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As a school it is mediocre. There are some great teachers and staff there, but there are some, including the owner, who choose to ignore rules and regulations, and bully students and staff. If you are a minority I would suggest going elsewhere. The owner doesn't like to hire minorities, and she says that minority students only cause trouble.

The rules change constantly based on the owners and instructors moods. The school is accredited, but just barely.

I would never recommend that anyone go to school there or even work there. Employees are given no benefits and are treated terribly. Students who are not liked by certain staff and instructors are harassed and bullied until they quit.

Once you sign the contract you are stuck there unless you want to pay thousands of dollars to have your transcripts and hours released. Think long and hard and do your research before choosing this school.
Every school has pros and cons
If you have passion and talent you will be successful
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Every graduate gets a job right away whether it be with Arrojo since they are our school or somewhere else because Arrojo has a lot of connections
The program is 7 months straight but worth every minute.
The class room work is made fun so it's easier to apply in the salon world.
The school has sooooo much to offer. Day 2 we were already in the academy working on manikins.
It's difficult to remember the large amount of information that is put on the test, but I try my best.
My grade is a B because I try my hardest to load all information into my head as possible to pass the tests and am sometimes forgetful of the information that I had just absorbed, but always pass my tests with a C or higher.
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