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As a computer science major, the staff of the computer science courses are extremely limited and do not readily prepare prospective transfer students for their intended universities. These professors treat their jobs simply as that: a job. Rather than focusing on helping students learn the material and working with them on improving their skills, they simply encourage students to learn from their own textbooks by themselves, in which they mainly are there to facilitate tests. As for the overall school beyond these major courses, there is a limited amount of classes offered, resulting in students having to enroll in classes outside of the school. However, my experience with this college's counseling department has been nothing short of phenomenal. I have received great guidance from many of the counselors where they all seem passionate in helping the students succeed.
I have had nothing but pleasant experiences while attending Cosumnes River College. I have completed most of my general education classes on this campus and while doing so, I have had excellent professors.
As a returning student after taking many years off, I have seen Cosumnes River College make some great changes for the better. They have taken the time and resources to update the school in many needed ways. One thing I have always liked about the college is the size. Though they offer many classs, the school is not overly impacted which adds to the learning environment.
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As a student here for nearly 2 years. I must say that this college is a decent one.
It has enough course for me to complete and prepare to transfer in a short time.
I love that CRC is a small and tight knit community college. Everyone is open minded and accepting of who you are. Just like any other college, there are good professors and then there are bad ones. But every single one I've come across wants their students to succeed.
Although the environment is nice and quiet, it does need more of cultural feel, the counselors and the professors are what you should expect.
it has large parking lot, convenient to come to class. There are many meaning, helpful activities for students.
I like that the environment is peaceful for students and people of the community. Though I dislike some of the unfairness of certain professors, because if we're considered adults then there shouldn't be any restrictions from using a cell phone at your own free will, at the end of the day getting a education is up to the individual.
The general environment is very diverse and generally safe. The professors are generally kind, capable, and helpful. The campus itself is clean and protected by willing security members. Academically, the campus offers a wide range of educational paths and career cultivation.
This college is soo close to my house! Academics wise, this school is great! They got good professors, a tutoring center, a math center, a computer lab and a library. Diversity isn't too bad at CRC. I do see a lot of Caucasians, but I also see many Asians, African Americans, Latinos, etc. I'm not really into sports and don't really no any athletes at CRC, so I cant answer that. As previously stated, this college has good professors! Of course you may find some that aren't that great here and there, but for the most part all my professors here haven't been too bad. This college has no housing. There are apartmnets available acorss the college, but that's it. As for safety, their is a Los Rios Police station on campus. Often there are police officers patrolling campus. CRC has some incidents regarding safety, but those mainly occur at night. I would say that it's mostly safe and I do feel safe when on campus. This college isn't expensive at all. I would say its worth the money.
I really appreciate the staff. The staff is very helpful within any source needed. While having difficulties finding the way around campus, or certainly needing help the staff is always the tp provide great service. I don't know how much more I could thank this great Community College. I look forward to great opportunities.
Since I've been enrolled at Cosumnes River, my experiences have been nothing short of awesome. The teachers take the time to explain the material in great detail. While, academic advisers make sure we have bit of information needed to succeed.
Nice newer campus. Great teachers. Parking garage is convenient too as well as additional parking lots. The light rail picks up and unloads right at the school. Security is also available for those who take night classes.
I love the diversity of students staff and teachers at Cosumnes River College. The teachers help students with their assignments. The tutors are available for all of the subjects in this college. the students in the school are very helpful when they are in class and outside of class.
I really love this college I am glad I chose to come here to start off my college education. I have learned a lot from this school the teachers are wonderful the students are helpful overall it is a wonderful school to go to. I learned a lot about the real world and it is just amazing all the stuff I learned and realized since I have been here.
CRC is great. The biggest downfall is that many classes are waitlisted so if you are on a wait list you may not get in the class you need. I would recommend a back up schedule just in case, but besides that its great! Many clubs and sports a person can participate in.
As far as community colleges go, this school is top notch. There are a lot professors who are wayyy better than the average community college teacher. If you take the right teachers you will get just as good of an education as a 4 year college. Also if you're looking to transfer to a 4 year college the school makes it easy and helps you out a lot. It's a commuter school, and almost everyone works full or part time, so don't expect parties or a social scene. Clubs aren't that great, and it's sort of cliquey. Academically, it's hit and miss. There are some professors who are just in it for the money and don't put effort into teaching, however, there are also professors who are the most extremely passionate, overqualified and underrated people I know. If you go to this school, CHECK RATE MY PROFESSOR. It will make or break your experience.
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Very Diverse School. The Professor are amazing and it’s a good Community College for people who want to transfer. Many student were able to Transfer out to the top Unvirsities of California
I love so many things about this campus! It is great to have student parking on all four sides at CRC. The nature feel is breathtaking with all the trees and green grass.
My first semester at CRC was very tough as is any freshman's first year. It was the point that when I found out some professors do care and some don't. As I went along I continued to struggle at some points which led me to being on academic probation. Actually last Thursday I finally met someone, a counselor, who really wants you to succeed, not just in school, but in life as well. His name is Mike Chapelle. He helped me gain a new, more positive aspect of school. There is also another caring person of CRC that I've had the honor to meet, professor Margaret Parillo. That is a professor that I can say really cares and is there to help you no matter what. So these are my positive views of CRC. Ideas for improvement can start in the counseling center (the secretaries) they can sometimes be rude when they should be there to help guide you before you meet a counselor. Safety on campus MOST DEFINITELY NEEDS to be improved.
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