey. There are plenty of classes, lectures, and other activities aimed towards students looking for career advice.
All of the professors are determined that you should succeed in their classroom and the outside world. They are willing to make it work for you if are a good student.
The alumni network is incredible, and so is the P.E.O. Sisterhood. Without them, Cottey would not be as special as it is. The support from these groups is beyond amazing; whenever they come to visit campus, they always let the students know that they are rooting for them.
While many of the classes are small, there are few general classes, such as freshman writing courses that tend to have a little more than average. However, I have never had more than 18 people in class. The professors here are incredibly. As long as you are a dependable and responsible student, they are more than willing to work with you.
I love, love, love Cottey College. The small class sizes are amazing because my professors know exactly who I am. I don't just exist as a name to them. Also, the suite living is great too. I've met so many amazing people that I wouldn't have gotten to meet if I had gone to a big university. It's also nice to have a home away from home. Everyone here is extremely nice and helpful, so it isn't hard to find someone to assist you if you really need it.
i'm going through that right now. the whole affair has been a disaster and i spent all nights in agony
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the peos who run the school/alumni are very willing to help, so theres a lot of networking opportunities through them, but not so much elsewhere. renee hampton is great but theres only so much you can do when the school's in the middle of nowhere/theres nothing going on
classes that are offered here are good, overall, but variety + quantity of classes is lacking, especially in the newer 4 year programs, like environmental studies, international relations, international business, etc.
heavy workload all the time, sometimes it feels like you're banging your head against the wall. since there's nothing to do in good ol' nevada mo, teachers expect that you won't have anything to do but homework, which is unfortunate. many also have strict attendance policies and grading requirements. many people drop out as freshman b/c of the stress.
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