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Cossatot Community College of the University of Arkansas Reviews

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I love cossatot, They are all so friendly and helpfully. The instructors get back to you a quick manner and they answer every question you have.
I attended CCCUA to complete my EMT license. I am returning to finish my education degree and can’t wait to finish and get in the classroom.
I enjoyed the atmosphere of the school and classrooms. I also greatly appreciated the support available from both teachers and students, as well as my college preparedness when I graduated. There was always a friendly face nearby, and plenty of encouragement whether you were ahead or behind in the classroom. The familiarity and niceness of the facilities was always pleasant, and everyone always feels welcome as they step into the hallways of Foreman High School.
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Cossatot is a great school. From being low budgeted to the amazing professors that are always willing to help, it all makes Cossatot the best place by far. Especially since, you don't have to live in dorms. It most defiantly feels like a four year college, but you get the best of both worlds. Small town, half the cost and one on one training with your professor.
Very nice small town college. Friendly staff and very helpful. Professors and teachers are very interactive with their students. There are a wide variety of career programs that a student can choose from. There is an active vocation al program that brings in a lot of students as well.
Great school, location, and staff. Close to home. Offers a variety of classes. Works with you in class times. Good food. Basically everything you need from a large college close to home. Great for family students.
School has been great. They set me up with a schedule that works for me
I enjoy taking online classes. It makes it easier for me to work and go to college at the same time.
They prepare you for what's to really come
They have many different majors offered. Different paths for everyone. You could be in a class and everyone there is going for something different. They have so many options
One of the best places to start
This college has many great opportunities. I love the book program where you can rent the book for $30 instead of having to pay $99 for it. The staff is wonderful!!! I have enjoyed every teacher I have had so far!!!!
I attend the Cosmetology program at CCCUA. Our program has many opportunities in cosmetology. I have gone to this school for a year and a half and from what I have been here this school has done a lot for me and for our community. the school family is really most like family, everyone knows everyone and everyone gets along. from what I have been here at this school I have loved every second of it.
I love that the school allows the General Studies program to be completely online. This allows me to work whatever hours I need to and still go to school. I have not transferred credits yet.
I have done all my classes online and I love it! You are given a weeks worth of work and you are given a deadline of when it must be completed. You can talk to other students using the discussion board and can communicate with your teacher by email, discussion board, or even calling! Most teachers require you to post assignments to the discussion board and comment on other students to give them feedback.
The only one I experienced was my intro to education class. We were sent to a variety of schools to observe 30 hours of class time. We would assist the teacher and help the students.
The courses are challenging and not something that you can just gather from glancing at a book. You are tested over your knowledge about once a week. You have hands on projects that show the professor and your peers that you understand the material.
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Right now I am just working towards my general studies. This school offers a variety of classes for my degree and the classes are challenging and very interesting. I am given multiple assignments a week, some are quite hard. My teachers are more than willing to help me, all I have to do is ask.
I love CCCUA! I started in the summer of 2015 and I absolutely love the staff and the subjects they have to offer. You are assigned an adviser and they will work with you to solve any issue you may have. This school cares about the students and makes sure that you are doing the best you can.
I wish I would have chosen my school sooner, love it
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