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I love the diversity of students staff and teachers at Cosumnes River College. The teachers help students with their assignments. The tutors are available for all of the subjects in this college. the students in the school are very helpful when they are in class and outside of class.
I really love this college I am glad I chose to come here to start off my college education. I have learned a lot from this school the teachers are wonderful the students are helpful overall it is a wonderful school to go to. I learned a lot about the real world and it is just amazing all the stuff I learned and realized since I have been here.
CRC is great. The biggest downfall is that many classes are waitlisted so if you are on a wait list you may not get in the class you need. I would recommend a back up schedule just in case, but besides that its great! Many clubs and sports a person can participate in.
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As far as community colleges go, this school is top notch. There are a lot professors who are wayyy better than the average community college teacher. If you take the right teachers you will get just as good of an education as a 4 year college. Also if you're looking to transfer to a 4 year college the school makes it easy and helps you out a lot. It's a commuter school, and almost everyone works full or part time, so don't expect parties or a social scene. Clubs aren't that great, and it's sort of cliquey. Academically, it's hit and miss. There are some professors who are just in it for the money and don't put effort into teaching, however, there are also professors who are the most extremely passionate, overqualified and underrated people I know. If you go to this school, CHECK RATE MY PROFESSOR. It will make or break your experience.
Very Diverse School. The Professor are amazing and it’s a good Community College for people who want to transfer. Many student were able to Transfer out to the top Unvirsities of California
I love so many things about this campus! It is great to have student parking on all four sides at CRC. The nature feel is breathtaking with all the trees and green grass.
My first semester at CRC was very tough as is any freshman's first year. It was the point that when I found out some professors do care and some don't. As I went along I continued to struggle at some points which led me to being on academic probation. Actually last Thursday I finally met someone, a counselor, who really wants you to succeed, not just in school, but in life as well. His name is Mike Chapelle. He helped me gain a new, more positive aspect of school. There is also another caring person of CRC that I've had the honor to meet, professor Margaret Parillo. That is a professor that I can say really cares and is there to help you no matter what. So these are my positive views of CRC. Ideas for improvement can start in the counseling center (the secretaries) they can sometimes be rude when they should be there to help guide you before you meet a counselor. Safety on campus MOST DEFINITELY NEEDS to be improved.
Great facilities and a wide offering of subjects to study. The website is very helpful and the counselors are easy to get access to.
Cosumnes River College is a community college in Sacramento, CA. It has a student body that averages 14,000 students a year. It has a main campus with one additional campus site in Elk Grove, CA as an extension of its existing facilities. Due to the high amount of students, many find it difficult to secure general education classes they require. However, classes needed for specific Associate Degrees are not available at all times. Specific classes are not provided due to lack of professors teaching the subject, available class times, or lack of student/school interests in the subject. As a student, I have found frustration in getting the classes I need. However, the faculty and resources for me to succeed are always provided. Despite the drawbacks of the college, Cosumnes River College puts as much time and resources to help as many of their students succeed in their educational and life goals.
I like mostly the diverse community and helpful professors. I have learned a lot from different professors who are preparing me for university.
Cosumnes River College has been a great place of learning. I have instructors who care very much about your success. There are some that are confusing and hard, but they offer help during their office hours or there is a lab for help. Some are easy going and some are harsh. I had my first experience with an instructor whom graded all of our papers very strictly and it was rough, but the following semester I took the same class with a different professor and the 2nd professor taught in a way I could understand and follow.
A very diverse campus. Professors are very caring about students and actually want students to achieve their goals. Campus is safe and friendly with many clubs to join. Library has many resources and there are many tutoring resources for students who need the extra help.
At CRC I've had nothing but good experiences. The professors really help you and although they too have busy schedules, they want you to do well and take that time for their students. I repeated the tough science courses that I failed at the other school and passed! The professors provide knowledge to a level that is easy to follow and understand and also create critical thinking opportunities. Each class I've taken, all different professors, have been this way, and the excitement they express in their subject is inspiring and that helps motivate me to do well. The campus is easy to navigate and all staff as been helpful through my time in attendance. I had surgery at the beginning of the year and as I started to learn to walk again, a member of campus police saw me with my crutches and offered to give me a ride to my car which made me feel safe.
An amazing place for learning and gaining knowledge. The professors are always open to students. Also, this college hold a good variety of students from different cultures and ethnic groups. One problem for me is that I live in West Sacramento but the college is located closer to Elk Grove.
My experience here was bittersweet due to the counselors. As a sophomore, I was steered int the wrong direction by misinformation by counselors but now I have found one that has been very helpful and is the reason I am transferring now. I have met some very cool professors for the most part and wish I would pf spoken to them more, and gotten to know them better. The campus is pretty small compared to most but if you are trying to get in and out you just have to stay focused and ask for help constantly.
So far my experience has been wonderful here. The professor and overall staff are very respectful and caring. The school in general has a nice campus all around with plenty of parking spaces. I would recommend this school to all of my friends and family.
The college is a quiet campus. The staff is decent. The college has a very beautiful quad area with a fountain. Cosumnes has plenty of good professors and a handful that teaches in different ways to keep the education flow interesting.
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Its great. I have pretty cool professors, the students are very nice. Met some new friends which is weird, because Im shy. I love the quad and all the activities that go on there. Also love how before finals we had a stress relief week where we had free drinks( coffee, hot cocoa, or tea) and cookies. While sitting in the inside patio and just drawing or writing.
My experience at Cosumnes River College has been a beautiful one. The campus is nice. My teachers are wonderful and very understanding. They are willing to work with you.
I really love cosumnes's campus. There are a few little trails surrounded by plants and trees and friendly little squirrels. Everything is easy to locate and fairly close in distance. Everyone who works there is super friendly and always willing to help.
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