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Wonderful environment!
Really supportive staff and peers!
Great place to start off your college experience!
I have had a good experience so far the only area that is lacking is the culture and social experience. Barely anyone is involved with clubs or school events. Other than that my Academia experience has been great. My DSPS Counselor is amazing and very happy to help. I also wish there was some variety to some areas of classes I could take for example foreign languages, and team activities are very limited.
The campus itself is nice, however the parking situation is dreadful. Rooms are sometimes difficult to locate. The availability of core general education classes are very difficult to successfully enroll in as a new student.
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The community at the college actually tries to help the students trying to succeed, there are opportunities everywhere around campus.
Cosumnes River college is one of the most popular college in Elk Grove area becuase there are alot of good education programs provide students better life in the futrue
The campus is clean and it is a great commuter school. I lived out of town and it was an easy location and very easy to learn your way around the school.
I really like it here because there are so many people in campus that can help you out all the time. The campus is very small and that is something that I like because I do not want to walking for a long time trying to go to class.
Lack-luster is the best word to describe my experience at CRC. The students here are not very engaged, professors are not very attentive, staff are akin to typical government workers.

Hard to find classes with professors that are great and/or passionate.

Lacking student life despite being relatively large.
I've been to the college campus multiple times with a friend who goes here and has also sat through some open orientations. It has a nice open campus and nearby places to get food.
Beautiful campus. Usually easy to find parking except during the first week of classes. It is a good place to figure out what you want to pursue because there are many different departments.
The ease of taking an online class was nice and the instructor was helpful and responsive to inquiries.
I spent three years here preparing for transfer and I can honestly say it was a great transitional school. I had amazing, dedicated professors and classes that fit well with my schedule. I would recommend this school to many other students who are looking to pursue higher education but can't afford to attend a four-year university off the bat. One of my favorite aspects of the school is the diversity among students and teachers, making it a really inclusive an accepting space for anyone from any background.
It would be nice to see more helpful and encouraging counselors to help make transferring easier and faster.
It is a lovely, well maintained campus. The teachers are warm, friendly and really care about your success.
The people there are friendly and the campus is safe and clean. The only thing that I believe should be changed is the professors. Other community colleges in the area have better professors than this college does.
The teachers and staff for the most part are excellent. You do have to compete for classes so talk to one of their counselors and make sure you are on priority registration. Small school with small class sizes. Science classes like Biology and Chemistry fill up fast though. Overall a good school and easy to get an A in classes if you work hard.
As a computer science major, the staff of the computer science courses are extremely limited and do not readily prepare prospective transfer students for their intended universities. These professors treat their jobs simply as that: a job. Rather than focusing on helping students learn the material and working with them on improving their skills, they simply encourage students to learn from their own textbooks by themselves, in which they mainly are there to facilitate tests. As for the overall school beyond these major courses, there is a limited amount of classes offered, resulting in students having to enroll in classes outside of the school. However, my experience with this college's counseling department has been nothing short of phenomenal. I have received great guidance from many of the counselors where they all seem passionate in helping the students succeed.
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I have had nothing but pleasant experiences while attending Cosumnes River College. I have completed most of my general education classes on this campus and while doing so, I have had excellent professors.
As a returning student after taking many years off, I have seen Cosumnes River College make some great changes for the better. They have taken the time and resources to update the school in many needed ways. One thing I have always liked about the college is the size. Though they offer many classs, the school is not overly impacted which adds to the learning environment.
As a student here for nearly 2 years. I must say that this college is a decent one.
It has enough course for me to complete and prepare to transfer in a short time.
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