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Career center adviser meets with students every few months to see how they're doing and to check up on progress.
Inadequate library/computer space. Wi-fi is so weak it's like it's not even there. Temperature in classrooms and other various areas constantly fluctuate from space to space
Curriculum is never stable, some teachers don't follow their own syllabi, classes jump around. Flexibility doesn't exist at all. You either make it or you don't. Tutoring has become mass confusion and isn't available to students in the regular program.
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The first financial aid officer left in the middle of the first mod. and a replacement wasn't found until a month or so later. Students were not informed and were blind sided by this. The education I am currently receiving is not worth the tuition I paid due to all the jumping around and confusion. Get your financial aid in as soon as possible and hope you never have to go back
Student dress code doesn't allow diversity so that's a moot point. When two groups combine though and both a really stubborn and hard-headed it will be nearly impossible to get the two classes to work together and tempers flare very easily.
Staff is constantly changing so we never know who is ever fully responsible for anything. Administrators are lacking and constantly losing important documents and not telling the students until it is almost too late. Students hardly have any say in what makes them comfortable and the learning courses are jumbled together and don't really make any sense.
So far the school has been very helpful, getting me all ready to start classes.
From what I have seen at school, the students are great.
I am very excited about the tuition and all the help I have gotten from the financial adviser.
The financial aid office has been very helpful. Helping me with everything that I need to do and making some very good suggestions on where to find scholarships and other things
its like a awesome cafe but lacking wifi but there many tools and resources relating to massage there
The Best – there is no online courses which is great because its better to be taught hands on.
Well Knited Family – nothing is ever perfect there is always room for improvement. its a great school the staff is so welcoming.its like a family there and everyone wants you to success for you. im Happy with my school and i recommend it to anyone who is interested in massage.
Cortiva Institute – Our instructors are awesome, you can tell that they really know their stuff. I am only 6 weeks in but after practicing massage on friends who are licensed they are amazed at my skill level.
Aside from 2 people who like to cause problems, we're all like a big family. We look out for each other, if someone forgets their lunch we all put ours together so they don't have to run out, if someone can't get a ride there's always someone willing to leave a little early. Our instructors take a personal interest in us without crossing professional boundaries; when my uncle passed away everyone was there with a hug and words of encouragement.
so far i have only not liked learning with some of the students. The teachers are great at helping you understand what you are learning and helping you get through the class.
Classes Are Welcoming and Understandable – I found comfort in my professors as a theatre major. They really helped me understand some work most of the time. Everytime exams came around, I passed them!
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Fafsa, What's That? At the last college I attended I had a very difficult time with financial aid, loans, scholarships, etc. This schools financial aid department is phenomenal, they're really working with me and helped me reach the highest amount possible in grants and loans. Now, instead of having to work full time, go to school full time, and find time to study, I can work few hours and focus all of my time on school.
Hands on Learning – I am currently attending the Cortiva Institute of Massage Therapy in Tucson, Arizona. This school is phenomenal, I've only been here for about a week and a half and we're already practicing different massage techniques. The instructors are really willing to work with you and show you what you're supposed to be doing in a demonstration, then come around to help during the practice. I also love how we get to receive massages (we practice on each other) so that we know what it's supposed to feel like on both ends.
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