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I like the atmosphere there, teachers are great. I would like to change a schedule a little bit. Its too hard to study until 5:30 at Saturdays.
The students are driven and love what they do, which is being creative.
The school I s small so it is not like it has a room for everything, but the type of school it is (beauty) doesn't really need that. The classes are streamlined and you go from morning until afternoon each weekday and you study when you go home. The environment is clean and the gallery they show is in the hallway. It is nice and to the point and out side is a fountain that is really pretty.
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The career services department is staffed by just one lady as far as I know because that is the only person I met on my appointment day in her position but she was very helpful, took her time with me, gave me a hands on tour f the school, and answered all my questions in detail.
So the tuition to be an esthetician is around $7,500.00 and this is less than the cosmetology program, but most people find this pricey. For one, they are nationally accredited and this means I can work anywhere in the U.S.A without the hassle of having to renew my license or upgrade it's standards if I move. If another school was cheaper and not nationally accredited it just wouldn't be worth it. For two, you have to realize that in the beauty industry you can be a freelance artist and use it to be an entrepreneur where you could make as little or as much money as you want. For all you know you could do make up for the stars one day or own a very successful salon so the possibilities are priceless and unlimited. Lastly for the positives, if you have to get loans, the payback time tat you have to pay it off is very reasonable. Minimum payments of $50.00 a month over a ten year period on a $3,300.00 loan is do-able. The only Con is that, as always, you are based off your parents income until 24 years old and if they do not want to help you pay and they "make too much for you to qualify for a full loan then you have to make pretty big monthly payments of the tuition cost that isn't covered by loans. In my case I have to come up with $4,000.00. So if you have help then great but if not this has to be what you really want and just do what you have to do to come up with the hard cash they require.
The overall experience is yet to come because I have yet to start and compete the program but so far the signing up process is GREAT.
Cosmo Beauty Academy so far seems GREAT. I am trying to get finances sorted out because I need a loan but it will not cover the full tuition. Overall, they seem understanding of financial hardships and work with you in payment plans and give reasonable time to pay back the loan. Every staff member is interested in my story and does not judge me when I speak. They listen and help me with all my concerns. The staff member who has worked at other beauty schools in the financial aid department even likes this school the best ;) and I do not believe she was saying it because she "had" to.
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